The Temple


By Ron Graff

1A. The Tabernacle: Pre-cursor of the Temple
Exodus chapters 25 through 27 - (Types of Christ)
1B. Outer Court: Brazen Altar, Laver
2B. Holy Place: Golden Lampstand, Table of Shewbread, Altar of Incense
3B. Holy of Holies: The Ark of the Covenant

2A. History of the Temple
1B. Solomon's Temple - built in the10th century B.C.
It was built on the property bought by David from Araunah( II Samuel 24), which is the highpoint of Mt. Moriah, upon which Abraham demonstrated his faith by being willing to offer Isaac (though he was not required to carry it out- Genesis 22.) Destroyed by Babylonians in 586 B.C. The stones quarried to build the temple cut a large gorge, leaving the westernmost portion of the mountain standing alone. In Jesus' day this portion was called Golgotha, "the place of the skull." !!

2B. The Second Temple - Built by Zerubbabel
with encouragement of prophets Haggai and Zechariah near the end of the 6th century B.C. The books of Ezra and Nehemiah recount the drama of the return of a Jewish remnant from Persia and the rebuilding of the Temple and the city of Jerusalem. It was desecrated by Antiochus IV (Ephiphanes) the Seleucid ruler who had a pig slaughtered on the altar and set up an image of a pagan god in the Holy of Holies.

3B. Herod's Temple
Reconstruction of the second temple was begun by Herod the Great about 20 B.C. The work continued long after his death until it was finished in 63 A.D. It was about twice the size of the Second Temple. Some call it the Third Temple. It had already been 46years in the rebuilding process when Jesus ministered there (John 2:19). Herod and the Jewish leaders were not godly during this period. The Temple evidently didn't have God's blessing. When Jesus died, the veil of the Temple was torn from the top to the bottom (Matthew 27:51).

3A. Destruction of the Temple
1B. Prophesied by Jesus
Luke 21:5-6 "And while some were talking about the temple, that it was adorned with beautiful stones and votive gifts, He said, As for these things which you are looking at, the days will come in which there will not be left one stone upon another which will not be torn down."

2B. Destroyed in 70 A.D.
It was destroyed by four Roman legions under the command of Titus. The Jewish people have not been able to practice animal sacrifices since that time.
The Temple was burned, so the gold melted and ran into the cracks in the stones. That is why the destruction was so great, to find all the gold.

4A. The Temple Mount Today
The 35 acre site is under the control of The Supreme Moslem Council - the Waqf, under the Hussein family of Jordan. Even though Israel took all of Jerusalem in 1967, this concession was made by Moshe Dyan to keep peace.

1B. Two Moslem Holy Places
1C. The Dome of The Rock
This is sometimes called The Mosque of Omar- but it isn't really a mosque, but a shrine, built over the rock venerated by the Moslems. The rock under the dome is called as-Sakhra. It is where Mohammed is said to have ascended to heaven on his "Night Journey". Actually Mohammed was never there, but in the Koran, in the seventeenth Sura a dream or vision is recorded in which he was carried from the temple in Mecca to the one in Jerusalem.

2C. El Aqsa Mosque
It's name means "the distant place." It is Islam's third most holy place, after Mecca and Medina.

2B. The Wailing Wall

3B. The Dome of the Tablets

5A. Necessity for a Temple in the Future
1B. Because of Israel's Desires
Jewish law requires the Temple be rebuilt where it once was. One third of the Torah's 613 commandments involve rituals that require the Temple be rebuilt. (Hal Lindsey, Planet Earth- 2000 A.D., p.155)
Ezekiel chapters 40 - 47

2B. Because of Bible Prophecy
Antichrist to desecrate the Temple at mid-point of the Tribulation
Matthew 24:15-18; Daniel 9:27; II Thessalonians 2:3-4

6A. Location of the Temple in the Future
1B. Where The Dome of the Rock stands
This is the conventional view. Archaeologist Dan Bahat represents this point of view.

2B. North of the Dome of the Rock
Based on known location of the Eastern Gate ("The Golden Gate"), the location of the Dome of the Tablets, and a line of stones. Verification of the ancient position of the Eastern Gate was made recently with the discovery of an arch from an older gate directly below the existing gate. The older gate may even date back to the time of Solomon. The Dome of The Tablets is a cupola, also called Dome of the Spirits in Arabic. (Asher S. Kaufman, "Where The Ancient Temple of Jerusalem Stood", Biblical Archaeology Review, March/April, 1983. pp. 41-59)
Kaufman is a faculty member in physics at Hebrew University. He has explored the Temple Mount more than 100 times since 1974.
The newly discovered Western Gate, underneath the present city is also interesting since it is on the same basic line which could be drawn through the temple area.

Revelation 11:1-2 court outside the temple...given to the Gentiles...42 months.

3B. South of the Dome of the Rock
Following Tuvia Sagiv's theories in his paper "The Hidden Secrets of The Temple Mount", 1992.
This is Chuck Missler's preferred view now for several reasons. ( "The Coming Temple Update", Audio briefing series, 1995)
-Ancient accounts that the Temple was visible from certain places, not from others, suggest that it was further south at slightly lower altitude.
- Radar discovery of proper "voids" beneath the pavement in the southern part of the Temple Mount.
- Level of ancient aqueducts
- Aerial infrared pictures of the Dome of The Rock showing a pentagonal structure below the shrine, raising the possibility that this was part of the Antonia Fortress which was north of the Temple.

