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Week of Dec. 24, 2012
Top Stories Biden, McConnell continue ‘cliff’ talks as clock winds down

Al Qaeda's Yemen branch offers bounty for killing US ambassador, troops

Shock, heartbreak for U.S. parents adopting Russian kids

Urbana Missions Conference: 16,000 Students Urged to Listen to God's Calling

'Brighter than a full moon': The biggest star of 2013... could be Ison - the comet of the century

Abbas Threatens to Disband PA if Peace Talks Don't Resume

US 'heading over fiscal cliff'

'Militant Islam' Greatest Threat to Middle Eastern Christianity, Says Think Tank

Olmert: We're on verge of 3rd intifada

Report: Netanyahu met Jordan king for secret talks on Syria chemical weapons

Olmert: We're on verge of 3rd intifada

Report: Netanyahu met Jordan king for secret talks on Syria chemical weapons

Muslim Brotherhood Claims Victory In Egypt’s Constitution Vote

Gaza attacks on Israel 'violation of laws of war'

Week of Dec. 17, 2012
Top Stories Egyptians approve new constitution, unofficial results show

Tougher EU sanctions against Iran come into force

Report: Jon Hammar to be released from Mexican prison today

Dec. 21 2012 Mayan Calendar end of world prediction flops: Experts say Maya never predicted doomsday

Al Qaeda grows powerful in Syria as endgame nears

Assad’s deadly agenda: First, chemicals, next, Iskander 9K720

Report on Libya attack cites 'systemic failures' in security

Conn. Shooter Feared Being 'Committed' By Mother

Iran will not halt 20% enrichment: official

'Bigger Than Life' Christian Radio Personality Frank Pastore Dies

On the Death—and Life—of Innocent Children

Obama offers 'love and prayers' to Newtown, says these tragedies must end

Week of Dec. 10, 2012
Top Stories Search for answers begins as nation mourns 26 elementary school massacre victims

Sandy Hook Shooting: Christian Leaders React to 'Worst Imaginable Scenario'

At least 26 dead in shooting at Connecticut elementary school

U.S. to send troops, Patriot missiles to Turkey

What Americans need to understand about the North Korean threat

'Europe's policy on Israel like its Jewish policy in 30s and 40s'

Newsweek vs. the New Testament: It Must Be Christmas

Egyptian President Defies Protesters' Demands

Evidence Noah's Biblical Flood Happened, Says Robert Ballard

Noah's Ark: Dutchman launches scale replica of Biblical ship

Netanyahu slams Abbas for reconciliation efforts with Hamas

Week of Dec. 3, 2012
Top Stories Supreme Court will take up gay marriage cases

World on edge ahead of N. Korea's pending satellite launch

Strong Quake Shakes Northern Japan

Egyptian President Defies Protesters' Demands

After Pearl Harbor: LIFE in the Pacific and on the Home Front

Syria mixes chemical weapons for potential use in bombs, US source says

Egypt crisis: Army clearing presidential palace area

Morsi returns to presidential palace after protests against his regime turn violent in Cairo

Is Bashar al-Assad, cornered and frightened, considering using chemical weapons against the Syrian people?

Egyptian Newspapers and Broadcasters Protest Draft Constitution

Unusual activity at Syrian chemical weapons sites amid rumors Assad is dead or fled

Week of Nov. 26, 2012
Top Stories Egypt court halts all work amid Islamist 'pressure'

Alarm in Tehran and Moscow over Bushehr nuclear reactor’s near-explosion in mid-October

Syrian jets bomb rebels, Internet down for third day

Inside 'Plan X:' The Pentagon’s plan for cyberweapon central

Egypt Constitution Finalized as Opposition Cries Foul

Palestinian status elevated by UN vote

Muslims Claim Netanyahu Plans to Build ‘False’ Holy Temple

Egypt crisis: Mass rally held against Mohammed Mursi

Keep praying for Frank Pastore!

