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Current Events

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"State Of The World Forum" To Advance "Global Governance" For Everyone
Aug. 8, 2000 - Mikhail Gorbachev's "State of the World Forum" will meet for several days in September in New York.
Three main principles drive the State of the World Forum; "ecological sustainability" as opposed to the "generation of wealth," "global governance" rather than "national sovereignty", and a "compassionate society" as opposed to the "global flow of capital."
The forum will include many "international heavyweights," including some conservatives, such as Margaret Thatcher, and New Age thinkers such as guru Deepok Chopra.
It is timed to begin just after the World Peace Summit of religious and spiritual leaders concludes.
Source: EWTN News

'Third Way' gets world hearing
June 2, 2000 - President Clinton hopes to establish himself as the 'father' of the new political model called the "Third Way" when he addresses leaders of about 12 European countries on Saturday. He has long been an advocate of the global viewpont. It is an attempt to move away from a sterile debate between left and right - between those who favor either the state or the free market doing everything.
Instead, they are looking towards a new form of political philosophy that focuses on adapting economies and societies to the demands and pressures of globalization.
Source: BBC
Latest News Releases from the UN
UN Home

EU-China agree trade deal
May 20, 2000 - A ground-breaking trade deal was accepted by representatives of The European Union and China in preparation for China's bid for membership in the World Trade Organization.
China will allow 25% foreign ownership, and the limit will rise to 35% after WTO entry and to 49% in three years after the start of membership. ...
Regarding trade duties, China will cut tariffs to between 8% and 10% on 150 leading European exports, such as machinery, glass, textile, cosmetics, footware, leather goods, wine and spirits.
Source: BBC

355,000-acre 'land grab' on fast track
Apr. 11, 2000 - Without the need for congressional approval, President Clinton is planning to make a proclamation very soon to create a 355,000-acre national monument in Sequoia National Forest. The action, presumably to protect Giant Sequoias, is considered unnecessary by many because there are already laws against cutting them. Hume Lake Christian Camp is in the area, and although they own their own land, they believe that the effect of creating this area of strict government control will eventually curtail their activities and put other Christian campgrounds in the area, which lease their land, out of business.
Source: WorldNetDaily (Story no longer on line)

'Earth Charter' calls for global society
April 3, 2000 - U.N. group seeks 'legally binding instrument on environment' - An "Earth Charter," finalized at a meeting held at the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, or UNESCO, headquarters in Paris March 12-14, calls for environmental cooperation of all nations on environmental issues. In order to enforce this goal, nations would also need a "commitment to the United Nations."
Source: WorldNetDaily - Jon E. Dougherty (Story no longer on line)

World government meeting in September
Jan. 27, 2000 - The United Nations has called a "Millennium Assembly and Summit" in the Fall for the purpose of studying how to implement global decision-making.
Source: WorldNetDaily - Jon E. Dougherty (Story no longer on line)

Buchanan To Attack World Government
Jan 5, 2000 - Reform Party Presidential Candidate Pat Buchanan will make a major issue of the current trend to surrender national sovereignty in favor of a global governance headed by the U.N.
He says that we trample on the sovereignty of other nations like Kosovo by injecting troops into their conflicts.
"If ever sovereignty becomes obsolete, we may expect America's involvement in endless wars until, one day, we pay a horrific price in some act of cataclysmic terror on our own soil," Buchanan said. "For interventionism is the spawning pool of international terror."
Source: Washington Post (Story no longer on line)

BBC Full Coverage of WTO protests

Police, protesters clash on second night of curfew
Dec. 2, 1999 - Hundreds were arrested in Seattle as rioters virtually shut down the city in a second day of protests against the WTO. Source:

Crackdown after Seattle battle
Dec. 1,1999 - Thousands of people in Seattle demonstrated their opposition to the World Trade Organization's agenda Tuesday. A riot had to be quelled by tear gas. The organization still hopes to meet in order to consider difficult obstacles to global trade.
Source:BBC News

Frequently Asked Questions About Masonic Orders
Nov. 23, 1999 - From The Freemasons of the Province of Yorkshire.
For balance see:Information on Masonic Orders, another site which shows the incompatibility between Masons and Biblical Christianity.

