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Week of Jun. 10, 2013
Top Stories Early vote count in Iran gives reformer wide lead

Obama Plans to Arm Syrian Rebels

50 million Iranians head to polls to replace Ahmadinejad

NSA Director Says Data Programs Foiled Plots

Kerry's Mideast Peace Plan: Core issues, then gestures, and finally Jerusalem

Revelation Commentary: Judgment of Jezebel's "Children"

Steinitz: Iran is Getting Closer to Nuclear 'Red Line'

Yes, NSA has content of phone calls, emails

Israel Peace With Iran and Neighbors - Mid-East War and Peace Planning

Edward Snowden comes forward as source of NSA leaks

Obama Plan B Decision: Feds To Comply With NY Judge's Ruling

Revelation Commentary: Jezebel's Fate

Week of Jun. 3, 2013
Top Stories 'US successfully tests bunker buster bombs'

NSA taps in to user data of Google, Skype and others, secret files reveal

Battle rages over Golan Heights border crossing

Number of government scandals growing

Susan Rice to replace Donilon as national security adviser

Secretive Bilderberg Group Meets This Week in the UK

Revelation Commentary: Witholding the Bible / Purgatory

US spills Israeli missile defense secrets

Kerry: Last chance for Israel-PA peace

Iraq warns Israel against using its airspace to strike Iran

Sell US Treasurys Before They 'Crash,' Bank of America Says

Week of May 27, 2013
Top Stories Massive Asteroid 1998 QE2 flies past Earth

Israeli PM to Putin: ‘We’ll destroy your missiles if you deliver them to Assad’

Netanyahu to spend another $350 million so every Israeli has gas mask

MERS Virus: a "Threat to the Entire World"

Revelation Notes: The Inquisition

Historian: Obama helping resurrect Ottoman Empire?

Assad: First Russian missile shipment now in Syria

Israel Strongly Warns Russia Against Giving Syria Missiles

Revelation Notes: The Crusades

Confidential report lists U.S. weapons system designs compromised by Chinese cyberspies

Israel Fear for Natural Gas Fields as Syria Set to Receive Russian Missiles

Palestinian negotiator: No talks unless Israel accepts ’67 lines, freezes settlements

Week of May 20, 2013
Top Stories Influential Palestinians Say It’s Time for a One-State Solution

Report: Wave of cyber attacks on US originating in Iran

Revelation Commentary: Infallibility and Indulgences

Boy Scouts of America Lifts Ban on Gay Youth

Officials warn of Syria conflict quickly spiraling out of control

Senate: US must back Israel in case of Iran strike

Pope Francis to Atheists: 'Just Do Good'/a>

Government rifts over peace process revealed during Knesset committee meeting

Top IRS official to invoke Fifth Amendment, decline to testify at House hearing

Revelation Notes: The Dark Age

Oklahoma City tornado: At least 91 feared killed by massive twister

Too late to stop Iran's nuke program?

Search for survivors after mile-wide tornado touches down near Oklahoma City, causing significant damage

Revelation: Question of Idolatry

The IRS scandal: Is Sarah Hall Ingram the next head to roll?

>Hezbollah steps up fighting in Syria; Israel threatens more strikes

Report: Syria has missile batteries aimed at Tel Aviv

Week of May 13, 2013
Top Stories Emergent Church Star Rob Bell On Homosexuality

France gay marriage: Hollande signs bill into law

Dark, massive asteroid to fly by Earth on May 31

Russian warships enter Mediterranean Sea

IRS Official in Charge During Tea Party Targeting Now Runs Health Care Office

Congressman gets standing O for nailing IRS chief

In wake of scandal, Obama ousts IRS chief -- who was planning to resign anyway

Revelation Notes: The Papacy

Justice to Investigate IRS Targeting of Tea Party

Boehner on IRS Scandal: 'Who is going to jail?

AP: Justice Department seizure of phone records an unprecedented intrusion

Revelation Notes: The Mass/ Rise of Islam

Palestinians, Syrians form units to fight for Golan

McCain: I'd Call Benghazi a Cover-up

Week of May 6, 2013
Top Stories PM to meet Putin amid concerns over Syria

Rejoicing in Revelation - Seeds of False Teaching

Benghazi lies exposed

Israel to Russia: Don't Give Syria S-300 Missiles

Twelve Revelations from the Benghazi Hearings

Diplomat: Request for Special Ops team in Benghazi denied

Republicans look to show 'cover-up' as whistle-blowers give Benghazi testimony

Revelation Notes: Origin of the Priesthood and Other Errors

Report: Syria to permit Palestinians to attack from Golan

'3 explosions heard in Tehran near missile facility'