7A. Where Is The Ark of the Covenant?
Various theories:
These range from the ridiculous to the probable. Some of the more serious stories may be about sites which have replicas of the Ark. One of them may be the actual site. God may be waiting for just the right time to reveal the location.
In The United States? Buried in a government warehouse?
The fictional movie "Raiders Of The Lost Arc" ends with the Ark being stored in a huge secret warehouse full of boxes that say "Do Not Open."
In Ethiopia? The Sign And The Seal
This book by Graham Hancock, East Africa correspondent for The Economist, is summarized on the One World Magazine site. The Ethiopians have a story (history, they say, not a myth) that Prince Menelik, son of Solomon and The Queen of Sheba, brought The Ark to Ethiopia for safe-keeping and that it is in St. Mary's Chapel in Axum.
Grant Jeffrey has a section on this also in his book, Armageddon: Appointment With Destiny.
In France? The Lost Ark, the Shroud of Turin, and Enough Rope to Hang Myself
From the June 2, 1997 issue of PropheZine, James BeauSeigneur contributes an article adapted from his book, In His Image: Book One of The Christ Clone Trilogy, from Selective House Publishers. He relates the Ark to the Shroud of Turin and wonders if they weren't hidden in the tunnels under the Temple and later taken to France by the Knights Templars. The Shroud moved on to Turin, Italy, but, as the author points out, "...there is a secret society in France called the Prieure de Sion, which traces its origins to the Knights Templar. The head of the society has been quoted as saying that he knows where the Temple treasures are and that they will be returned to Jerusalem 'when the time is right.'"
In Heaven? The Missing Ark
John F. Elliott of Grace Ministries points out that In The book of The Revelation John saw the Ark in the Heavenly Temple. Is that the same Ark or a Heavenly Version?
On Mt. Nebo? The Prophetic Telegraph - No.78 January 1996
This article, though favoring another view, reports that in 1982, a team which included Tom Crotser, Jim Bollinger, and the astronaut Jim Irwin, claimed to have found and photographed the Ark in a cave in Mount Nebo, the mountain where Moses viewed the Promised Land before his death.
In The Dead Sea Caves? The Qumran Legacy
Archaeologist Vendyl Jones believed the Ark would be found near the place the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered.
In Jerusalem? Is the Ark in the Dome of The Rock?
Jack Van Impe reports in the August '96 edition of his Intelligence Briefing report that an English archaeologist may have found the Ark in a stone niche there.
At Calvary? Another possibility
Ron Wyatt proposes the theory that the Ark of the Covenant is buried in a cave under the place of the crucifixion of Christ where His blood would drip onto the mercy seat.
The January 1996 issue of the Prophetic Telegraph relates the same information.
See also: "Discovered" - Jonathan Gray
Under The Temple Mount? Where Is The Ark?
Thomas McCall says that Rabbi Shlomo Goren and Rabbi Yehuda Getz, the rabbis in charge of the Western Wall area, are convinced that the Ark has been hidden in a cave in the Temple Mount directly under the site of the Holy of Holies. Wherever it is, the intense interest in it by Jewish Rabbis is a sign of the nearness of the Rapture. Zola Levitt's Letter, January 1997.
Where Is The Ark Of The Covenant Now? (February '97)
Written version of a recent broadcast by John Ankerberg. His guests included Dr. Jimmy De Young who claims that a prestigious Rabbi told him he had actually seen the Ark under the Temple area, but that they wouldn't bring it out yet because there is not Temple into which to place it.

8A. Preparations for The Next Temple
1B. Training
Seminary of Aterat Kohanim (Glory of the Priests) currently training priests and Levites in priestly rituals and animal sacrifice. (Hal Lindsey, Planet Earth- 2000 A.D., p.155-157)
Approximately 200 descendants of Levi are being trained by two Jewish seminaries to resume the work of Temple service when it is rebuilt. (Hal Lindsey, Planet Earth- 2000 A.D., p.156)

2B. Materials
Vessels are being made for resumption of animal sacrifice. More than 30 have been made. About 65 still need to be made. (Hal Lindsey, Planet Earth- 2000 A.D., p.156)
Robes have been made for the High Priest and many other priests in the exact way prescribed by the Torah, including hand-spun flax. (Hal Lindsey, Planet Earth- 2000 A.D., p.157)

3B. Ashes of a Red Heifer
Red Heifer Born - Opens Way For Third Temple
In 1997 and again in 2002 Red Heifers were born, causing much interest in prophecy. Such an animal is necessary for purification of the temple site according to Numbers 19:2-7. Unfortunately, in both of these cases the animals were disqualified before they reach maturity.

9A. The Millennial Temple
Ezekiel chapters 40-47
Will the Temple of the Tribulation period survive the Battle of Armageddon and the "Great Earthquake?"
Zechariah 6:11-13
Built by Messiah!

10A. No Temple In the Heavenly Jerusalem
Revelation 21:22-23

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