Leaked minutes from secret Bilderberg meeting
Nov. 18, 1999 - For the first time in its 47 year history, the minutes of the secret Bilderburg meetings from the August meeting in Portugal have been revealed. It is clear that the 111 representatives were primarily concerned about strategies for globalization.
Source: The Big Issue (Story no longer on line)

Global spy network revealed
Nov. 3,1999 - By Andrew Bomford of BBC Radio 4's PM programme
A global spy network, code named Eschelon, is so secret that the US and Great Britain deny its existence, but the Australian government confirms that it really does exist. It has the capability of eavesdropping on every phone call, fax or e-mail, anywhere on the planet.
Eschelon is linked directly to the headquarters of the US National Security Agency (NSA) at Fort Mead in Maryland, and it is also linked to a series of other listening posts scattered across the world,

New bill will try to curb Clinton's abuse of executive orders
Oct. 23, 1999 - Texas Congressman Ron Paul has introduced The Separation of Powers Restoration Act which would allow for lawsuits against the president and administration for orders believed to violate or harm individual rights. The bill would also re-delegate "national emergency" authorization powers solely to Congress. Source: Capitol Hill Blue - Article by Ben Anderson (Story no longer on line)

World markets falter
Oct. 18, 1999 - Following last Friday's U.S. stock market plunge, world markets brace for economic difficulties today.
This week marks the 12th anniversary of Black Monday, when markets lost up to a quarter of their value.
The reason for Friday's fall was a warning by US central bank head Alan Greenspan that stocks were over-valued, and a set of economic figures which suggested that inflation is threatening to take a grip again.
Source: BBC

Clinton sets record for travel expenses
Oct. 18, 1999 - President Clinton is not only the most-travelled president in history; he spends the most per trip. One example: He took 1300 bureaucrats, aides, and businessmen with him on his Africa trip. Source: WorldNetDaily (Story no longer on line)

Clinton to Ban Building Roads in U.S. Forests
Oct.13,1999 - President Clinton is proposing rules which would protect as much as 54 million acres--some two-thirds of the nation's still-pristine forests- from mining, logging and other development by banning the building of roads in national forests. If adopted, these rules would make these areas inaccessible to all but hikers, cross-country skiers and boaters.
Source:LA Times

The next Bilderberg meeting
Oct. 12, 1999 - This article reveals the secret roster and agenda for Nov. 4-5 meeting of the Bilderberg society's steering committee in Washington. The group will consider the upcoming presidential elections. Al Gore and John McCain are among the scheduled speakers. Source: WorldNetDaily (Story no longer on line)

Rush Limbaugh and the conspiracy
Oct. 8, 1999 - Article by Andrew Sandlin, a fan of Rush Limbaugh, complaining that Rush lumps the kooks with legitimate scholars when it comes to the world-government conspiracy issue. Source: WorldNetDaily (Story no longer on line)

U.S. To Bow To A Global Authority?
Deputy Secretary of State, Strobe Talbott, who has been in his position since the very beginning of the Clinton administration, and who has basically shaped and executed our foreign policy during these years, believes that in the next Century America will not exist in its current form because all states will recognize a single, global authority.
Just before joining the administration, Talbott wrote in TIME magazine -- in an essay titled "The Birth of the Global Nation" -- that he is looking forward to government run by "one global authority."
Source: Drudge Report (Article changes daily)

Our national parks run by U.N. standards?
July 9, 1999 - This commentary by Charlie Reese reminds us that the United States is allowing the United Nations to dictate policies for many of our national parks, national forests, and historical sites. Reese suggests we gather the courage to reclaim our national sovereignty. Source: Orlando Times (Story no longer on line)

Executive Order 13083 replaced with new one
Aug. 7, 1999 - This article by David Bresnehan describes a new executive order which does not yet have a number, but which replaces the controversial Order 13083 which had been suspended after Congress reviewed its broad increase in federal powers.
The policy outlined in the new order still broadens the scope of Washington's power, but it does call for consultation with states before assuming new rights and powers. It does, however, have several loopholes that make it possible for new federal authority to be exercised without the agreement of state governments.
Source: WorldNetDaily (Story no longer online)

