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Week of May 28, 2012
Top Stories Mubarak given life term for protester deaths

Federal court in Boston rules Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Candidate Wants Christians to 'Convert, Pay Tribute, or Leave' the Country?

Clinton Slams Russia on Syria

Netanyahu: Iran, Hezbollah are inseparable part of atrocities in Syria

Iran Under Mysterious 'Flame' Cyber Weapon Attack

Remembering those who were willing to die for our freedom, and the One who died for our salvation

Saudis lead charge to offset Iran's influence

Week of May 21, 2012
Top Stories U.S. study: Iran has enough uranium for five nuclear bombs

Radical Muslim Brotherhood Candidate Advances in Egypt Election

World powers and Iran start nuclear talks in Baghdad

UN nuclear chief : Deal with Iran reached on probe

US Senate approves new Iran sanctions bill

UFO alarm sounds around North Island [New Zealand]

Week of May 14, 2012
Top Stories Over 9,000 Evangelical Leaders Conclude Joint Prayer Event in World's Largest Muslim Country

Iran will not relinquish one iota of its nuclear rights: Jalili

4,700 potentially dangerous asteroids lurk near Earth, NASA says

Plans to strike Iran ready, U.S. envoy to Israel says

10 Reasons Why Christians Should Focus More on the Gospel Than Politics

Israel fears nuclear deal between Iran, world powers as Baghdad talks draw near

Obama, touting gay marriage stance, calls for repeal of Defense of Marriage Act

IAEA, Iran begin new nuke talks

Week of May 7, 2012
Top Stories Unprecedented Maya Mural Found, Contradicts 2012 "Doomsday" Myth

Franklin Graham: Obama Has ‘Shaken His Fist’ at God

Hamas says it will not go to war for Iran

Does Israel's New Unity Government Mean an Attack on Iran is Coming?

Obama backs gay marriage, answering speculation on 'evolving' position

North Carolina approves amendment banning gay marriage

CIA Foils al-Qaida Bomb Plot Aboard US-Bound Jet

Al-Qaeda underwear bomber 'was US double agent'

US to conduct 'largest ever' missile defense test - Pentagon

World stocks dive after Europe elections

Week of Apr. 30, 2012
Top Stories Credit Cards, An Endangered Species

The Fastest Growing Religion In America Is Islam

Israelis: Best Time to Bomb Iran Is During US Election Campaign

One in seven thinks end of world is coming: poll

Chinese activist now wants to leave China, US under pressure to intervene

Russia warns on missile defence deal with Nato and US

US officials defend decision to shelter Chinese activist amid call for apology

Iranian Navy Able to Deploy Vessels Three Miles off New York Coasts

US on Alert for Terrorists With Body Bombs on Planes

China dissident Chen Guangcheng 'under US protection'

Week of Apr. 23, 2012
Top Stories China dissident Chen Guangcheng 'under US protection'

Jpost poll: Most Israelis support US-led Iran strike

Israel Defense Minister Restates Fears of Nuclear Iran

Iran preparing for 'the Last Six Months'

N. Korean missile failure setback for Iran

China steps back from supporting Assad, parts ways with Russia

Egypt Terminates Gas Deal with Israel

Week of Apr. 16, 2012
Top Stories Watergate figure Chuck Colson dies at age 80

Hamas Won't Honor Peace Accords With Israel

Ministers ponder creation of EU super-president

Popocatepetl Volcano Threatening to Erupt, 19 Million Prepare to Evacuate

Ailing Chuck Colson Praised for Legacy of 'Moral Courage, Biblical Insight'

U.S. ambassador to Israel sounds warning on Iran

India Tests Nuclear-capable Missile That Can Reach China

Israeli TV report shows air force gearing up for Iran attack, says moment of truth is near

Viking robots found life on Mars in 1976, scientists say

Netanyahu: Iran received 'gift' from world powers with further nuclear talks

Iraq Rebuilding Its Military, Even As They Rebuild Babylon: Prophetic significance?

Week of Apr. 9, 2012
Top Stories Viking robots found life on Mars in 1976, scientists say

Netanyahu: Iran received 'gift' from world powers with further nuclear talks

Iraq Rebuilding Its Military, Even As They Rebuild Babylon: Prophetic significance?