Arafat’s body exhumed, bone samples to be tested for radiation poisoning

Week of Nov. 19, 2012
Top Stories Israel shoots down first missile with 'David's Sling' [midrange] defense system

Pray for Frank Pastore, in coma after motorcycle accident

Hezbollah leader warns rockets would rain down on Tel Aviv in future war

Egypt's top judges condemn Mohamed Morsi power grab

What Gaza fighting taught Israel about possible war with Iran

World Powers Want New Nuclear Talks with Iran Soon

Protests rock Egypt after Morsi seizes sweeping new powers

Israel Border Shooting Threatens Cease-fire

Now Big Brother is REALLY watching you

Netanyahu: We're ready to take a harsher stance if truce fails

Israel and Hamas announce cease-fire, while US, Egypt helped both sides reach agreement

Terror attack on Tel Aviv bus injures 23 people

Netanyahu ready for 'whatever action' is needed in Gaza, as Clinton arrives for talks

Netanyahu ready for 'whatever action' is needed in Gaza, as Clinton arrives for talks

Israel halted Gaza invasion to give talks more time

Week of Nov. 12, 2012
Top Stories Two rockets land outside of Jerusalem following two fired at Tel Aviv

Israeli Defense Force kills Hamas military chief Jabari

Those who act against Israel will pay a heavy price

Israel hits 'source' of second Syria shell

Week of Nov. 5, 2012
Top Stories Israeli PM Netanyahu 'ready' to order strike on Iran

Five ways the mainstream media tipped the scales in favor of Obama

Vote Today! Express Your Christian Principles and Morals!

Netanyahu ordered IDF on alert for Iran strike in 2010

Week of Oct. 29, 2012
Top Stories London, Paris, Jerusalem line up for post-US vote action on Syria, Iran

Secret Iran nuclear-bomb plant expanding

Donate to Help Red Cross and Other Relief Organizations to Meet Hurricane Sandy Needs

Iran confirms it has finished installing uranium centrifuges at Fordo plant

Hurricane Sandy death toll reaches 74 in U.S.

CIA Veteran Scheuer: Benghazi ‘Worse Than Watergate’

Franklin Graham Warns Election Could Be 'America's Last Call' Before Christ Returns

In Aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, Relief Organizations Offer Aid, Hope

Sandy Damage Could Top $30 B as Focus Turns to Recovery

New Supercomputer Could be World's Fastest

At least 17 dead, millions without power in Sandy's aftermath

Superstorm Sandy slams into N.J. coast

Payback for Sudan bombing: Hamas aims rockets at Israeli Nuclear Reactor

Week of Oct. 22, 2012
Top Stories Sudan minister vows 'steps' against Israeli targets

Millions across East Coast brace for 'Superstorm' Sandy, while NYC to close transit services

Smaller-than-expected tsunami hits Hawaii after Canada earthquake

Fox News: CIA Team Was Ordered Not to Help Embassy Staff in Benghazi

Obama Campaign Stoops to Immoral Ad to Girls

Latest on the New Missile That Can Fry Electronics

Egypt Brokers Informal Israel/Gaza Truce After Intense Fighting

Was Sudan Arms Factory Bombing a Sign Israel Can Strike Iranian Nuclear Facilities?

Unclear how presidential candidates will support Israel

Gaza:Fresh rocket, mortar barrage brings total to 72

Palin: The Obama administration has 'no moral compass,' mainstream media have protected White House in Libya attack cover-up

Iran’s global cyber war-room is secretly hosted by Hizballah in Beirut

Increasing Violence Brings Renewed Urgency to Day of Prayer for the Persecuted

Egyptian President Agrees: ‘Allah, destroy the Jews’

The Other 9/11: Libyan Guards Recount What Happened in Benghazi

Week of Oct. 15, 2012
Top Stories Greg Laurie: Where world history ends

Armageddon scenario: US, Israel ready for huge joint drill in Iran's shadow

NYT: US Officials Say Iran Has Agreed to Nuclear Talks -- *White House Denies*

End-Times Christian Movie Series ‘Left Behind’ Set for Hollywood Reboot (& Starring Nicolas Cage?)