Emergency Rule, Abuse of Power?
July 30, 1999 - As members of Congress become more aware of the potential abuse of power from presidential Executive Orders, various remedies are being proposed. One of these is a suggestion from Ron Paul of Texas:
Paul has proposed legislation called the Separation of Powers Restoration Act, which would provide that whenever the president signs an executive order under the auspices of Article II it may be applied only to federal employees, with constitutional duties such as activities pursuant to the military and his role as commander in chief protected. Presidential orders issued to accord with unratified treaties would be illegal, as would orders to support ratified treaties that violate the laws of states and local governments.
Source: Insight Magazine article by Catherine Edwards (Story no longer on line)

Follow-Up To Bilderberg Conference
June, 1999 - The main-stream press either ignores or ridicules the facts leaked about this year's Bilderberg meeting. Click on the headline above to see a lengthy exchange of articles and Email messages from New World Order Intelligence Update which illustrate this process and also serve to validate the earlier information about what would be discussed.
Source: Inforamp (Story no longer online)

Sovereignty: The Clinton Administration's Global Vision
June 16, 1999 - Bill Clinton and many of his appointees are pulling the nation toward the goal of a one-world government where national sovereignty is relenquished for the utopian ideal of a world without borders.
Source: CBN (Story no longer online)

World Environment Day: Evolving Earth Charter
June 5, 1999 - On this "World Environment Day" The Deccan Herald of India publishes an explanation of the Earth Charter which has been the focus of intensive work by representatives of all countries.
An international consultation was held in Geneva between April 24 and May 1 this year focussing on Earth Charter. The process will continue to help individuals and groups contribute to the drafting process. The Commission is planning to issue a final version of the Earth Charter by early 2000. The United Nations is expected to endorse the Charter by 2002.
Source: Deccan Herald - India (Story no longer online)
See The Earth Charter Campaign

The Bilderberg Conspiracy: A Balkan Vietnam
June 1, 1999 - Serbian media exposes plot in 1996 to precipitate this war.

More on New World Order plans from Bilderberg Meeting
May 29, 1999 - Discussions are expected on an Asian Economic Bloc under the leadership of Japan, An American Union similar to the European Union, an "independent" Kosovo, replacement of NATO with a Western European Army, and a Y2K Czar (possibly Mikhail Gorbachev) to make best use of the impact and opportunities offered by the Y2K problem (which they expect to be far worse than many people have proposed).
Source: Front Page Online- Portugal (Thanks to WorldNetDaily) Origin of the information: John Whitley of the New World Order Intelligence Update. (Story no longer online)

Bill Clinton, Pope John Paul II, Bill Gates on Bilderberg List
May 26, 1999 - See partial list of the secret Bilderberg Meeting scheduled for June 3-6, 1999.
Source: WorldNetDaily (Story no longer online)

Bilderberg Delegates Meet In Sintra
May 6, 1999 - The ultra-secret, ultra-powerful Bilderberg group will meet in June, but don't expect to hear anything about it in the regular news media.
The agenda for the meeting is said to include a "globilaztion summit", during which nations which cling tenaciously to their sovereign identities will be denounced by its leadership. The principal feature of Bilderberg is that it seeks one global government, (a structure similar to the European Union), while counteracting nationalist sentiment is supposedly its greatest battle. Renewed calls for the United Nations to be able to directly tax all people of the world is said to be another major topic to be tabled for discussion in Sintra.
Henry Kissinger and Tony Blair have attended previous meetings.
Source: Front Page Online- Portugal (Thanks to WorldNetDaily) (Story no longer online)

British PM Forecasts NATO Involvement as Military Arm of 'New International Order'
April 24, 1999 - At a meeting of leaders from the 19 nations of NATO, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the organization, British Prime Minister Tony Blair alluded to a future where the North Atlantic Treaty Organization could become the military arm of a new world order rather than a strictly defensive alliance. Source: Free Daily

A Virtual Guided Tour of Far-Right Anti-Globalist Ideology
Interesting report with links to many sources of information about the New World Order. The article tends to lump all opponents of the New World Order (including Prophecy Central) together under the label of "far-right,", but it did end their report with this statement:
If you think that only paranoid mountain men or weekend warriors believe in the NWO, check this out: Recently, the House side of the Oklahoma State Legislature passed a resolution calling upon the US Congress to refrain from supporting the UN and the New World Order.
The Author is Mark Rupert, Associate Professor of Political Science, Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Syracuse University.

