Revelation 1:1-2 Revelation Verse-by-verse
Revelation 1:3 Only Promise of Its Kind
Revelation 1:4-5a The Trinity
Revelation 1:5b-d Ruler over All Kings
Revelation 1:5e-6 Who Can Fully Understand God?
Revelation 1:7-8 He Is Coming!
Revelation 1:9 Shocking Information about Jesus
Revelation 1:10a The Holy Spirit Makes Prophecy Possible
Revelation 1:10b The Voice of Jesus: Like A Trumpet!
Revelation 1:11 Jesus Is The Alpha and Omega
Revelation 1:12 Seven Golden Lampstands
Revelation 1:13a Jesus: Our Kinsman-Redeemer
Revelation 1:13b-14 The Glorified Christ
Revelation 1:15-16 Jesus The Judge
Revelation 1:17-18 Jesus The Living One
Revelation 1:19 God's Outline for The Revelation
Revelation 1:20 The Mystery of The Seven Stars
Revelation 2:1 Letters to The Seven Churches
Revelation 2:2-3 The Apostolic Church
Revelation 2:4-5 Lost Your First Love
Revelation 2:6-7 The Tree of Life
Revelation 2:8a Smyrna- The Persecuted Church
Revelation 2:8b-9 Persecuted and Poor, but Rich in Christ
Revelation 2:10-11 The Judgment of Christians
Revelation 2:12 Compromise With The World
Revelation 2:13a-c Pergamum: Where Satan's Throne Is
Revelation 2:13d-f From Nimrod's Babylon to Pergamum
Revelation 2:14-15 The Roman Empire and First Official Pope
Revelation 2:16 The Privilege of Repentance
Revelation 2:17 A White Stone with A New Name
Revelation 2:18 The Shocking Letter to Thyatira
Revelation 2:19 Faithfulness of the Remnant
Revelation 2:20 Jezebel the Prophetess of Thyatira
Revelation 2:20 cont. Origin of the Priesthood and Other Errors
Revelation 2:20 cont. 2 Seeds of False Teaching
Revelation 2:20 cont. 3 The Papacy
Revelation 2:20 cont. 4 The Mass
Revelation 2:20 cont. 5 Question of Idolatry
Revelation 2:20 cont. 6 The Dark Age
Revelation 2:20 cont. 7 Infallibility and Indulgences
Revelation 2:20 cont. 8 The Crusades
Revelation 2:20 cont. 9 The Inquisition
Revelation 2:20 cont. 10 Purgatory
Revelation 2:21 Jezebel's Fate
Revelation 2:23 Judgment of Jezebel's "Children"
Revelation 2:24-25 There Is Always a Godly Remnant
Revelation 2:26-29 Finishing Well
Revelation 3:1 Sardis - The Reformation Church
Revelation 3:1c,d What Was Good about the Reformation?
Revelation 3:1c-e - Cont. 2 What Was Wrong about the Reformation?
Revelation 3:1c-e - Cont. 3 The History of Prophecy Interpretation
Revelation 3:1b-e - Cont. 4 Jesuits and the Counter-Reformation
Revelation 3:2 A Call for Revival
Revelation 3:3a-b Remembering Our Own Spiritual History
Revelation 3:3c-e A Thief in the Night
Revelation 3:4-6 Wherever Jesus is, that must be Heaven
Revelation 3:7a The Church at Philadelphia
Revelation 3:7b-e An Open Door
Revelation 3:8 You Have a Little Strength
Revelation 3:9 The Synagogue of Satan
Revelation 3:9 - Cont. The Age of Missions
Revelation 3:9 - Cont. 2 Missionary Activity after Constantine
Revelation 3:9 - Cont. 3 Missionary Progress during the Middle Ages
Revelation 3:9 - Cont. 4 Missionary Work during the Reformation Period
Revelation 3:9 - Cont. 5 Open Door of Revival
Revelation 3:9 - Cont. 6 History of Modern Missions
Revelation 3:10-13 Kept from the Hour of Trial
Revelation 3:14 The Church at Laodicea
Revelation 3:15-17 You are Lukewarm!
Revelation 3:15-17 - Cont. Worldly/ "Carnal" Christianity
Revelation 3:15-17 - Cont. 2 A Changing World
Revelation 3:15-17 - Cont. 3 The Slippery Slope
Revelation 3:15-17 - Cont. 4 Lukewarm Christianity
Revelation 3:15-17 - Cont. 5 Moral Relativism and the Sexual Revolution
Revelation 3:15-16 - Cont. 6 The Plot Thickens
Revelation 3:18-22 Jesus at the Door
Revelation 4:1 Come Up Here
Revelation 4:2 The Throne
Revelation 4:3 God is Light
Revelation 4:4 The 24 Elders
Revelation 4:5-6b Lightning and Thunder
Revelation 4:6c-8 Four Living Creatures
Revelation 4:9 Glory, Honor and Thanks
Revelation 4:10-11 Worthy
Revelation 5:1 The Scroll
Revelation 5:2-4 The Search
Revelation 5:5-7 The Savior
Revelation 5:8-10 The Song
Revelation 5:11-14 The Saying
Revelation 6 The Tribulation
Revelation 6:1-2 First Seal - Antichrist
Revelation 6:2 - Cont New World Order
Revelation 6:3-4 Second Seal-Arms/World War
Revelation 6:3-4 - Cont Gog and Magog
Revelation 6:5-6 Third Seal-Agony/Famine
Revelation 6:7-8 Fourth Seal-Annihilation/Death
Revelation 6:9-11 Fifth Seal-Anticipation/Martyrs
Revelation 6:12-17 Sixth Seal - Agitation
Appendix A Jesus' Own Outline of the Future
Appendix B Apostate or Worldly?
Appendix C The Rapture
Appendix D Harmony of Prophecy Chart
Appendix E Outline of The Revelation
Appendix F Chart of The Revelation of Jesus Christ

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