Why would God send revival in the last days? In the Bible, He always gave believers an opportunity to repent, and he often allowed the worst of pagans the opportunity to repent as well (eg. Nineveh).

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Current Events

Read any Good News lately? The Lord is mightily at work in His World! See some of the recent highlights below, and be sure to check out the Christian news sources listed at the top of the Revival Links!

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Book by Mom of Columbine 'Martyr' to be TV movie
July 19, 1999 -Cassie Bernall's mother is writing about her daughter's amazing turn-around and courage, and TV networks are very interested in producing a movie based on the book. The title will be: She Said Yes: The Unlikely Martyrdom of Cassie Bernall.
Source: New York Post (Story no longer online)

Lighthouse Movement Prays For 260 Million People
July 7, 1999 -
The Mission America coalition has officially launched the Lighthouse Movement to help reach its vision of Celebrate Jesus 2000 -- mobilizing the church to pray for and share Christ with every person in America by year-end 2000. The coalition is comprised of more than 400 national Christian leaders representing more than 70 denominations, with 200,000 local churches.
Key Christian leaders, including evangelist Billy Graham, Bill Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ and John Perkins of the Christian Community Development Association, have caught the vision.
Source: Maranatha Christian Journal / Charisma News Service (CNS) (Story no longer online)
More information on Lighthouses of Prayer.

China fears superstition and religion will crush Marxism
June 22, 1999 - In a rare front page editorial, a warning was issued that superstition had been gaining ground over "the scientific world outlook of Marxism."
"We should be highly vigilant against superstition for it may confuse our thinking, undermine our fighting will, shake our beliefs and destroy our cohesiveness," the newspaper said. The commentary came less than a week after the central authorities issued an extraordinary public denial of rumours that China was preparing to spend £300 million securing the extradition of Li Hongzhi, the US-based leader of the Falun Gong self-healing sect.
Source: Electronic Telegraph (Story no longer online)

The Ten Commandments Bill
June 18, 1999 - In this commentary by Joseph Farah he states:
The debate in Congress over an appropriate response to the senseless and brutal violence witnessed in Littleton, Colo., and elsewhere boils down to two basic viewpoints: One side would further restrict access to the tools used by the perpetrators; the other would try to hold back the tide of decadence and immorality roaring in from the popular culture and a state that has arrogantly placed itself above God.
He then prints the powerful testimony before Congress of Rachel Scott's father who accused them of allowing the errosion of moral values. Scott said, "My daughter's death will not be in vain. The young people of this country will not allow that to happen."
Source: WorldNetDaily (Story no longer online)

The House votes to allow 10 commandments in schools
June 17, 1999 - By a vote of 248-180, The House of Representatives voted today to allow the Ten Commandments to be posted in schools and other government buildings.
Rep. Robert Aderholt's amendment to a juvenile crime bill that would allow states to decide whether to permit such displays on government property. The amendment, Aderholt said, was a ``first step'' for government in reinstilling the value of human life in children influenced by violent culture.
Source Weekend News (Story no longer online)

Graduation Ceremony Crowd Rejects Prayer Ban
June 7, 1999 - Students at Northern High School in Maryland had always been permitted to pray at graduation, but because of the objection of one student, and the backing of the ACLU, the school was ordered to settle for a moment of silence instead. During that moment, One adult in the audience began to recite the Lord's Prayer, and thousands joined in! The anti-prayer student left in protest, and when he tried to return later, he was not permitted because of a long-standing rule at the school that students who leave a school function are not allowed to return. Source: Maranatha Christian Journal (Story no longer online)

God "Speaks" Along America's Highways
June, 1999 - A powerful billboard advertising campaign which began in Florida has been extended to many parts of the country. It includes 18 simple one-liners, each one signed - GOD. Some of the messages are:
You think it's hot here?
Big Bang Theory, you've got to be kidding
That 'Love Thy Neighbor' thing -- I meant that
Keep Using My Name In Vain, and I'll Make Rush Hour Longer
What Part of 'Thou Shalt Not' Didn't You Understand?
Will the Road You're on Get You to My Place?
Need a Marriage Counselor? I'm Available
Don't make me come down there."
Source: Maranatha Christian Journal (Story no longer online)

Journey To Noah's Ark
June, 1999 - Website and book about four tourists (on Leadbetter, Jerry Lemler, Russell Lemler, and Barry Rice) who believe they have set foot on the actual remains of Noah's Ark.
Interest is high in the Biblical story, as seen by NBC's unfortunate treatment of the story. It certainly would be a great reminder to the last generation if it were to be found.
Matthew 24:37 says "As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man." (NIV)
(Story no longer online)

