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Earthquakes (Volcanoes)
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Current Events and Links

Volcanoes are so frequent that we can't accurately list them all here, but see this link for the latest information.
Volcano World

Later Stories about Volcanoes

Super-volcano threat over faultline

April 1, 2005 - Mt. Toba, the worlds largest super-volcano is on the falult line where a third great earthquake is dreaded in Sumatra. If it did blow, it would dwarf all other erruptions the past tens of thousands of years.
Source:Northern Territory News

Watchful waiting at Mount St. Helens

Oct. 4, 2004 - Mt. St. Helen is at "Level 3," the highest warning that an explosion is imminent, but so far only steam explosions have taken place. Tom Pierson, a spokesman for the U.S. Geological Survey, says that scientists will meet today to see if the level should be lowered. However, he says that that pressure is still building and earthquakes are increasing.
USGS crews just yesterday observered dramatic uplift in the crater floor underneath the glacier and on part of the lava dome. Cracks are opening up, so we know that something is pushing up close to the surface right now.

A monster awakens?

Sept. 11, 2003 - A huge bulge underneath Yellowstone Lake and recent earthquakes and unusual releases of steam are a reminder that a massive supervolcano lurks beneath Yellowstone National Park, and it seems that it is coming back to life. An explosion of a supervolcano anywhere in the world would cause the entire earth to suffer the chilling effects of "nuclear winter" which could destroy most life on the planet.
Source:Online Journal
Yellowstone will blow again - no telling when - 10/9/03 -
Yellowstone mystery dome fuels fear, fascination -

Volcano spews fire, lava outside Mexico City
Dec. 19, 2000 - Eruptions are increasing at Mexico's Popocatepetl (pronounced poh-poh-kah-TEH-peh-til) volcano, which is about 40 miles southeast of Mexico City. It has been 800 years since its last catastrophic eruption. Most of the 40,000 residents in the 6-mile danger zone around the volcano have refused to leave so far, but many are rethinking their decision.
Source: CNN
Live volcano cam
Pictures - From BBC

Giant wave could threaten US
Oct. 4, 2000 - See summary on our Fearful Events page. If the Cumbre Vieja volcano, in the Canaries archipelago, should collapse, a huge tidal wave would result.

Final Evacuations Begin on Japanese Volcanic Island
Sept. 1, 2000 - About half of the residents have already left the island of Miyakejima, which has had many recent volcanic eruptions. Authorities are now asking for total evacuation.
Source: Earth Watch

Mount Etna Explosion
June 1, 2000 - Mount Etna Volcano erupted sending lava and a column of ash into the sky. Lava flowed 1,800 feet down the slopes of the volcano. It was the most violent eruption this year.
Source: Volcano World

Mount Cameroon, Cameroon
May 31, 2000 - On 31 May, a 3 mile long lava flow developed, and incandescent eruptions continued at the volcano's summit.
Source: Volcano World

Kavachi, Solomon Islands
May 24, 2000 - Observers were able to document a new phase of island building eruptive activity. On this date, eruptions ejected ash and incandescent blocks of lava up to 70 m above sea level, and sulfurous steam plumes mushroomed to 500 m.
Source: Volcano World
BBC - Video - An island is born - Watch the process of an under-sea volcano building a new island!

Popocatepetl, Mexico
May 23, 2000 - Smoke rose three miles into the sky, and ash rained on nine nearby communities. Officials warned residents of eastern Mexico City to avoid outdoor activities. A yellow alert was issued, and it was recommended staying at least four and a half miles away from the volcano.
Source: Volcano World

Tungurahua, Ecuador
May 20, 2000 - Tungurahua is an active stratovolcano also known as the "The Black Giant." It has a 600 ft. (183 m) wide crater. Most of the volcano is covered by snow. Its causes many tremors in the nearby city of Banos. Tungurahua's lava is mostly composed of basalts.
Source: Volcano World