Syria: We'll 'Choose the Moment' to Hit Back

Israel to Assad: Airstrikes Did Not Aim to Help Syria Rebels

Week of Apr. 29, 2013
Top Stories 'Israel hit Syria weapons transfer again'

Israeli Strike on Syria Targeted Weapons Shipment

'US upgrades bunker buster to thwart Israel strike on Iran'

State Department's Benghazi review panel under investigation

Greg Laurie to Gay Activists: 'I Won't Back Down'

On the National Day of Prayer, time for a revival

Revelation Notes:
Jezebel the Prophetess of Thyatira

Obama hints at potential military action in Syria

Prosecutor to abortionist: Are you human?

Israel will be ‘wiped out’ if it attacks Hezbollah, Iran says

Republicans urge Obama to enforce Syria 'red line,' oppose deploying troops

Week of Apr. 22, 2013
Top Stories Russian Wiretap Caught Jihad Call between Bomb Suspect, Mom

Israel wary quiet on Syrian front may soon end

'Action on Syria red line sends message to Iran'

George W. Bush Library Dedicated

Revelation Notes: Faithfulness of the Remnant

U.S. said to be planning Mideast peace summit

Tamerlan Tsarnaev vowed to die for Islam; judge may have prematurely stopped brother's interrogation, sources say

US authorities to interview Boston bombing suspects' parents in Russia

Photo: Hubble Gets First Glimpse of Possible ‘Comet of the Century’

Syria has used chemical weapons, Israeli military says

Congressman: Thwarted terror plot targeted train from Canada to U.S.

Hagel confirms unprecedented arms sales to Israel

Official: Boston suspect awake, responding in writing

Week of Apr. 15, 2013
Top Stories Theory: The Tsarnaev brothers were double agents who decoyed US into terror trap

Boston Marathon suspects Islamic terrorists, not Chechen separatists

Boston police: Marathon bombings suspect 'in custody'

Israel ready to defend against Syrian WMDs

Breaking News: Suspect 'Surrounded,' Sources Tell Fox News

One suspected Marathon bomber slain, other hunted: MIT cop killed, T cop wounded

Revelation Notes:
The Shocking Letter to Thyatira

'Like a nuclear bomb': Deadly fertilizer plant blast devastates Texas town

America plans to bend knee before God
National Day of Prayer - May 2

Boston Marathon bombings: Suspect identified on video, no arrest

Death toll at 3 in Boston Marathon bombing seen by White House as terrorism

Hundreds feared dead after strong earthquake hits Iran

Radio Ministry Plans to Reach 60 Percent of World's Population With Gospel

Pastor Saeed Abedini Severely Beaten, Fainting From Internal Bleeding

Week of Apr. 8, 2013
Top Stories NSA data center front and center in debate over liberty, security and privacy

North Korean video shows imagined strikes on U.S.

Revelation Notes:
The Roman Empire and the first official Pope

Israel May Fast-Track Plans to Attack Iran

North Korea may have miniaturized their nuclear weapons

Officials say ‘no thanks’ to Kerry plan to jump-start talks

N. Korea positions missile launchers on coast, Hagel says regime close to 'dangerous line'

Iran Earthquake Strikes Near Nuclear Plant

Netanyahu ‘determined’ to move forward with peace process

Israeli firm talks up mankind’s recovery from the Tower of Babel

North Korea Tells Foreigners to Flee Coming 'Thermonuclear War' in Region

North Korea recalls its workers at factory jointly run with South Korea

Week of Apr. 1, 2013
Top Stories Iran nuclear: Final day for talks to break deadlock

Revelation Notes:
From Nimrod's Babylon to Pergamum

North Korea may be preparing to test missile, South Korea says

Military warned 'evangelicals' No. 1 threat

NKorea Asks Foreign Embassies to Evacuate as Tensions Rise

North Korea warns military cleared to wage nuclear attack against US

Israel launches 1st airstrikes on Gaza since truce

Revelation Notes:
Pergamum- Where Satan's Throne Is!

South Korea vows fast response to North; U.S. deploys stealth fighters

Egypt becoming a nightmare for Muslim Brothers

US sends F-22 jets to join South Korea drills

Natural gas from Israel's recently discovered, sizable fields begins flowing

Biological computer created with human DNA

Week of Mar 25, 2013
Top Stories New research dates the Shroud of Turin at the time of Christ

Revelation: Compromise with the world

North Korea Readies Rockets after U.S. Flies Stealth Bombers Over South

Iran said advancing ‘at murderous pace,’ could have bomb by July

US deploys B-2 stealth bombers over South Korea

US takes swipe at China following hacking accusations

Defense of Marriage Law on Trial

Why A Cyprus-Like Seizure Of Your Money Could Happen Here

North Korea orders military to combat ready; target U.S.

