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Current Events

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The invisible government: The fight for a socialist (and economically weak) America

Dec. 15, 2008 - Wes Vernon points to the work of multibillionaire Gorge Soros to influence politics and possibly even to cause financial chaos. Soros is a socialist who has apparently created a secret party within the ranks of the Democrat Party.
Former radicals David Horowitz and Richard Poe have exposed Soros's vast secret network of private think tanks, foundations, stealth PACs, and other front groups that have crafted the agenda, the talking points — and most of all, the money — that have driven the Democrat Party's agenda.
Source: Renew America
From 2006- Will George Soros rule America (with a little help from his friends, McCain-Feingold)? - Renew America

And now for a world government

Dec. 9, 2008 - Because there are global warming, global financial problems and a global war on terror, there may be acceptance of the concept of a world government. Jacques Attali, an adviser to President Nicolas Sarkozy of France, says that that the "core of the international financial crisis is that we have global financial markets and no global rule of law".
A "world government" would involve much more than co-operation between nations. It would be an entity with state-like characteristics, backed by a body of laws. The European Union has already set up a continental government for 27 countries, which could be a model.
President-elect Obama is more inclined to global governance than President Bush. He has appointed Susan Rice, one of his closest aides, as America's ambassador to the UN, and given her a seat in the cabinet.
Source: Gideon Rachman - Financial Times - UK

Vatican Cardinal: "A New World Order is Gaining Ground"

Nov. 20, 2008 - Cardinal Stanislaw Rylko, President of the Pontifical Council for the Laity, warned that our generation is creating a new 'world order,' and a 'new man' completely detached from the Judeo-Christian tradition.
According to the Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano, the cardinal denounced the "dictatorship of relativism," rampant in Western societies, in which there is a growing "anti-Christian attitude" that makes "attacks on Christians, and particular on Catholics, pass off as politically correct."
Source: Life Site News

EXCLUSIVE: Intel panel foresees lesser U.S. role

Nov. 19, 2008 - The National Intelligence Council is expected to release a report this week that predicts a dangerous bipolar world in 2025. The U.S. will still be the top world power but with diminished economic and military dominance.
"Shrinking economic and military capabilities may force the U.S. into a difficult set of tradeoffs between domestic and foreign-policy priorities."
The report will also warn of a nuclear arms race in the Middle East.
Source: Washington Times

UK's Brown: Now is the time to build global society

Nov. 11, 2008 - Next Monday Britain's Prime Minister Gordon Brown plans to tell leaders that the international financial crisis has given world leaders a unique opportunity to create a truly global society. He will say Britain, the United States and Europe are key to forging a new world order.

He also plans to list five great challenges the world faces.

These are: terrorism and extremism... the global economy... climate change... conflict and mechanisms for rebuilding states after conflict... meeting goals on tackling poverty and disease.
Source: Reuters
UK's Brown: Now is the time to build global society - New World Order Alert - Free Republic

New World Order: Global co-operation, nationalisation and state intervention - all in one day

Oct. 9, 2008 - It is hoped that an unprecidented financial bail-out in Great Britain and an unscheduled cut in the interest rate will have a good effect on global economies.
Source:The Scotsman

Is the Federal Reserve Engaged in Acts of Economic Warfare Against America?

Oct. 8,2008 - How the Federal Reserve Board is weakening America by creating money out of nothing.
Source: NaturalNews

US ‘will lose financial superpower status’

Sept. 26, 2008 - Commenting on the U.S. economic crisis, German finance minister Peer Steinbrück, said that the US will lose its role as a global financial “superpower.”
"This world will become multi­polar” with the emergence of stronger, better capitalised centres in Asia and Europe, Mr Steinbrück told the German parliament. “The world will never be the same again.”
Meanwhile, Nicolas Sarkozy, the French president and current holder of the European Union presidency, has called for an emergency G8 meeting on the crisis.
Source: Financial Times - London
Bailout Negotiations in Disarray
Washington Mutual-Largest Failure in U.S. Banking History