Christian Curriculum in Hungarian Schools
May, 1999 - This month's letter from Campus Crusade for Christ includes this exciting information:
Concerned about the decline of morals in their nation, the Hungarian government passed into law a mandate to bring Jesus Christ into the schools. As no curriculum exists for such a task, they have agreed to let Campus Crusade for Christ develop a curriculum, come into their public schools, and teach their youth about our Lord and Savior.
This new national thrust requires that every child, by 16 years of age, learn the meaning of words like Redeemer, Messiah, Mary and Joseph, Calvary, and Jesus. They must also learn about the life of Christ, the origin of Christianity, and three Bible stories.

Prayer Station Ministry "is exploding"
May 28, 1999
"Prayer stations" on city sidewalks are proving to be highly effective. Christians who set them up say they are amazed at the positive reactions of passers-by.
Source: Religion News Today (Story no longer online)

March For Jesus Today!
May 22, 1999 - The eighth annual Global March for Jesus will take place in over 525 cities across the United States. Over a half million Christians of all denominations will take to the streets on Pentecost weekend to demonstrate their unity in a joyful celebration of praise and prayer..
They will also promote a "Jesus Day" on June 10th when there will be "dozens of ways to reach out in Christís name, including collecting food in neighborhoods and workplaces and distributing it to the needy... opportunities for caring adults to work with needy children, and every child who wants a Bible will be given one."
Source: Religion News

'Jesus' Film Translated Into 500th Language
May 14, 1999 - The 500th language version of the film is Karamojong (Uganda), and more than 200 additional translations are in progress. At least 2.06 billion people worldwide have viewed the feature-length film based on the Gospel of Luke, and more than 73 million people have made public declarations of faith in Christ after seeing the film. It is the most translated film in history.
More than 800 mission agencies have formed partnerships with the "Jesus" film project, which is an arm of Campus Crusade for Christ.
Source: Maranatha Journal (Story no longer online)

Gunmen's 'Do you believe in God?' posed to several Columbine students

Votes for Jesus in Time's "Person of the Century" Poll are no longer allowed.
May, 1999 - The Time poll has adopted new rules- the person must have lived during the 20th Century. We know the Risen Lord Jesus IS ALIVE, but they will continue to delete the thousands of votes cast for Him each week.
Before this change was instituted, Jesus led the voting by a huge margin.

Light The Nation With Prayer
May 6, 1999 - Nationally Broadcast Concert of Prayer
5-8 pm (Pacific)/ 8-11 pm (Eastern)
Catch the fire of national revival. Hear outstanding speakers such as James and Shirley Dobson, Bill Bright, Lloyd Ogilvie, Joy Dawson, Jack Hayford, EK Bailey, The Maranatha! Praise Band, Ron Kenoly, Paul Cedar, Fernando Ortega, Floyd Flake, Nam Soo Kim, Ron Sider and others.

Do you believe in God?
April 26, 1999 - Joseph Farah, Editor of WorldNetDaily comments on the faith of 17-year-old Cassie Bernall, who was willing to die for her faith in Christ. He wonders whether or not this will be a sufficient wake-up call for America, and reminds us that Jesus Christ is the only solution to our problems. He advises us to accept Christ and to be ready for His return!
WorldNetDaily (Story no longer online)

15,000 become Christians every day in India
April 15, 1999 - Despite persecution, hundreds of new churches are being planted by many evangelical groups, and thousands of Hindus and Muslims are turning to Christ.
...Prayer and a new missionary zeal are behind the success, Anderson said. Christians used to be reluctant to travel to the north because of its difficult terrain, climate, and hostile spiritual atmosphere. But the prayers of Christians worldwide have given the Indian church more boldness, he said. "Now, because the Spirit of God is moving, people are willing to sacrifice -- you have to be willing to sacrifice your very life -- and we are sending more native and local missionaries there."
Source: Religion News Today (Story no longer online)