Revelation Commentary:
Judgment of Believers

Supreme Court prepares for landmark gay marriage arguments

Supreme Court Could Redefine Marriage in Landmark Case

'64% of Americans want military action to stop Iran'

Week of Mar 18, 2013
Top Stories Bolton: Iran planning 'whole arsenal' of nukes

Obama gave Netanyahu the green light on Iran

Obama closing out Israel visit with symbolic stops

Iran's leader threatens to level cities if Israel attacks, criticizes US nuclear talks

Rockets hit Israel-Gaza border town during Obama visit

Revealed! Evidence Iran crossed nuclear 'red line'

Image makeover? Obama arrives in Israel after 5-year hiatus, stresses ties

Chemical Weapons Used in Syria

Republicans pressure Obama to clarify decision not to address Israeli Knesset

Revelation Commentary - Smyrna: The Persecuted Church

White House lowers expectations ahead of Obama's Middle East trip

The Supreme Court and Same-Sex Marriage (Part 1)

Week of Mar 11, 2013
Top Stories Iran reportedly launches destroyer in the Caspian Sea

Why the First Jesuit Pope is a Big Deal

More About Pope Francis

US Upgrading Missile Defense Systems After NKorean Threats

Iran nuclear weapon over a year away, says Obama

Pope Francis: 14 Facts You Should Know about the Former Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio

Cardinal Bergoglio, Archbishop of Argentina, has been chosen the new Pope. He has picked the name "Francis."

Cyber-attacks a bigger threat than Al Qaeda, officials say

Cardinals open papal conclave at Sistine Chapel; no pope elected on first day

Bolton: Israel has 'short time' to strike Iran

Comet Pan-STARRS Near the Moon Tonight:
How to See It

North Korea declares 1953 armistice invalid

Week of Mar 4, 2013
Top Stories Cardinals count down to conclave with final talks amid debate over manager or pastoral pope

Obama carries three goals on trip to Israel

IDF on High Alert in the Golan Heights, Israel-Syria Border

Video: Chavez urged Shiites' 12th Imam to 'come sooner'

Letters to the Seven Churches of Revelation

UN Security Council approves fourth round of even tougher sanctions against North Korea

‘If Iran reaches critical point in nuke drive, Israel will attack'

North Korea vows nuclear attack on US, saying Washington will be 'engulfed in a sea of fire'

Number of Syrian refugees has topped 1 million, UN agency says

Evangelist Nick Vujicic: We Are Living in the End of Days

Gingrich: ‘Dangerous’ for US to Prop Up Muslim Brotherhood

The KEY to the Book of Revelation

IAEA chief: Can't report progress in Iran nuclear talks

Netanyahu says Iran using nuclear talks to "buy time" for bomb

Week of Feb. 25, 2013
Top Stories Moscow affirms ties with Iranian radicals

‘Obama will cancel visit if no new Israeli coalition by March 16'

Review: 'The Bible' – This Time, Hollywood Got It Right

"The Bible" - Mini-Series begins this Sunday!

US pledges $60m and nonlethal aid to Syrian rebels

Benedict XVI pledges 'unconditional obedience' to new pope

Kerry: US committed to helping Syrian rebels

Big Brother? US linked to new wave of censorship, surveillance on web

Revelation Verse-by-verse

After months of calm, rocket slams into Ashkelon

Israel successfully tests Arrow 3 missile defense

Are Increased Palestinian Riots a Sign of a New ‘Intifada’ Before Obama’s Visit to Israel?

Sunspot Growing Fast: Solar Storms Possible, NASA Reporting

Week of Feb. 18, 2013
Top Stories Palestinian protesters clash with Israeli forces in West Bank and at Jerusalem holy site

Netanyahu: Iran closer than ever to nuclear bomb

Obama administration to provide emails on CIA’s Libya talking points to Senate panel

Arab Group: [Wailing Wall] is a Muslim Site, And Jews Don't Belong There

Syria crisis: 'Missile strike levels Aleppo neighbourhood'

Gay Marriage Opponents Make Their Case to Supreme Court

Netanyahu Recruits Livni to Steer Palestinian Peace Efforts/a>

Persecution Rises in China as Plan Begins to End House Churches

Russian meteor was largest in a century

Revelation Verse-by-verse

Netanyahu: N. Korea proof that sanctions won't stop Iran

Week of Feb. 11, 2013
Top Stories Iran vows to exact revenge on Israel over killing of commander in Syria