North Korea admits long-range missile failure; U.S. condemns 'provocative' threat to security

Strong earthquake strikes off the coast of Mexico

New Microchip Knows Your Location To Within Centimeters

8.6 magnitude earthquake in Indonesia

After game-changing run, Santorum quits White House race

Big US-Arab Gulf air force exercise draws Iranian warning to stop at once

Longtime U.S. ally aligning with Tehran

Tim Tebow speaks to thousands in Georgetown

Report: North Korea May Be Preparing Nuclear Test as Ballistic Missile Readied!

Week of Apr. 2, 2012
Top Stories Passover Offerings on the Temple Mount?

Is There Scientific Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ?

IDF officials: Missile attack on Israel would produce less than 300 casualties

'Syria vows to withdraw all military troops from towns by April 10'

Britain: Internet activity 'to be monitored' under new laws

National ID threatens 'ultimate control'

Week of Mar. 26, 2012
Top Stories Egypt's Brotherhood names presidential candidate

Evangelical Evolutionists Meet in New York

Bolton Charges Obama Purposely Undermining Israel

Opinion: Israel's plan to attack Iran put on hold until next year at the earliest

'Global March to Jerusalem' to See Thousands March for Palestinian 'Freedom'

State Department Won’t Say Jerusalem Is in Israel

Is Obamacare heading for a ‘train wreck’ at U.S. Supreme Court?

Thousands of New Church Plants in Muslim Areas

New Agers wait for rescue aboard alien spaceship

Week of Mar. 19, 2012
Top Stories Obama: Window for diplomatic solution to nuclear Iran is closing

Open Doors: Growth of Christianity in Iran 'Explosive'

Israel and USA Disagree on Iran Timetable

Nokia May Turn Tattoos Into More Than Body Art

Middle East Crisis Conference to Focus on 'Last Day' Conversions to Christ

Evidence Grows that Israel is Set for War, But What If Russia Intervenes?
- Joel C. Rosenberg

Egyptian Copts Fear Increased Persecution Amid Pope Shenouda III's Death

Obama's Executive Order Authorizes Peacetime Martial Law

Week of Mar. 12, 2012
Top Stories The CIA wants to spy on you through your TV

Records: Path was open for Saddam to get nukes

Turning a Blind Eye to the War on Christians in the Islamic World

Karzai lashes out at U.S. over shooting probe

Top Saudi Religious Official Calls for 'Destruction of All Churches'

Netanyahu is preparing Israeli public opinion for a war on Iran

6.8 magnitude earthquake shakes Japan, regional tsunami advisories issued

Iran parliament questions President Ahmadinejad

Netanyahu: Israel is prepared to step up fighting against Gaza if rockets continue

Taliban vows revenge after US soldier allegedly kills 16 Afghan civilians

Week of Mar. 5, 2012
Top Stories Obama’s First Priority: Stop Israel

Quartet to meet to discuss stalled Israel-Palestinian peace talks

Panetta caught in one-world scheme

US faces increasing threat of cyberattacks by terrorists, including on battlefield, officials say

US 'offered Israel new arms to delay Iran attack'

Sun fires off 2 huge solar flares, could impact weather on Earth

Romney's Night - But No Knockout

Fresh Iran nuclear talks agreed with world powers, says EU

Adamant Obama confronts Netanyahu with a lone decision on Iran

Week of Feb. 27, 2012
Top Stories Russians head to polls in presidential elections expected to return Putin to Kremlin

>How Christian universities are unique, and how they can stay that way

Andrew Breitbart dies of 'natural causes'

North Korea agrees to halt nuclear activities for food

Israel Won't Warn US Before Iran Strike

Israel report: West Bank Palestinians may turn to violence if peace talks freeze persists

Week of Feb. 20, 2012
Top Stories Expert Warns of Waqf's Dangerous Plans for Temple Mount

US Bolsters Defenses in Strait of Hormuz

'Iran ready to wipe Israel off the map'

Gingrich, Palin Blast Obama Quran Burning Apology

Israel's navy's new super-sub revealed

Conflict between Muslim sects on the rise

IAEA official: No 'way forward' on nuclear talks with Iran

Iran to hold military drills 'to protect nuclear sites'

Iran FM: We are ready to face 'worst-case scenario' in defense of nuclear program

Week of Feb. 13, 2012
Top Stories Iran FM: We are ready to face 'worst-case scenario' in defense of nuclear program

Feds arrest man allegedly heading to U.S. Capitol for suicide mission after sting investigation

Joel Rosenberg Warns of Biblical War Unfolding Between Iran and Israel

Iran Announces Nuclear Improvements

Covert ops have Israel placing ships in position

US admiral says forces prepared to confront Iran

Week of Feb. 6, 2012
Top Stories 'Doomsday Preppers' Show Cashing In on End of the World Obsession?

