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Please keep in mind that we can not endorse everything you find on these sites, but they are well worth your consideration.

Bible Prophecy Today
On WorldNetDaily: Contributors include the "Who's Who of Biblical Prophecy"

Biblical Perspectives
Dr. Thomas Ice is a contributor.

Hal Lindsey's Blog
On My Space - Friends of Hal Lindsey

The Jerusalem Connection
Edited by Jim Hutchens, Shelly Neese, and Pat Mercer Hutchens

Joel's Trumpet
Joel Richardson's blog

Joel Rosenberg's Blog
Why the current rumblings in the Middle East will change your future

The Last Days
Telling The World About The Signs Of The Last Days Before The Return Of The Lord Jesus Christ

Son of Hamas
Mosab Hassan Yousef's Blog - Son of a Hamas founder, and now a Christian

Prophecy News
news relating to the unfolding of Bible prophecy. Real news, real prophecy, in real time

Excellent blogs by Michael G. Mickey and a variety of writers

Rapture Watch
Many contributors, including Jack Kelly, Dr. David R. Reagan, Britt Gillette, and Don Mcgee

Ron's Blog
Ron Graff - Editor of Prophecy Central

The Walid Shoebat Foundation Blog
Former PLO Terrorist Now Speaks Out For USA and Israel
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