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Current Events and Links

See: Stratfor's Intelligence - Kosovo Crisis Center
BBC Full Coverage

Russians Block NATO Troops At Pristina Airport
June 14, 1999 - Russians who made a surprise early entrance into Kosovo have control of the Pristina airport where the NATO command post was to be established, and has blocked passage of British forces into the airport.
Presidents Clinton and Yeltsin had spoken earlier in a failed attempt to end the stand-off over the airport, but said that they would discuss the issue again on the telephone later today.
Source: Electronic Telegraph

Yugoslavia agrees to withdraw forces from Kosovo
June 9, 1999 - An agreement signed by Yugoslav and NATO generals on Wednesday brings a virtual end to the war which, according to Yugoslav Col. Gen. Svetozar Marjanovic, will result in a "phased, verifiable and orderly withdrawal from Kosovo." NATO peacekeeping forces will enter the province to provide security there.
2,200 Marines have landed and are on their way to Macedonia for deployment in and around Kosovo.
Source: CNN

Clinton's War Powers Upheld
June 9, 1999 - A federal judge has dimissed a lawsuit filed by 26 bipartisan members of Congress to try to stop the President from conducting the war which does not have strong support of Congress. U.S. District Judge Paul L. Friedman said that he saw no evidence of a constitutional impasse between the Clinton administration and Congress that would warrant the court's action. Various actions taken by Congress, including approving additional funding for the war effort send unclear messages, and the courts have traditionally been reluctant to intervene in political disputes concerning matters of war.
Source: Washington Post

Kosovo peace 'breakthrough'
June 8, 1999 - A draft resolution is being considered by the UN Security Council to mandate a Kosovo peacekeeping force. The draft resolution has been agreed by ministers from the leading industralised nations and Russia. A multi-nation peacekeeping force will be under the control of NATO. Russian troops will not be under NATO. Source: BBC News

Russia Condemns NATO Airstrikes
June 8, 1999 - Voicing disagreement with the continued bombing of Yugoslavia, Russian President Boris Yeltsin called it an attempt to establish a ``dictatorship of force.'' He complains that the air campaign, which was launched without approval from the United Nations, ``has trampled upon the foundations of international law and the United Nations charter.'' Source: CBN News (Story no longer on line)

Nato threatens to break off talks
June 7, 1999 - After two days of trying to work out details, the Serbian delegation still refused to sign the peace agreement, so NATO has threatened to cut off talks and intensify bombing.

Milosevic Accepts Peace Plan
June 4, 1999 - Slobodan Milosevic's government today accepted an international peace plan "brought by the highest representatives of the European Union and Russia."
The decision came right after Serb lawmakers meeting in emergency session in Belgrade overwhelmingly approved a peace deal to resolve the crisis and allow the return of more than 850,000 ethnic Albanians to Kosovo.
NATO bombing continues. Source: Chicago Tribune (Story no longer on line)

The Bilderberg Conspiracy: A Balkan Vietnam
June 1, 1999 - Amid conflicting rumors of peace talks and preparations for a ground invasion of Serbian territory, warnings are being sounded by the Yugoslav army that a ground battle will be intense. The media is also reporting distrust for the upcoming Bilderberg meetings.
An article in Vojska reports that Western politicians ranging from the queen of Spain to Margaret Thatcher produced a blueprint for a "Balkan Vietnam" at a meeting in Scotland in 1996.
The "Bilderberg Group" decided to push for the arrest of "war criminals from among the Serbs" using the Hague war crimes tribunal as its tool, in order to provoke a war with Russia, the article, quoted by the Yugoslav state news agency Tanjug, said. "The Bilderberg Group is obviously a self-styled world supra-government which is earning billions of dollars thanks to crises and wars it, itself, is provoking."
The article named as group members Queen Sofia of Spain, Margaret Thatcher, Helmut Kohl, Valery Giscard D'Estaing, Lord Peter Carrington, Lord Owen, Henry Kissinger, Giovanni Agnelli, David Rockefeller and Baron Rothschild.
Source: BBC News (Thanks WorldNetDaily)

Milosevic indictment makes history
May 27, 1999 - The indictment of Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic by a U.N.tribunal for war crimes marks the first time in history that a sitting head of state has been charged with war crimes. He and four other top officials were charged with 340 counts of murder, and 740,000 forced deportations from Kosovo.
Yugoslavia refused to recognize the jurisdiction of the tribunal, and said that President Clinton and the NATO supreme commander, Gen. Wesley Clark, should instead be cited "for their criminal bombing" of Yugoslavia. Source: CNN

Clinton To Order 90,000 Troops To Kosovo
May 27, 1999 - If bombing does not succeed in bringing peace within the next three weeks, it is believed that President Clinton will consider a full-scale land war against Serb forces in Kosovo, and will send up to 90,000 combat troops from America. Source: Times Newspapers
Also: Milosevic To Be Indicted For War Crimes Source: ABC News (Story no longer on line)

