Part Six - Dimming of The Age of Aquarius

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Mystery Babylon

Revelation 13:11-15

Mark of the Beast
Revelation 13:16-18

Revelation 7:1-8
Revelation 14:1-5

Revelation 13:8


Standing before dignitaries from every nation, Scott Wilson should have been elated at the privilege of taking part in the dedication of the magnificent new Asterium. The Asterium was a huge dome-shaped building which charted the movements of the stars and planets. It would serve as the international headquarters of Astrological Science. Yet, at this opportunity of great honor, Scott was harassed by a sense of dread which he knew would worsen before the week was past.

Forcing his machine-like mind to ignore his anxieties and focus on the responsibility before him, he stepped up to the podium as it automatically raised to suit his height. Without difficulty the ruggedly handsome speaker delivered his carefully polished and memorized message. His convincing style made every sentence appear to have been spontaneously created at that moment. The crowd exploded back their approval as he stepped off the platform.

He walked confidently back to the place where Rod Adams and his chosen ones were seated. When he looked at Rod, his anxiety returned.

That morning Rod had gathered his inner circle of men together and told them, "If anything should happen to me, I don't want you to worry. My companion The Prophet will assume control in any emergency."

The Prophet will assume control in any emergency.

"The Prophet" was the new title for Malcomb Evans, who had emerged as Rod's hand-chosen leader of Astrological Science, the newly amalgamated organization of world religions, now united by their common New Age beliefs. Amazing as it seemed, this man had developed miraculous powers, like controlling lightning at will.

The other men took the announcement as a normal precaution: routine instruction to be prepared for an unlikely possibility. Scott saw it differently. Rod had met with him secretly just before that meeting. He said, "Scott, I know I can trust you with these." He handed him two sealed envelopes. "They must be delivered by noon tomorrow. No one else must know about this."

One message was to the head surgeon at the World Foundation Hospital. The other was to an individual whose name he had never heard. Scott didn't know that the messages meant, or how they related to Rod's strange statement. But some inner warning told him all was not well.

The next morning Scott finished his secret errands and boarded the aircraft which would return him to New Washington in just a few hours. At the airport he transferred to an air taxi which belonged to Scott's department and proceeded quickly to the top of the Education Building.
New Washington had tripled in size in the three years since it had become the capital of North America.

Stepping on the conveyor, he could see the sprawling city below him. New Washington had tripled in size in the three years since it had become the capital of North America. The floor beneath him moved him rapidly through the corridors. As he breezed through the automatic doors of his luxurious office, his attention was commandeered by cheers from his jubilant staff. In the center of the group Scott saw his secretary, Nancy Taylor. Her turquoise eyes sparkled with pride as she said, "You were sensational, Scott!"

"Thank you." He responded.

After a brief word with each person in the room, he motioned for his assistant, Brian Normans, to follow him into his workroom. Nancy entered behind them and shut the door.

"Nancy, as soon as Brian and I are through, I need to talk to David. Then I'll take any calls you think are urgent. No monitor on the calls to David."

Scott sat down and swiveled to the right to face Brian. Nancy walked out through the electronic curtain which separated her office from the workroom. Scott looked at his youthful assistant for a moment before he began.

"I have important instructions here," Scott began as he opened his briefcase, "for a complete registration of every one who is loyal to the government. We need to program this into The Teacher.

"The Teacher" was their name for the entire educational apparatus which controlled schools, publications, telecommunications, and all other recognized means of education.

"The Teacher" was their name for the entire educational apparatus which controlled schools, publications, telecommunications, and all other recognized means of education.

Scott explained the information, dismissed Brian, and then swiveled to the left, facing the complex control panel which occupied half of his desk. Touching a button which made the electronic curtain become transparent, he spoke to his secretary. "I'm ready for the calls now."

David is on line one," chimed Nancy's pleasant voice.

"Thanks," he said as he touched the number one button on his telecomunicator and flipped the isolation switch which made the still transparent electronic curtain a soundproof barrier. He noticed by an indicator on his control board that Nancy had remembered to disengage the monitor circuit. He was grateful for the privilege of private communication. Not many people enjoyed that freedom.

The clean cut face of seventeen year old David Wilson filled the screen. Scott thought to himself that the image in the televiewer might have been the reflection of his own face if he were twenty years younger. But, despite the similarity of their looks, this father and his son thought very differently.

"Hello Son," he began rather coldly, Where are you now?"

"I'm in Chicago with some of the Messengers." There was no need to explain the Messengers to Scott. Between David's explanation of them and his own harrowing experiences with these incredibly bold and apparently indestructible fanatics, he already knew more about them than he wished to know. There were evidently 144,000 of them – all from Jewish extraction – and all claiming to be messengers of the truth about Jesus Christ.

"Well, listen son. I know I can't expect you to stay away from them, but I would like you to leave them long enough to meet with me here for lunch Thursday."

"I'll be there for sure, Dad," David replied. His attitude was a reminder to Scott that his son had never really disobeyed him since he had become a Christian, and that even David's leaving home was Scott's idea; to avoid embarrassment.

"Okay then," Scott added, "I'll see you Thursday."

"Dad? Could I tell you something now?"

"What is it, son?"
Rod's name adds up to 666! "Well, the Messengers say that Rod's name adds up to 666 – the number of Antichrist in the Bible!"

Scott was furious. "I don't want to hear about your warped friends' ridiculous ideas."

He would have continued his tirade, but just then the screen flashed bright orange, signaling an emergency communiqué coming from the headquarters of the World Economic Community. David was cut off and The Prophet appeared.

"I regret to inform you that Rod Adams has been shot by an unknown assassin. We have sent him to World Foundation Hospital. They say he has died, but we have not given up hope. Do not come to Brussells. You will be needed to keep order in your own area. Tell your constituents not to give up hope, for I have powers we have not revealed before." With that, the Prophet disappeared.

Hope flickered, then slowly died as the hours passed. By the third day the world was in complete mourning when it was suddenly revived by the Prophet's announcement that he had brought Rod Adams back to life.

For a few hours the world could forget the horror of the assassination, the famines, and the plagues. Its' new Savior had been resurrected!

Later that same day, mourning began all over again. The earth cried out as it experienced the greatest earthquake ever recorded. No part of the earth escaped the colossal upheaval. No one tried to estimate the damage or count the dead. Statistics had lost their meaning.

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