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Newer Articles: Since Nov. 1, 2002

Notice: Sources often remove their news links after a period of time. Some of them move older stories to a subscription-only section. Even if the story is no longer on line, our summary will still be available on this page. Also: spellings may vary according to sources quoted. Eg. al-Qaida, Al Qaeda, etc.

U.S. soldiers train for battle in streets of Iraq
Oct. 30, 2002 - Believing that Saddam Hussein plans to make his final stand in Baghdad, U.S. troops are practicing urban warfare. Saddam hopes to draw U.S. forces into bloody street battles, which will result in large numbers of U.S. casualties as well as loss of innocent civilian lives. Such losses would turn Americans against the effort.
A recent simulated battle, at The urban warfare training site at Fort Polk, demonstrated the difficulty when a tank was overwhelmed by mock enemy soldiers who planted an explosive charge to the tank. In real life this would result in killing those inside the tank.
The "bad guys" of the U.S. Army's 10th Mountain Division won the urban warfare exercise to defend the town.
The military is conducting extensive analysis of these problems.
Source:USA Today

U.S. diplomat shot dead in Jordan
Oct. 28, 2002 - For the first time ever in Jordan, a U.S. diplomat was killed. Laurence Foley of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), was shot at least seven times in the head and chest. So far, no one has claimed responsibility.
Source:MSNBC - (Story no longer online)

U.S. Refines Plan for War in Cities
Oct. 22, 2002 - Knowing that Saddam's Republican Guard are digging in inside the city of Baghdad, the American military is developing a strategy for isolating the city and destroying Saddam Hussein's power without engaging in house-to-house combat in its hostile streets.
Source:New York Times

Oklahoma City Cover-Up: The Iraq Connection
Oct. 22, 2002 - Timothy McVeigh's lawyer, Stephen Jones, has written a book, Others Unknown, in which he says that McVeigh did not act alone, but had connections with Saddam Hussein's Iraq.
Source:CBN - (Story no longer online)
and WorldNetDaily exclusive stories on Oklahoma City tragedy

U.S. Quietly Sends Forces to Gulf
Oct. 15, 2002 - At present, two aircraqft carrier battle groups are within striking distance of Iraq. They are the USS Lincoln and the USS George Washington. Each of these groups has about 10,000 sailors and marines. In December, the USS Harry S. Truman is scheduled to relieve the George Washington. The USS Constellation is also scheduled to be deployed near the end of the year.
The Lincoln has on board the first F/A-18 Super Hornet fighters jets to be deployed abroad. They have longer range and newer arms than the older F/A-18 Hornets.

Congress Approves Iraq Resolution
Oct. 11, 2002 - Both houses of Congress have given strong approval to President Bush to use military force against Iraq. The measure encourages the president to work with the U.N., but it does not require U.N. cooperation. It also contains an encouragement to pursue all diplomatic means before deciding on any attack.
The Senate approved the measure 77-23 early Friday morning at the end of a rocky week-long debate. The House voted for the resolution Thursday afternoon, 296-133.
The majority of Democrats in the House of Representatives voted against the resolution, but there was still more Democratic support than for his father's Gulf War resolution in 1991 to authorize force against Iraq. The vote then was 250-183.
Source:Fox - (Story no longer online)
See also: Congress backs Bush war powers - BBC

Bush puts Iraq in Congress’ court
Oct. 8, 2002 - In a televised speech aimed primarily at Congress, the President called for quick action that will show America has one voice against Saddam Hussein's dangerous regime.
The president also referred to surveillance photos that he said showed Iraq had rebuilt weapons facilities in violation of agreements reached at the end of the Persian Gulf War.
Source:MSNBC - (Story no longer online)

Bush prepares to make Iraq case
Oct. 7, 2002 - President Bush is scheduled to give a televised address to the nation tonight. He will explain why Iraq is such a threat, and why a war against Saddam Hussein's regime might be necessary. It is reported that he will give information about a possible preemptive strike by Hussein if we wait too long. Congressional approval for the President's plan is expected soon.
Source:MSNBC - (Story no longer online)

