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Please keep in mind that we can not endorse everything you find on these sites, but they are well worth your consideration.

Sites with Prophecy Sections

Always Be Ready
The apologetics ministry of Charlie Campbell: See Rapture, Prophecy, Preterism
Ankerberg Theological Research Institute
This is a list of prophecy study resources available from John Ankerberg's organization. From here you may also check out their latest article on "Current Events."
Ariel Ministries
You can find Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum's helpful materials here.
Berean Call, The
Information from the late Dave Hunt.
Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
Bridges for Peace
A Christian organization in Israel which provides help to immigrants and a message of hope for God's chosen people.
Calvary Baptist
Helpful articles trace the chronology of the Tribulation.
Contender Ministries
Good research on apologetics and prophecy topics
Deception One World Religion
A well-illustrated page about New Age Religion in the light of prophecy.
Fresh Light Source
This site has attractive and helpful information from John Souter for Seekers, Believers, and Prophecy Students.
God Said/ Man Said
This popular apologetics site includes many articles about prophecy.
Hebraic Heritage Ministries
Shows Old Testament roots of Christianity and prophetic implication of Jewish festivals and observances.
Hope For Today
David Hocking's radio Bible teaching ministry and link to CD-ROM on Revelation
International Fellowship of Christians and Jews
This group is helping to fulfill the prophecies of Jeremiah 16:14-15 by successfully raising awareness and financial support among Christians for the emigration of Soviet Jews to Israel. See their section called "On Wings of Eagles."
Joel C. Rosenberg
Information about his outstanding books, including The Ezekiel Option, Epicenter, and Dead Heat. Outstanding blogs and helpful answers to questions about Ezekiel 38 & 39.
Let Us Reason Ministries
Apologetics website edited by Mike Oppenheimer
Preserved Words
Classic Online Book: Dispensational Truth by Clarence Larkin

Son Of Hamas
Includes "Table of Nations," and "Who's Who In Bible Prophecy." Edited by Tim Osterholm.
Voice of Prophecy
Radio messages - occasionally relate to prophecy.
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