The coming one-world currency Some set 2010 as date for monetary union

Sept. 22, 2008 - The Gulf Cooperation Council approved a proposal last week to create a monetary union and move toward a single currency.
The six Islamic states constituting the Gulf Cooperation Council are Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Oman pulled out of the agreement last year.
Jerome Corsi, editor of the online newsletter, "Red Alert," sees this as a major step in the worldwide movement to abandon national currencies in favor of regional currencies, and eventually result in a one-world currency.
Source: WorldNetDaily
Dollar May Get `Crushed' as Traders Weigh Up Bailout - Prophecy Central "Economic" Page

Historians Unlock U.S. Seal's Secrets

Feb. 13, 2008 - A new historical display by the State Department explains the development and meaning of the Great Seal of the United States. The display seeks to play down the conspiracy theories that abound, but does not deny the influence of Freemasonry on the symbols.
Source: AOL
The Great Seal of the United States - State Department Document

Transformed UN proposed to create 'new world order'

Jan. 21, 2008 - Britian's Prime Minister wants to change the structure of the United Nations so that it would reflect the world's new challenges and power bases.
Gordon Brown has begun secret talks with other world leaders on far-reaching reform of the United Nations Security Council as part of a drive to create a "new world order" and "global society".
Source: Independent - UK

North-of-border link finishes NAFTA superhighway grid

Dec. 19, 2007 - A proposed Canadian Atlantic-Pacific route would complete a delivery grid for cross-continental goods manufactured in China and delivered through Mexican ports.
Source: WorldNetDaily

Is a World Government on the Horizon?

Dec. 6, 2007 - The United States has resisted signing the United Nation's "Law of the Sea Treaty" for 25 years because opponents say it surrenders our national sovereignty and could be the next step to world government.
The U.N. treaty governs the law of the seas - not just ocean access by military and commercial vessels - but control of natural resources from fishing rights and oil exploration to deep sea mining.
The treaty was rejected by President Reagan and signed by President Clinton. At present, 154 nations have accepted the treaty. President Bush is now urging urging the Senate to ratify it.
Source: CBN - Melissa Charbonneau CBN News White House Correspondent

North American Union leader says merger just crisis away

Dec. 15, 2006 - Robert Pastor, a professor at American University in Washington DC, believes that a crisis, such as the 9/11 attacks would trigger a union between The United States, Canada, and Mexico.
The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, or SPP – launched in 2005 by the heads of the three countries at a summit in Waco, Texas – could be developed into a continental union, complete with a new currency, the amero, that would replace the U.S. dollar just as the euro has replaced the national currencies of Europe.
Source: WorldNetDaily

Ban Ki-moon sworn in as 8th secretary-general of the United Nations

Dec. 14, 2006 - South Korea's Ban Ki-moon was sworn in as secretary-general of the United Nations today. He is the first Asian to hold that post in 35 years. He says his top priority will be the restoration of trust in the UN that has been tarnished by corruption scandals. He will begin his term on Jan. 1.
Incoming UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told Iran on Thursday it was unacceptable to deny the Holocaust or call for Israel to be wiped off the map. - YNet News

Truckers call for boycott of foreign-owned road

Nov. 10, 2006 - Truckers are boycotting the Indiana Toll Road that has been leased to a consortium of Mexican, Spanish and Australian companies. Their organization, the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, OOIDA, is also opposed to the NAFTA Superhighway. Todd Spencer, their executive vice president says that this trend will lower our country's security against terrorism.
Spencer told WND the OOIDA is strongly opposed to converting U.S. freeways to toll roads owned by foreign entities. The group's opposition includes the Trans-Texas Corridor, the four-football-field-wide NAFTA Superhighway parallel to Interstate-35 which Texas Gov. Rick Perry plans to begin next year.
Source: WorldNetDaily
OOIDA’s Spencer says ‘It’s time to find another route’ - OOIDA

Kissinger warns of possible "war of civilizations"

Sept 13, 2006 - Former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger warned the U.S. and Europe to move beyond their disagreements over the Iraq war and face the greater threat of a "war of civilizations" that is brewing. This generation is seeing the erosion of respect for national sovereignty. Trans-national groups like Hamas are the real danger, and it will become critical with the rise of a nuclear-armed Middle East. Kissinger said,
"We now know that we face the imperative of building a new world order or potential global catastrophe. It cannot be done alone by either side of the Atlantic. Is that realization sufficient to regenerate a common purpose?"
Source: Yahoo (Story no longer online.)
The pope and Kissinger warn the world - Washington Times