Albania's evangelicals rush to aid Kosovo's refugees
April 13, 1999 - Every one of the 160 evangelical churches in Albania have dropped their agendas and have taken leadership in helping the war refugees from Kosovo.
"This is the moment for the Albanian church to be salt and light to the nation," Begu said. The church is small and young, but it still has a role to play in demonstrating Christís love. "In a time when our nation goes through very difficult times we want to show that we are people that care for our country and its future." The formerly communist country severely persecuted Christians; evangelical groups began working there only in 1991.
...Albanian Christians have been praying for Kosovo since last year. The Muslim-dominated enclave is a mission field, Begu said. "We have never had the opportunity to go to them. Now the Lord is using this situation to bring them to us. Our goal is not to take advantage of this situation and go hit their heads with the gospel. We recognize that we can show the gospel by serving them, caring for them, listening to them, and living the gospel in front of their eyes."
Source: Religion News (Story no longer online)

Fast-growing church tells how to attract non-believers
April 12, 1999 - A satellite seminar will be offered on April 24 by Rick Warren of Saddleback Community Church. This outstanding church shares principles which can be applied to other congregations.
Religion News (Story no longer online)

North Koreans fleeing famine get help from China's church
Mar. 12, 1999 - Refugees from famine-stricken North Korea are fleeing to China across the frozen rivers which separate the two countries. Many die on the way, but those who make it find refuge in Christian camps for them. Food, clothing, and Christian love is extended to the refugees. Some try to stay in China and others return to North Korea with Bibles hidden in sacks of grain.
The operation is very dangerous for the Christians in China, and refugees caught by Chinese police are returned to North Korea where they are usually placed in concentration camps. Source: Religion News Today (Story no longer online)

Millions of Chineese come to Christ
Feb. 23, 1999 - Project Partner With Christ, an Ohio based ministry reports that last year, Chineese indigenous Christian workers led about 4.3 million people in the southern provinces of China to Christ. The U.S. group supports the local pastors by supplying relief supplies, which makes Chineese officials more open to their ministry, and allows them greater freedom than before. Source: Religion News Today (Story no longer online)

'Pray USA' Launches National Prayer Movement
Feb. 12, 1999 - Thousands of churches from all denominations will join in prayer and fasting for 40 days, from Feb. 17 to Palm Sunday- March 28. This is the third year of this nation-wide prayer focus.
"Pray USA is an extended time of prayer and fasting," says Pray USA coordinator Eddie Smith. "The heart of Pray USA is the forty-day prayer calendar, where each day millions of Americans join together praying for the same items. So it's fervent, focused, synchronized praying to pray America back to God."
Source: CBN (Story no longer online)

Chinese Christians develop unity, orthodoxy
Jan. 21, 1998 - A seven-part Confession of Faith has been released by house church leaders in China.
The statement places the house church well within orthodox Christian teaching, China expert Brent Fulton told Religion Today. Doctrines include the Bible's inerrancy and authority over the church, the Trinity, salvation by faith through grace, the priesthood of believers, the church's missionary duty, the Second Coming of Christ, and a day of judgment resulting in eternal damnation or salvation. Doctrines on baptism and communion are not included, suggesting there may be disagreements among the leaders.
Source: Religion News Today (Story no longer online)

Russia puts a church on a train
Jan 10 , 1999 -- Two cars of one of the Russian Far-Eastern Railway will be converted into a "mobile church," with an altar and a choir. The reason for this is the strong religious revival which has followed the collapse of communism. The train, which will begin service in March, will stop at remote stations in the far east of Russia for baptisms, weddings, and other religious ceremonies.
Source: Weekend News Today - from BBC (Story no longer online)

Movie about Christ is covering the earth
January 4, 1999 - The Jesus Film Project has a goal of showing the film to every person on earth by the end of the year 2000. Only a miracle can make this goal a reality, but approximately 800 organizations are working with Campus Crusade For Christ to finish the task, and the statistics so far are very impressive!
...An estimated 1.6 billion people have watched the film since it was released in theaters in the United States in 1979. More than 400 million watched it in 1998. The film, based on the Gospel of Luke, is a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ International. ...It has been shown in 223 nations and territories, including some of the world's most remote areas as well as big cities. Television broadcasts and cinema showings contribute to that total, as do the efforts of 2,240 national film teams sponsored through Campus Crusade in 107 countries. A total of 815 denominations and mission agencies have used the film. More than 86,000 videos were distributed in France last summer in connection with the World Cup soccer matches. ...The film has been translated into 470 languages, including several sign-language versions. A new translation is completed every 10 days.
Source: Religion News Today (Story no longer online)

