Ministry: Pastor-Teacher

Consultant/ Conference Speaker
Ministry Page: "Serving the Lord Together"

Solid Ground Brethren In Christ Church
1991- 2011
Expanded Alta Loma Christian School from Pre-school through 3rd Grade to Pre-school through 8th Grade
Church changed name 2003 - Was Alta Loma Brethren In Christ Church
Established Hidden Oaks Retreat Center
Major Prophecy Conferences: 1997, 2002, 2004, 2011
"What If We're Right" Radio program (with Brian Hoerning) on KTIE - 1/2 year - Apologetics

Leisure World branch church - 1986-1991
While Min. of Evangelism-Chr. Assembly
Daily Cable T.V. Ministry -"Reflections"
Laguna Hills - 1988-1991

Minister of Evangelism
Christian Assembly - San Juan Capistrano/ Aliso Viejo 1983-1991

Minister at Large
Saddleback Valley Calvary Chapel - 1981-1983

Speaker - "Arise and Build"
Daily Radio Program - 1980-1982

National In-Prison Seminar Instructor
Prison Fellowship (Charles Colson, Founder) (several times/year)- 1979-1991

Associate Pastor
Mission Hills Christian Center - Laguna Hills - 1979-1981
- now located in Rancho Santa Margarita
Director of Adult School of Ministry
Superintendent/Start-Up of Mission Hills Christian School

Bible Life Fellowship (Grace Brethren)- Mission Viejo - 1972-1979

So. Calif./ Arizona Conf. Grace Brethren Churches - 1971-1972

Community Brethren Church of Los Angeles - 1965-1972
5839 Whittier Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90022 - Now known as Mexican Evangelical Memorial
Teacher- Senior Bible- Brethren High School, Paramount - 1969-1972
- Now relocated and renamed: Brethren Christian Junior and Senior High School, Huntington Beach

Focus on Youth
Youth Gospel Team with Josh McDowell and Dave Nicholas - Brochure Front - Back
We just got this started when Josh switched to Campus Crusade for Christ and I became pastor in East Los Angeles.

Youth Pastor
La Habra Brethren Church - 1964-1965

Speaker, Gospel Team
Biola College - 1960-1962

Director Children's Church
Inglewood Brethren Church - 1959-1960
with Fiancee, Barbara Vanderkilt

Youth Pastor
Inglewood Brethren Church - 1958-1959

President of High School Youth For Christ Club
Washington High School, L.A. 1956-1958

Call to ministry
Accepted Christ in 1953 - Age 13. Responded to God's call to ministry at Tahquitz Pines summer camp later that year.

Internet Ministry

Prophecy Central
Designed in 1996 - updated 7 days per week. Became #1 site for Prophecy in 2000.
2012 - Approx 4000 visitors/day.
Prophecy Central in Library of Congress 911 ARCHIVES
Prophecy Central in the Web Archives - Wayback Machine

Apologetics Central
Designed in 2010


We have just started in 2013 to post a few of our messages, mostly from our years at Solid Ground Church.
Christmas Series: "From Secular to Sacred"


A Survey of Important New Testament Words Pertaining to the Doctrine of Creation - Talbot Theological Seminary thesis, 1965
Listing - Google books

Bible Answers For Modern Questions - Weekly column in East Los Angeles Tribune, 1969 to 1972

Reveille: Arise and Conquer - Church strategy for Community Brethren Church, 1968

Teach Us To Pray, 1971

Learning is Fun with the Computer, 1978 - cover

Learning is Fun with the Computer - Vol. 2, 1978 - cover

Educational Combo, 1980 - cover

"Inside The Inn," Musical, Mission Hills Christian Center, 1980

"Doors of the Heart," - Rework of "Inside the Inn," 1985

Discovery Encyclopedia, Learning Technologies, 1983

jr. Discovery Encyclopedia - Oakwood Publishing for the new PC jr., 1984

Events Leading to The Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ, South Coast Christian Center, 1988

Hearth and Home: The Family of God at Alta Loma Brethren in Christ, 1994

The Prophecy Puzzle
This was a pioneer "Electronic Literature" product. Hypertext book, - Cover - 1996

The Registration - Short novel, 1998

Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done... (The Prayer Offered Most Often Is About To Be Answered)
- with Lambert Dolphin- Internet book, which has had more than 300,000 downloads since 1997

Revelation Notes, Alta Loma Brethren In Christ Church, 1998

The Journey, 2001, Co-authored with Bob Hempy -
Text, CD & Slideshow, ALBIC 25th Anniversary

Events Leading to the Crucifixion and Resurrection - Booklet, Solid Ground Church, 2006

Connecting the Dots: A Handbook of Bible Prophecy
Xulon Press, 2010

The Insider's History of Hidden Oaks - Text, Solid Ground BIC Church, 2010

Study Guide for Connecting the Dots: A Handbook of Bible Prophecy - Text
Prophecy Central, 2011

2012: The Year the World Didn't End - Text, Prophecy Central, Jan. 28, 2013

Rejoicing in Revelation - Online Commentary (Partial/ serial) - Jan., 2013 - Present

The Church in Prophecy and History: Revelation Commentary Chapters 1-3 - Facebook page

Red Skies: Bible Prophecy and World Events


Concept: Article in Moody Monthly by Mab Graff Hoover
Inner-Glow Products Company/ 1971 Catalog
Norwalk, CA
I served as President, but three associates ran the company (Stan Jensen, Ron Bradley, Larry Little)
Los Angeles Gift Show

Software Development

My Strange Adventure - How I stumbled into the world of Personal Computers and Educational Software
- Powerpoint
Notes for Powerpoint presentation - PDF
Version used by Jennifer Courduff in her APU Educational Technology course

Popular Mechanics, October 1977 - See "Everyman's home computer is here" - p. 92

Educational Programs for Apple I - 1977 Demo only - not sold)

Educational Programs for Apple II First cassettes available Dec, 1977 or Jan, 1978 at Computer Playground, Westminster, CA
Download free DOS 3.3 disk images of some of our programs.
They can be run on free Apple II emulation applications.