Etna, Sicily, Italy
May 18, 2000 - Lava flowed down the northern flanks of the volcano and did not threaten any communities located at the base. base.
Source: Volcano World

Source: Volcano World

White Island, New Zealand
May 17, 2000 - On 17-18 May, the White Island ash and gas plume rose to ~1,000 m, and the volcano continues its minor ash eruptions.
Source: Volcano World

Shishaldin, Unimak Island, Alaska
May 15, 2000 - There has been an increase in low-frequency events at the Shishaldin Volcano.
Source: Volcano World

San Cristobal, Nicaragua
May 13. 2000 - On 13 May, several lahars occurred at the San Cristobal Volcano.
Source: Volcano World

Soufriere Hills, Montserrat, West Indies
May12-19 - Pyroclastic flows from Montserrat dome collapses have flowed down the White River creating a new delta where they entered the sea.
Source: Volcano World

White Island, New Zealand
April 28, 2000 - Minor eruptions of ash for several days.
Source: Volcano World

Mt. Etna, Sicily, Italy
April 27, 2000 - The volcano produced a fountain of incandescent lava and a plume of ash. The ash drifted into a plane's flight path and forced the cancellation of the flight. No injuries were reported.
Source: Volcano World

Mt. Usu, Hokkaido, Japan
April 17, 2000 - Craters on the west side of the volcano were active, expelling black smoke due to underground magma explosions.
Source: Volcano World

Popocatepetl, Mexico
April 17, 2000 - Erupted and sent ash 6,560 feet into the sky.
Source: Volcano World

Tungurahua, Ecuador
April 16, 2000 - Ejected boulders and magma. The city of Banos and other neighboring communities were put on alert.
Source: Volcano World

Japan: Thousands flee as volcano blows
Mar. 31, 2000 - Mount Usu, the snow-covered volcano on The Japanese island of Hokkaido errupted as predicted, forcing the evacuation of 18,000 people. There were no immediate reports of injury or damage, but there is fear of mudslides during subsequent erruptions.
Source: BBC

Yemeni Mountain Explodes for First Time
Mar. 17, 2000 - Hibshi Mountain in Southern Yemen erupted Thursday (Mar. 16), " spewing rocks from cracks in its side and sending residents in the city of Taiz fleeing from their homes."
Note: It turns out it was just a massive landslide, not a volcanic eruption. - Thanks Glenn!

Bezymianny, Kamchatka, Russia
Mar. 13 and Mar. 15, 2000 - Eruptions and continuous volcanic tremor was recorded on both days. On Mar. 13 the ash cloud had rose to an estimated 18,000 to 22,000 feet.

White Island, New Zealand
Mar. 7, 2000 - A fresh eruption of minor ash from this active volcano signals the possibility of a larger scale eruption.
all visitors to the island should exercise caution. The alert level remains at Alert Level 1. Moderate convection was present in the crater lake, although there was no discoloration of the lake. Light grey slicks were present on the lake surface.

Earth Alert Volcanic Activity
Mar. 2, 2000 - Information about three recent volcanic explosions:
The Philippines Mayon volcano
Guatemala's Pacaya Volcano
Iceland's Mount Hekla Volcano

Guatemala's Pacaya Volcano erupted for second time this year
Mar. 2, 2000
Source: Volcano World

Volcano eruptions warning
Feb. 28, 2000 - The Philippines Mayon volcano -- The Philippines' Mayon volcano is is a spectacular sight as rock and fire are being fired several miles into the air, and scientists warn that a bigger eruption could be on the way.
Almost 50,000 people are sheltering in makeshift camps after fleeing their homes.
Source: BBC News

Iceland's volcanic spectacular
Feb. 27, 2000 - Details and pictures of Iceland's most active volcano, Mount Hekla, which has just erupted for the first time in almost 10 years. It sent columns of ash several kilometres into the sky.
Source: BBC

Nicaragua's San Cristobal Volcano Explodes
Feb. 25, 2000
Source: Volcano World

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