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  1B.  Introduction  1:1-3 BLB
  2B.  Salutation  1:4-5d BLB
  3B.  Dedication  1:5e-8 BLB
         (The things which you have seen)
  1B.  Preparation for the vision  1:9-10 BLB

  2B.  Presentation of the vision    1:11-18 BLB
    1C.  The revelation to John  1:11-16 BLB
      1D.  The Golden Stands  1:11-12 BLB
      2D.  The Glorified Savior  1:13-16 BLB
    2C.  The reaction of John  1:17-18 BLB

      1:19-3:22 BLB
      (The things which are)
  1B.  Insight about the church  1:19-20 BLB
  2B.  Instruction to the church  2:1-3:22 BLB
    1C.  To Ephesus  2:1-7 BLB
    2C.  To Smyrna  2:8-11 BLB
    3C.  To Pergamum  2:12-17 BLB
    4C.  To Thyatira  2:18-29 BLB
    5C.  To Sardis  3:1-6 BLB
    6C.  To Philadelphia  3:7-13 BLB
    7C.  To Laodicea  3:14-22 BLB

       4:1-22:21 BLB
      (The things which will take place...)
  1B.  The scene in Heaven  4:1-5:14 BLB
    1C.  View of the Heavenly Majesty  4:1-11 BLB
      1D.  The Throne  4:1-3 BLB
      2D.  The Elders  4:4 BLB
      3D.  The Surroundings  4:5-6b BLB
      4D.  The Four Creatures (living beings)
              4:6c-8 BLB
      5D.  The Worship  4:9-11 BLB
    2C.  Vision of the Holy Mystery  5:1-14 BLB
      1D.  The Scroll  5:1 BLB
      2D.  The Search  5:2-4 BLB
      3D.  The Savior  5:5-7 BLB
      4D.  The Song 5:8-10 BLB
      5D.  The Saying  5:11-14 BLB
  2B.  The Scene on Earth  6:1-20:15 BLB
   1C.  The Tribulation    6:1-19:21 BLB
      1D.  Opening of the Seven Seals    6:1-8:1 BLB
        1E.  First Seal - Antichrist  6:1-2 BLB
        2E.  Second Seal - Arms   6:3-4 BLB
        3E.  Third Seal - Agony (Famine)  6:5-6 BLB
        4E.  Fourth Seal - Annihilation (Death)   6:7-8 BLB
        5E.  Fifth Seal - Anticipation  (Martyrs)
                 6:9-11 BLB
        6E.  Sixth Seal - Agitation   6:12-17 BLB
        (  ) Tribulation Saints  7:1-17 BLB
            1F.  The Sealed Ones  7:1-8 BLB
            2F.  The Saved Ones  7:9-17 BLB
             1G.  Enormity of the Multitude  7:9 BLB
             2G.  Exultation by the Multitude  7:10-12 BLB
             3G.  Explanation about the Multitude
                    7:13-17 BLB
        7E.  Seventh Seal - Adjustment  8:1 BLB
      2D.  Sounding of the Seven Trumpets
              8:2-11:19 BLB
        1E.  Expectation  8:2-6 BLB
        2E.  Execution  8:7-11:19 BLB
          1F.  First Trumpet - Scorching of the Earth  
                  8:7 BLB
          2F.  Second Trumpet - Slaughter in the Sea  
                  8:8-9 BLB
          3F.  Third Trumpet - Souring of the Water  
                  8:10-11 BLB
          4F.  Fourth Trumpet - Smiting of the Planets 8:12-13 BLB
          5F.  The Fifth Trumpet - Striking by Locusts 9:1-12 BLB
            1G.  The Diabolical Pit  9:1-2 BLB
            2G.  The Demonic Plague  9:3-10 BLB
              1H.  Their Actions  9:3-6 BLB
              2H.  Their Appearance  9:7-10 BLB
            3G.  The Destructive Potentate  9:11-12 BLB
          6F.  The Sixth Trumpet - Slaying of
               One- third of the Population  9:13-21 BLB
            1G.  The Command from Heaven  
                    9:13-16 BLB
            2G.  The Consuming Holocaust  9:17-19 BLB
            3G.  The Conscious Hardness  9:20-21 BLB
        (  )  Parenthetical Explanations  10:1-11:14 BLB
            1G.  About God's Program  10:1-7 BLB
            2G.  About John's Prophecy  10:8-11 BLB
            3G.  About Gentile Power  11:1-2 BLB
            4G.  About Two Prophets  11:3-14 BLB
          7F.  The Seventh Trumpet - Sovereignty of God
               11:15-19 BLB
      3D.  Important Considerations of the Period  
