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Week of Sept. 3, 2012
Top Stories Israel could send Iran ‘back to the stone age’ with electromagnetic bomb

Iranian Pastor Nadarkhani Acquitted, Freed

Pakistan frees Christian girl accused of blasphemy

Wave of attacks in Iraq kill at least 44

Canada closes embassy in Iran, to expel Iranian diplomats

God, Jerusalem and American foreign policy

Russia warns against attacking Iran over nuclear fears

Earthquakes shake south-west China's Yunnan

Democrats reinstate "God" and Jerusalem language in party platform

Democratic Party platform stripped of key pro-Israel policy statements, Republicans charge

Powerful quake hits Costa Rica, tsunami warning issued

The Egypt-Israel peace treaty is dead

Dems reveal platform backing gay marriage, abortion rights

Google ups the ante in wallet wars

Unification Church founder Rev. Sun Myung Moon dies at 92

Week of Aug. 27, 2012
Top Stories US' ambiguous attitude flusters Israel

Egypt prof: Israel will be gone by next year

IAEA report: Iran blocking access as it doubles number of centrifuges at Fordo, covers Parchin

Netanyahu brands Tehran summit ‘a stain on humanity’

Iran must decide - nuclear bomb or survival

Rice: World is 'chaotic and dangerous' with a weak USA

Egyptian attack on 'oppressive' Syria sparks walkout

Egyptian President Morsi reassures Israel that peace treaty is safe

Egypt’s president appoints four aides, 17 advisers including Christians, women

New Cold War emerging between U.S., Russia

Week of Aug. 20, 2012
Top Stories '2016 – Obama's America' Succeeds at Box Office; Reports of Missing Listings?

Obama 'Using Israeli Paper to Foil Iran Strike'

Up to 10 hurt in shooting near Empire State Bldg; gunman dead

Number of West Nile cases has soared, CDC says

Iran's supreme leader orders fresh terror attacks on West

IDF chief: Enemies underestimate Israel's devastating power

How Are Christian Values Faring in GOP Platform?

Jerusalem mum on Egypt move to send troops to Sinai

Top US general: Washington and Jerusalem don’t see eye to eye on Iran threat timetable

Week of Aug. 13, 2012
Top Stories Greg Laurie: America's 2 choices: Judgment or revival

Israel ‘can’t go it alone’ against Iran, Peres says in rare moment of public dissent with PM

Egypt's New President Moves Against Democracy

Egypt considering violating peace treaty with Israel

Free Syrian Army rejects claim that it bombed UN observers' Damascus hotel

‘US message to Israel: Don’t rely on us to finish the job in Iran’

Attack on Iran Means Regional War, Says Ex-IDF General

Week of Aug. 6, 2012
Top Stories Israeli Premier: Iran Threat Dwarfs All Others

Iran earthquake relief efforts begin after 250 killed

Romney picks Rep. Ryan as running mate, plans to make official at Va. rally

Israel's Barak: A nuclear Iran is taking shape before us. Time for decisions is short

Russia to attend Iranian conference on Syria crisis

Romney ad denounces Obama's 'war on religion'

Syria's embattled Assad appears on TV for first time in two weeks

IDF foils assault on southern border after terrorists kill 16 Egyptian soldiers

Syria's Prime Minister Defects, Flees to Jordan

NASA Lands Rover on Mars

Army Veteran Named as Killer of Six at Sikh Temple

Week of July 30, 2012
Top Stories Iran warns Syria conflict could engulf Israel

Solar Superstorm Could Knock out US Power Grid

Hope for Today Prophecy Conference

EMP attack: '90% of Americans would be dead'

Ahmadinejad Ramadan speech: Annihilate Israel

Netanyahu to Panetta: Time Running Out on Iran

Huckabee: Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day 'beyond anything I could have imagined'

Chick-fil-A appreciation day brings huge crowds to fast-food chain

Syria's Muslim Brotherhood waiting in the wings

Beck on 'The Communist': 'This is really important'

Syria conflict: UN says 200,000 have fled Aleppo battle

Week of July 23, 2012
Top Stories UFO Over Olympics Opening Ceremony: A Classic Flying Saucer [VIDEO]

Can Cities Really Block Chick-fil-A for Supporting the Biblical Definition of a Family?