Serbs say Yugoslav water supplies endangered
May 24, 1999 - Strikes against water pumps and power plants have seriously affected Belgrade's water supplies, but support there for Milosevic is still strong. He has said he would agree to lightly armed peacekeepers, but NATO still demands the deployment of fully armed troops. Source: CNN

Cook flies to US for crisis talks on war
May 17, 1999 - British Foreign Secretary, Robin Cook, will fly to Washington to try to convince us that ground troops are necessary to continue the war against Serbia. British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, has already approved plans to mobilize up to 20,000 army reservists as ground forces. Source: Electronic Telegraph

China Demands Fuller U.S. Apology
May 12, 1999 - US and NATO apologies fell short of Chinese expectations. Source: CBN News
         (Story no longer on line)

Bombing Gives Boost To Bejing Hardliners
May 10, 1999 - Igniting the already-existing anti-American feelings in China, angry mobs still surround the US Embassy after NATO's accidental bombing of the Chinese Embasy in Belgrade. The incident also elevates China's diplomatic status in world affairs. The real test will be whether or not they stop trade talks. Source: Time Daily (Story no longer on line)

China suspends talks, demands US apology
May 10, 1999 - Chinese Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan told James Sasser, U.S. Ambassador to China that his government demands an "open and official" apology for the attack on their embassy in Belgrade, and wants assurances that those responsible for the mistake will be punished severely. Source: CNN

Ted Turner: Nuclear war in the future
May 8, 1999

NATO hits Chinese embasy
May 8, 1999 - A NATO missile struck the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, reportedly killing 3 and injuring 20 others. China has opposed the air strikes against Yugoslavia, and called this incident a "barbaric attack and a gross violation of Chinese sovereignty".
NATO has admitted that its pilots, using precision guided missiles, had made a terrible mistake. Source: BBC News

Jackson Wins Release Of Three American Soldiers
May 1, 1999 - Yugoslavian President Slobodan Milosevic has decided to release the three American POWs in recognition of Jesse Jackson's visit to the soldiers and his efforts to achieve peace and understanding between peoples.
Source: CrossWalk

Reps Bring Lawsuit Aginst Clinton Over Kosovo
May 1, 1999 - Two Democrats and 15 Republicans filed suit in federal court against the president, charging him with violating the Constitution and the War Powers Act by continuing the air strikes in Yugoslavia. They request that the court order the cesation of hostilities by May 25 and withdraw all troops by June 24.
Note: On June 9 the suit was denied.

Clinton Tells Pentagon To Call Up Reservists
April 28, 1999 - More Than 33,000 Could Be Sent to Balkans
Yesterday President Clinton authorized the Pentagon to activate the largest number of part-time U.S.military forces since the 1991 Persian Gulf War against Iraq. Source: Washington Post (Story no longer on line)

Oil blockade by allies 'could drag Russia into war'
April 25, 1999 - Speaking for Russia, a major supplier of oil to Yugoslavia, Viktor Chernomyrdin said that the naval blockade proposed by Nato on Friday was "bad" and could drag Russia into the conflict. Source: Electronic Telegraph (Story no longer on line)

NATO Tries To Silence Serb TV
April 22, 1999 - Russian Russian Balkan envoy Viktor Chernomyrdin claimed to have reached an agreement with Milosovic to end the fighting in Kosovo, but President Clinton and British Prime Minister Blair were skeptical. Meanwhile, NATO forces bombed the Serbian Television station, knocking it off the air for six hours. Source: Crosswalk News

Yugoslavia's Churches Denounce NATO Action
April 19, 1999 - Churches in Yugoslavia, and in most of the world, are opposed to the NATO bombing in the Balkans. Source: Maranatha Christian Journal (Story no longer on line)

Russian Duma Votes to Bring Yugoslavia into a Slavic Union with Russia and Belarus
April 19, 1999 - The Free Daily Reports:
In a vote that could lead to the revival of a form of the old Soviet Union, the Russian Duma on Friday voted by an overwhelming margin to bring Yugoslavia into a Slavic union with Russia and Belarus, a move Western observers fear could increase the risk of nuclear war over Kosovo.

NATO: We Mistakenly Bombed Refugees
April 15, 1999 - Nato admits their bombers hit a convoy which included Albanian refugees, but blames the Serbians for mixing refugees with military vehicles. Source: CBN News (Story no longer on line)

Kosovo Antagonists Wage Net War
April 10, 1999 - Use of the Internet is a significant part of the war:
Banned B29 Radio station moved its broadcasts to the Internet:
Yugoslavian government information
US Defense Department information
Source: Yahoo News (Story no longer on line)

Russia 'targeting nuclear missiles at Nato countries'
April 9, 1999 - Britian is seeking clarification of claims from Russia that they have aimed their large nuclear weapons at NATO targets. Source: Electronic Telegraph (Story no longer on line)