NAFTA superhighway to mean Mexican drivers, say Teamsters

Aug. 28, 2006 - Teamster magazine's cover story on plans for the NAFTA superhighway warns that the massive corridor will bring tens of thousands of unsafe trucks and drugged drivers into the U.S. It will pose a serious security threat to our country. The plan is to enlarge I-35 so that it that will reach north from the drug capital border town of Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, 1,600 miles to Canada through San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Kansas City, Minneapolis and Duluth. The superhighway will be 1,200 feet wide with six lanes devoted to cars, four to trucks, with a rail line and utilities in the middle. It will enable transfer of world trade from new Chinese-run ports in Mexico, bypassing the need to enter U.S. ports.

The Emerging Global Community
By Thomas Ice

July 4, 2006 - President Bush has signed a trilateral agreement with Mexico and Canada that will have a profound effect on our future, leading to a North American Union. U.S. citizens will surrender many of our rights and freedoms to this regional government. The agreement, signed in Waco, Texas March 23, 2005 by President Bush, Mexican President Vicente Fox and then-Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin, is called Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SSP).

The European Union has already merged in this way, and many observers believe they intend to extend their control gradually over other regional unions, leading to a global government.

Source: Prophezine

Tancredo confronts 'super-state' effort

June 14, 2006 - A "Security and Prosperity Partnership" (SSP), signed signed by President Bush, Mexican President Vicente Fox and then-Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin in Waco, Texas, March 23, 2005, apparently established plans for a North American "Superstate" without authorization from Congress. This agreement comes out of the North American Free Trade Agreement office in the Department of Commerce. Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., is demanding the Bush administration fully disclose the details of this plan.
Source: WorldNetDaily
NAFTA Superhighway In Planning - Human Events Online
North American Union to Replace USA? - Human Events Online

Digging up the Skull and Bones connection

Mar. 17, 2006 - Information about the Skull and Bones group.
Source: The Age - Australia

UN unveils plan to release untapped wealth of...$7 trillion (and solve the world's problems at a stroke)

Jan. 30, 2006 - The Development Programme (UNDP)has released a complicated financial plan that they say could solve most of the world's problems. It would require nations to work closely together as a global community. The proposal is backed by the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, was born out of a proposal by Gordon Brown for a larger scheme to double the total aid budget to $100bn a year. It has been endorsed by a range of figures including Gordon Brown, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, and Joseph Stiglitz, the Nobel Laureate.
Source: The Independent - UK

Moscow, Beijing to sign declaration on world order

June 29, 2005 - Today Russia and China will sign a joint declaration on world order in the 21st Century. A Russian spokesman said,
The declaration will affirm the parties' commitment to forming a new fair and rational world order and to increasing the role of the UN in international politics.

1995 Illuminati Card Game -- 9/11 Attack Foreseen

May, 2005 - This article discusses striking prophetic elements of a card game about the Illuminati, and asks the question, "How did the author know?"
Source:Cutting Edge

Bush keeps mum about secret society

Feb. 10, 2004 - During a recent television interview President Bush answered all kinds of questions, but, when asked about Yale's secret Skull and Bones Society, in which both he and Senator Kerry held membership, his only answer was, "It's so secret, we can't talk about it."
Bush's father, former president George Bush, and his grandfather, Prescott Bush, were also members, sworn to secrecy about the goings-on in their mausoleum-like headquarters on the school's urban campus.
Source:Borneo Bulletin (Story no longer online.)

