How To Get The Most Out Of Prophecy Central

Prophecy Central is truly "A World of Information about Bible Prophecy!" It has been available continuously since 1996, the early days of the World Wide Web. From its inception it has been the top result, or on the first page of searches for "Bible prophecy" by Google, AOL, Yahoo, and most other search engines.

At least 100,000 people visit the site every month to understand important world developments in the light of the amazing predictions of the Bible. More than one quarter of the Bible is prophecy, and the portions that have already been fulfilled are the greatest proof that the Bible really is the Word of God.

Some Bible teachers and pastors spend hours on the site, learning about one aspect or another of this fascinating subject. There are thousands of pages of documentation. But we realize that most of our visitors are just too busy to spend that much time. So we would like to suggest some ways that you can quickly find interesting and helpful information from the site.

1 - Check out the "Top Story" often. Near the top of our home page, we list one or more of today's news headlines that we feel are especially relevant to Biblical prophecy. Click on the title of the story. This will take you to one of our 100-plus study topic pages. The same title will be shown with a few short descriptive paragraphs about the issue. This article usually summarizes the most important facts about the story. If you want more information, click on the title if it is underlined or any other part of the article that is underlined. These links will take you to the source(s) of the story. As you know, many Internet sources are only posted for a short time. When we discover a link that is no longer working we keep the summary but we may remove the link. We then add the statement "Story no longer on line."

2 - While you are on one of these study topic pages, scan some of the other articles that have been posted there. In some cases the information goes all the way back to 1996! If you want to spend some time in this section, use the scroll controls on the right side of your browser to go to the top of the page. Most study topic pages have a list of choices you may make. They may include Key Scriptures, Current Events, Links, and Excerpts from our books. There are usually cross reference links to related topics.

3 - Browse other sources of prophecy news. Below the "Top Stories" on Prophecy Central's home page, there are two rows of buttons that link you immediately to other popular Internet sources of prophecy news. A sample headline from each source is shown below the button. This is usually their top story of the day. Click on the appropriate button, read their stories, then click on the "Back" button on your browser to return to Prophecy Central. Even if you don't take the time to visit each of these sites, scanning this section gives you an idea of what is going on around the world.

4 - Experiment with the powerful search feature on Prophecy Central. It is called the "Research Hub," and it is located front and center on the home page. When you are looking for a particular news story, prophecy keyword, teachers' name, Scripture reference, or other information, just type it in the box and press "search." You will be surprised at the results - tabulated from 18 years of archived summaries of news stories, hundreds of articles, commentaries, and special features on the site.

5 - If you have not visited Prophecy Central for a few days, catch up on what you have missed by browsing the "Earlier Top Stories" in the left column of the home page. A list of recent stories is listed. At the bottom of that list, you may click on "Go to Archives for More Stories".

6 - Look for a certain topic in Prophecy Central's topical index. Click on the "Study Topics" button at the top of the left column of our home page. This will take you to a page where topics are listed alphabetically. Click on the topic you would like to study.

7 - Look up Key Scripture References from the various study topic pages. Click on any of these references to see the verse(s) in the Bible Gateway site. From that site you may view the same passage in various versions. Returning to the list of Scripture references, you will notice an entry to the right of each reference that says, "Further study." Click on those words to see the same passage in the Blue Letter Bible. At that site you may see the original Greek or Hebrew, read commentaries and find other Bible study reference works that relate to the passage.

8 - You will also see links to our blog on the home page and to the latest entry in our ongoing verse-by-verse commentary of the Book of Revelation.

9 - Use the navigation bars near the top of the page to explore the many special features of Prophecy Central. These will give links to scores of other prophecy sites, news sources, and special features, including our free online books and year-end summaries, audio and video resources, and hot (or trending) topics.

10 - If you would like to obtain our highly acclaimed book, Connecting the Dots: A Handbook of Bible Prophecy, or our commentary on Revelation, chapters 1-3, entitled The Church in Prophecy and History, visit our product pages, where you may order your copies in paperback or e-Reader format (Kindle and others). These books will help you see the "big picture" of Bible prophecy and know how to "discern the times."

11 - There's still more to Prophecy Central, but we'll let you discover the rest on your own.

If you have a site that other people visit, we would be honored if you would place a link to Prophecy Central on your home page or church site.


Last Updated: 10/15/14
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