Bipartisan Iraq resolution likely
Oct. 3, 2002 - Leaders of The House of Representatives have agreed to a resolution authorizing military action against Iraq.
Senators appeared to be moving in that direction after Bush gave and got from House Democrats in a proposed resolution that authorizes strikes if diplomacy fails to disarm Saddam Hussein’s government.
Source:MSNBC - (Story no longer online)

US, Israel could face showdown over Iraq
Sept. 21, 2002 - Senior US administration officials are again asking Israel to refrain from launching a counter-strike on Baghdad if there is war in the region. Israel has already said that they will not be passive, as they were during the Gulf War.
Source:Jerusalem Post - (Story no longer online)

Iraqi defiance boosts Bush plan
Sept. 23. - Iraq has already gone back on the earlier pledge to allow weapons inspectors to return without conditions. Now, according to Iraq's state-run radio, it will not allow the inspectors access to some sites.
On Sunday's "Meet The Press," Arizona Sen. John McCain, who is a member of the Armed Services Committee, predicted ...
... Congress will "overwhelmingly" support President Bush's resolution giving him broad powers to pursue military action against Baghdad.
Source:Washington Times - (Story no longer online)

Bush to Congress: Authorize the Use of Force
Sept. 20, 2002 - President Bush has asked Congress for adopt a resolution authorizing him "to use all means that he determines to be appropriate, including force" to enforce the U.N. resolutions Saddam Hussein has defied. He outlined reasons he already has Constitutional and Congressional authority to use military action against Iraq, but wants affirmation from Congress at this time. This article contains the text of the draft resolultion.

Bush Sends New National Security Strategy to Congress
U.S. will use pre-emptive strategy against hostile enemies, he says
Sept. 20, 2002 - "President Bush has crafted a new national security strategy that essentially abandons concepts of deterrence — which dominated defense policies during the Cold War years — for a forward-reaching, pre-emptive strategy against hostile states and terrorist groups, while also expanding development assistance and free trade, promoting democracy, fighting disease, and transforming the U.S. military."
Source:U.S. Department of State - (Story no longer online)

Congress Was Warned Two Months Before 9/11 Attacks
Sept. 19, 2002 - In July of 2001, congressional leaders were warned by U.S. intelligence agencies that there was a significant threat of attack by bin Laden against the U.S. and/or Israel.
"The attack will be spectacular and designed to inflict mass casualties against U.S. facilities or interests. Attack preparations have been made. Attack will occur with little or no warning."
Among their findings was the suspicion that al Qaeda would use airplanes to strike targets in Washington, D.C., and New York!

Iraq concession scatters coalition
Sept. 18, 2002 - According to Stratfor Global Intelligence, Baghdad's announcement yesterday that it would submit to unconditional U.N. inspections gives many countries a reason to back down from their committment to stand with the U.S. against Saddam Hussein.
Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov praised multinational efforts for averting war and facilitating a political settlement in Iraq, and he rejected U.S. calls for a new U.N. resolution to establish a timetable for Iraqi compliance.
U.S. authorities do not believe that Saddam will live up to the new committments, but it may be helpful in the long run to allow further preparation for the confrontation while the world discovers that the offer to allow inspectors is just a delaying tactic.

Iraq agrees to weapons inspections
Sept. 17, 2002 - See the article in our Iraq section.

Double Terror War Wins For U.S.?
Sept. 14, 2002 - In Pakistan, two al Qaeda terrorists have been arrested, including Ramzi Binalshibh, who had been Mohamed Atta's roommate in Germany, and is thought to have wanted to be the 20th hijacker.

In Buffalo, N.Y.five men were arrested on suspicion of being part of a terrorist cell.
Source:CBS - (Story no longer online)

Terror scare closes Florida highway
Sept. 13, 2002 - See the article in our Terrorism section.

