Part Five - The Beginning Of The End

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World War III

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False Christs

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2 Timothy 3:1-5


Daniel 2:30-43
Daniel 7:19-25
Revelation 12:3
Revelation 13:1
Revelation 17:3,7-16

False Christs


At the first air raid siren, Scott gathered his family together into their bomb shelter at the new World Economic Community complex in Brussels.

While they were huddled together, David Wilson tried to explain his new-found faith to his family.

"I don't want to hear it," his sister Kathy interrupted. At thirteen, Kathy was a hardened replica of her father's agnostic outlook. The hateful glare in her brown eyes betrayed her otherwise innocent appearance. She had already decided against David's "rubber crutch" religion.

"Well, you're going to hear it this time," David said, pushing his dark brown hair back from the top of his oval face. "We could all die down here, and I'm not going out into eternity without telling you the truth!"

Scott didn't want to hear it either, but he thought he owed it to David to hear him out once. Michelle, quivering with fear, was eager to hear whatever good news her son could tell her.

David continued, "My old friends were right. They used to show me that the things that were happening to the world were the fulfillment of Bible prophecy." He stood up, holding his Bible out toward them. His eyes were flashing. "The Bible foretold that Israel would become a nation again, just like it happened. And the Bible predicted that Russia would fight against Israel." He was speaking quickly, trying to say as much as possible in a short time.
"Besides that, Jesus said that in the last days there would be wars and cold wars and more earthquakes and greater famines, just the way it was before He came back and took my friends away."

"Did the Bible really predict all that, David?" Michelle looked at her son in amazement.

"Yes, and it also foretold the rise of a governmental structure just like the WEC.

"Did the Bible really predict all that, David?"
It says that there will be a great world leader who will be energized by," he hesitated, then blurted, "the Devil himself, to unite the world during this time of trouble. That's where we are right now The Tribulation that the Bible predicted."

Scott was impressed, but he tried not to show it. "Well, suppose all that is true," he asked, "What can a person do about it?"

"Here's the point, Dad. If the Bible is so right about all these things, it must be right about man's need for a Savior, and about who Jesus really is. According to the Bible, 'All have sinned and come short of the glory of God."

"You're a sinner all right!" Kathy interrupted, "But the rest of us haven't been as gross as you."

"It's not how much sin you've done, Kathy," David continued patiently, "Some people live worse lives than others, but every one does something wrong. The Bible says, 'There is none that does good, no not one.."

Here's the important part. Jesus came into the world to save sinners." David turned to his dad again. "Did you know that Jesus' life fulfilled more than 300 prophecies? The Bible wasn't wrong in any detail!" Then he looked toward his mother. "Jesus said He was 'The Way, The Truth, and the Life'. And if we admit that we're sinners, we can be born again by receiving Jesus as our own Savior. That's what I did right after my friends were all taken to be with Jesus."

"That's the part I don't understand, David," Michelle began, "We were told that all the people who disappeared were taken up by UFOs like the people who disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle."
Do you believe that nonsense about UFO's?

"That's a lie!" David erupted. He turned to Scott. "Dad, you're always saying, 'Be sensible.' Do you believe that nonsense about UFO's? People must be willing to believe anything but the truth!"

Scott said nothing, but he felt as though the floor had dropped away.

The UFO theory never had been very logical to him, but Rod Adams had such an uncanny ability to make things sound right.

Kathy was not yet mature enough to sort it out. Her dad didn't agree with David. Neither would she.

Michelle let the words her son spoke sink deep into her soul. She knew she was a sinner, so weak and shallow and helpless. In her heart, she asked Jesus to become her Savior and her Lord.

The next day the United States had to begin all over again. Scott Wilson would be one of the most important men in the country, but it was not the same United States it had been before the war. It would be a dependent puppet of the great World Economic Community.

A few days later the WEC declared Rod Adams to be Prime Minister of Belgium in order to settle internal problems in that country. Two other member nations of the WEC tried to prevent his appointment by force, but Adams quickly subdued both opposing nations and assumed personal leadership of the entire organization. He became an instant celebrity on the world scene.

Under Rod Adam's leadership, the World Economic Community offered Israel a seven year contract of protection and redevelopment. Under the plan, Tel Aviv and Haifa would be rebuilt, Jerusalem restored, and a new Temple would be built.

The World Economic Community offered Israel a seven year contract of protection.

Adams and his organization also offered assistance to the crippled United States, especially to finish construction of a new protected capitol near the Rocky Mountains. The complex would be known as New Washington.

About six months after the war, Scott and his cohorts were summoned to a special meeting with Rod Adams. Adams had been recognized as the leader of the WEC by consent of all the member nations.

"Gentlemen," he began, "The time has come to step up our activities to build a strong government for the Earth. We have had some set-backs. As you know, the famines and plagues which followed the war are destroying millions of people and the earthquake situation is a constant problem."

"Isn't there anything we can do about the earthquakes?" asked one of the men.

"Not directly. They will get worse before they bet better, because of the alignment of the planets. But we can try to keep our population centers away from the major faults and build everything stronger than we used to. Our engineers are working on it." Adams was very proud of his engineering team - the best scientific and inventive minds from all over the world, all brought together into one giant brain trust. With the use of the most advanced technology in history, they were able to solve any building problem.

"Another challenge before us is the crime problem. We are experiencing ten times as much criminal activity as what was normal before the war."

Scott's mind wandered to one of David's warnings that the Bible predicted an increase in lawlessness in the last days. David had said it was because the Holy Spirit was no longer at work the same as before in the world.

"Now I want to outline the plans I have laid for the future," Rod's voice and manner were most self-assured and compelling. Scott noticed that he had become very precise with his every word and expression. It was almost as if he were a perfectly animated robot.

"My primary objective," Rod Adams continued, "is economic unity of the Earth. I plan to do this through ten control centers at strategic points around the globe. Europe will be controlled directly from our headquarters here in Brussels. It will be patterned after the new government in The United States, with a Chief of Staff, and Directors of Education, Defense, and Economic Affairs. Adams pointed to a large map dividing all nations into ten regions. "The other eight control centers will have the same structure. Each Center will have constant communication through satellites and our new communications backbone called Extranet so that all vital information will be shared instantly everywhere on Earth."

Nothing really surprised Adams' inner circle, but they were impressed by his boldness and vision. There was little doubt that a one-world government would soon become a reality.
They have decided I am some sort of Anti-Christ.

"This last item is a sensitive issue," Rod warned, his smile fading. "There has been rising opposition from Christian fanatics lately. My intelligence sources say they have decided I am some sort of Anti-Christ."

"Antichrist?" echoed Malcomb Evans. Evans, one of the twelve, was now president of the World Council of Churches. "that's the exact opposite of what the churches are teaching about you."

"I know, " said Adams, "but these aren't church people: they're religious fanatics."

"I thought most of them were taken in the Great Disappearance," another member of the group added.

"They were," Rod said, "but thousands more popped up shortly afterward. They claim that the Bible should be taken literally. That has led them to all kinds of false conclusions."

Scott was afraid to say anything because he knew his son was one of those fanatics. One of the other men asked his unspoken question. "What are you going to do about them, Rod?"

"I have told our enforcement agencies to quell these rumors. It may be necessary to purge those who insist in teaching this treason!"

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