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Week of Sept. 8, 2008
Top Stories Russia delays Iran reactor yet again, until Bush leaves office
Jesus was no 'community organizer'
Terror Expert: WMD Attack on U.S. Inevitable
Rush Limbaugh to Obama: 'You are no Jesus Christ'
Terror Expert: WMD Attack on U.S. Inevitable
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McCain Camp Accuses Obama of Comparing Palin to a Pig
US and Russia scrap nuclear pact after Moscow agrees to send warships to Venezuela
Israeli minister hints: Israel may kidnap Ahmadinejad
Fear of black hole machine triggers threats to researchers
Iran to hold anti-aircraft war games

Week of Sept. 1, 2008
Top Stories Abbas: Reach peace agreement by year's end
Iran to Sarkozy: Our nukes don't pose threat to region, world
US condemns Russia over Georgia
A star is born
The country 'fell in love with Sarah Palin tonight'

N Korea 'rebuilds nuclear plant'
Liberals Panic About Sarah Palin Nomination and Resort To Disgusting Tactics
Arab Media: Rice Urging Division of Jerusalem
Dutch intel: US to strike Iran in coming weeks

Week of Aug. 25, 2008
Top Stories Conservatives cheer, Democrats sneer McCain VP choice
Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin Tops Speculation About McCain Veep Pick
Iran-Israel arms race heats up, both boost naval capabilitie
Rice: peace deal still possible before Bush leaves
Angry North Korea threatens nuclear U-turn
Russia Backs Independence of Georgian Rebel Provinces

Week of Aug. 18, 2008
Top Stories Russia Backs Independence of Georgian Rebel Provinces
Official: Obama Picks Biden for Veep
Chill falls on Israeli-Russian relations
Russia: Poland risks attack because of US missiles
Russia's Nuclear Threat Is More Than Words

Rice Signs Missile Defense Deal With Poland
No sign of Russian pullout, West alarmed
Russia Moves Short-Range Missiles into S. Ossetia

Week of Aug. 11, 2008
Top Stories 'Russia may arm Baltic fleet with nukes'
Iran says it put first dummy satellite in orbit

Russia Signs Truce But Troops Remain Deep Inside Georgia
Bush Accuses Russia of 'Bullying and Intimidation' in Georgia Conflict
Georgian Ambassador to U.S.: Russian Attack Resembles Past Soviet Invasions
Christian Marriage Movement's Ground Zero
Georgia Reports Attacks Continue as Russia's Medvedev Orders Halt to Military Action
EU Diplomats Call For Russia/Georgia Cease-Fire

Week of Aug. 4, 2008
Top Stories China arrives on world stage with smashing bash to open XXIX Summer Games
Georgia Reports New Russian Air Attack Near Capital as Fighting Rages
Rice: US won't tell Israel yes or no
Russian Army Moving Against Georgian Forces
'2 US aircraft carriers headed for Gulf'
Bin Laden ex-driver found guilty
Hizbullah no match for IDF, says senior officer
Al-Qaida confirms death of leading commander al-Masri

Week of July 28, 2008
Top Stories Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert Steps Down In September
How Obama prepped world for the Antichrist - Hal Lindsey
Official: Olmert to seek Palestinian peace deal before leaving office
Strike on Iran still possible, U.S. tells Israel
Lawsuit to seek halt in 'gay' lobbying inside voting booth
McCain Surges to 4-Point Lead in USA Today/Gallup Poll
China becomes biggest net nation

Week of July 21, 2008
Top Stories Obama promises to 'remake the world'
Military strike not an option on Iran, EU ministers say
U.S. General Warns of Cuban Bomber Crisis
McCain: U.S. Won't Allow 'Second Holocaust' by Iran
The global economy is at the point of maximum danger
Iran given two-week deadline to end the nuclear impasse

Week of July 14, 2008
Top Stories Pope warns against splits at 'critical juncture' for Christianity
Iran does not expect Israeli or U.S. attack
Waiting for Islam's Messiah
Marriage Amendment Will Remain On California Ballot
Hezbollah gives coffins to Israel in prisoner swap
Bank troubles continue but consumers seem unfazed
U.S. Terrorism Watch List Tops 1 Million
President George W Bush backs Israeli plan for strike on Iran

Week of July 7, 2008
Top Stories Arab state tells Israel it would not oppose Iran strike
Scientist to Congress: U.S. risks 'catastrophe' in nuke EMP attack
Mediterranean Union to be launched
Iran test-fires missiles for second day
John Bolton: Obama presidency dangerous
China's economy to become world's biggest in 2035
Ahmadinejad: Iran will not renounce nuclear rights
Iran Holds Firm on Nuclear Stance

Week of June 30 2008
Top Stories Israel weighs Jerusalem separation
Will the World End in 2012?
Report: Iran responds to EU proposal
Israel reassures West: No Iran attack in 2008
Special Observance of Feast of Trumpets This September!

Week of June 23 2008
Top Stories Report: U.S. Escalating Covert Operations Against Iran
US Takes Steps to Prepare for Potential Nuclear Attack
Canadian Court to Father: Grounding Daughter 'Too Severe' a Punishment
Aids epidemic a 'global disaster'
North Korea Hands Over Nuclear Declaration to China
IAEA Chief: Iran Could Make Nuke In 6 Months

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