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Week of Dec. 23, 2013
Top Stories Two Russia Bombings in Two Days Threaten the Olympics

House Intelligence chair: Benghazi attack 'Al Qaeda-led event'/ New York Times Denies It

A&E Lifts 'Duck Dynasty' Suspension

Revelation verse-by-verse:
The Church at Laodicea

Beirut bombing kills ex-ambassador to U.S.

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Iran develops new generation of uranium centrifuges

Warning: Rose Parade 2014 not so rosy for family viewing

Putin says new post-Soviet union ready for 2015 launch

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood declared 'terrorist group'

Putin says new post-Soviet union ready for 2015 launch

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood declared 'terrorist group'

Rosenberg asks: What has Czar Putin been up to in recent weeks?

US offered to guard Jordan Valley, Palestinians say

Week of Dec. 16, 2013
Top Stories Britain may fill U.S. void in Mideast

Christian group plans 100-foot-tall Jesus statue in Muslim-dominated Nazareth

‘Duck Dynasty’ Phil Robertson suspended ‘indefinitely’ for gay quip

Egypt orders deposed President Morsi to trial for conspiring with Hamas, Hezbollah

Kaliningrad: European fears over Russian missiles

Kerry: Concrete progress has been made in Israeli-Palestinian peace talks

Week of Dec. 9, 2013
Top Stories Chinese lunar rover makes first tracks on moon, state media reports

Revelation Commentary: History of Modern Missions

Abbas Rejects Israeli Security Presence in the Jordan Valley

Expert: Big Fault-Line Earthquake Would Nearly Destroy LA

Kerry due back in Israel in new push for ‘framework’ peace accord

Pope Francis named Time Magazine's Person of the Year

Jesus tops list as most significant figure in history; Mohammed at 4th

Experts Thrash Out Workings of Iran Nuclear Deal

Palestinians: Kerry Appeasing Israel Over Iran — at Their Expense

Netanyahu says nuke negotiators must demand Iran change 'genocidal policy'

Week of Dec. 2, 2013
Top Stories Seven Volcanoes in Six Countries Erupt within Hours

Tension at Temple Mount is escalating week by week

WTO agrees global trade deal worth One Trillion Dollars

Kerry: No Israel-Palestinian deal if Israel's security is not enhanced by peace accord

Revelation Commentary:
Open Door of Revival

US officials: Kerry to present security plan in meetings with Israelis, Palestinians

Jewish activists want to pray on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, raising alarm in Muslim world

Hezbollah commander Hassan Lakkis killed in Beirut

Amazon's drone delivery: How would it work?

Israel's new focus on the Iran nuclear deal

Muslim Brotherhood rejects Egypt's draft constitution

Cyber Monday Sales Hit Record as Amazon to EBay Win Shoppers

Week of Nov. 25, 2013
Top Stories Televangelist Paul Crouch dies at 79

Netanyahu orders Mossad to expose Iranian breaches of interim deal

Netanyahu Vows to Cast Out 'Darkness' of Iran Nuke Program

Revelation Commentary:
Missionary Work during the Reformation Period

'2016': Obama plans to 'take America down'

Trust Iran? What are we – stupid?

Will comet ISON survive its trip around the sun?

Week of Nov. 18, 2013
Top Stories Israel Renews Warnings of Military Action After Iran Nuclear Deal

Obama hails Iran nuclear deal
Netanyahu slams 'historic mistake'

Kerry, Western FMs arrive in Geneva to push for Iran nuclear deal

Nuclear talks hit standstill as Iran demands right to enrich uranium, sanctions relief

“We are not bluffing.” Israel ready to strike Iran alone

Iran says enrichment 'not negotiable' as Geneva nuclear talks begin

Netanyahu 'promises' Iran will not get nuclear weapons

Is New York City on the Brink of a Great Awakening?

Iranian Supreme Leader: Israel 'Doomed to Collapse'

Revelation Notes: Missionary Progress during the Middle Ages

The marriage penalty within ObamaCare

Former Security Chief: Israel Can Hit Iran Nuke Facilities at Will

Netanyahu Calls on Palestinian Abbas to Address Israeli Knesset

In Israel, Hollande says France won’t waver on Iran

Bitcoin Goes to Washington: Monday’s Hearing Is Just the Beginning

'Superbugs could erase a century of medical advances,' experts warn

Week of Nov. 11, 2013
Top Stories Report: Mossad working with Saudis on contingency plans for potential attack on Iran

Netanyahu hosts Kerry, French President as Iran Talks Resume

World powers, Iran may reach nuclear deal next week, says top U.S. official

‘Netanyahu open to interim Iran deal — if the terms are right’

Typhoon creates health crisis in the Philippines

New Iran sanctions could push U.S. toward war, White House warns

Revelation Commentary:
Missionary Activity after Constantine

Record number want 'bathroom bill' killed

Israel halts plans to explore new settlements

Typhoon Haiyan the biggest yet as world's tropical storms gather force

Sunni-Shia tensions 'biggest threat to world security': Iran foreign minister Mohammad Zarif

US general: Typhoon Haiyan left 'total devastation' in central Philippines, bodies everywhere

Week of Nov. 4, 2013
Top Stories Crisis Brewing in Israeli-US Relations

Horror stories as 10,000 feared dead in Typhoon Haiyan

Rapidly intensifying crisis in U.S.-Israel relations developing due to disastrous Iran nuclear deal

Motorola wants to tattoo a smartphone receiver on your neck

US: John Kerry will head to Geneva to push Iran deal in unexpected visit

Millions at risk from Super Typhoon Haiyan

Happy 95th Birthday Billy Graham!
Why Billy Graham has hope for America

Kerry to Abbas: US determined to reach Palestinian-Israeli peace deal

Lapid: Jerusalem is not up for negotiation because the city will never be divided

N Korea developing electromagnetic pulse weapons

Bolton: Israel must make 'fateful decision' on Iran strike

Revelation Commentary: The Age of Missions: The Early Church

Week of Oct. 28, 2013
Top Stories Billy Graham to Mark 95th Birthday with Message to America

Inside China: Nuclear submarines capable of widespread attack on U.S.

National security expert: Obama could lose Iraq

Syrian base targeted in blast may have housed advanced missiles

Sebelius faces critics during hearing on ObamaCare roll-out

Senior Muslim Brotherhood leader Essam el-Erian arrested in Egypt

Obama administration knew millions could not keep their health insurance

Revelation Commentary:
The Synagogue of Satan

NSA Spying Threatens to Hamper US Foreign Policy

Graham: I will block all appointees until we get answers on Benghazi

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