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Is it God's will for Barack Obama to be President?

"No one from the east or the west or from the desert can exalt a man.
"But it is God who judges:He brings one down, he exalts another."

Psalms 75:6-7 - NIV

God is sovereign. He allows rulers to be installed in order to accomplish His purposes. His purpose may be to bless those who trust Him, or even to correct those who go astray. Sometimes he lets people have their own way to teach them a lesson. This happened in Israel's history when they wanted a king. It also occured during Moses' time.

So he gave them what they asked for,but sent a wasting disease upon them.
Psalms 106:15 - NIV

Current Events

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Dec. 1, 2008 - Believers dispute divine role in victory of president-elect.
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Nov. 5, 2008 - Historic election picks first African-American president, and both candidates give eloquent speeches calling for unity and cooperation.
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Is it God's will for Barack Obama to be President?

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What effect will he have on moral issueslike abortion and marriage?

Is he a true Christian?

Could he be Antichrist?

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