Yeltsin considering Yugo union
April 9, 1999 - In what UPI says could be "a stunning development of the Balkan crisis," they report that Russian President Boris Yeltsin is seriously considering a proposal made by Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic to creat a full political union among Russia, Belarus and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Source: Stock Smart

Cyprus: Milosevic Willing to Free captured U.S. Soldiers!
April 7, 1999 - Spyros Kyprianou of Cyprus claims that he may be able to escort the three captured soldiers out of Yugoslavia, but NATO denies any knowledge of the plans. Source: CNN

Paper compares Clinton to Hitler
April 6, 1999 - Underscoring China's opposition to the attack on Kosovo, The Yangcheng Evening News printed the photo of Clinton with a small black mustache and a protruding jaw looking down on a satellite photo of Europe as flames engulfed the northern part of the continent. Source: Washington Post (Story no longer on line)

Russians Volunteer To Help Serbs
April 6, 1999 - Russia is upset, but officially not engaged in the Serbian war. However, volunteer soldiers from Russia have arrived in the northern Serbian town of Novi Sad to defend Yugoslavia according to the official Tanjug news agency. Source: South China Post (Story no longer on line)

NATO Missiles Rock Belgrade For First Time
April 3, 1999 - Missiles destroyed two large Interior Ministry buildings, the home of the Serbian secret police and the 'brain' of Belgrade's operations in Kosovo. Source:Crosswalk News

Kosovo has become 'living hell'
April 2, 1999 - Information about various Christian and humanitarian relief efforts for the war refugees. Source: Religion News Today

Captured US soldiers face Serb military trial
April 2, 1999 - Such a trial would be contrary to the Geneva Conventions on the treatment of prisoners of war.
See also CNN: Strike on Yugolsavia

Serbs capture US soldiers
April 1, 1999 - Three American soldiers doing reconnaissance near the border between Macedonia and Serbia have been captured by Serbian forces. They have been shown on Serbian TV, and appear to have been injured. Their names have been revealed: Stephen Gonzales, Andrew Ramirez and James Stone. Source: BBC News
See also BBC: Kosovo Crisis: In Depth

Kosovo And The Just War Theory
Mar. 21 - Breakpoint from Chuck Colson - Source: Koenig's Watch (Story no longer on line)

Russia sends warships to Mediterranean
Mar. 31, 1999 - Russian Defense Minister Igor Sergeyev says Russia has asked permission to send an intelligence ship to the conflict region around the former Yugoslavia. Source: Stock Smart (Story no longer on line)

Russia On The Brink
Mar. 26, 1999 - Russia is on the verge of total failure. Nothing works right. The people are starving, the government is not functioning, crime and disease are rampant, soldiers can't be trusted to protect the nuclear stockpile, and now we are on opposite sides of the Kosovo war issue. Source: CBN News (Story no longer on line)

War In Europe
Mar. 25, 1999 - Developing news:
Belgrade rocked by bombs as Nato jets attack - Electronic Times (Story no longer on line)
The Drudge Report says that just before the strikes began, Russian President Boris Yeltsin warned that NATO air strikes could lead to a world war. (News on this page is replaced by new information within a few days.) (Story no longer on line)
WorldNewsDaily - Recommended source of News, links and Commentary
Kosovo In Crisis - Recommended intelligence source from Stratfor News (Story no longer on line)
Boris Yeltsin "Deeply Shocked" - Calling the air strikes naked agression, Yeltsin said, "Only the Security Council of the United Nations has the right to take decisions regarding measures, including military measures, needed for the support or establishment of international peace and security. " Source: Russia Today (Story no longer on line)
Yahoo Full Coverage:Kosovo
CNN Full Coverage: Kosovo

Evangelicals Urge Kosovo Prayer
Mar. 24, 1999 - Good article about religious roots of the problem and need for prayer and aid from churches for the oppressed Muslim refugees. Source: Maranatha Christian Journal (Story no longer on line)

NATO Airstrikes Against Serbs Begins
Mar. 24, 1999 - BBC: Nato fighters in the sky
According to Italian reports, F-16, F-18 and EA-6B aircraft took off from Aviano airbase in northern Italy and Istrana airbase. Slobodan Milosevic, leader of the Serbs asks his people to defend their country "by all means".
Radio reports confirm that the bombing has begun.

Clinton Details Serb Bombing Plan
Mar. 19, 1999 - The United States is preparing to conduct a massive bombing assault against Serbian targets in Yugoslavia as part of a NATO operation very soon. American casualties are expected.
"Americans are going to be killed, they're going to come home in body bags,'' said Sen. Robert Bennett, R-Utah. ``And they will be killed in a war that Congress has not declared.''
Source: CBN (Story no longer on line)

See also: Wars and Rumors of Wars

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BBC: Kosovo Crisis: In Depth
Conflicts In The OSCE Area (Story no longer on line)
CNN Full Coverage: Kosovo
Stratfor - Kosovo In Crisis
US Defense Department information
Yahoo Full Coverage:Kosovo
Yugoslavian government information

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