Part Four - World At War

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The Rapture

World War III
Revelation 6:3-4
Ezekiel 38 & 39

Signs of The Times

New World Order


Matthew 24:7

Revived Roman Empire


Ezekiel 38:22
Ezekiel 39:6

The world had not regained its balance from the "Great Disappearance" when, just a few weeks later, it was set on its heels again by news of the Russian attack against Israel. One disaster after another had left the globe in a weakened condition. Economic collapse seriously threatened the United States and other once-great and proud nations. Only the World Economic Community had grown stronger.

Earthquakes of ever greater magnitude had devastated many parts of the Earth. Hundreds of thousands had died in the China quakes. Guatemala, the Philippines, Indonesia, Italy, and Australia had all been tortured by giant quakes. And Southern California had become an instant desert just a few weeks after the "Great Disappearance" when the dreaded killer quake finally came, shaking down earthquake-proof buildings, destroying highways, hospitals, airports, and perhaps worst of all, the elaborate water systems of the whole area.

Earthquakes of ever greater magnitude had devastated many parts of the Earth.

Most of the survivors had left California any way they could get out and settled like war refugees as far away as they could possibly manage to travel.

Scott Wilson was one of the few men who were not surprised by Russia's invasion of Israel. Immediately after the disappearance, Scott had moved his family to Brussels, Belgium, near the giant complex of facilities which were being built by the World Economic Community. Rod Adams had asked his twelve assistants to move to Belgium to be near his new office. The twelve were now employed directly by him to manage his affairs. He spent most of his time in the WEC headquarters, helping, or as some people thought, directing, in the affairs of that ever-growing giant with its world-wide Communications Center and super-computer affectionately known as "The Beast."
The organization knew that Russia was about to attack Israel.

Adams had informed the twelve that the organization knew that Russia was about to attack Israel. The Arab nations had exhausted their military resources. They still had not succeeded in defeating their tiny enemy, Israel. This had been a disappointment to Russia, who had always wanted to destroy the mighty little nation, for its own reasons.

"Russia considers Israel a serious threat to her plans of domination of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea," Adams explained to his men. "Since the end of the Soviet Union, Russia has struggled along, cut off from expansion to the East and the West, she needs to dominate the area to the south. Israel is in their way. The Arabs have failed, and the rest of the world is weakened by the disasters, so Russia thinks this is the best time to do her dirty work."

"But what about our nuclear power? Isn't Russia afraid to draw the U.S. into war?" asked Norman Thouey, the behavioral psychologist.

"Russia is taking a calculated risk, Norman, that the U.S. won't deploy nuclear arms because of the obvious consequences it would have for us. But I have already talked to the President, and we are prepared to stand by our commitment to Israel no matter what the cost."

Scott questioned their leader, "But won't that be suicide for our nation, Rod? How can we make such a sacrifice?"

"We'll survive," Adams said, "but it will be costly. It's fortunate that much of the West Coast is deserted now. We can intercept their missiles by the time they reach our borders, but that means that most of their bombs will explode over California, Oregon, and Washington."

"But we can't stop all of them!" Norman insisted. "Some of them are going to get through to our population centers."

"What can I say?" Adams asked. "I wish there was another way, but it's not just the U.S. at stake. It's the whole world. Our universal government is about to be revealed. We can't jeopardize that by allowing Russia to run wild can we?"

Everyone agreed, but there were still unanswered questions. They discussed their strategy carefully. "We will be safe here in Europe. The President of the United States will be coming here tomorrow."

"I just can't believe this is really happening," Scott lamented.

"It's hard," Adams agreed, "But what are our alternatives?" No one answered. "Maybe it won't come to this. We can hope." At this, their leader smiled his hypnotic way, and Scott privately wondered whether he and Rod Adams were hoping the same thing.

By the next day little hope was left in Scott Wilson's heart. Adams had given his men detailed plans for reconstruction if it was necessary. The President would appoint a new temporary government which would name three of the twelve as functioning leaders of the nation, officially answerable only to the President, though they all would actually be directed by Rod Adams himself. Norman Thoey, Scott's colleague and famous behavioral scientist would become Director of Defense, Randall Thompson, a member of the Federal Reserve Board, would assume the responsibilities of Director of Economic Affairs, and Scott would emerge as Director of Education. He would take charge of all the country's educational systems and all forms of communication.

The situation in the Middle East blackened during the day and it became clear that the U.S. would have to warn Russia that they were courting nuclear disaster. Russia ignored the warning.

Russia ignored the warning.

Rod Adams spent most of that day working with the twelve in his office building which he usually called The Ziggurat. They polished details of a plan to help Israel after the war was over. He also told his men that he would very soon be elevated by the organization to become head of state in one of the ten regions of world control. He couldn't explain more at this time.

The first nuclear bomb was delivered by Russia to Tel Aviv. One hour later the smoke of what had once been two great super-powers could be seen by horrified spectators on five continents. Russia and the United States had become contaminated wastelands. The rest of the world was in a state of shock.

Russian troops in Israel had been covered by molten rock and sulphur. Was it a result of the nuclear holocaust? Or was it something supernatural? Not even Rod Adams knew the answer to that question.

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