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Current Events

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Barbarians and Wimps: America's Boy Problem

Feb. 23, 2004 - Albert Mohler, President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, reviews some of the literature that explains the current phenomenon of young males developing either a "crude excess of manliness," or the opposite: a complete lack of manliness. He quotes from Terrence O. Moore, author of Wimps and Barbarians: The Sons of Murphy Brown.
"So prevalent are these two errant types," Moore asserts, "that the prescription for what ails our young males might be reduced to two simple instructions: Don't be a barbarian, Don't be a wimp. What is left...will be a man."
Source:Crosswalk - (Story no longer online)

Why young women are exposing themselves
Part 1
Part 2

Feb. 24, 2004 - Dennis Prager gives six reasons for the seductive dress styles young women are adopting.
1 - The loss of female roles and identity, leading many young women to announce they are females in the only way left to them – by showing their body.
2 - The near-extinction of the concept of femininity, including the demise of feminine dress.
3- With no feminine role to aspire to, many young women feel powerless. The one area of power left for them is sexual.
4 - Sexual harassment laws. Women feel freer than ever to dress provocatively in part because men can say nothing about it.
5 -A desire to attract men.
6 - Being naive about men: Confusion about what is "cute" and what is sexually provocative.

Youth to Pray for Persecuted Christians during Shockwave

Feb. 10, 2004 - A special worldwide youth event, called "Shockwave" will be held on March 5th. The Internet will be used to connect young people all over the globe. Prayer for persecuted Christians will focus on one time zone each hour, moving across the globe.
Source: Crosswalk - (Story no longer online)

Good girls do

Feb. 7, 2004 - This is a disturbing must-read article for parents about attitudes and sexual activities of teen and pre-teen girls.
Source:The Globe and Mail - Gayle Rubin - (Story no longer online)

Teens commit to chastity until marriage

Jan. 17, 2004 - Information about the "Day of Purity" on Feb. 13.
Also:Poll: Parents favor abstinence education

The Marketing Of Evil - by David Kupelian

Part 1: Selling sex and corruption to your kids

Part 2: Why today's youth culture has gone insane

Jan. 15, 2004 - Read these disturbing articles about today's youth culture, and the influence of 'gangsta rap' and MTV.

Religious Freedom Victory for High School Bible Club

Dec. 2, 2003 - After a student-led Bible club at Shorecrest High School in Washington State was denied recognition by the school, The Rutherford Institute used legal pressure to enforce the rights granted by the First Ammendment. The school reversed it position and recognized the club.
Attorney Casey Mattox does not believe anyone the school officials intended to discriminate against Christians specifically, but rather they were acting out of ignorance of the Constitution.
Source: Crosswalk - (Story no longer online)

Porn catalog gets yanked

Dec. 2, 2003 - Abercrombie and Fitch's catalog is no longer available for purchase in their stores after Dr. James Dobson and other pro-family advocates exposed its pornographic content. More than 300 calls per hour from disturbed parents put the pressure on the company to withdraw the catalogs. Unfortunately, they are still available by subscription.
Along with sexually explicit images, the company's "Christmas Field Guide" tells young people "there are no sexual boundaries and no consequences to any sexual behavior."
Advice columns in the catalog advised illicit sexual activity, group sex, public sex, and other abberant behavior.

HIV/AIDS Becoming Young Person's Disease

Oct. 9, 2003 - According to the U.N. Population Fund, a young person (between 15 and 24) is infected with HIV virus every 14 seconds. The Earth now has the biggest generation of adolescents in its history 1.2 billion of the world's 6.3 billion people are between the ages of 10 and 19. HIV/AIDS has also caused 13 million children under age 15 to be orphaned.
"We will have a global catastrophe if we ignore young people and ignore their needs," said Thoraya Obaid, the agency's executive director, told a news conference in London.
Source:ABC - (Story no longer online)

