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Please keep in mind that we can not endorse everything you find on these sites, but they are well worth your consideration.

Primary Prophecy Sites

666 Watch
Articles and links about the Mark of the Beast
Bible prophecies sorted by prophet and theme - George and Ray Konig
According To Prophecy Ministries
Evangelist Donald Perkin's site with information about Bible Conferences, and their radio and television ministries. Their message is to focus men and women on the Blessed Hope of Jesus Christ and His imminent return.
Amazing Bible
Thousands of pages of commentaries, helps, information, news and more about the Bible and about prophecy.
Amazing Facts
Apocalypse Soon
Prophecy information in various languages. So far English and Italian are supported, but among the other translations they plan to offer are French, German, and Spanish.
Calvary Prophecy Report
Articles and links from Pastor Malone
Cutting Edge Ministries
This site is devoted to information about The New World Order. It contains over 100 transcripts from their popular radio program.
Lambert Dolphin's Resource Files
Dolphin's interests range from science and archaeology to Israel and prophecy. This is one of the most informative and most popular sites on the net!!
Flash Traffic Blog
Joel Rosenberg's site
Focus on Jerusalem
News and articles about Jerusalem, prophecy, and related issues.
God's News Behind The News
Ministry of Dr. Joe VanKoevering
Outstanding articles by Jack Kelly
Grant R. Jeffrey Ministries
Books, videos, audio products, and intelligence background articles by this best-selling author.
Jeremiah Project
Vic Bilson's response to the situation in America today, a "famine in our land of hearing the words of the Lord" - Amos 8:11
Left Behind
The official site for the best-selling Left Behind series
Hal Lindsey Report
Features news, analysis and commentary by best-selling author and TV host, Hal Lindsey.
Hope For The World
Spotlights the ministry of author and speaker, Gary Kah.
The Thomas Ice Collection
Featuring the work of Thomas Ice
Jack Van Impe Ministries
Browse through past issues of the Van Impe Intelligence Briefing and articles from the monthly magazine, Perhaps Today, hear and see multimedia clips, and order materials from this prolific writer and television commentator.
Koenig's International News
News and articles of prophetic interest from a White House correspondent.
Koinonia House
Find a wealth of useful information from Chuck Missler. His unique approach and insights make him one of the most popular teachers of our time. The new website includes audio files. Selected articles from Personal Update, read by 100,000 subscribers, are also available.
Tim LaHaye Ministries
Info about Left Behind, The Pre-Trib Research Center and other prophecy topics
Lamb and Lion Ministries
Helpful articles about various aspects of prophecy and links to other sites.
New Heaven and Earth
News World Round Up and Bible Prophecy
Paul McGuire
Information about the New World Order and Prophecy
Books and articles from this radio talk show host, author, feature film producer and television commentator.
Zola Levitt
Information from the outstanding ministry of Zola Levitt, who went to be with The Lord in April, 2006.
Midnight Call
Edited by Arno Froese, this site provides information from their excellent magazine as well as plans for upcoming conferences and trips to Israel.
Midnight Cry Ministries
Find helpful information from back issues of their "Midnight Cry Messenger."
Now The End Begins
Attractive site with interesting articles and Internet radio programs about the End Times
Olive Tree Ministries
Outstanding website featuring Jan Markell and the "Understanding the Times" Radio program
The Omega Letter
Notes and commentary from Jack Kinsella, the author of Is This The Eternal Generation?
Pre-Trib Research Center
Articles by Thomas Ice and many other scholars
A World of Information about Biblical Prophecy. (Our own site, in case you came to this page directly.)
Prophecy In The News
J.R. Church's and Gary Stearman's impressive contributions to the field..
Prophecy Matters
Jim Fletcher's website emphasizing the miracle of Israel's rebirth.
Prophecy News Watch
Biblical prophecy in the news
Prophecy Today
Ministry of Jimmy DeYoung and the "Day of Discovery" television program.
Prophecy Update
Valuable links to news events by prophecy categories. Articles, commentaries and more.
Prophetic Witness Movement International
The Prophetic Years
This site features Don Koenig's blog, commentary on Revelation and articles related to prophetic world trends.
Solid Premillennial articles and info about their monthly magazine, Your Tomorrow
Don't miss Ray Gano's award-winning E-zine devoted to Biblical Prophecy.
Raiders News Network
Cutting edge news and books from Tom Horn
Rapture Condition
Rapture Alert
This site combines outstanding graphics with excellent articles.
The Rapture Forums
An Interactive Community Awaiting the Return of The Lord Jesus Christ - Extensive and attractive
Extensive list of rapture-related Bible passages and other helpful materials
Rapture Ready
This is Todd Strandberg's popular site which keeps track of current events as they relate to the Rapture. It includes "Nearing Midnight" and "Rapture Index." These pages are always up to date.
Ron's Blog
Articles by Ron Graff, founder of Prophecy Central
Joel Rosenbert's Blog
Flash Traffic
Temple Mount
Outstanding pictures and articles about the past, present, and future of the Temple. This site highlights scientific and archaeological research about the location of the First and Second Jewish Temples, and explores various possibilities about the location of the coming Temple. Maps are also included.
Good information and a variety of links
Tracking Bible Prophecy
Excellent prophecy studies by Amy Van Gerpen, with an illustrated commentary on the Book of Revelation.
Van Impe
Browse through past issues of the Van Impe Intelligence Briefing and articles from the monthly magazine, Perhaps Today, hear and see multimedia clips, and order materials from this prolific writer and television commentator.
Watch and Be Ready
Outstanding list of current events relating to prophecy
Week End News Today
Discussion forums related to prophecy.
WHOA! What Does Your Future Look Like?
Prophecy: Fact or Fiction? A practical, straight-forward explanation of future events, featuring the teaching of several excellent Bible scholars.
Who's Who in Bible Prophecy
Tim Osterholm's list of past and present prophecy teachers rated according to the soundness of their doctrine.
Worldview Weekend
Brannon Howse's radio and television ministries, books, articles, and more.
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