Integrating the world

Jan. 27, 2004 - Many representatives of the World Economic Forum, meeting in Davos, Switzerland, are already committed to belief in world government through their membership in such organizations as the Royal Institute for International Affairs, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Tri-Lateral Commission, the Aspen Institute and the Prince of Wales International Business Leaders Forum. Bill Clinton opened the meetings with a call for economic unity.
Right now, globally, we have interdependence. We are struggling to get the integration that most of you want to lead the world in that direction. Our job is to move the world from interdependence to an integrated environment with shared benefits and responsibilities.
Source: WorldNetDaily

Pope Wants New International Order to Keep Peace

Jan. 1, 2004 - In his New Year's speech, Pope John Paul II said that we need a new international order, headed by the United Nations.
An order which is capable of finding adequate solutions to today's problems, based on the dignity of human beings, on integrating all society, ... on the sharing of resources and the extraordinary results of scientific and technological progress.
Source:Reuters (Story no longer online.)

World government in action

May 17, 2003 - Joseph Farah notes that many people believe in conspiracies. Some point to the Bilderburger Group, meeting today in Versailles, France. Farah says,
There really are conspiracies at work. There really are powerful people plotting world domination. And they really operate in near-total secrecy.
The agenda of the conference is not made public, and the media are not allowed to attend. It is a small group of highly influential people who meet yearly. They include heads of corporations, intellectuals, and political leaders from America and Europe. Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld is one of this year's guests.

Putin Says World Order Needs Formation

May 5, 2003 - Now that the military action in Iraq is over, Russian President Vladimir Putin is telling the international community that it should decide what kind of world order it wants, or else international law will be replaced by a doctrine of might makes right.
... his words were a call for the United States to abandon what the Kremlin has said is a dangerous willingness to ignore opposition around the world and in the U.N. Security Council in dealing with international problems.
Source:Newsday (Story no longer online.)

Analysis: Does the UN risk irrelevance?
Mar. 6, 2003 - The United Nations is on the horns of a dilemma. If it vetos military action in Iraq, it will become irrelevant to the U.S. and its "coalition of the willing," who will still take action against Saddam Hussein. If it supports military action it will become irrelevant to many Africans, Asians, Arabs, Latin Americans and Europeans who oppose war in Iraq.

Constitution Vs. The World Court
Feb. 18, 2003 - Hal Lindsey warns that the U.N.'s World Court, in a unanimous decision last week, asked the U.S. to delay judgment for 51 Mexicans on death row in U.S. prisons, while they decide whether or not they were given their right to legal help from the Mexican government.
Source:Hal Lindsey Oracle (Story no longer online.)

The Money Masters
Oct, 2002 - Information about a book that exposes how international bankers gain control of America.

A New World Order From Nothing But Skull and Bones?
Oct. 2, 2002 - The European media has picked up on the fact that President George W. Bush belongs to a secretive society called "Skull and Bones" that is committed to the concept of a "New World Order." His former-president father and his grandfather, senator Prescott Bush are also members of the fraternity.
In the Little Brown Book, author Alexandra Robbins discusses the connections between America's wealthiest families, secret fraternities and the role of Ivy League institutions in the genesis of United States foreign policy.
Their concern is that the influence of the society could interfere with hisability to decide freely what action to take in situations like the Iraq conflict.
Source:Raiders News Update (Story no longer on line)

WorldCom files for bankruptcy
July 22, 2002 - WorldCom, the parent company of MCI, filed for bankruptcy-court protection yesterday. The company has debt amounting to $41 billion, but lists assets at $107 billion. This is the largest bankruptcy filing in U.S. corporate history.
Analysts believe, however, that WorldCom’s assets today may be valued at less than $15 billion.
Source:MSNBC (Story no longer online.)

Market Back on the Roller Coaster
July 22, 2002 - Investor anxiety is generaly higher on Mondays, and the stock market reflected that fear today with early plunges, followed by some rebounding. Investors are frustrated by corporate scandals and disappointing earnings.
The Dow suffered its seventh-largest point drop on Friday, crumbling nearly 400 points to lows last seen in October 1998. The Dow has fallen every session but one in the past two weeks.