Families, Youth: Ground Zero for Internet Porn Explosion

Sept. 30, 2003 - Urging families to use internet filters to protect against pornography, an Internet filtering company (N2H2) says that the number of commercial pornography websites has increased a staggering 1,800% in the last five years
In a single month (July 2003), N2H2 says more than 28 million new porn web pages appeared. That one-month jump is roughly twice the number that existed in N2H2's entire database in 1998.
Many of these sites trick people into visiting them by taking over abandoned web addresses or by purposely misspelling the names of things for which children are searching.
Source:Crosswalk - (Story no longer online)

God's Word Goes Glossy

Sept. 18, 2003 - Revolve, a magazine for girls ages 12 to 17, is a big hit with its target audience, and has even received acclaim from secular critics. New York's Daily News proclaimed the magazine "clever" and "funky." The publication contains the entire New Testament.
Christian bookstores are selling out of the $14.99, 388-page magazine, in which Holy Writ is jumbled alongside sassy sidebars, splashy headlines and color photos — all minus the sexual titillation of other teen mags like Seventeen.
Source:Fox - (Story no longer online)
Ten Things You Should Know About the New Girls' Biblezine - Christianity Today

More teens have sex and fewer parents know

June 9, 2003 - Some surveys based only on adolescents in high school have reported that sexual activity in that age group has declined over the past 20 years.
At the same time, anecdotal evidence was mounting that younger teens were increasingly active. That prompted the National Campaign study. The headline was a shocker: One in 5 kids ages 12, 13, and 14 have had sex.
It has also been revealed that most parents are unaware of the activity, and that parents, who should be the primary source of helpful knowledge for this age group, are largely silent -- unwilling to discuss sex with their kids.
Source:Christian Science Monitor

The Sex Lives of Christian Teens
Mar. 31, 2003 - According to teens interviewed by Christian Reader, some Christian youth are giving in to sexual temptation, and those who are not face a complicated situation. The article contains startling statistics, but offers practical suggestions for youth workers.
Source:Christianity Today

Teen sex begins in the home, study finds
Sept. 26, 2002 - A new study indicates that 34 percent of ninth grade students have had sexual intercourse, and that figure rises to 60 percent by the twelfth grade.
Of those surveyed in 2000, 56 percent said they first had sex at their family's home or at the home of their partner's family.
Additionally, it was found that most of this activity took place at night, often when parents are at home, with only 15% saying that it happened in the afternoon. This means that parents can have a greater influence on their teens than they realize.
Source:Seattle Times - (Story no longer online)

Putting Prayer Back in Schools: The 30-Second Kneel Down
Sept. 19, 2002 - A new movement of teens features a "30-second kneel down" on campus at the start of the day. Many youth who attended a week-end training session have started the practice with surprising results.
The No Reputation Weekend in Baltimore included a concert with Christian music artist Rebecca St. James. She says, during her travels, she has noticed a growing passion not only for worship, but for prayer among teens.
Source:CBN - (Story no longer online)

Bringing Up Boys
Mar. 19, 2002 - Commentary by Dr. James Dobson, based on his message to religious broadcasters. The National Educational Association is prescribing homosexual propaganda for the nation's schools. There are many other alarming trends in our society, and the church needs to stand for what is right.

Teens Drink Quarter of All Alcohol Consumed in U.S.
Feb. 26, 2002 - According to the 1998 National Household Survey on Drug Abuse, underage drinkers (ages 12-20) consume a quarter of all alcohol sold in the United States.
Columbia University's National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse found 31 percent of high school students binge drink, defined as five drinks in a row, at least once a month.
Source:Yahoo/ Reuters - (Story no longer online)

Seeing Faith in the Future of a Generation
Jan. 18, 2002 - This article gives the reasons some church leaders believe that a youth revival is coming.
Source: CBN - (Story no longer online)

Lou Engle: The Call Revolution
Dec. 12, 2001 - Lou Engle leads rallies to call American youth to prayer and revival. One of them, "The Call DC," was a gathering in our nation's capital that drew 400,000 youth for intense prayer and intercession in September 2000. He is now planning "The Call New York" scheduled for June 22, 2002. We have a special interest in Lou because his parents, Gordon and Eunice Engle were the founding couple of our Alta Loma Brethren In Christ Church twenty-five years ago.