Bush Outlines Iraqi U.N. Violations
Sept. 12, 2002 -See the article in our Iraq section.
Update: Sept. 14 - Bush to U.N.: 'Show Some Backbone' - ABC - Support is building among world diplomats. Colin Powell said that All 15 members of the Security Council agree with Bush's assertion that Saddam threatens international security.

FBI Issues Sept. 11 Anniversary Alert
Sept. 10, 2002 - U.S. military bases and diplomats are on high alert for this week. Banks and the transportation industry were also warned by the FBI against possible attacks. There is no specific information about anniversary attacks. White House press secretary Ari Fleischer spoke about the concern:
``Anniversaries can be — not necessarily always — can be occasions for heightened terrorist activity... Just given the fact that it's a one-year anniversary, we're going to be on our toes.''

U.S. reprisal to be 'annihilation'
Sept. 9, 2002 - During an interview on CNN's "Late Edition With Wolf Blitzer," Sen. Bob Graham, The Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, said that Saddam Hussein has been told by the U.S., that if he uses any weapon of mass destruction he would be annihilated.
Mr. Graham said it has "been conveyed to Baghdad" that using a weapon of mass destruction would result "not only in the annihilation" of Saddam, "but of much of his society."
Sen. Richard C. Shelby, vice chairman of the intelligence committee, was also on "Late Edition." He said that the first President Bush, during the Gulf War (1990-91), had given Hussein the same warning in "clear, unmistakable language."
Source:Washington Times - (Story no longer online)

Wake-up call
Sept. 6, 2002 - In the most expensive, most extensive war games exercise ever staged, the U.S. lost to a man playing the part of Saddam Hussein (or the leader of some other Mid East country). The victor was retired Lieutenant General Paul Van Riper.
In the first few days of the exercise, using surprise and unorthodox tactics, the wily 64-year-old Vietnam veteran sank most of the US expeditionary fleet in the Persian Gulf, bringing the US assault to a halt.
Instead of accepting the defeat, Pentagon authorities simply pretended the whole thing had not happened, and started the exercises over, eventually declaring victory.
Source:Guardian Unlimited

Experts: Iraq has tons of chemical weapons
Sept. 3, 2002 - See the article in our Iraq section.

US leaders split over Iraq war
Sept. 2, 2002 - Time Magazine reports that US Secretary of State Colin Powell plans to resign at the end of President Bush's first presidential term. He and Vice President Richard Cheney have had different opinions on many issues. On Sunday Powell contradicted Cheney's recent statement that the US would not support a UN plan to send weapons inspectors back into Iraq, thereby forestalling a military strike.
In a recorded message for the BBC, Powell said that,
Washington wants the "first step" toward solving the Iraq crisis to be the return of weapons inspectors to assess Saddam's arms capability.
Source:Jerusalem Post - (Story no longer online)

U.S. general tells Israelis war will start by late November
Aug. 30, 2002 - Israeli military sources say an unnamed visiting U.S. general told them that Washington intends to strike the regime of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein by late November. He also indicated that after Iraq, "There will be massive [U.S.] pressure on Syria and Iran to halt weapons of mass destruction programs and Syria's occupation of Lebanon."
Source:World Tribune - (Story no longer online)

Bush May Request Congress's Backing on Iraq, Aides Say
Aug. 29, 2002 - While controversy grows about the wisdom and the legality of an attack on Iraq, President Bush is considering involving the United Nations in one last try to obtain effective weapons inspections in that country. He may also some new explicit sign of approval from Congress — but not necessarily a formal vote — before launching any military campaign against Iraq.
Source:New York Times

Bin Laden Reportedly Back at Helm of al Qaeda
Aug. 27, 2002 - Abdel-Bari Atwan, editor of the London-based daily al-Quds al-Arabi newspaper, has close ties with Al Qaeda militants who claim that Osama Bin Laden is back in control of their forces in Afghanistan.
Bin Laden was in good health and "safe" and was planning new attacks on the United States, he was told, but his whereabouts were not disclosed.
Source:Reuters - (Story no longer online)

Will Egypt deny U.S. access to Suez?
Aug. 24, 2002 - An Egyptian newspaper has quoted Dr. Osama Al-Baz, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's closest political adviser, saying, "Egypt will not allow American ships to pass through the Suez Canal in order to strike Iraq."