Iran to make major nuclear announcement within days, Ahmadinejad says

Obama mandate on birth control coverage stirs controversy

US missile kills al Qaeda chief in Pakistan

'Iran must attack Israel by 2014'

Proposition 8 ruled unconstitutional: On to the Supreme Court?

Syria Violence ‘Intolerable’ as Turkey Calls for Broad Coalition

US Prof. Tells Newsweek Israel Must Attack Iran – Now

Ayaan Hirsi Ali:The Global War on Christians in the Muslim World

Netanyahu: Fatah-Hamas deal will end diplomatic process

Fatah, Hamas agree on Abbas leadership of Palestinian unity cabinet

Week of Jan. 30, 2012
Top Stories Russia, China veto UN resolution on Syria; US 'disgusted'

U.S. anxiety grows over possible Israeli plans on Iran

Iran's Supreme Leader: Israel a 'Cancer,' Will Be Cut!

Israeli Military Intelligence Chief: Iran can produce 4 bombs

Impasse at UN Security Council debate on Syria violence

Mossad chief holds secret U.S. meetings on Iran nuclear threat

UN resolution could spur Syria civil war, Russia warns

Concern about Google's new privacy policy

Arab League Suspends Mission in Syria Amid Violence

Week of Jan. 23, 2012
Top Stories Where is Syria in Prophecy?

Netanyahu: Prospects of progress in Mideast peace talks 'not good'

Navy converting ship into floating commando base in Middle East

US, Western Nations 'Enabling' Islamism, Ex-Muslim Says

Muslim Brotherhood repeats: No talks with Israel

Benjamin Netanyahu renews speculation over military action against Iran

Iran: '4 Revolutionary Guards men died in a week'

Chuck Smith: Time for another 'Jesus Movement'?

EU formally adopts Iran oil embargo

Week of Jan. 16, 2012
Top Stories 'Obama recognizes Iran's N-rights'

Roe v. Wade opponents target Dallas for decision’s anniversary

Strategist: U.S.-Gulf state alliance could ‘completely destroy Iran’s armed forces’

South Carolina debate: Newt Gingrich fury at media

Why Last Saturday's Political Conclave of Evangelical Leaders Was Dangerous

Muslim Brotherhood Picks Egypt's House Speaker; Attacks on Christians Inevitable?

Wikipedia blackout to oppose censorship!

Scientists’ deaths suggest tit-for-tat assassinations

US, Israel in open rift over Iran: Big joint military drill cancelled

Al Qaeda militants capture town in Yemen

Week of Jan. 9, 2012
Top Stories Evangelical Leaders Back Santorum

Former National Security Adviser Hadley: Chance of US-Iran Conflict 'Very High'

Cashless Society: India Implements First Biometric ID Program for all of its 1.2 Billion Residents

Abbas: Israel has not made any new offers for resuming peace process

2012: Prophecy or Panic?

Tehran blast kills nuclear scientist

Doomsday Clock moves one minute closer to midnight

Ex-adviser: Obama ready to strike to stop Iran

Is there a message in Tim Tebo's 316 passing yards?

Week of Jan. 2, 2012
Top Stories Iran to Launch Nuclear Work in Bunker in 'Near Future'

Libyan weapons being sold to terrorists

Thousands of US troops deploying to Israel

In new, Islamic Middle East, Christianity quickly becoming a thing of the past

Close Race in Iowa Caucuses

Muslim Brotherhood deputy head: We will never recognize Israel

Week of Dec. 26, 2011
Top Stories Our major report...2011 In Review: The Year in Prophecy

Why Youth Are Leaving the Church: Politics, Postmodernity, or Pure Rebellion?

Is Israel witnessing the rise of a kinder, gentler Hamas?

U.S. Navy won't tolerate 'disruption' through Strait of Hormuz

Iran Warns of Closing Strategic Oil Route

Al Qaeda Front Group Claims Baghdad Blasts

Weather in 2011 breaks records

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