These 20 Advanced Military Projects Will Change Your Life

Barak Warns Israel Ready to Go It Alone on Iran

In hint to Iran, PM says 'best defense is a good offense'

US Church Remains in 'Coma' Despite Cataclysmic Events in Middle East, Says Watchdog

In Aleppo, rebels brace for full force of Syria's Assad regime

Obama's New Islamic World Order

Lieberman Worried That Cyber Attack 'Could Be Imminent'

Radical Islam rises in U.S. ally Ethiopia

Al Qaeda chief vows comeback in Iraq

'Israel won't allow chemical weapons to reach Hezbollah,' PM says

Mofaz hints at Netanyahu plan to attack Iran

'Syria may use chemical arms in external attack'

Week of July 16, 2012
Top Stories Israel fears Syria's chemical weapons could be seized by Hezbollah or al-Qaida

Christian Movie Critic: Massacre Is Simply 'Evil' at Work!

Barak: Israel may seize advanced weapons in Syria

Live Updates on Movie Theater Shooting in Colorado

At least 12 dead, at least 50 injured in shooting at Colorado movie theater, police say

Top Syrian officials killed in major blow to al-Assad's regime

Israelis killed in Bulgaria bus terror attack

20 nations plan anti-mining exercise in Mideast, US says

Mahdi, the Messiah, Found Infecting Systems in Iran, Israel

Assad receives last warning to stop moving his WMD: Top generals defect

Bernanke offers downbeat view of economy, but no action

1 Million Evangelical Christians March for Jesus in Brazil

Week of July 9, 2012
Top Stories Gallup: American Confidence in Religion at All-Time Low

U.S. moving submersibles to Persian Gulf to oppose Iran

European Commission Head: 'Two-state solution key to achieving peace'

Egyptian Lawmakers Meet, Defying Military

Ex-CIA agent: Roswell, N.M., incident really happened

Israel perturbed by Obama’s outreach to Mursi - against his word

Week of July 2, 2012
Top Stories Extreme Heat Breaks More Than 3,000 Records This Week

Evidence of 'God particle' found

Week of June 25, 2012
Top Stories Conservative Christians Warn American Families at Risk After 'Obamacare' Is Upheld

Most Americans Believe Government Keeps UFO Secrets, Survey Finds

Tonight is your one chance to send a message into outer space!

Supreme Court upholds Obama health care law

Breaking news on what the Supreme Court decision about health care means

Israel braces for Morsi to insert changes into peace accords

World's first GM babies born

Turkey threatens Syria with military retaliation over downed jet

Justice Scalia: Obama’s Immigration Stance ‘Boggles the Mind’

Election of Islamist as Egyptian president raises concerns in Israel

Putin arrives in Israel to discuss Iran, Syria

Week of June 18, 2012
Top Stories Israel won’t attack Iran while West pursues current diplomatic effort

MK: End Muslim Occupation on Temple Mount

Could Egypt’s Military Still Accept a Muslim Brotherhood President?

Israel to Press Visiting Putin on Iran

Official: Syrian MiG pilot defects to Jordan

Egypt presidential poll result delayed as tensions rise

Israel, US collaborated in creation of 'Flame' virus to slow Iran's nuke efforts, report says

Britain stops Russian ship carrying attack helicopters for Syria

'Iran, Russia, China, Syria plan 'largest' war game'

Egypt's military grants itself sweeping powers

World's most powerful imam to rise?

The Final Battles of Pope Benedict XVI

Week of June 11, 2012
Top Stories Implosion or Revival in the U.S?

US military intervention in Syria – “Not if but when”

'Egypt will not turn into another Iran'

Cairo in turmoil: Generals assume legislative powers. Parliament dissolved

The Future of Biometrics

Gog, Magog and Vladimir Putin

Russia warns war is coming

Anglican and Roman Catholic Churches in UK Issue Defense of Traditional Marriage

Record-breaking solar flare described

Obama speeds up limited air strike, no-fly zones preparations for Syria

Americans saw wealth plummet 40 percent from 2007 to 2010, Federal Reserve says

Flame Authors Order Infected Computers to Remove All Traces of the Malware

Week of June 4, 2012
Top Stories Jerusalem to become Egypt’s capital under Mursi’s rule, says Muslim cleric

Pro-Marriage Advocate Finds Hope as Gay Marriage Debate Moves Toward Supreme Court

Israel identifies cyberspace as key battlefield

'Cyberterrorism could mark the end of the world as we know it'

California's Gay Marriage Case Likely Headed to Supreme Court

Bionic Brains and Beyond

Syria is expelling Western diplomats

Fresh Iran nuclear talks to be held this week

Faith Leaders: Obama Losing Religious Vote

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