               12:1-19:21 BLB
        1E.  The Role of Israel in The Tribulation
           12:1-17 BLB
          1F.  Birth of the Deliverer  12:1-6 BLB
            1G.  Purpose for Israel  12:1-2 BLB
            2G.  Plan of the Devil  12:3-4a BLB
            3G.  Protection of the Child  12:4b-6 BLB
          2F.  Battle with the Devil  12:7-17 BLB
            1G.  War in Heaven  12:7-12 BLB
            2G.  War on Earth  12:13-17 BLB
        2E.  The Reign of the Unholy Trinity
             During  The  Tribulation  13:1-18 BLB
          1F.  The Dragon (Satan)  13:2,4 BLB
          2F.  The Despot (Antichrist)  13:1-10 BLB
            1G.  His Appearance  13:1-4 BLB
            2G.  His Actions  13:5-10 BLB
          3F.  The Deceiver (False Prophet)  
                  13:11-18 BLB
            1G.  His Person  13:11 BLB
               1H.  Like a Lamb
               2H.  Like a Dragon
            2G.  His Power  13:12-13 BLB
            3G.  His Purpose  13:14-18 BLB
        3E.  The Redemption of the 144000 
                During The Tribulation  14:1-5 BLB
        4E.  The Reports from Heaven During The 
                Tribulation  14:6-13 BLB
          1F.  The First Message  14:6-7 BLB
          2F.  The Second Message  14:8 BLB
          3F.  The Third Message - 14:9-12 BLB
          4F.  The Fourth Message  14:13 BLB
        5E.  Reaping of Judgment During The 
              Tribulation  14:14-19:21 BLB
          1F.  Judgment of Non-Believers  14:14-20 BLB
            1G.  The Conqueror  14:14 BLB
            2G.  The Conquest  14:15-20 BLB
           2F.  Judgment of the Earth  15:1-16:21 BLB
            1G.  The Victorious Vision  15:1-8 BLB
              1H.  Songs of Praise  15:1-4 BLB
              2H.  Scene of Preparation  15:5-8 BLB
            2G.  The Venomous Vials  16:1-21 BLB
              1H.  The First Vial - Damaging Sores  
                     16:1-2 BLB
              2H.  Second Vial - Deadly Seas  16:3 BLB
              3H.  Third Vial - Deplorable Springs  
                      16:4-7 BLB
              4H.  Fourth Vial - Dangerous Sunlight  
                      16:8-9 BLB
              5H.  Fifth Vial - Dark Seizure  16:10-11 BLB
              6H.  Sixth Vial - Drying of the Strait  
                     16:12  BLB
          (  )Demonic Spirits  16:13-16 BLB
              7H.  Seventh Vial - Destructive Scourge 
                      16:17-21 BLB
          3F.  Judgment of Babylon  17:1-19:6 BLB
            1G.  Preface about the Woman  17:1-2 BLB
            2G.  Perversity of the Woman  17:3-6 BLB
            3G.  Position of the Woman  17:7-18 BLB
            4G.  Punishment of the Woman  18:1-19:6 BLB
              1H.  Ruin  18:1-8 BLB
              2H.  Reaction  18:9-19:6 BLB
                1I.  On Earth  18:9-19 BLB
                2I.  In Heaven  18:20-19:6 BLB
          4F.  Judgment at Armageddon  19:7-21 BLB
            1G.  Heavenly Jubilation  19:7-10 BLB
            (The Marriage Supper of The Lamb)
            2G.  Horrible Judgment  19:11-21 BLB
               1H.  The Coming of Christ's Army  
                     19:11-16 BLB
               2H.  The Crumbling of Antichrist's Army  
                      19:17-21 BLB
    2C.  The Millennium  20:1-15 BLB
      1D.  Preparation for the Period  20:1-3 BLB
      2D.  Progress During the Period  20:4-6 BLB
      3D.  Postscript to the Period  20:7-15 BLB
        1E.  Rebellion  20:7-9 BLB
        2E.  Retribution  20:10-15 BLB
          1F.  The Devil  20:10 BLB
          2F.  The Deceived  20:11-15 BLB
  3B.  The Scene on the New Earth  21:1-22:21 BLB

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