Clinton's Power Grab Through Executive Orders
Jan 20, 1999 - This article by Phyllis Schafley indicates that while the President has been under the cloud of impeachment he has, "unleashed a blizzard of Executive Orders to grab new authority for the executive branch, make broad public policy changes, and even restructure our governmental system."

Albright Announces `Democracy Club' Plan As One of Her Final Goals
Jan. 18, 1999 - Secretary of State, Madeline Albright plans to use her last two years in office to promote the concept of a new world order of democratic nations working together, and of the United States accepting its global responsibility as the organizer of such an alliance. Source: San Francisco Chronicle

The Bilderberg Group: Planning The World's Future Behind Closed Doors
September, 1998 - by Charles Overbeck
This is an interesting article about the latest secret meeting last May, and an index to more information about the Bilderbergers.

Need For Mechanism To Mitigate Unpredictability Of Globalization...
September 17, 1998 - Long press release from the United Nations about the effect of economic problems worldwide and the need for international laws and controls. An example:
KOICHI HARAGUCHI, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, said that the most important trends in the world today were globalization and increasing economic interdependence, which had become more pronounced as a result of the conclusion of the cold war. For example, today some $50 billion was transferred around the world every hour, $1.2 trillion every day, $300 trillion every year. Equally important was information technology, he said, noting that the number of host computers that supported the Internet had grown more than forty-fold from 1991 to 1997.

Noting that globalization freed people from the constraints imposed by national boundaries, he said it had also destroyed the balance between the drive to increase efficiency and consideration for the weak -- or, to put it in more general terms, between freedom and equality. Competition produced winners and losers in a much harsher manner and enlarged the gap between the poor and the rich.

Reform Tops Clinton's Agenda
Sept. 1, 1998 - As Presidents Clinton and Yeltsin meet in Moscow, both men are severely crippled by domestic problems. CBN journalist Dale Hurd says that Clinton's message to Yeltsin is to not give up on the reforms which have been in effect in Russia.
Bill Clinton arrives with a message that Russia should stay the course of reform. But it was never reform, some say, because the hard economic choices were never made. And it wasn't true capitalism, because it didn't have the rule of law behind it. Some call this period the looting of a nation, in which a few become billionaires while a nation becomes destitute. If this is capitalism, many Russians will tell you, then America can have it.
The economic woes in Russia have turned the average Russian against the United States and capitalism.
Source: The 700 Club (Story no longer online)

International Criminal Court called "A Gift of Hope to Future Generations"
July 21, 1998 - In an official U.N. Press Release, Kofi Annan, The Secretary-General, says that establishment of the International Criminal Court is a major step in the march toward universal human rights and the rule of law.

CFR Flexes Its Muscle Against Israel
In his editorial entitled And Heeere's The CFR, Barry Chamish says that in the Jerusalem Post, July 17, 1998, Henry Siegman "a senior fellow at the Council On Foreign Relations in New York ... threatened Israel with extinction if she doesn't obey American (CFR) wishes and dictates. " These dictates include "Israel's withdrawal to its 1948 borders everywhere, including in Jerusalem. " (Source: This Week's News Report From Jerusalem, July 18, 1998)
Source: Harpazo (Story no longer online)

World Crimes Court Set To Be Born
July 18, 1998 - Over the objection of the United States, a World Crimes Court, called in this Electronic Times article "The last great institution of the 20th Century," is ready to be adopted by nearly all the nations of the world.
Source: Telegraph - UK (Story no longer online)