Bush backing down on Iraq attack
Aug. 21, 2002 - Stratfor Global Intelligence Update says that recent developments are causing President Bush to back down on plans for a strike against Iraq. While the reasons for the attack are still strong, the likely breakdown of the anti-terror coalition with Arab countries would limit U.S. intelligence information about al-Qaida and other terrorist organizations. The standoff is a psychological setback for President Bush.

US adviser warns of Armageddon
Aug. 16, 2002 - Retired General Brent Scowcroft, who advised several Republican presidents, including George Bush Senior, asked President Bush to halt plans to attack Iraq. Scowcroft warned that the conflict could become "an Armageddon in the Middle East". Israel would most likely be attacked by Iraq in such a conflict, using weapons of mass destruction (biological or chemical), and Israel could respond with nuclear weapons.
Source:Guardian Unlimited

Saudi Arabia gives US the cold shoulder
Aug. 15, 2002 - Senior diplomatic sources have concluded that Saudi Arabia is no longer an ally of the U.S. The Saudis have refused to co-operate with the war on terrorism and have not supported President Bush’s plans to overthrow President Saddam Hussein. Now they have even banned American bombers from attacking Iraq from Saudi airbases. U.S. preparations for conflict with Iraq do not depend on the use of those bases.
Source:Times - UK - (Story no longer online)
Commentary: The kernel of evil - Joseph Farah

Conflict could soon be nuclear
Aug. 7, 2002 - A former Pentagon and State Department employee delivered his report to a Senate committee last week stating that an attack on Iraq could escalate into a nuclear conflict. Since a first strike by the U.S. would not likely take out all Iraq's mobile launchers, Iraq would probably retaliate with biological or chemical weapons against Israel, and Israel would react with nuclear devices against Iraq.
Source:The Times - UK - (Story no longer online)

U.S. restocking smart bombs for Iraq
July 19, 2002 - According to Stratfor, the global intelligence company, supplies of one of America's main munitions was depleted by military action in Afghanistan, and has probably caused a delay in plans to carry the War on Terror to Iraq. The smart bomb in question is Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) which is guided by Global Posistioning Satellite, and is much less expensive than laser-guided bombs.
... production of the GPS-guided smart bombs now is accelerating, and the Pentagon should have enough stockpiles to attack Iraq by late this year should the order come from the White House, says Stratfor.
The release of this information, which would normally be kept secret, is evidently meant to warn and intimidate Iraq.

Pakistan Convicts Four Islamic Militants in Pearl Slaying
July 15, 2002 - A Pakistani court meted out the death sentence today to the mastermind of the murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. Three other men were sentenced to terms of 25 years to life.

US planning to recruit one in 24 Americans as citizen spies
July 15, 2002 - The "Patriot Act," passed earlier this year calls for a Terrorism Information and Prevention System (TIPS). The program would use a minimum of 4 per cent of Americans to report "suspicious activity".
A pilot program, described on the government Web site, is scheduled to start next month in 10 cities, with 1 million informants participating in the first stage.
By the time the program is fully operational in the 10 largest cities, there will be 1 million informant, or one for every 24 people in those cities. Civil liberties groups are already alarmed about the potential for abusive, large-scale investigations of US citizens.

Saudis warned FBI about OKC bombing?
June 22, 2002 - A Saudi intelligence agent apparently warned the U.S. of the possibility of an Iraqi-sponsored terrorist attacks against several targets. The warning came on the same day that the Oklahoma City bombing took place.
"The Saudi informant, who's part of the Saudi counter-terrorism service, told [federal officials] that he had seen the list and that 'first on the list was the federal building in Oklahoma City, Okla.'"

