Prophecy In Music

Congratulations Crystal Lewis!

'98 Dove Award for Female Vocalist Of The Year

A Musical Collection Inspired by the Left Behind Book Series

People Get Ready

People Get Ready
Crystal Lewis
Geoff Moore &The Distance
Come Quickly Lord
Rebecca St. James
I Wish We'd All Been Ready
dc Talk
Margaret Becker
Eve of Destruction
Barry McGuire
People Get Ready
The Impressions
Thief In The Night
BigTent Revival
Rich Mullins
New Body
Audio Adrenaline
I'll Lead You Home
Michael W. Smith
Jesus Is Waiting
Al Green

The Kry

Jesus' Coming Soon

Selection # 8 from You
we've been told
God has warned us
Jesus is comin soon
(Matt 24:36-39)

DC Talk

I Wish We'd All Been Ready

From Jesus Freak (1996) Lyrics

Partial Lyrics:
DC Talk 1995, Beechwood Music Corp 1969
Life was filled with guns and war,
and everyone got trampled on the floor,
I wish we'd all been ready.
Children died the days grew cold,
a piece of bread could buy a bag of gold,
I wish we'd all been ready.

There's no time to change your mind,
the Son has come and you've been left behind.


Midnight Oil

From Wake Up Call
The wedding's gonna be so royal
So we gotta keep staying loyal
'Cause our feet are gonna leave this soil
When we burn the midnight oil
When we burn the midnight oil
(Matt. 25:1-13)


From Beyond Belief

Partial lyrics:
I believe He sent His Spirit to comfort and to reveal
To lead us into the truth and light, to baptize and to seal
I believe that He will come back the way He went away
And receive us all unto Himself, but no man knows the day

Be Of Good Cheer

From Petra Praise 2

Partial lyrics:
For now I go away
But I will return
To take you to a place to dwell
So where I am you'll be as well

Rebecca St. James

As The Coming Of The Lord

Part of Rock Medley from Refresh My Heart (1991) - Real Audio

Come Quickly Lord

From Pray (1998) - Real Audio

Savior Machine


A Prophecy
I Am
Legend I:I
The Lamb
The Eyes of the Storm
The Birth Pangs
The Woman
The Night
The Sword of Islam
Gog: Kings of the North
The Invasion of Israel
World War III - The Final Conflict
Ten - The Empire
Legend I:II
The Beast
Antichrist I


The Covenant
The Whore of Babylon
Legend II:I
The False Prophet
Mark of the Beast
Antichrist II: The Balance of Power
World War III: The Final Conflict II
Behold a Pale Horse
The Martyrs Cry
The Promise
The Sixth Seal
Legend II:II
The Holy Spirit
The Bride of Christ
Rapture: The Seventh Seal
War in Heaven: The Second Fall


Behold a Pale Horse (Album Mix)
Behold a Pale Horse (Ego Mix - Bruno Kramm)
Behold a Pale Horse (Classical Mix)
New World Order

Heather Miller

We Will See Him

From Send Me An Angel

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