Net porn seen by nine out of ten children
Nov. 25, 2001 - In research conducted by the London School of Economics, it was found that nine out of ten children between eight and 16 have viewed pornography on the internet. Most of the time the porn sites were accidently accessed while students were doing searches for their school projects.
The research, by academics at the , also found that about half of those in the age group had been approached by strangers in "chatrooms", sometimes with a view to an under-age relationship.
Source:News.Telegraph - (Story no longer online)

The Harry Potter Debate.
Nov., 2001 - Various Christian reactions to the Harry Potter books and movie.
Source:CBN - (Story no longer online)

Shock over US child sex trade
Sept. 10, 2001 - A study from the University of Pennsylvania, claims that as many as 400,000 children are being sexually exploited. That amounts to 1 out of every 100 children! The largest sub-group of them are run-aways.
"Street children are exposed to violence, drug abuse, rape and, sometimes, even murder at the hands of the pimps, 'customers' and traffickers that make up their world," the report's author told Reuters.
Source: BBC

Christian music a hitt
July 10, 2000 - Writer Andy Butcher reports on this week''s cover story from Newsweek Magazine. The article, entitled "Jesus Rocks! Christian Entertainment Makes a Joyful Noise," says that Christian music is "now the hottest genre in the entire music industry." Together with Christian movies, like "Left Behind," the Christian entertainment industry is now a $3 billion per year business.

Planned Parenthood Urges Youth to Have Casual Sex
Apr. 17, 2001 - Planned Parenthood has published a "Youth Manifesto," in which they call for society to "recognize the right of all young people to enjoy sex and to express their sexuality in the way that they choose."
The manifesto's core values add that children should be able to "enjoy sex when we feel the time is right," and notes, "for some people, this is only within marriage."
Source: WorldNetDaily

Friends of suspect won't be coming back to school
Mar. 6, 2001 - Charles Andrew Williams, a 15-year-old freshman at Santana High School in Santee, California, killed two students and injured another 13 people in a shooting spree.
Friends who said they were warned about the shootings, but failed to tell authorities, won't be present when the school reopens.
Source: CNN - full coverage - (Story no longer online)

Dungeons and Danger
Dec. 19, 2000 - Computer games are high on the list of Christmas gifts, but many of them have dangerous themes, including the occult, violence, and sex.
Growing up digital means knowing how to use a computer before you know how to read. As computers continue to shape our lives and "gaming" becomes more common, some are warning that many of these games are not child's play.
See also: Beware of New Occult Movie Movieguide has given the new movie, "Dungeons and Dragons" the lowest possible rating, calling it "abhorrent. It is rated PG-13, but the main concern that the movie will renew interest in the occultic "Dungeons and Dragons" board game that some believe can cause emotional and psychological scars and guilt.
Source: CBN - articles by Kelly McElveen and Kelly Green - (Story no longer online)

Expert: 'Clinton Popularized Oral Sex for Teens'
Oct. 27, 2000 - See summary in our Apostasy section.

The Spiritual Pulse of Teens
Oct. 26, 2000 - A new study finds that teens are theologically complacent and arrogant. Pollster George Barna , urges a radical new approach to nurturing faith from parents and churches.
Although 86 percent of teen-agers interviewed by Christian pollsters the Barna Research Group (BRG) said that they were Christian, 60 percent believed that salvation can be earned through good deeds and 53 percent thought that Jesus sinned while on earth.
Source: CBN - (Story no longer online)

Millions of Youth Rally at "See You At The Pole"
Sept. 20, 2000 - High school youth will gather for prayer around their flag poles at high schools all across the nation today!
- (Story no longer online)

Innocence Lost
June 10, 2000 - Many young teens are turning to "outercourse" for safety, but, in addition to the moral problem, disease is still being transmitted at an alarming rate.
Source: CBN - (Story no longer online)

"Drive-by Evangelism"
God Speaks - Last year's award-winning series of billboards
Wuz Up God - Coming soon - teen oriented