Speculation that Powell may quit caps bad week for Bush cabinet
June 15, 2002 - Although it has been denied by Secretary of State Colin Powell's office, some sources claim that Powell is considering stepping down from his post after midterm elections. If so, it would be because of differences of opinion between Mr. Powell and President Bush about how to handle Mid-East affairs.
It has been a difficult week for the Bush cabinet for other reasons as well:
John Ashcroft, the attorney-general, was reprimanded for his announcement of the arrest of an alleged "dirty bomber". Donald Rumsfeld, the secretary of defence, was forced to make an embarrassing retreat over claims of al-Qa'eda activity in Kashmir.
Source:News Telegraph - (Story no longer online)

US downs missile in space
June 14, 2002 - The United States conducted a successful test of a protective shield by destroying a missile in space with a rocket fired from a Navy ship. The test took place just hours after a new treaty came into effect with Russia that ended a ban on such defense systems. In the test, an Aries dummy missile, launched in Hawaii, was brought down by a rocket launched from the USS Erie, in the Pacific.
The ship's radar tracked the dummy missile and guided the rocket to intercept it more than 100 miles (161 kilometres) above the ocean.

Bush signs bioterrorism law
June 14, 2002 - President Bush signed a measure that allocates $4.3 billion to stockpiling vaccines, improving food inspections and boosting security for water supplies.
Source:MSNBC - (Story no longer online)

Al Qaeda Says It'll Use Chem, Bio Weapons
June 11, 2002 - A website claiming to belong to an al Qaeda spokesman, says that they have the right to retaliate for the death of thousands of Muslims in Iraq, the Palestinian territories, Afghanistan, and other places. The site says this gives them the right to kill four million Americans, including children, with chemical and biological weapons.
See also: The Base and the Net - by Jack Kinsella

US 'foils terror attack'
June 10, 2002 - According to US Attorney-General John Ashcroft, Abdullah al-Mujahir, was apprehended on May 8th in Chicago while planning to build and explode a radiological dispersion device. Al-Mujahir is a known terrorist, and an operative for the al-Qaeda network.

Giuliani: 9-11 Probe Should Include Clinton Administration
May 20, 2002 - Sen. Hillary Clinton has called for a probe into the possible mishandling of 9-11 warnings by the Bush White House. Rudy Giulani, former New York City Mayor, said that if there is any such investigation, it should also probe the Clinton administration because Bush inherited the faulty intelligence aparatus from the former president.
Source:NewsMax - (Story no longer online)

Terror warnings row deepens
May 18, 2002 - A war of words continues between Democrat and Republican spokesmen in the US Congress over whether or not the President should have known more about the impending attack, or should have issued a warning of some sort. A September 1999 report had said that Osama bin Laden's terrorists might hijack an airliner and target government buildings.
"Suicide bomber(s) belonging to al-Qaeda's Martyrdom Battalion could crash-land an aircraft packed with high explosives (C-4 and semtex) into the Pentagon, the headquarters of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), or the White House."

White House 'not warned of attacks'
May 17, 2002 - Following the news that an FBI report on August 6, 2002 , had warned that terrorists associated with Osama bin Laden might be attending flight schools in preparation for hijacking airliners, the White House defended itself, saying that there was no indication of how or when these events might take place.
In a White House briefing, US National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice said the information passed to President George W Bush was very generalised and did not relate to the possibility of attacks on buildings.

