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The Church in Prophecy and History:
Revelation Commentary - Chapters 1 - 3

"I applaud the diligent scholarship and the clear presentation of this urgently needed material. Well done, indeed. I strongly recommend this critical book." - Chuck Missler, Koinonia Institute "This book is a fresh, highly relevant new look at the history of the church drawn from the testimony of Jesus Christ Himself." - Lambert Dolphin, Lambert Dolphin's Library

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The Church in Prophecy and History


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Chapter 1
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The Church in Prophecy and History explores Jesus' own prophecies about the future of the Seven Churches of Asia and the seven periods of church history that they represent.

It explains the progress of these seven eras: the Apostolic Period (Ephesus), the Era of Persecution (Smyrna), the Compromised Church after the time of Constantine (Pergamum), the Middle Ages (Thyatira), the Reformation (Sardis), the Missionary Era (Philadelphia), and the present Worldly Phase of Christianity (Laodicea).

The history of the church is utterly fascinating--full of opportunities, challenges and amazing victories. However, these successes were punctuated by trials, persecutions and temporary setbacks in the ongoing spiritual battle. In every age the Lord Jesus Christ achieves victory through His church because He promised that "the gates of Hades will not prevail against it!"

In every phase of church history true believers are seen as "overcomers," and are granted special privileges for their faithfulness.

See the Table of Contents.

Read Chapter 1.

Reviewing the history of the church builds our faith and sharpens our defenses in order that we can make the best use of our own participation in this all-important last phase of church history.

The Church in Prophecy and History is offered by Prophecy Central, the Internet's trusted "World of Information about Bible Prophecy." The site has been the standard of biblical encouragement and relevant news since 1996.

Ron Graff
Meet the Author:

Ron Graff is semi-retired after 50 years as a pastor. He has been an avid student and teacher of Bible prophecy, and is the founder and publisher of the "Prophecy Central" website, which is usually listed on the first page of Google searches for "Bible prophecy." He is the author, with Lambert Dolphin, of Connecting the Dots: A Handbook of bible Prophecy.

Ron is a graduate of Biola University and Talbot School of Theology. He lives in Southern California with his wife of 53 years. He is a conference speaker, and has led numerous tours to Israel.

He was a pioneer in the personal computer revolution, developing the first commercially available educational programs for microcomputers, including Apple Computer's three educational disks, and The Discovery Encyclopedia.

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Read the June 1, 2014 News Release.

Encouragement about the Future of the Church

New Book Explains the Decline of the Church in the 21st Century
and Gives Encouragement about the Future

Los Angeles, June 7, 2014

“The Church in Prophecy and History” is a detailed commentary on the Book of Revelation, Chapters 1 through 3. It illuminates Jesus’s own predictions about the future of His church, and explains how the major events of church history fulfilled His prophecies.

The book traces the amazing progress and the failures of the church during its two thousand year history, and emphasizes the promise of ultimate victory f or the institution itself and for the faithful “overcomers” of each of the seven periods of church history.

It focuses on the current state of Christianity—how it arrived at its present weakened condition just before the beginning of the end times, and why it still has a victorious future. It issues a call to return to the simple and powerful message of the Bible and envisions a fresh effort to reach those in the younger generations who have not experienced the life-changing power of the Gospel.

The author is Ron Graff, publisher of the “Prophecy Central” website, which has been a favorite Bible study destination since its inception 17 years ago. A Google search for “Bible prophecy” consistently lists the site on the first page of its results.

Graff was a pastor until he retired in 2011 after the privilege of 50 years in that role. He now devotes his time to publishing the Prophecy Central website, organizing Bible conferences, writing and speaking. He is available for interviews about the book’s message of warning and hope for the modern church. E

arlier books by Graff include “Connecting the Dots: A Handbook of Bible Prophecy” (with Lambert Dolphin), and “2012: The Year the World Didn’t End.”

”The Church in Prophecy and History” is available in bookstores and at Amazon.com and other online booksellers.

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The Church in Prophecy and History

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