June 2014 - "Flying Solo" - Juiced.GS Magazine Interview by Antoine Vignau about our involvement in the early days of the Personal Computer Revolution. Read the Issue announcement and "Enjoy Juiced.GS Volume 19, Issue 2 (June 2014)"
One early BASIC programmer was Ron Graff, developer of such programs as Keyboard Organ and Supermath. While Antoine Vignau of Brutal Deluxe was archiving Apple II cassette software, he came across Graff's work, published by Innovative Computer, Magnemedia, and Innerglo. This interview looks at the early days of programming and how Graff balanced this technical pursuit with his ministry.
Facebook page

Apple Computer - 1978
The titles below were included in the contract with Apple Computer.
Don't Fall!
Study Aide
True/False Quiz
Matching Quiz
The Apple Tapes -Apple publication about early Apple II Tapes, featured Super Math as a prototype of educational programs.

Letter from Apple stating that Steve Jobs likes my programs.

Supermath was distributed in cassette form, and included in their later disk packages. Together these programs became the basis of their best-selling educational products:
"The Shell Games" (1979) , and
"Elementary, My Dear Apple." (1980)

Later the contents of the two earlier packages were combined as "The Apple Education Classics"

Apple programs archived by Brutal Deluxe Software
Example: Cassette Tape from Apple -
See: The Apple Tapes - Introductory Software for the Apple II - Supermath on cover & p. 6!

Magnemedia - 1978
Our first 10 programs were sold through Micromedia (a division of Magnemedia, Irvine, CA) in early 1978. These were the first commercially available educational programs for personal computers. Larry Jordan was president of Magnemedia, I was head of the software division.
First Ten Programs
Grading Routine
Memory Aide
Study Aide
Don't Fall
True/False Quiz
Matching Quiz
Keyboard Organ
Variable Message

Example: Supermath -cover - inside

Additional Programs announced in July, '78 BYTE Magazine ad
Including some for Radio Shack TRS-80, Commodore Pet and Heath H8 computers

Quiz Baseball
Grading Routine
Mystery Word

Programs archived by Brutal Deluxe Software: Magnemedia
Innovative Computer Programs
Learning Basic
The Patient Professor (16K)
Save-A-Sketch (Light Pen Version)
Quiz Baseball
Innovative Computer programs archived by Brutal Deluxe Software
See: 1978 Apple Computer Contact '78 Directory Initial List of Computer Tapes and Discs
Super Arithmetica
The Patient Professor (24K)
Innerglo programs archived by Brutal Deluxe Software

Educational Systems Software
Supermath II
Listing in National Educational Association's first Yellow Book of Approved Educational Software
Class Records Module
Listing in National Educational Association's first Yellow Book of Approved Educational Software
Exercise Development Module
DOS Enhancement Module
Nestar Enhancement Module
The Patient Professor

Learning Technologies

The Discovery Encyclopedia (1983)
Apple II version - 13 disks
Free Download of the Discovery Encyclopedia
Downloadable content in the Internet Archives Software Collection

IBM Version - 6 disks - Oakwood Ad (1984)

HyperScriptures for Macintosh - Macintosh Ad
Educational Programs for Vic 20
Don't Fall!

Educational Programs for Atari
Don't Fall!
T/F Quiz
Study Aide
Memory Aide

Educational Programs for IBM PC
The Discovery Encyclopedia

Ron Graff Publications
The Prophecy Puzzle

Computer Retail Management

Wabash Apple Computer School - Taught programming and use of applications (1981)

Wabash Apple, El Toro, CA - General Manager retail chain, (1981-1982)

Computer Components, Westminster, CA - General Manager retail chain, (1982-1984)

Contract Services

Developed Special application programs - Medical Diagnosis and Escrow Processing (1982 - 1983)

Modification and Maintenance of Computer Billing programs - Scudders' Ambulance, Laguna Hills, CA and Kelly Coffee, El Toro, CA (1983 - 1984)

JMES Subcontractor for Macintosh network at McDonnell Douglas' Space Station program, Huntington Beach, CA - Assistant Manager (1984-1985)

Port Mapping Program from Mainframe -(Fortran) to IBM PC -(C+) for U.S. Geographics, Irvine, CA (1985)

Modification of Computer Room Design software for 21st Century Innovations, El Toro, CA -Auto-Cad Scripts -"CADforth" (1988-1991)

Current Involvement

Analyst - Newwork Operations Center (NOC) for Northrop Grumman Corp. at Norwalk LRS Project (2015-Present)


Vintage light bulbs
Vintage Computers
AppleII - Signed by Steve Wozniak - Facebook
Steve Wozniak with Ron Graff's Computer - Afterwards he signed it with his famous "WOZ" initials.
YouTube - Interview of Wozniak= by Patrick Bet David - PHP event when he signed the computer (Uploaded on Jan 13, 2011)


U.S. Patent # 3,749,904, issued July 31, 1973 to Ronald A. Graff for
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