Kerry: Budget cuts may force reduction in Israel aid

Russian region begins recovery from meteor damage

Meteorites slam into Russia as meteor seen streaking through morning sky

Asteroid coming closest to earth at 2:25 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

Iran mourns slain senior military commander

Iran ordered banned materials to expand nuclear program fivefold, report says

Talks between UN nuclear watchdog and Iran begin in Tehran

Jesus is Coming! - Revelation 1:7-8

Experts say North Korea nuclear test an 'important step towards weaponization'

Pope Benedict to resign at the end of the month, Vatican says

Week of Feb. 4, 2013
Top Stories Officials: Obama coming to Israel to prevent strike on Iran

Visions of Jesus appearing to Muslims?

Egypt Court Orders YouTube Ban

After death fatwas and Tunisia slaying, security increased for Egyptian opposition figures

Khamenei rejects US offer for face to face talks

Ahmadinejad: We're Nuclear But Won't Harm Israel

Magnitude 8.0 earthquake generates small tsunami in South Pacific

Photographers Capture 4 Volcanoes Erupting At The Same Time

Iran's Ahmadinejad on historic visit to Cairo

Understand the Book of Revelation! - Daily installments of Revelation Verse-by-verse

Richard Dawkins Loses Debate Against Former Anglican Head Rowan Williams

Week of Jan. 28, 2013
Top Stories Ravens or Niners? Christians Face a 'Super' Dilemma

Magnitude 6.9 Quake Strikes Japan's Hokkaido Island

'Turkish FM slams Israel for strikes, Syria for inaction'

Thousands in Egypt defy curfews, protest Morsi

Suicide bomber attacks U.S. embassy in Turkey

Report: Israeli strike in Syria hit Iranian Guards

Hezbollah, Russia condemn Israeli airstrike inside Syria

Egypt, Syria are falling apart – an Israeli nightmare unfolds

Israel Hits Target in Syria Border Area

Mystery over 'explosion' at Iran's Fordow nuclear site

Egypt's army chief warns of 'state collapse' amid crisis

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American Pastor Sentenced to 8 Years in Iran

Week of Jan. 21, 2013
Top Stories Satellite images reveal North Korea ready for nuclear test

Religious War: North Africa's Christians Multiply Amid Persecution

'Iran would definitely use nuclear weapon on Israel'

Americans defend life by hundreds of thousands

Sabotage! Key Iranian nuclear facility hit?

Al Qaeda's No. 2 in Yemen dies, report says

Clinton lashes out at senator over Benghazi questioning

Netanyahu: Election shows country still wants me at helm

Roe v. Wade at 40: Six questions about the state of abortion rights today

A Prayer for the President and a Nation


Week of Jan. 14, 2013
Top Stories Newsweek: Obama is 'The Second Coming'

40 Years After Roe, Human Dignity Hangs in the Balance

UN-Iran Talks Fail To Allay Fears Of Islamic State's Nuclear Ambitions

Netanyahu on the Bible and and his differences with Obama

Some Americans believed to be among hostages who escaped from terrorists in Algeria

Netanyahu hits back at Obama: I know what's best for Israel

The perfect solar storm? Sun eruptions to peak in 2013

Week of Jan. 7, 2013
Top Stories Billy Graham's 'My Hope' National Campaign to Culminate With Evangelist's 95th Birthday

French president raises terror threat level after Mali, Somalia military action

Syrian rebels say they've captured strategic military base

Terrorist group fills power vacuum among Syria rebels

‘Extra Sensory’ Droid DNA Verizon Commercial Prepares People For Being Chipped

Controversy: Obama nominates Hagel as secretary of defense

Hobby Lobby: The First Martyr Under Obamacare?

Syria’s Assad is defiant in rare speech

Pope calls for end to Syria slaughter

The Scandal of Silence: Our Persecuted Brethren

Week of Dec. 31, 2012
Top Stories Fox News Showcases Emerson's New Documentary "Jihad in America: The Grand Deception"

Hagel may be nominated as US defense secretary next week

Greg Laurie on Things to Do Before Jesus Returns

Egyptian mag affirms Brotherhood infiltration of White House

US calls on Israel, Palestinians to ‘make a fresh start’ and rekindle peace talks

Analysis suggests more than 60,000 people have been killed in Syrian conflict

Congress Passes Fiscal Crisis Bill

Cairo cements ties with Hezbollah

Amid uproar, Netanyahu reportedly reaffirms commitment to two-state solution

Fiscal crisis measure now heads to the House for approval

Biden, McConnell continue ‘cliff’ talks as clock winds down

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