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Week of Mar. 10, 2008
Top Stories 'Roadmap' focus of Mid-East talks
Iranís Nuclear Defiance Further Exposed
Obama Denounces Pastor's 9/11 Comments
Obama pastor: Not God bless, but God d--- America!
Barak warns of Mahmoud Abbas's demise
Gaza fighting will get worse before calm prevails

Court challenged to allow Christians right to pray, too
Hamas: No truce until IDF ends Gaza, W. Bank raids
Israel reportedly 'agrees to 30 days of quiet' with Hamas
Israeli Intelligence: War unlikely in '08, But...

Week of Mar. 3, 2008
Top Stories Gov. Arnold blasts homeschool ruling
Mourners gather at Israeli school
What Ever Happened To Evangelism?
Parents of 166,000 students could face criminal charges
Rice: Peace deal could happen by year's end
China Hikes Military Budget 17.6%
Rice to Try to Salvage Mideast Talks
California's Top Court Ponders Gay Marriage
Wars and Rumors of Wars:
U.S. Guided Missile Strikes Al-Qaida Training Camp In Somalia
Israeli Gaza operation 'not over'
South America on brink of war

Week of Feb. 25, 2008
Top Stories 33 Palestinians killed during ongoing IDF raids in Gaza Strip
Israel prepares for assault on Gaza
Witnesses: Missile Strike in Pakistan Kills 13 Suspected Militants
Evangelical Christianity has become the largest religious tradition in this country
Abbas: Peace in 2008 or never
Study: Nearly Half of Americans Change Their Religious Beliefs
Massive forces deploy along Gaza fence

Week of Feb. 18, 2008
Top Stories Ahmadinejad: If we remain quiet, Zionists will act against us
Is The Ark of the Covenant In Zimbabwe?
Netanyahu: Olmert government taking measures to cede Jerusalem
US 'confident' over satellite hit
Iran predicts Hezbollah will destroy Israel
"Blood Red" Total Eclipse of the Moon Tomorrow Night
Fear Of Renewed Israel-Hezbollah Fighting
Kosovo Declares Independence
Split EU meets to debate Kosovo

Week of Feb. 11, 2008
Top Stories Hezbollah: Mugniyah revenge to be 'extremely costly' for Israel
Israel girds for revenge attacks
Hezbollah Leader Predicts The Elimination Of Israel
Unable To Find Vaccine For HIV After 20 Years
Hezbollah ready for open war with Israel
Bomb kills top Hezbollah leader
Historians Unlock U.S. Seal's Secrets
Russian bombers 'buzzed' US aircraft carrier
Pro-Lifers to McCain: Convince Us
U.S. to Seek Death Penalty for Guantanamo Prisoners With Sept. 11 Tie
Barak orders IDF to gird for wide Gaza offensive

Week of Feb. 4, 2008
Top Stories Huckabee's Miracles
Dobson to endorse Huckabee
Iran Is Reported to Test New Centrifuges to Make Atomic Fuel
Romney, Huckabee Craft Strategies as McCain Tastes Victory
McCain in Delegate Lead; Clinton, Obama Battle
Romney Loses Big on Super Tuesday
Huckabee Rises
Dobson won't vote if McCain wins GOP
Vote According To Your Christian Principles Today!
Keyes: Romney responsible for same-sex marriage fiasco

Week of Jan 28, 2008
Top Stories Poll: Most Americans want a biblical leader as president
I'll be president of Europe if you give me the power - Blair
McCain Considerd Judge Alito 'Too Conservative'
Microsoft Proposes To Buy Yahoo for $44.6 Billion
Atheists Assail Bill Recognizing America's Religious History
Ahmadenijad says "filthy" Israel's days are numbered
China's weapons exceed self-defence needs: US military
Gorbachev, Rebuking Putin, Criticizes Russian Elections
In final State of the Union, Bush reiterates call for democratic Palestine
Kennedy endorses Obama - touts generational change
Blair Wants Mideast Peace in 2008
Report: Barak says Iran nuke program more advanced than thought
Bus-sized Satellite Crashing To The Ground

Week of Jan 21, 2008
Top Stories Musharraf issues warning to West
Hamas leader says attacks 'must continue'
Stocks Plunge, Then Post Big Gains
Musharraf: Pakistan Isn't Hunting Osama
More UFO Sightings Reported Over Texas
Fed slashes rates in shock move
Commentary: The Connection Between the Economy and Prophecy
Saudi prince: If Israel quits Arab land, it could join Arab world

Week of Jan 14, 2008
Top Stories Ehud Olmert: 'We are at war with Hamas'
Governor Huckabee Responds to Frank Pastore's Open Letter:
"You've Won Our Hearts, Now Win Our Minds Too"

Israel orders lockdown of Gaza, Hamas vows revenge
PM: Israel will continue to wage war on militants firing rockets
Microsoft System May Monitor Workers' Brains, Bodies
New Strain of Staphylococcus Spreads Among Gay Men
Olmert: All Options to Prevent a Nuclear-Armed Iran On the Table

Week of Jan 7, 2008
Top Stories Bush leaves Israel with hopes for 'chances of peace'
Bush Predicts Mideast Peace Treaty Before He Leaves White House
Bush launches key Mid-East tour
Middle East leaders prepare for key Bush tour
Ahmadinejad loses favor with Khamenei, Iran's top leader
Questions on Iran as Bush heads to Mideast

Week of Dec. 31, 2007
Top Stories Bush Urges Progress on Palestinian State
Populist Message, Evangelical Appeal Help Mike Huckabee Win First Contest for GOP Nomination
Olmert, Bush and Abbas to hold three-way summit in Jerusalem
Olmert: 'Israel must internalize divided Jerusalem'

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