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Palestinian government forced to save birthplace of Christ as monks squabble over restoration

Dec. 22, 2008 - The Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem is one of the very most sacred places for Christians. Unfortunately, the church is also one of the 100 most endangered sites in the world. Infighting among the Monks of various branches of Christianity about maintenance has led to serious neglect, especially of the roof, which leaks badly and threatens to collapse.
Mahmoud Abbas, the president of the Palestinian national authority, has taken the unprecedented step of issuing a decree that the church must be repaired.
The heads of the Christian groups have agreed to accept the planned renovation. A special "blind" fund will be set up, and donors will be able to contribute funds anonymously so that no one group takes credit for the work.
Source: Telegraph - UK

Report: Israel Preparing to Strike Iran Without U.S. Consent

Dec. 4, 2008 - According to the Jerusalem Post, Israeli Defense Ministry officials say they would still prefer to act in consultation with the U.S., but they are preparing optional plans that would allow them to attack Iran nuclear sites alone if necessary.
It would be difficult, but not impossible, to launch a strike against Iran without permission from the U.S., as the American Air Force controls the Iraqi airspace Israel's jets would have to enter on a bombing mission.
Israeli intellilgence reports that Iran already has enough nuclear material to make an atomic bomb, and that the window of opportunity to destroy their nuclear weapons capability will close soon.
Source: Fox
IDF preparing options for Iran strike - Jerusalem Post

Israel asks Bush to explain its 'special relationship' with U.S. to Obama

Nov. 26, 2008 - During the farewell meeting betweem Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and President Bush, Olmert asked Bush to give President-Elect Obama vital information about the nuclear issue, promises of military aid and advanced weapons systems, and restrictions on the U.S. supply of advanced weapons to Arab states.
Leading Israeli officials are concerned that if the United States begins talks with Iran in an effort to halt its nuclear program and development of additional nuclear programs in the Middle East, Washington will call for restrictions on Israel's nuclear capability.
Source: Ha'Aretz

Barak Calls For New Elections

May 30, 2008 - Min. Barak: The Die Has Been Cast, Prepare for Elections

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak says that the charges against Prime Minister Olmert are causing "moral paralysis." He says the country should prepare for new elections.

Source: Israel National News
Fearing Olmert collapse, Palestinians rush for deal - Asking U.S. to guarantee independent state if prime minister forced from office - WorldNetDaily

President Bush Arrives in Israel on a Five-Day Mideast Trip

May 14, 2008 - President Bush is in Israel to celebrate Israel's 60th anniversary, and encourage talks between Israelis and Palestinians. He was welcomed at Ben Gurion airport by Israel's President Shimon Peres, and by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.
"America has been there at each and every important crossroad in the life of our young country and stood by us in times of hope and in moments of crisis," said Mr. Olmert.
Olmert called President Bush "Israel's closest ally."
Source: Voice of America
13 heads of state, 3,500 guests - and one Shimon Peres - Ha'Aretz

Israel at 60: Population nears 7.3 million, 76% Jewish

May 8, 2008 - The State of Israel turns 60 today, and its population continues to grow and become more Jewish.
Just over three quarters of all Israelis  5.5 million people  are Jews, while 20 percent (1.5 million) are Arabs. Of the Jews, 69 percent were born here, compared to only 35 percent in 1948.
Source: Ha'Aretz
There Is No Nation Like Israel - Jerusalem Post
World leaders congratulate Israel on its 60th anniversary - YNet News
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad chooses to mark Israel's 60th Independence Day by warning Zionist regime of its 'impending doom' - Prophecy Central
Obama 'committed' to Israel's security - Prophecy Central

Olmert: 'Israel must internalize divided Jerusalem'

Jan 1, 2008 - In an interview with the Jerusalem Post, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said that he is hopeful that 2008 will bring about a permanent Israeli-Palestinian peace accord. He said that even Israel's friends think in terms of returning to the 1967 borders and with Jerusalem divided. He personally does not accept the '67 borders as the final configuration, and he says President Bush also agrees that Israel should retain some territory in Samaria and Judea.
Source:Jerusalem Post

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