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Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs)

And alien life forms - Jesus' prediction of "Fearful Sights."


When describing the conditions that usher in the End Times, Jesus gave several categories of startling events.

Then he said to them: "Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful sights and great signs from heaven." (Luke 21:10-11)

Fearful events and great signs from the heavens could include disastrous weather, modern threats, like asteroids, space junk, solar flares, and even UFO scares.

Thousands of possible UFO sightings have been registered during this generation. Numerous movies have explored the possibility of alien life forms visiting or invading the Earth. Somewhere between the extremes of wild speculation and blind denial, the evidence suggests that there is something unexplained happening. This could be the major fulfillment of Jesus' prediction of "fearful sights." Fear of the unknown could be used by the "Man of Sin" in the End Times to convince people to believe lies (2 Thessalonians 2). The greatest deception of that future time will undoubtedly be a false explanation about the millions of born-again Christians who will disappear at the Rapture, when Jesus returns for believers of the Church Age. UFO phenomena may be a demonic set-up for the lie that some New Age believers already teach, that when the coming "Age of Aquarius" is ushered in, alien spacecraft will remove the "troublemakers" from the Earth.

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Current Events

Prophetic Significance of UFOs

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"Inexplicable disappearance of a village in the Qinling Mountains"

Oct. 14, 2010 - This story of a possible UFO-related "dissapearance of a villiage" does not have sufficient documentation to be taken seriously, but it is an example of the type of rumor that could be started to cause fear or to give a false explanation of the rapture in the future.
Source: UFO Digest

Prophetic Significance of UFOs

UFO closes Chinese airport

Oct. 6, 2010 - There have been eight reported UFO sighting in China since the end of June. The latest one involved shutting down an airport in Baotou, Inner Mongolia for about an hour, and directing three flights to circle the airport until the UFO disappeared.
Source: Telegraph - UK
Is Current Flurry of UFO Disclosures Setting Up False Flag Operation? - PRWeb

Big News About UFOs and Extraterrestrials

Sept. 28, 2010 - During this week two sensational news stories, reported by major news sources, brought UFOs and extraterrestrial life back into the public eye. The first was about a press conference in Washington D.C. UFO researcher Robert Hastings announced that some 100 former and retired members of the US Air Force claim sightings of UFOs and say that aliens interfered with nuclear weapons.

The second big story was that the United Nations was seriously considering appointing an “Ambassador to Extraterrestrials.” The most likely person to be appointed was a Malaysian astrophysicist named Mazlan Othman, who already holds the position of director of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs.

UFOs Visited Nuclear Weapons Sites, Former Air Force Officers Say - John Kelly - AOL News
UN plan for 'alien ambassador' a case of science fiction? - Guardian U.K.

2 UFO sightings have China, blogs abuzz

July 16, 2010 - On July 7 many people saw an unusual twinkling light formation over Hangzhou's Xiaoshan Airport. Eighteen flights were delayed or rerouted. Various reasons were suggested, but Wang Jian, head of air traffic control with Zhejiang branch of the Civil Aviation Administration of China said, "No conclusion has yet been drawn.”
Meanwhile, The Shanghai Daily reported a UFO appeared above the city of Chongqing on Thursday.

Witnesses said four "lantern-like objects forming a diamond shape" hovered for an hour above a park.

Source: CNN

Did it come from outer space?

Mar. 2, 2010 - Gary Bates, the U.S. director of the apologetics group, Creation Ministries International, has written a book called "Alien Intrusion." It contains photos and images of Unidentified Flying Objects, and addresses the question of whether UFOs are mentioned in the Bible.
Bates here references Revelation 16:14-16, in proposing that demonic spirits seek to alter perceptions, thus destroying human discernment.
Source: Jim Fletcher - WorldNetDaily

More UFO Sightings Reported Over Texas

Jan. 23, 2008 - Multiple sighting of UFOs took place over Texas for three days, Jan. 8, 9 and 10. Viewers saw them over Stephenville, San Antonio, and Corpus Christi.
It appears that lights in the sky over Texas ran rampant for three nights in a row following the mass near-hysteria attention the Stephenville, TX UFO sightings.
Source: (Story no longer online)
Mutual UFO Network (MUFON)

UFO blasts sky like 50,000 spotlights

Apr. 1, 2004 - An exceptionally bright fireball, presumably a meteor crashed to Earth yesterday, lighting up the Australian landscape "like 50,000 spotlights."

