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Week of Dec. 28, 2009
Top Stories Netanyahu proposes peace summit with Abbas this month
Happy New Year!
2009 In Review - The Year In Prophecy
Russia plans asteroid-defence space mission to Apophis
Urbana Conf. Hosts Next Generation of Missionaries
Israel can't launch strike against Iran on its own
Al Qaeda Claims Responsibility for Attempted Bombing of U.S. Plane
Investigators: Northwest Bomb Plot Planned by al Qaeda in Yemen

Week of Dec. 21, 2009
Top Stories Russia President: We Will Continue Nuclear Weapon Development
Merry Christmas! Worship Him, The Newborn King!
Yemeni air strike kills 30, targets home of cleric linked to Ft. Hood attack
Stalemate: How Obama's Iran Outreach Failed
Israel uncovers first Jesus-era house in Nazareth
Abortion Deal May Be Hard to Keep in Health Bill
Away With The Manger

Week of Dec. 14, 2009
Top Stories Obama told China: I can't stop Israel strike on Iran indefinitely
The Pentagon Prepares for a Missile Attack from 'Iran'
Iran Test-Fires Its Longest-Range Missile
US Army View of PreMillennialism
Move to National ID Cards Delayed
U.S.: Clock Is Ticking on Iran Nuke Program

Week of Dec. 7, 2009
Top Stories More U.S. Christians mix in 'Eastern,' New Age beliefs
EU leaders urge international action against Iran
Obama For World President?
Has Iran's Supreme Leader Disappeared?
'Iran can now produce nuclear bomb'

Ahmadinejad Reportedly Claims U.S. is Blocking Return of Mankind's Savior
Hezbollah May Attack Israel
UN climate chief: hacked e-mails are damaging

Week of Nov. 30, 2009
Top Stories Iran successfully simulates nuclear warhead detonation
Palin Says Nation Should Rededicate Itself to God
Lawmakers demand some slack to court-martialed Navy Seals
Melbourne hosts multi-faith festival
Obama's Afghan Plan Fails to Satisfy Left or Right
Obama Opts for Limited Surge in Afghanistan
EU stance on Jerusalem harms peace talks
Iran: U.N. Criticism Prompted New Nuclear Plans

Week of Nov. 23, 2009
Top Stories Deadly Russia Train Derailment 'Appears to Be Terrorism'
Melbourne Hosts 2009 Parliament Of The World’s Religions
Iran rebuked over nuclear 'cover-up' by UN watchdog
Happy Thanksgiving
World powers urge Iran to stop 'stonewalling' IAEA probe
Ahmadinejad Says U.S., Israel Lack 'Courage' to Attack
Unknown duo chosen as new faces of Europe

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