Revival Impacts Public High School
Jan. 1, 1999 - More than 300 high school students from varied ethnic backgrounds have become Christians in the past few months at a Southern California high school. Jeff Eastridge, a government and psychology teacher is also the adviser to a Christian club which holds eight non-denominational meetings each week, some in languages other than English. According to Eastridge, the phenomenon is the result of prayer by many people for several years. The student catalyst for the revival was -
a "backslidden Christian" whom Eastridge taught in his class attended a meeting and "broke down and confessed sins and repented." The student, an average, nondescript kind of person, "turned into an evangelistic fireball and started witnessing."
Source: Religion News Today (Story no longer online)

Anonymous Congressman Is Thrust Into The Spotlight
Dec. 21, 1998 - Dennis Hastert may be chosen as next Speaker of The House Of Representatives because of his strong Christian character and dilligence. Source: Religion News Today (Story no longer online)

As never before, the world is hungry for God
Dec. 1, 1998 - "The number of evangelical Christians has grown 126% since 1970, while the world's population has increased 60% since then." Other religions are also growing. (Source: Religion Today) (Story no longer online)

Jesus Christ leads Time's poll of the "Person of the Century"
Nov. 28, 1998 - At the present time, Jesus leads by a large margin, but Adolph Hitler is second! Cast your vote, then you can see the current standings. Type in Jesus Christ, with an uppercase J and an uppercase C. It is apparently case sensitive. Pass on this information to everyone you know!
May, 1999 - The Time poll has adopted new rules- the person must have lived during the 20th Century. We know the Risen Lord Jesus IS ALIVE, but they will continue to delete the thousands of votes cast for Him each week. (Story no longer online)

Another 2000 Enter Through "Heaven's Gates"
Nov. 25, 1998 - Religion News Today reports that in Mountain Home, Arkansas, a community of about 10,000 people, nearly 2,000 people have become Christians as a result of performances of the play Heaven's Gates & Hell's Flames.
The play has been presented by amateur teams in many places across the country with similar results.
Religion News Today (Story no longer online)

Logging On to the Gospel: A Look at Religion and the Web
Nov. 25, 1998 - CBN reports on the proliferation of Christian Web Sites, and evangelistic opportunities on the Internet. There are more than 10,000 Christian sites. One example:
Campus Crusade for Christ tells us that more than 17,000 people viewed all or part of the Jesus film on their internet site in the month of August alone. And as many as eight people a day say they've accepted Christ as their Savior after visiting the site entitled "Who is Jesus?"

Five Clicks To Sharing Your Faith
Internet version of Dr. Bill Bright's simple steps to sharing your testimony with others.

Billy Graham To Preach Live On The Internet
Oct. 17, 1998 - Billy Graham's next Crusade, from Tampa Bay , will be available live on the Internet! It will include appearances by DC Talk and Jars of Clay. Anyone having RealPlayer software (available free) may view the event on Oct. 24. More information is available at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association site.

DC Talk Debuts No. 4 On Billboard Chart
Oct. 16, 1998 - D.C. Talk's new album, "Supernatural" has set a new standard for Christian cross-over artists by starting out in such a high position on the secular music charts! This places them between songs from KISS and Marilyn Manson - surprising company to say the least. Some of the songs on the album have a powerful Christian witness! (Source: Crosswalk) (Story no longer online)

Revival Hits Baltimore?
Sept. 25, 1998 - Reports of deep repentance at Rock Church. Some think it is the result of a city-reaching prayer effort by 150 area pastors and 400 intercessors to reach the entire city.
The 700 Club (Story no longer online)

Blessitt And His Cross Complete Pilgrimage
Sept. 17 - 1998 - Arthur Blessett has now carried the Cross in every country in the world! North Korea was the last country visited.
Blessitt's 30-year journey has covered more than 32,500 miles. He has been threatened by firing squads in South America, survived stonings and beatings in Africa and been arrested 24 times. He has also been attacked by baboons in Kenya, terrorized by crocodiles in Zimbabwe, and chased by elephants in Tanzania. Blessitt has been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for the "world's longest walk." His ministry is funded by 375 contributors; he does not solicit funds during his travels or accept money from people he meets along the way.
(Story no longer online)

See You At The Pole
Sept. 16, 1998 - Approximately 3 million youth gathered at flagpoles before school all across the land
Students Pray Despite Mockery, Persecution - Story from Religion News Today (Story no longer online)

President Clinton Repents?
Sept. 11, 1998 - At the White House Prayer Breakfast, the president confessed, "I have sinned." Only time will tell.