Beirut Blast Fans Fears Syria War Spreading

Federal appeals court strikes down Defense of Marriage Act

Franklin Graham: Obama's Endorsement of Same-Sex Marriage a 'Big Problem'

Cease-fire in Syria? Support from Iran and Turkey boosts UN envoy's bid

Gaza-bound ship brings on food, activists off Greek coast

U.S. Suspects Iran Was Behind a Wave of Cyberattacks

20% of Americans Unaffiliated with Any Religion

Syria crisis: US concerned weapons reaching jihadis

Islamic scholars: Gunmen, who shot Malala in the face, will have hell to pay for their sin

Week of Oct. 8, 2012
Top Stories Hezbollah’s CFO flees to Israel carrying stolen money, classified documents

‘Holy Jihad’ is the only way to deal with Israel, says Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood chief

Church leaders urge members of Congress to reconsider US aid to Israel

Revealed: Extreme Negligence in Benghazi

US report: Israel-US discussing joint Iran attack

U.S. Lawmakers to Probe Libya Attack

Headlines backing up millennia-old prophecies

Israel readies Patriot missiles to counter suspected Hezbollah drones

Turkey returns fire at Syria for fifth day

Iran preparing for nuclear war

Week of Oct. 1, 2012
Top Stories 'Junk DNA' has a purpose, new map of human genome reveals

Defecting Iranian cameraman brings CIA priceless film of secret nuclear sites

UN Security Council Condemns Syrian Attack

October Surprise? Obama secret Iran deal cut

Turkish parliament approves military intervention in Syria

Debate: Romney calls deficit a moral failure, Obama calls for more taxes

Iranian MP: Tehran Would Enrich Uranium to 60% If Talks Fail

Militant freed from prison in wake of Arab Spring may be linked to Libya attack

Turkey and Egypt denounce Syria regime, pledge support for Palestinian cause

Azerbaijan eyes aiding Israel against Iran

Week of Sept. 24, 2012
Top Stories More than 40 killed in Syria fighting as Aleppo burns

India's Gargantuan Biometric Database Raises Big Questions

Fordo sabotage enabled Netanyahu to move Iran red line to spring 2013

Syria 'moving chemical weapons to safety' - Panetta

Geraldo: ‘Benghazi-Gate’ Scandal Is A ‘Cancer On The Presidency’

Netanyahu: 'Clear red line' needed to stop Iran's nuclear program

Ahmadinejad's End Times Speech to the U.N.: Mahdi will “soon” reign over world

Egypt’s President Morsi tells U.N.: Insults to Muhammad ‘unacceptable’

Libya president: Anti-Islam film trailer had nothing to do with attack on US Consulate

Israel on high alert ahead of Yom Kippur

Barack Obama warns UN over Iran nuclear weapons

Ahmadinejad declares Israel will be 'eliminated' as world leaders gather at UN

Iran commander: Israeli strike could trigger WWIII

United Nations Meets This Week

Week of Sept. 17, 2012
Top Stories Iran commander: Israeli strike could trigger WWIII

United Nations Meets This Week

Iran's Revolutionary Guard: Israel Will Launch War

Al Qaeda affiliate, Islamist militia eyed in ‘coordinated’ consulate attack in Libya, sources say

A New Age of Miracles

Iran official: 'Big war' Means Mahdi's Coming!

Day of Prayer for Jerusalem [Oct. 7] to Be 'Largest Prayer Initiative in History'

Protests Over Muhammad Depictions Hit Pakistan, Afghanistan

Deadly 'superbugs' on the rise

France to close embassies in 20 countries in wake of Prophet Mohammed cartoons

Iran claims its nuclear facilities could now survive enemy ‘missile attacks and raids’

NBC shows U.S. life after EMP blast

Obama administration, Libyan president clash over explanation on consulate strike

Protests Over Contentious Film Spread to Afghanistan, Indonesia

Week of Sept. 10, 2012
Top Stories Armada of naval power massing in the Gulf as Israel prepares an Iran strike

Panetta says protests in Middle East will continue, but violence is leveling off

Egypt's Christians face mass slaughter by Islamists

Anti-American Protests Over Film Expand to Nearly 20 Countries

Protesters smash windows, set fires in U.S. embassy in Tunis

Violence spreads across Middle East over anti-Islam film

Iran nuclear: UN watchdog IAEA rebukes Tehran

Muslim Brotherhood website demands that West criminalize ‘assaults’ on Islam

Yemeni Protesters Storm US Embassy in Sanaa

Israeli Arab Official Warns Of ‘Armageddon’ Over Anti-Islam Film

Libya makes arrests over deadly US embassy attack

Assault on U.S. consulate in Benghazi leaves 4 dead, including U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens

White House scrambles to contain controversy over Netanyahu snub claims

Nation set to remember 9/11 attacks

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Israel could send Iran ‘back to the stone age’ with electromagnetic bomb

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