World Court: U.N. Gives U.S. Peacekeepers 1-Year Exemption From War Crimes Prosecution
July 13, 2002 - A unanimous vote by the U.N. Security Council Friday had the effect of exempting American peacekeepers from any war crimes prosecutions for at least a year. Without such a ruling, the U.S. would likely veto future peacekeeping missions. U.S. Ambassador John Negroponte said that
... the U.S. government would never permit the detention of any American by the court. He added the United States will be seeking additional protections through bilateral agreements.
Source:Fox (Story no longer online.)
Reaction: Anger at war crimes court compromise - BBC

Bush may pull plug on peace missions
July 1, 2002 - Sources claim that the Bush Administration may veto peace-keeping missions in the Balkans and other places, thus diminishing its role as the world's policeman. This is seen as a protest against the International Criminal Court, which comes into existenct today. America has not ratified the court, and has sought immunity from it, fearing that it might bring politically inspired cases against the United States.
Source:The Telegraph - UK

Court for crimes against mankind opens in Holland
June 27, 2002 - The International Criminal Court will open in The Hague on July 1. The United States has not ratified it, but 69 other nations have (only 60 were required).
Fifty years after the United Nations called for "an international judicial organ for the trial of persons charged with genocide", the Rome Treaty establishing the ICC was signed by 120 countries in July 1998.
Source:The Telegraph - UK

New Global Criminal Court Becomes Reality
Apr. 11, 2002 - Sixty-six nations have ratified the UN plans for a World Court. The United States is not in agreement, but the UN will consider the court's jurisdiction legitimate over all nations.
The tribunal is expected to go into operation next year in The Hague, Netherlands
Source:Reuters - Yahoo (Story no longer online.)

Trilateral meeting to discuss terrorism
April 8, 2002 - The Trilateral Commission will hold it's annual meeting during the next three days in Washington D.C. There will be 250 representatives from the political, business and academic sectors. They come from Europe, North America and Japan. Their agenda includes analysis of the global response to the September 11 terrorist attacks, the United States' foreign policy and the situation in the Middle East.
The article makes fun of the idea that the Trilateral Commission is a shadow government, but does acknowledge that it will not allow reporting of it's proceedings.
Source:The Washington Times (Story no longer online.)

Globalization ‘best hope’ to cure world’s problems, Annan tells World Economic Forum
Feb. 6, 2002 - United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan, speaking at the World Economic Forum in New York, asked global business leaders to invest more in poor countries. In that way, globalism will be seen as the cure to poverty and ill health.
Source:UN News Centre

Economic forum speakers: US too beholden to Israel
Feb. 4, 2002 - The World Economic Forum, concluding today in New York, heard a number of speakers criticize the U.S. for giving too much support to Israel.
About 2,700 corporate and political leaders, clergy and celebrities came to discuss the world's problems, and have spent much time dissecting US foreign policy, its possible role in breeding terrorism and the potential harms of globalization.
Source: Jerusalem Post (Story no longer online.)

WEF floats idea of ‘united nations of major religions’
Feb. 4, 2002 - See the story in our Religions Section

Globalism's mega-conference
Jan. 17, 2002 - The World Economic Forum will be held in New York City, at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel ,Jan. 31 to Feb. 4. This illustrious group of kings, presidents, U.N. leaders, Non-governmental Organizations, and the financial power-brokers of the world will convene to map their plans for continuing globalization of the 189 countries of the world. The CEOs of the world's top 1,000 corporations are invited. Klaus Schwab, founder of the organization says:
"In these extraordinary times, greater international cooperation is needed. We will be looking to participants from business, governments and a wide range of other stakeholders in global society to make a special effort to find solutions for the new world in which we are living
Source: WorldNetDaily

Global Governance Coming Soon!
Jan. 5, 2002 - Henry Lamb, executive vice president of the Environmental Conservation Organization, and chairman of Sovereignty International, warns that the year 2002 could the one that tips the balances toward mandatory world government. He cites the acceptance of the euro as currency in Europe, acceleration of world trade agreements, and the formation of The International Criminal court. It is scheduled to begin this year.
...having been ratified by 47 of the required 60 nations. This is the first treaty in history to claim authority in nations that have not ratified the treaty.
Source:This could be the year - WorldNetDaily

Gorbachev Says Sept 11 Victims Didn't Die in Vain
Oct. 25, 2001 - At a conference in Madrid, Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev said that the victims of the 11 attacks will not have died in vain if world leaders use the crisis to create a new world order.
Source:Yahoo - (Story no longer on line.)