Anglican Bishops Uphold Traditional Morality
Aug. 10, 1998 - Anglican Bishops representing the 73 million Anglicans worldwide, recently met at a once-in-a-decade gathering called the Lambeth Conference, and voted 526 to 70 that:
homosexual practice is "incompatible with Scripture" and that the Bible teaches that sexual activity is prohibited except in marriage, the lifelong union of a man and a woman.
The conference did support outreach to homosexuals.
The trend toward more conservative, Biblical standards is explained in part by the growth of evangelical Christianity in the developing nations of Africa, Asia, and South America. More liberal Anglicans in Europe and Episcopalians in The United States have supported acceptance of homosexuality.
Source: Religion Today (Story no longer online)
Follow-up: Aug. 15, 1998 - 146 Anglican Bishops Apologize To Homosexuals

Moses: A Hero For The '90's
July 27, 1998 - Steven Spielberg's DreamWorks Studio will release an animated version of the story of Moses, called "Prince of Egypt," this November. The film combines a high degree of adherence to the Biblical account with the latest in computer graphics, outstanding music by many Christian contemporary groups, and well-known voices of actors. It has been reviewed by hundreds of religious leaders. Jerry Falwell gives it a "thumbs up." (Story no longer online)

Hawaii Catching A Wave of Faith
July 25, 1998 - This Religion Today article explores the proliferation of large and growing churches full of excited young people in Hawaii. It mentions the work of Vineyards, Calvary Chapels, Youth With A Mission, and Surfers For Missions International. Some compare this renewal to what happened in in the "Jesus People" movement in California 20 or 30 years ago.
Religion News Today (Story no longer online)

Hope For Homosexuals
July 15, 1998 - Religion Today reports that a full-page ad appearing this week in three major newspapers offers hope to Homosexuals who want to change. The ad features a testimony from an ex-lesbian homemaker. She claims that many others have stories of hope and healing through the transforming love of Jesus Christ . Readers are invited to call Exodus International for more information at 888-264-0877.
The ads in The New York Times, The Washington Post, and USA Today. cost $206,000. It is sponsored by by 15 conservative Christian groups, including Exodus International, the Christian Coalition, the American Family Association, Concerned Women for America, and Coral Ridge Ministries.
Source: Religion News Today (Story no longer online)

18 Million Homes Reached With The Gospel
June 22, 1998 - Religion Today says that, workers with Every Home for Christ distributed Christian literature to more than 18 million homes in 1997.
"At least one million people responded to the outreach, Advance newsletter said. About 754,000 people responded in Africa, and about 450,000 in Asia expressed interest in the materials. About 15,000 "Christ Groups," or home fellowships, have been started in India and 2,000 groups were formed in Nepal.
Source: Religion News Today (Story no longer online)

Southern Baptists Commended for Courage
June 15, 1998 - James Dobson, keynote speaker for the Southern Baptist Convention, praised the denomination for the courage to take a stand on several Biblical issues, including homosexuality, tabortion, Biblical family structure, women in combat,, and others.
Source: Religion News Today (Story no longer online)

Houses Of Prayer Everywhere (H.O.P.E.)
June, 1998 - They are offering a new devotional book, How Do I Pray For My Neighbors? at $3.25 plus shipping and handling. (After introductory offer it will be priced at $4.95).
Hope Ministries
P.O. Box 141312
Grand Rapids, MI 49514
Alvin J. Vander Griend

50 Million Christians March For Jesus
June 7, 1998 - Approximately 50 million Christians in over 130 countries joined together to display their faith on a May 30th March For Jesus. (Source: Maranatha Christian Journal) (Story no longer online)

May 7 is National Day of Prayer '98
This year's Theme is America, Return To God! There are many ways to participate in this growing national movement. Visit the official National Day of Prayer site for information about local gatherings, a three-hour national television broadcast, and great links of interest about prayer in America. (Story no longer online)

Where Is The Revival?
May 2, 1998 - David Bryant, founder of Concerts of Prayer International, led more than a million men in prostrating themselves before the Lord at last October's Promise Keeper's "Stand In The Gap" event in Waschington D.C. Still there is no great revival in the land. Bryant says prayer is the key. A three-hour, nationally televised concert of prayer will take place on the National Day of Prayer, May 7. It will include worship and prayer from sites in Dallas, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C. (Source Religion Today, "Waiting On God"- no longer on line.)

Promise Keepers Able To Rehire Staff!
April 18, 1998 - After their sudden layoff of the entire paid staff, donations increased to the point that they are able to rehire their national staff! (Source: Maranatha Journal) (Story no longer online)

California Supreme Court Decision: Boy Scouts May Exclude Agnostics, Athiests, Homosexuals
Mar. 23, 1998 - In two separate decisions, the court upheld the right of the Boy Scouts to exclude agnostics, athiests, and homosexuals since they are not a business, and have the same rights as any private club to have their own membership policies.