President Clinton In China
President Clinton has repeatedly called for a world-wide code of human rights and freedom of religion during his China trip. However, he is primarily promoting the concept of equal trade partnership with China, apparently without sanctions from the United States over our differences of opinions.
Asked if he was hiding a secret agenda to contain China "behind his smile," Clinton said the United States is sincere in its desire for a partnership with China.
"Do I really want to contain China? The answer is no," he said.
"I believe it would be far better for the people of the United States to have a partnership on equal respectful terms with China in the 21st century than to have to spend enormous amounts of time and money trying to contain China, because we disagree with what's going on beyond our borders. I do not want that. I am not hiding another design behind a smile," Clinton said to roaring applause from the packed auditorium.
(Source: CNN) (Story no longer online)

Clinton Rewrites The Constitutuion
June 17, 1998 - This article by Joseph Farrah explains why the May 14th Executive Order # 13083, signed without fanfare while in England, gives federal power over most state laws by adding very broad definitions of the jurisdiction of the federal government. The final words of the article are: "What is Bill Clinton planning in his final days in office? Or is he panning to leave at all? "
Related articles:
Text of Executive Order 13083
King For Life - by Jon Dougherty

Mega Banks Merge
April 13, 1998 - There were two announcements of mega bank mergers today! The first concerns the merger of Banc One Corp. and First Chicago NBD Corp. This $29 billion stock swap will make this combined bank the giant of the Midwest.
Later in the day a giant merger was announced between NationsBank and BankAmerica Corp. The combined stock of these banks is worth $60 billion!
Other recent mergers include:
Citicorp with Travelers Group Inc ($70 billion)
This merger announced just one week ago will be the largest corporate deal in history!
NationsBank buy-out of Barnett Banks ($15.5 billion)
NationsBank buy-out of Boatmen's Bancshares ($9.75 billion)
Washington Mutual Inc bought H.F. Ahmanson and Co (Calif)
Source:(Yahoo/ Reuters) (Story no longer online)

Asia's Problems Seen Hurting Global Markets
Jan. 12, 1998 - Hong Kong stocks plunged Monday and stock markets in Tokyo and Sydney were weaker.
In the United States, by Friday's close, the Dow Jones industrial average closed at a record weekly loss of 384.62
(Source: Yahoo- no longer posted)

Ted Turner Donates $1 Billion to U.N.
Sept. 19, 1997 - This Yahoo feature story gives various links to pertinent information. (Story no longer online)

Information on Masonic Orders
This site shows the incompatibility between Masons and Biblical Christianity.

UN Reform: "The Commission on Global Governance"
On 16 July 1997, Secretary-General Kofi Annan presented a special session of the General Assembly with a blueprint for the most thorough overhaul of the United Nations in its 52 year history. He proposed that "the General Assembly in the year 2000 should be convened as a special 'Millennium Assembly" with a summit segment at which Heads of Government could come together to articulate their vision of prospects and challenges for the new millennium and agree on a process for fundamental review of the role of the United Nations."
This site includes links to other sites which advocate the reform of the United Nations. (Story no longer online)

A Chronological History of The New World Order
This article by D. L. Cuddy, Ph.D., will convince even the most skeptical reader that there really is an "open conspiracy" to bring about a one-world government. It was originally printed in Chuck Missler's "Personal Update," March, 1997.

Weekly Updates for Christians on The New World Order
Information from The Cutting Edge Radio Program, hosted by Jeffrey Bailey, Senior Pastor of Grace Baptist Church and David Bay, Director of Cutting Edge Ministries. Some information is free. Some require membership ($10/yr subscription).

Global Government
This is one of Chuck Missler's 10 Strategic Trends to follow. This page includes information on NAFTA, GATT, The United Nations, The European Union, The Constitution for the Federation of Earth and other fascinating topics.
You may need to be a subscriber to Missler's "Personal Update" to access this section. If so, go through the Koinonia House site, select strategic trends, and follow directions on how to enter your subscriber password. If you are not a subscriber, you may register for a free subscription your first year!
The United Nations
Link to the United Nations Web Site
The European Union
Link to The Europa Web Site

Notice: Ads are not necessarily endorsed by Prophecy Central.