Mission To Mars Discovers More Than Water

Jan. 28, 2004 - The failure of two Mars probes raises the question about intelligent life on Mars. For many years New Age theology has prepared people to believe in superior alien creatures and UFOs. What is really going on? Could this be a set-up to explain the missing people after the Rapture of the Church? Could UFOs be demonic?
Source:Raiders News Update (Story no longer on line)
Aliens? The Real Culprits - Chuck Colson (Story no longer on line)

Outside Montreal, Raelians have their base: UFOland
Dec. 3, 2002 - The Raelian sect is associated with Clonaid, which claims responsibility for inspiring production of the first human clone.. The Raelian headquarters includes a campground and museum, and a sign in bold neon-green letters that says "UFOLand." It has tear-shaped buildings, designed to evoke the form of alien spacecraft, and a billboard stating, in French and English: ``The Messiah is Alive Amongst Us.''
Source:The Miami Herald (Story no longer on line)
Background: The Raelian Sect - Fox

India calls in X-Files agents to unmask face-scratching alien
Aug. 20, 2002 - Hysterical villagers claim that a flying sphere emitting red and blue light is attacking people in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Theories range from UFOs to an unknown breed of insect. It leaves its victims with burns or scratches on their faces and limbs.
The Times of India reported that the national intelligence bureau was sufficiently concerned to send its own agents, like Mulder and Scully from television’s X-Files, to investigate the “alien” invasion.
Source:Times UK (Story no longer on line)

F-16s Pursue Unknown Craft Over Region
July 27, 2002 - Renny Rogers, who lives near Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland thinks he saw a UFO being chased by F-16 military jets. He saw a light-blue object, traveling at a phenomenal rate of speed, followed by the fighters. Military officials confirmed that two F-16s were scrambled from Andrews, but didn't have any knowledge of the blue object.
At the same time, military officials say they do not know just what the jets were chasing, because whatever it was disappeared. "There are any number of scenarios, but we don't know what it was," said Maj. Barry Venable, another spokesman for NORAD.
Source:Washington Post (Story no longer on line)

UFO shuts down Russian airport: report
Jan. 30, 2001 - Interfax news agency reported that one plane refused to take off from a southern Siberian airport, and another refused to land there because they saw a luminiscent object hovering above the runway.
Source: Yahoo (Story no longer online)

They're Back!
Apr. 8, 2000 - UFO's: Prelude To Invasion By New Age Deity?
Author Thomas Horn explores the possibility that the increased number of sightings and interest in UFO's supports New Age teaching about extra terrestrial life, and sets the stage for a false messiah.
Source: Worthy News (Story no longer online)

Cops Claim Close Encounter With UFO
Jan. 12, 2000 - Officer Craig Stevens from Milstadt, Illinois, and police from three other police departments, saw what they considered to be a UFO one week ago.
He snapped a Polaroid photo of the triangular object, said to resemble a two- to three-story house with a glowing red interior, as it slowly soared 500 to 1,000 feet over Millstadt.
Source: APB. (Story no longer on line)

Air Force Report Denies UFO's at Roswell
June 24, 1997 - "The Roswell Report: Case Closed" states that the recovered parts were from a test balloon, and the "aliens" were anthropomorphic test dummies.
June 24, 1997 - In an Associated Press article by Robert Burns, posted on AOL news, Deon Crosby, director of The International UFO Museum and Research Center, Roswell claims that the report "raised more questions than it answered."
Source: Air Force (Story no longer on line)
Gallup Poll indicates strong belief in UFOs
In September 1996 approximately 50% of the people polled stated that they believed in the reality of UFOs. (Story no longer on line)
UFOs and Aliens: A Christian Perspective
Chuck Missler has devoted a section of his award-winning Koinonia House site to this topic.

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Vatican Prepares for ET: Can Religions Survive UFO Reality? - AlterNet 7/20/10

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President told aliens are on earth - Telegraph Australia 5/25/10

Out there? Government whistleblowers' tell extraterrestrial alien tales - American Chronicle 5/13/10

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Origin of the Species, From an Alien View -NY Times 1/8/10

Extraterrestrials become the conventional theory for UFOs over France, U.K. and China - The Canadian 2010

Search for Alien Life Gains New Impetus - Washington Post - 7/20/08

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UFOs - Are we alone? FOX 5 Washington DC UFO Story - YouTube 2/26/08

CNN report UFO conference 12 november 2007 - TouTube 11/12/07

Possible 'Mile-Wide UFO' Spotted by British Airline Pilot - Fox 6/25/07

Mile wide ufo spotted by pilot over Guernsey England - YouTube 2007

Is the Government Hiding Facts On UFOs & Extraterrestrial Life?; New Roper Poll Reveals that More Than Two-Thirds of Americans Think So - Business Library 10/15/02

Men in Suits See Aliens as Part of Solution, Not Problem - Fox 5/10/01

Alien Encounters - by Chuck Missler and Mark Eastman
Chapter 9

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