Promise Keepers Terminate Entire Staff
Feb. 19, 1998 - Due to financial pressures, presumably caused by their new policy of not charging for this year's stadium events, the entire staff of 345 has been given notice of termination as of the end of March. A volunteer staff will keep the organization going, and, as donations enable, staff will be re-hired. The organization is still planning 19 stadium events this year. Christians are being asked to donate funds in order to make this possible. (Source: Yahoo - story no longer on line)

Many Christians will fast for 40 days during Lent
Feb. 9, 1998 - Religion Today - Bill Bright and many other prominent evangelical leaders are calling Christians to participate in 40 days of fasting and prayer starting March 1 and ending April 9. Some participants will abstain from solid food during the fast, drinking only fruit juices or vegetable juices, while others will deny themselves certain foods or meals as a reminder to pray for national repentance.
Prayer Calendar from Pray USA.

Thousands of Muslims respond as Christians preach and practice their beliefs
Feb. 6, 1998 - According to this Religion Today special feature, "More Muslims believe in Christ now than at any other time in history, according to the Assemblies of God. In dozens of countries in the Muslim world, thousands of Muslims are embracing Christianity every day."

Millions of Chinese read about Jesus in their newspapers
During the Christmas season Asian Outreach placed full page ads about Jesus in three Hong Kong newspapers to inform the Chinese that Christmas is about Christ. They offered a free booklet, "Herb Tea For The Soul," a version of the popular "Words of Jesus." An estimated 4 million people saw the ads, and at least 5000 people requested the booklet.

Fasting and Prayer '97
Nov. 12, 1997 - From Dallas, and in hundreds of satellite locations, primarily in churches across the land, Dr. Bill Bright, Henry Blackaby, Peter Marshall Jr., and others are leading short inspirational segments of prayer for repentance and revival. Dr Bright says that we are "faced with the gravest crisis in our more than 200-year history, because we have rejected God and His commandments."
Participate in this great event in a church near you via satellite. Most churches are open to Christians coming for just a part of the time. (Story no longer online)

Promise Keepers
Climaxing a summer of 19 stadium events all over the country, men will come from every part of the nation to the "Stand In The Gap" event on October 4, 1997 at the Mall in Washington D.C. It was the largest gathering of Christian men in history!
AOL Survey Question: Do you think Promise Keepers is a sincere group or is their concept of responsibility a barrier to women's rights?
33,459 responded SERVES AN IMPORTANT PURPOSE (81%)
4,872 responded SETBACK TO WOMEN'S RIGHTS (12%)
2,952 responded OH, WHO REALLY CARES? (7%)
41,283 total responses

Pastors Prayer Summits (International Renewal Ministries)
List of Prayer Summits '97-'98 (Story no longer online)

Jesus Video Project
"Renewing America One Neighborhood At A Time" (Story no longer online)

AD2000 & Beyond Movement
The Unfinished Task - It Can Be Done
by Luis Bush, International Director
Key points:
In May of 1995 Christian leaders from 186 countries attended the Global Consultation on World Evangelization in Seoul, Korea to commit themselves to a goal of a church for every people and the Gospel for every person by the year 2000.
By 2000:
* 95% of the world's population will have access to some portion of Scripture in their own language
* Technology will make it possible to reach the world
* Billy Graham preached to more people in one day via his 1996 World Television Special, than he had reached in the previous 45 years of ministry!
* Radio broadcasts are expected to cover an estimated 99% of the world's population, and Christian programming will reach 96% of the world.
* The "Jesus" Film - by January, 1996, over 730 million people in 217 countries of the world had seen this film, with 42 million known decisions for Christ. A new translation is being completed every 10 days.

The Caleb Project
Mobilizing Christians to Complete World Evangelization.
Praying Through the Window III: The Unreached Peoples(10/40 Window)

Mission America
Our mission statement is, "The whole Church taking the whole Gospel to the whole Nation in this generation - and to the world!" Our goal is to lovingly and appropriately pray for and share the Gospel with every man, woman, young person and child in the United States by December 31, 2000.
Experiencing God
This is the best-selling discipleship course of all time. Well over a million have been sold. This is a life-transforming experience.

Be assured that there is a great revival already going on in many Third World countries, and be in prayer that the seeds of revival in America will continue to grow!

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