Why would God send revival in the last days? In the Bible, He always gave believers an opportunity to repent, and he often allowed the worst of pagans the opportunity to repent as well (eg. Nineveh).

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Current Events

Read any Good News lately? The Lord is mightily at work in His World! See some of the recent highlights below, and be sure to check out the Christian news sources listed at the top of the Revival Links!

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"Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God

Dec. 10, 2008 - Hear re-creation of Jonathan Edwards' "Most powerful sermon ever preached on American soil."
Source: ListenersBible

Laurie's Tragedy Marks Greater 'Harvest'

Aug. 19, 2008 -
Source: CBN

'The Call' Covers the Nation with Prayer

Aug. 16, 2008 - Tens of thousands of mostly young Christians filled the Mall in Washington D.C. today for a twelve-hour rally calling the nation to repentance. Founder Lou Engle explained the event:
"It's not a festival -- it's a fast." And it's two major purposes were to ask God to change the Body of Christ and then to change the nation.
Former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee led a prayer of repentence for the national sin of abortion, saying," This nation has sinned. We have killed 50 million unborn children. Lord, forgive this country."
Source: CBN
The Call
Video Series: Lou Engle On The Road
The Call California - San Diego - Nov. 1, 2008 - Qualcomm Stadium

Prayer targets world's 3rd largest mission field America

July 31, 2008 - The Awakening America Coalition is calling for a blanket of prayer for America on Sept. 11, 2008, the seventh anniversary of the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington. They say the U.S. is no longer the Christian nation it once was.
"D.L. Moody once said, 'Every great movement of God can be traced to a kneeling figure.'"
The event, "Cry Out America" will remind Americans of some sobering facts:
- Only 17 percent of Americans attend church on any given Sunday.
- Moral failure among Christian leaders continues at a high level.
- America has become the 3rd largest mission field in the world.
Source: WorldNetDaily

S.C. enacts religious-themed laws

June 13, 2008 - During the closing days of South Carolina's state legislative session, several religious-themed laws were passed, including the issuance of "I Believe" license plates with the image of a cross and a stained glass window. Other rulings allow the Ten Commandments and the Lord's Prayer to be posted on walls, and public prayers to be offered without fear of being sued.
Source: Washington Times

Whatever Happened to Evangelism?

Mar. 6, 2008 - Evangelist Luis Palau laments the decline of evangelism in the U.S. and encourages Christians to share their faith boldly. Without evangelism, the church cannot grow. He says:
If there is no evangelism, there is no church to deal with the other priorities. Discipleship is obviously a strong, ongoing church priority; but there's no one to disciple if you haven't evangelized in the first place.
Source: Christianity Today

Catholic tradition fading in U.S.
Evangelical Christianity has become the largest religious tradition in this country

Feb. 27, 2008 - A new survey by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life shows that Evangelical Protestants now outnumber Catholics by 26.3 percent (59 million) to 24 percent (54 million) of the population.
One of the fastest-growing groups is Americans unaffiliated with any religion, now at 16 percent, although just 4 percent of the population identified itself as agnostic or atheist. The West Coast shows the highest percentage of nonchurched people.
Source: Washington Times
U.S. Religious Landscape Study - The Pew Forum
Results from Landmark Pew Forum Survey on Religion in the U.S. - Crosswalk
Negative aspects of the survey - Study: Nearly Half of Americans Change Their Religious Beliefs - Prophecy Central Apostasy Section

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