'Totalitarian clock' warns of police state
Aug. 1, 2001 - A group called The Concerned Citizens Opposed to Police States, has produced its clock to measure "the march of the police state, primarily in the U.S., but also in other English-speaking countries."
The group has set thier clock to "9:45 p.m." to symbolize their belief that our freedoms have been greatly erroded since the time that the Bill of Rights was ratified. The time moves forward or backward regularly, based on their analysis of key categories. The categories include:
Gun rights
Health and welfare
Wars and "crises" (including the war on drugs)
Law, executive orders and regulations
Ruthlessness (police brutality and militarization)
Public-private partnerships against liberty (state-corporate fascism; abuses by non-profit organizations and lobbying groups)
Source: WorldNetDaily

'One World'
Apr. 23, 2001 - Powerful forces are pushing the U.S. and all nations toward the first truly universal government and world religion.
"Today, I say that no nation in the world need be left out of the global system we are constructing." --Madeleine Albright, 1997 Harvard University commencement.
Source: WorldNetDaily - Tal Brooke - excerpt from book, "One World," which "uncovers the deep and often hidden forces behind the sweeping changes taking place right now."

Ratzinger Criticizes UN Proposal For "New World Order"
Sept. 21, 2000 - Italian Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger voiced opposition to renewed calls from the UN summit for depopulation. He pointed out that it reflected a lack of concern with the care of those who are no longer productive. He also criticized the view of women's empowerment that considers maternity and the family as obstacles to their fulfillment in life.
Source: EWTN

United Nations' Millennium Summit
Sept. 6-8, 2000
Press Releases

Global Government on Table at U.N. Summit
Sept. 13, 2000 - A consideration of some of the radical implications of the move toward global governance. Re-wilding of up to 50% of our country, extreme population control, and surrender of national sovereignty.
Source: CBN - (Story no longer on line.)

UN signs historic millennium agreement
Sept. 9, 2000 - Some of the 32 points included in the UN Millennium Declaration which was adopted by the historic gathering of world leaders include fighting global warming, AIDS, and traditional evils of poverty and war. It also called for strengthening the U.N. and ensuring that "globalization becomes a positive force for all the world's people.”
The Age (Australia) - (Story no longer on line.)

UN Criticism Mounts; US Urged to Pull Out of Organization
Sept. 9, 2000 - Objecting to the U.N.'s obvious course toward a world government, more than 300,000 people have signed petitions supporting a bill in the House of Representatives (H.R. 1146, the American Sovereignty Restoration Act), which calls for the U.S. to cut its ties to the UN.
Source: CNS News

No Mid-East advance at UN summit
Sept. 7, 2000 - See the summary on the Israel page.

Goal of World Government High on UN Agenda
Sept. 5, 2000 - The three-day summit is too short for detailed plans for world government, but it will set a tone for future directions for the United Nations.
World leaders will iron out details of their Charter for Global Democracy, which includes 12 areas "for urgent action." Supporters of the charter want to "monitor and regulate international corporations and financial institutions," "give UN institutions additional ... revenue," "ratify the international criminal court" proposal, and "create an international environmental court."
Observers also are alarmed at UN recommendations to create a global taxing system, establish an international court and eliminate any allowance for permanent member status and veto power in the Security Council, privileges the United States currently shares with several other countries.
Source:CNS News

UN Millennium Summit - In Depth
Sept. 6, 2000 - Key stories, issues, and more.
Source: BBC

The U.N. Millennium Forum: Reinvention of Global Government
by John Loeffler
Source: Koinonia House - (Story no longer on line.)

UN, NY gear for largest-ever meet of world leaders
Aug. 31, 2000 - Sept. 6 to 8, more than 160 kings, presidents and prime ministers will converge on New York to help chart a course for the United Nations in the 21st century.
The session... is billed as the largest-ever gathering of world leaders, even bigger than the world body's 50th anniversary celebrations five years ago, which drew some 118 heads of state and government.
Source:Excite - (Story no longer on line.)
See Previous Articles: Before August 9, 2000

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