Pokemon: What's Behind the Latest Toy Craze
Nov. 15, 1999 - From the top kid's show on TV to the number one box-office hit, to video games and trading cards, Pokemon has become a $7 billion business ($1 billion in the U.S.) in just a year. Some kids spend as much as $1000 on the cards, trying to "catch 'em all." There is also concern about negative behavior by many children who are obsessed with their collections, and about the subtle occultic connections that may result. Source: CBN News

What in the World Is Pokémon?
Nov. 4,1999 - From Focus On The Family - (Story no longer online)

Four students arrested in alleged plot to open fire in school
Oct. 29, 1999 - Four students were arrested in Cleveland, and 7 others were questioned about plans to conduct a racially motivated school shooting spree. Classes and extracirricular activites were canceled at South High.
Source: ABC News

Ten Commandments go back to school
Oct. 20, 1999 - Falwell Ministries offers legally protected book covers
Teens may obtain book covers with the Ten Commandments on them, and not be fearful about breaking the law, since legal notices are also printed on the covers, showing that they have the right to use them. Source: WorldNetDaily

The Age of Innocence Lost
Oct. 20, 1999 - Disturbing trends are evident among young teens, and school curriculum contributes to the problem. Source:CBN News

Poke-Mania Lawsuit
Oct. 7, 1999 - Charles Gibson interviews collectors, parents, and Stephen Spiegler, a father who has filed a lawsuit against Nintendo, US arm of the Japanese Pokemon game maker. He claims that the trading frenzy has all the earmarks of gambling.
Source:ABC NEWS/ Good Morning America - (Story no longer online)

Governor vetoes school health bill
Oct. 7, 1999 - California Governor Gray Davis vetoed the controversial bill AB1363 which would have established clinics in schools where contraceptives could be given out and abortions performed. However, analysists say that the elements of the bill may be implemented administratively instead of through legislation. Source: WorldNetDaily - (Story no longer online)

Will The Calif. Governor Destroy Parental Controls?
Oct. 6, 1999 - In spite of an outpouring of requests to veto pro-homosexual legislation, Governor Gray Davis signed three of the controversial bills last Saturday, and now turns his attention to AB 1363 which would establish clinics in schools to dispense contraceptives and provide abortions without the knowledge of parents or family doctors.
See the article: Stop AB 1363 (School Health Centers)
See also Dr. Laura Schlessinger's suggestion to ask Gov. Davis to veto this bill, and to sign the :California Parental Notification Petition
- (Story no longer online)

Gunpoint evangelist
Oct. 5, 1999 - Story of 19-year old Jeremiah Neitz, an unlikely hero, who found supernatural strength to witness to the gunman at Wedgwood Baptist Church who had already fired over 100 shots. Source:CBN News/ from World Magazine

Pokemon: Your Children Are Playing With Fire
Sept, 1999 - Article by Pastor Brett Peterson about the Pokemon (Pocket Monster) craze and the subtle mystical influences it promotes.

Blair Urges 'National Moral' Purpose
Sept.5, 1999 - Britain's Prime Minister Tony Blair called for a ``new national moral purpose'' following the stories of two 12-year-old English girls, one of whom has already given birth. Britain's pregnancy rate is the highest in Western Europe.
`You've got to make youngsters aware of the undesirability of having sex at the age of 12 ... parents have got to take responsibility for their children,'' said Blair, 46.

Some critics have complained that sex education in schools is too explicit. Others have said the problem reflects the rising number of broken families, and comes from parents' failing to control what their kids do.
Source: Washington Post - (Story no longer online)

Boyfriend of pregnant 12-year-old blames sex lessons
Sept. 3, 1999 - The 14-year-old boyfriend of an English girl who is pregnant at the age of 12 claims that the explicit videos and discussions in their sex education classes causes children to experiment with sex. Source: Electornic Telegraph - (Story no longer online)

Christian students say they’ll be bold
Aug. 27, 1999 - Christian students and youth leaders say they want to be "salt and light" in public schools, and are preparing to be a bold witness to their classmates this year. Source: Religion News Today - (Story no longer online)

