Part One - Out of The Shadows

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Revived Roman Empire

New World Order

2 Thessalonians 2:1-12

Mystery Babylon

Scott Wilson was immersed in reading when the smiling face appeared. "Was that Rod Adams?" Scott asked himself as he pressed the replay button on his remote control. The familiar image of his old friend materialized again on his screen as the newscaster repeated the startling announcement. "In a surprise move today, the EU revealed its plans to enlarge the scope of its operations to assist other nations during the economic crisis. The revised organization will be known as the World Economic Community. Well known sociologist Rod Adams has been appointed as the first representative of the United States to the organization."

Scott hit the "hold" button on his remote control and studied the grinning face. He knew it well. He and Rod had been close friends at Harvard in their younger days. His mind was alive with memories of that haunting smile, and of his one-time friend. It was the kind of smile that sprang out of a unique and influential personality; a nearly hypnotic expression that never failed to be convincing.

But to Scott, there was some hidden mystery in Rod Adam's face. Perhaps it was the memory of the stories his classmates loved to tell about Adams tales of his uncanny powers and knowledge, and reports of occult practices. He had never really believed their stories. But he couldn't forget them either. Scott had known Adams as a scholar and a gifted leader. As he thought about it, he realized that he had never known another person with so much ability, so much ambition, such determination. When he was only twenty years old, Adams had already been recognized as an authority in foreign affairs. His Harvard professors were baffled by his understanding and were often unable to answer his probing questions.

As he thought about it, he realized that he had never known another person with so much ability, so much ambition, such determination.

Turning back to the computer in his home study, Scott accessed Adam's book, "Back to Babylon." Three days earlier, Adams' secretary had called Scott at his own office at the California State Board of Education to invite him to be a member of a small discussion group. The purpose of the meeting was to consider foreign affairs and world economic stabilization. Scott accepted the invitation, but was disturbed at the insistence that no one else should know about the meeting.

Now it seemed clear to Scott that his powerful friend had arranged the secret meeting knowing that he was about to be thrust into this new and influential role. Scott shivered as he thought about the implications of being included in the inner circle with such a person as Rod Adams.

Realizing that he must be totally aware of his old friend's philosophies, he fastened his attention to the computer and ingested Adam's book. He had read it years before, but now it suddenly seemed like a brand new fountain of knowledge. His ready mind quickly analyzed the key thoughts of the book: "International Monetary Strategy," "One-World Market," "New International Order," The material, which had once seemed dry, vague and philosophical to Scott, was now charged with vitality and power.

In the back of his mind, warnings from the past flickered dimly. Hadn't Rod Adams' philosophies been labeled "globalist" by his enemies? Scott had heard that Adams was part of a movement to bring about a universal government. He was not at all convinced that there was any truth to such conspiracy theories.

Still, he reflected, it was true that the United States had declined in power and prestige. Was there really an "invisible government"? Was Rod Adams a part of it? For moment these troublesome thoughts tried to gain entrance to Scott's mind, but he closed the door against them as he began to picture himself in a new role in international politics.

Part Two

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