Part Two - Invisible Government

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1 Corinthians 15

False Christs

Revived Roman Empire

New World Order


Scott clenched his fist and pushed it into the airline seat. He couldn't get David's foolishness out of his mind. "If only he would be sensible!" he thought. Scott was on his way to the secret meeting with Rod Adams. He should have been happy, but David, his son, had ruined his day by announcing that he was considering becoming a Christian.

Scott considered himself an agnostic. He was not anti-Christian, but he certainly did not approve of the people who were influencing David's life. They were fanatics who were constantly talking about Jesus and the Bible, asking personal questions about other people's faith, shouting their holy words and threatening the world that Jesus was actually alive and coming back to the Earth.

"The world needs a Savior all right," Scott argued inwardly, "But it is looking for a human leader who can bring its divided parts together through world politics." The world he knew didn't need another Jesus type meek and mild. And he was infuriated that his own son would consider dropping out like this. Why did he need a crutch? "Maybe it is Michelle's fault." Scott reasoned.

As the jumbo jet began its powerful leap into the clouds, he turned his angry thoughts against his wife. "Michelle!" he thought. "How could she be so beautiful outside and so ugly inside?" After nearly twenty years of marriage, Scott wasn't sure he had ever really loved Michelle. Her negative attitude toward him had probably turned David against him.

Scott was tortured by the thought of the embarrassment it would cause him for his own son to become a religious fanatic. He hoped David would come to his senses before it was too late. Then he considered his daughter, Kathy. It was some comfort to him to remember his "sensible one." "Maybe she can talk David out of this foolishness," Scott thought. And with that, he forced himself to think of the business at hand.

He hoped David would come to his senses before it was too late.

A VIP limousine was waiting for Scott and within minutes after the plane landed, he was on his way to the conference Adams had organized. The meeting was held in Rod's own lavish penthouse in Brussels. He warmly greeted each guest and introduced those who did not know each other.

The men were seated in a semicircle around Adams. He counted them: twelve, including himself.

"What I have to tell you is extremely confidential." Adams began. A field of self-confidence magnetized his personality. "You may find some of this hard to accept. Just listen to me as I explain my purpose. Then you can chose for yourself whether to remain or not."

"I belong to a secret organization. We have a blueprint for building a stronger world. The organization uses many names and usually appears as an advisory council on world affairs. Some of you already belong to this movement. Others do not." He looked at Scott. "We have not always been successful in concealing our activities, but the average person has no idea of our existence. We are extremely powerful because most of the rich believe in what we are doing, and most of the politicians are, shall we say, 'cooperative,' because we have made it possible for them to be where they are."
"We are about to enter a new phase of existence on our planet." "We are about to enter a new phase of existence on our planet. People have been expecting it since the '60's when they spoke of the dawning of 'The Age of Aquarius.'" The time has arrived for humanity to take another giant step forward.

Ignited by Adams' glowing words, the fire of enthusiasm spread around the room. "Powerful forces are at work right now to usher the earth into a peaceful and productive state. Representatives of this power have chosen me to help lead this revolution. I know this sounds strange to some of you, but the first sign to confirm what I am saying is the fact that I have been chosen as the U.S. Representative to the WEC; that is, the World Economic Community."

Scott felt very uneasy. Was his old friend unbalanced? Or was he much greater than even he and his college mates had imagined? Still, it was true that Rod Adams had been the surprise choice for the WEC seat. And looking around the group, he knew this was no joke. There was an international oil corporation president, a senator, two ambassadors, a network newscaster, a Federal Reserve Board member, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, two international bank presidents, and an executive from the World Council of Churches. He noticed that the majority of the men were Europeans. Then too, there was his respected colleague, Norman Thoey, who had earned international respect as a behavioral psychologist. Norm was one of the most rational men Scott knew. He had been watching the psychologist's face as Rod Adams talked. Not even a shadow of disbelief had clouded his respected friend's features. He was, in fact, nodding his head in agreement with what Adams was saying.

After a brief summary of the grandiose plans envisioned by his backers, Adams concluded his explanation. "I have chosen you men because of your astrological signs and your unique abilities. If you agree to assist me in this effort your rewards will be very great. If you would rather not be a part, feel free to leave now and forget this meeting. There will be no hard feelings. Of course, I wouldn't want you to repeat what I have said today. I would have to deny it and take whatever steps were necessary to protect our mission."

"If you choose to stay, I will reveal the details of our plans, but you will be sworn to secrecy. Are there any of you who wish to leave?"

Scott was fearful of some evil force behind this scheme, but he was exhilarated by the thought of power and wealth. He fought the age-old war in his conscience trying to decide whether to serve the interests of humanity or of himself. Maybe there was not a clear line between the choices. It did seem to be a way of keeping the world from complete economic collapse. He won the battle against himself and decided to stay. Everyone else stayed too.

Scott was fearful of some evil force behind this scheme, but he was exhilarated by the thought of power and wealth.

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