New World Order Links

Gary Kah - Hope For Today - Newsletter and Books
The Cutting Edge
Outstanding source of information about Biblical prophecy of The New World Order.
A Chronological History of The New World Order - D. L. Cuddy
Freemasonry Resource Files
The Skull and Bones Society - Unofficial information about the Bilderberg Group

Excerpts from The Prophecy Puzzle

In the actual software package, many key words would appear as colored hyperlinks to other articles. These links are not shown here.

Note: The implication in this section that there is a conspiracy to produce a universal government is accepted by many prophecy scholars, but rejected by others. There is no doubt that there will be a One-World Government, but there are differing views on the processes that lead to it. See the Warnings and Cautions against dogmatic teaching about controversial issues.

The Illuminati

In 1717 the world's first Grand Lodge of the Masonic Order was established in London. According to Gary Kah, it had Rosecrucians deep within its structure. These were the Princes of Freemasonry (Kah, En Route to Global Occupation p. 107)

The Illuminati were an order within an order of Freemasons. This order was founded on May 1, 1776 by Adam Weishaupt, a college professor in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, a part of modern Germany.

Gary Kah cites John Robinson, 18th C. historian and prominent Mason, that the express aim of the Order was to abolish Christianity and overturn government. (Kah, ibid., p. 107)

Weishaupt said the name is derived from Lucifer, and means "Holders of the Light." ... Lucifer is one of the names of Satan in our Bible. He was created as an angel of light (Isaiah 14:12; Ezekiel 28:14; 2 Corinthians 11:14), then he rebelled against God and fell.

At the Masonic Congress of Wilhelmsbad, in July, 1782 the Illuminati reached the zenith of their power. This conference solidified Weishaupt and his order as undisputed head of the occult one-world movement. Weishaupt also forged an alliance with the growing Rothschild banker network. (Kah, ibid. p. 108)

The Illuminati were banned in Bavaria in 1786 as subversive. Their work was apparently exposed by an act of God when a messenger carrying secret information to members of the Illuminati was struck by lightning. His documents were exposed, and used as the basis of action by the government of Bavaria to ban the organization. Copies of this information was sent to heads of government all over Europe, but most people did not take it seriously. These people continued to exert influence through the network of illuminated Masonic Lodges already in place, especially through the Grand Orient Lodge of France.

Kah says that The Illuminati were condemned by George Washington in 1798. Our first president was a Mason, but he was a godly man. He was a surveyor, and would naturally belong to Masonic trades. But there is no evidence that he personally was involved in some of the unfortunate aspects of the founding of our nation and its capital, such as the city of Washington D.C. being laid out in the form of a pentagram, and the Egyptian pyramid being placed on the Great Seal of the U.S. He wrote, "I have heard much of the nefarious and dangerous plan and doctrines of the Illuminati. It was not my intention to doubt that the doctrine of the Illuminati and the principles of Jacobinism had not spread in the United States." (From The Writings of George Washington, V. 20: Washington D.C.: U.S. Government Printing Office, 1941 - Kah, ibid., p. 27)

This discussion is about orders within orders in Freemasonry, and about the illuminated orders in particular. However, that does not necessarily mean that all Masons believe the same thing. There is so much about secret societies that we do not know. But we do know about the terrible corruption that permeated some aspects of Freemasonry from the time of the Illuminati. We might expect a person who is a high order Mason to say, "Honestly, we don't have any of this stuff in our literature." There may be some branches of Masonic Orders that are not corrupted, but there are some, and maybe all of them that do have these beliefs. My own father was a Mason, and I don't think he had any idea about these things. He didn't go high enough in the organization to discover the deeper truth. He, like most people, was in it for the business networking and the idea of good works. They have a great image as humanitarians.