<-A HREF=>Columbine Survivor: "Time to Get Back To Basics" <-/A>
Aug. 25, 1999 - The Family Research Council is airing a one-minute radio ad aimed at teens in 166 markets throughout the country. Heidy Johnson, a survivor from the Columbine School shooting, says, "I watched in horror last April 20th as two boys burst into Columbine High School library and started killing my classmates..."
Johnson says in the ad that the shooting, in which fifteen people died and 28 were injured, should "serve as a wake-up call" that it is "time to return to the basics of what our country was built upon."
Source: Maranatha Christian Journal - (Story no longer online)

Gunmen's 'Do you believe in God?' posed to several Columbine students
May 11, 1999 - Cassie Bernall's heroic confession of faith is now well known, but at least two other girls were asked the same question.

A witness to Rachel Scott's death says that after she had already been shot in the leg, one of the attackers asked her if she believed in God.

When she responded affirmatively, he replied, "Then go be with him," and fired a bullet into her temple...
Rachel had planned to be a missionary. Her mother said, "...her mission is being fulfilled through her death."

One survivor, Valeen Schnurr, was one of the most critically wounded students. Injured with nine bullet and shrapnel wounds, she was groaning "Oh, my God," when one of the gunmen asked her if she really believed in God.

Schnurr had seen what happened to Cassie Bernall after she was asked that question. Her mother said Valeen was afraid to say "yes," but also feared saying "no" because she thought she was dying.
"Yes, I believe in God," she finally responded.
"Why?" he asked.
"I do believe in God and my Mom and Dad have taught me about God," she said.
She then crawled away under a table, which may have saved her life. Source: Baptist Press

MN Governor Proclaims 'Rolling Stones Day' But Ends 'National Day of Prayer' Tradition
May 6, 1999 - New governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura, broke the tradition of issuing a proclamation of the Day of Prayer, probably because he is not informed of the historical role prayer has played in American life, including government. He did, however have no problem proclaiming a "Rolling Stones Day." Source: Free Daily - (Story no longer online)

Gore Announces Internet Safety Plan
May 6, 1999 - Internet Service Providers responsible for 95% of Internet access have agreed to offer a link to parental controls which would limit access to sites which are bad for children to view and would limit the time children can be online. Participating companies include America Online, AT&T, At Home Network, Bell Atlantic, Commercial Internet eXchange, Disney Online, Excite, Lycos, MCI WorldCom, Microsoft, MindSpring Enterprises, Netscape Communications, Network Solutions, Prodigy Communications and Yahoo! Source: CBN News - (Story no longer online)

Internet: The Power and The Promise
May 4, 1999 - Parents are fearful about the Internet for their children, but they also see its educational potential. Source: ABC News - (Story no longer online)

The 'soul of a generation' is at stake
April 27, 1999 - Thousands of Christian teens rallied in Detroit's Pontiac Silverdome on April 23 and 24, and signed a "Teen Bill of Rights" in which they promised to live with honor, tell the truth, take responsibility for their actions, and preserve their future marriages from divorce.
"We are here to fight for the soul of a generation," Ron Luce, president of Teen Mania, told the crowd. "When you leave, burn a path all the way home and start a revolution of righteousness, love, and forgiveness. The eyes of the nation are on you. You are the hope for America, Canada, and the world." The rally was called Day One, symbolizing a new start for the teens.
Source: Religion News Today - (Story no longer online)

They hoped to kill more
April 26, 1999 - A diary kept by one of the gunmen shows that the attack had been planned for a year to coincide with Hitler's birthday, and that they wanted to kill as many as 500 students, invade nearby homes, then hijack an airline and crash it into New York.
Source: Denver Post - (Story no longer online)

Dr. Dobson Responds to the Shooting at Columbine High School
April 26, 1999 - Dr. James Dobson suggests three factors which contributed to the tragedy:
1 - Breakdown of the family
2 - Abandonment of the Judeo-Christian value system
3 - Media-saturated "Culture of Death"
- (Story no longer online)