U.S. weighs July 4 threat
May 13., 2002 - U.S. intelligence agencies are warning that Islamic terrorists may attack Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania or another nuclear power plant on July 4th.
The claims of a plot were obtained by last week. It coincides with other recent reports indicating that two al Qaeda terrorists are planning an attack inside the United States using radioactive material in a conventional bomb.
Source:Washington Times - (Story no longer online)

Islamic Charity Director Charged With Lying About Ties to Bin Laden
May 1, 2002 - An FBI affidavit says that Enaam M. Arnaout, and the charity he directs, Benevolence International Foundation, sponsored associates of bin Laden who tried to obtain nuclear and chemical weapons for the Al Qaeda terror organization. Connections with bin Laden go back decades. The organization is not accused of involvement in terrorist plots, but the FBI does claim that they lied about their ties to terrorists who were involved. The Charity headquarters is in the Chicago area.

U.S. Units Attacking Al Qaeda In Pakistan
Apr. 26, 2002 - Pakistan has apparently given permission for a quiet operation by U.S. Special Operation troops to attack Al Qaeda hide-outs on the Pakistani side of the border between Afghanistan and their country.
Source: Washington Post - (Story no longer online)

Bin Laden safe, planning new attacks: Report
Apr. 10, 2002 - An Islamic group, Qai'dat al-Jihad, which is linked to bin Laden's Al-Qaeda, sent a letter to an Arabic newspaper stating, "Al-Qaeda's leader has gone abroad safely. Bin Laden is safe and well. He is preparing to work with his brothers,"
Source:Hindustan Times - (Story no longer online)

Osama bin Laden Spotted in Afghanistan
Mar. 26, 2002 - According to the Christian Science Monitor article, Two top Al Qaeda leaders spotted, military officials in the Afghan city of Khost have seen Osama bin Laden and his second in command. Last week Vice President Cheney said he believes bin Laden is still in the country or nearby in Pakistan.
Local intelligence reports also show that Al Qaeda and Taliban fugitives are regrouping in the mountains south and northeast of the city of Khost...

US missile test is a hit
Mar. 16, 2002 - A test of the new U.S. missile defense system was successful. This was the fourth success in a series of six tests. A dummy warhead was launched over the Pacific Ocean on Saturday, and was hit by a ground-launched missile 20 minutes later.

Dead 9-11 Hijackers Get Visas on Attack Anniversary
Mar. 14, 2002 - President Bush said he was "stunned" by the news that the Immigration and Nationalization Service (IMS) had just granted student visas for two of the terrorists who carried out the 9-11 attack.
Rudi Dekkers, an employee of Huffman Aviation, displayed for TV cameras the INS forms he received on March 11 approving hijack ringleader Mohamed Atta and his lieutenant Marwan Al-Shehhi for continued study in the U.S.
The President said he wants the system that would allow such a mistake "fixed."
Source:NewsMax - (Story no longer online)

Six Months After the September 11 Attack
Mar. 11, 2002 - There will be special services to remember the dreadful day, and many efforts to asses the causes and effects of the attack.
Six months on: Has the world changed? - BBC

So where is the plane?
Mar. 11, 2001 - Commentator Geoff Metcalf admits that is is hard to ignore the latest conspiracy theory: that the pentagon attack was caused by something other than American Airlines Flight 77. The arguments are taken from the photographic evidence of damage to the building, which seems too limited to have been caused by the airplane, and by the lack of fragments of the plane found in the rubble. Conventional wisdom is that the plane evaporated in the terrible impact. But if, after viewing the evidence posted on a French site, one doubts that the plane actually hit the building, the big question would be, "Where is the plane?"
Also: Pentagon: Hunt the Boeing! And test your perceptions! - French website
Note: There is also ample evidence that the plane did crash into the Pentagon. I have seen the damage myself and realize that it is massive. But there are unanswered questions here. - RG

Warplanes pound al-Qaida remnants
Mar. 7, 2002 - Intense bombing and ground fighting continue in the high mountains of eastern Afghanistan. Allied troops, including 1200 U.S. soldiers, have killed more about half of the estimated 1000 al-Qaida and Taliban forces occupying the caves and bunkers of the icy terrain.
Source:MSNBC - (Story no longer online)

Older Articles: Before Mar, 6, 2002

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