Another aspect of this study is in answer to the question, "Why would the banking establishment want to control the world. You would think they would be satisfied with their millions and just retire to enjoy the good life on the French Riviera or something. But history teaches us they did not just enjoy life. Historically, as people become richer, they also become greedy for power. They want to control more and more. Finally, some of these rich and powerful people reached the obvious conclusion that they would like to control the world. Some of these people have conspired together to do just that. They have planned how they or their descendants can literally control the whole world.

A conspiracy of the very rich is hard to stop, because, if they get into trouble or are exposed, they just disband and form new organizations. Taylor Caldwell's Captains and The Kings was a very artful novel about an immigrant who made good here in the United States against terrible odds. The underlying theme of the book was that the really powerful people in the United States were not the people in congress, but the ones who bought congressmen. They were the ones who held something over congressmen's heads so they could manipulate them. Truthfully, this is not so hard to believe today. There are some notable exceptions. But, since it costs huge amounts of money to successfully run for congress, it is obvious that the rich can have great influence on campaigns, and therefore, on the allegiance of the politicians they have helped. Today there are laws about campaign practices, but there are ways of getting around them. No one admits that they are "owned" by anyone, but if one of a congressman's big backers calls and asks him to vote a certain way, he will have to seriously consider doing it.

Today you could not prove that any organization is the Illuminati, but the principles they established are very much alive in the various organizations we will consider.

The United Nations

The United Nations grew out of the world conditions leading to the start of World War II. By then the Council on Foreign Relations wielded great control of the State Department and of our foreign policy. Ten of the original 14 founding council of the United Nations were members of the Council on Foreign Relations. (Kah, ibid., p. 37)

Alger Hiss was the Secretary General of the U.N.'s founding conference. He was later exposed as a Soviet spy.

Donald McAlvany states that when Hiss and the others formed the U.N., they established the Department of Political and Security Council Affairs, which would have jurisdiction over all future U.N. military operations, in a way that the head of the department will always be a Soviet citizen, military officer, or person designated by the Soviets. He goes on to note that has been faithfully followed for the past 47 years. (Donald S. McAlvany, Toward A New World Order, p. 289)

To keep United States involved, the land was donated by John D. Rockefeller, Jr. (Kah, ibid., p. 37)

It should be remembered that the U.S. Constitution says that treaties the U.S. signs supersede the U.S. Constitution. That includes the U.N. treaty and charter! (McAlvany, ibid., p. 292)

The United Nations is the parent organization of the World Bank Group consisting of these agencies: The International Monetary Fund (IMF), established in 1944, the International Finance Corporation, begun in 1956, and the International Development Association, founded in 1960. According to the Grolier Electronic Encyclopedia, 159 nations held membership in the World Bank in 1990. ("World Bank", New Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia)

The United Nations also has a World Court, otherwise known as the International Court of Justice created by the charter of the United Nations in 1945. At present the decisions of the World Court are not always honored, but as the military strength of the U.N. grows, the actions of its court will also become more binding.

Once we have surrendered our power to the United Nations, we will have no power to stand for our uniquely American ideals.

The Gulf War and Bosnia air strikes are examples of U.N. police work, using U.S. as world cops. All eyes are on the current case of an American serviceman, who refused to wear the United Nations uniform in Bosnia.

The United Nations appears to be ineffective in keeping peace. It may be that they are purposely using wars and rumors of wars, Economic instability, and Environmental Crises to finally bring the world to the place where we will say, "OK, if you have the plan and the power to bring order, we will accept it because things have been so bad." Purposely allowing things to get worse now will help them achieve their objectives at the proper time. At last, hope for all these political, economic and ecological issues will be offered when it is time for a one-world government.

In 1995, delegates from more than 170 sovereign nations attended the U.N. 4th World Conference on Women, held in Beijing, China. This was the most anti-family conference in the history of the world. China was a terrible site for any conference on human rights, and especially on the rights of women, because of their discrimination against women. Their policies only allow one child per family, so nearly all baby girls are aborted. One of their topics was: Gender Feminism- a new way of looking at human sexuality. The way some of them see it, we end up with 5 sexes: male, female, homosexual, lesbian, and transsexual - all equally good. You decide what you are. They also promoted safe sex, condoms, and abortion. For the most part the churches were silent.

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