When the righteous do not stand
April 23, 1999 - In his weekly column on WorldNetDaily, Alan Keyes lauds the bravery of the girl who stood for Christ in the Littleton school massacre, and lost her life for her belief. He shows that people in positions of responsibility need to stand for what they know is right, especially for the right to life. He says:
The martyrdom of the young lady presents to us the truth about what we should be doing to counteract this cowardice. Many guns are pointed at us, and we need to imitate her courage in facing them down. Over here, a preacher won't speak out because he is afraid of losing his 501(c)3 status. Over there, a politician won't speak out because he is afraid that the Washington Post will call him a right-wing religious nut. Someone else won't bear witness in the family because he is afraid he will be considered unsophisticated, which is why another young person won't bear witness in the school, because then he won't be part of the "in" crowd.
- (Story no longer online)

Littleton Gunman Shot Girl for Professing Christian Faith
- (Story no longer online)

AOL Contacts FBI Over H.S. Shooting
April 22, 1999 - Following publication of an article on the Internet's Drudge Report that warnings of the Colorado school attack were found on the Internet before the massacre, AOL has frozen messages from the period so the FBI can study them.
Source: CBN News - (Story no longer online)

Student hero prayed for "the Lord's strength"
April 22, 1999 - A heroic 16 year old boy had to watch two of his friends die in the Littleton High School massacre, He then helped a severely injured girl and others escape. He prayed for the Lord's strength during the ordeal. His own sister was also killed, but he did not discover it until much later.
Source: Religion News Today - (Story no longer online)

Denver Asks Marilyn Manson To Cancel
April 22, 1999 - Virtual News - From Drudge Report - (Story no longer online)

Beware Of Marilyn Manson Fans
April 22, 1998 - In the light of the Colorado high school tragedy, parents should take action if their children are greatly influenced by Marilyn Manson's music. Read these articles about a controversy in Texas last December and January over the potential danger of young people who are influenced by Death Metal music and the Gothic life-style.

Texas "Crime Prevention" Group Calls for HOSPITALIZATION of Fans of Marilyn Manson, Gothic Music, and Death Metal Music
The article, which defends Marilyn Manson music, complains that a Fort Worth, Texas group called the Crime Prevention Resource Center (CPRC) is warning teachers and school officials to "closely monitor students who happen to be fans of Marilyn Manson or other 'gothic or 'death-metal' music."
This warning comes from:
The Crime Prevention Resource Center
Director, Ramon Jacquez
605 East Berry St. Suit #104
Fort Worth, TX 76110
PH: 817-314-7400
FAX: 817-314-7401

Delano Gilkey Replies To ROC and ROC Fires Back
Correspondence between the two opposing views

We will do more research about this. In any case, it's time for parents and school officials to wake up!

At Least 14 Dead In Colorado School
April 21, 1999 - Teen-agers killed students in Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado before taking their own lives yesterday. Reports of the number dead vary from 14 to 25, and the investigation was proceeding very slowly due to possible explosives left by the killers.
According to a Washington Post story, the students were part of a group of outcasts called the ``Trench Coat Mafia'' with neo-nazi and gothic views. They collected guns but had no history of violence. The event took place on Hitler's birthday.
Source: Washington Post - (Story no longer online)
Later articles:
Columbine High School Massacre - Wikipedia
Rachel Scott - Wikipedia

Winning The Cultural War - Charlton Heston
Mar. 16, 1999 - Text of Heston's speech to Harvard Law School, Feb. 16, 1999. A challenge to have the courage to stand for what is right even if it means going against "political correctness." Source:WorldNetDaily - (Story no longer online)

The Bible Explains Today's Headlines
Mar. 9, 1999 - Henry Blackaby, author of the "Experiencing God" course, says that the world is experiencing God's judgment. His judgment is incremental, coming in "six or seven steps" to give people time to repent. Source: Religion News Today - (Story no longer online)

Bill Would Protect Students Against Internet Porn
March, 1999 - New legislation will be proposed to the Senate by Sen. John McCain of Arizona, to require schools and libraries which receive federal subsidies for internet connections to install blocking or filtering software on computers used by children. Source:Computer News Daily/ N.Y. Times - (Story no longer online)

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