The War of Gog and Magog

This is the war of Ezekiel 38 and 39. We relate it to the war of the Second Seal in Revelation 6:3-4, but some respected scholars apply it to The Battle of Armageddon later in the Book of Revelation.

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Peres warns Obama against talks with current Iranian leadership

Dec. 26, 2008 - Israeli President Shimon Perez told the Japanese news agency Kyodo that US President-elect Barack Obama should not conduct direct negotiations with the current Iranian government when he becomes President.
Peres said he hoped the Obama administration would hold off on talks with senior Teheran officials at least until after "the [Iranian] elections, because it may affect the results of the elections."
Peres also said that Israel simply did not plan to war with the Islamic Republic.
Source: Jerusalem Post

US warns Russia against selling missiles to Iran

Dec. 23, 2008 - State Department spokesman Robert Wood told reporters that the U.S. wants clarification from Russia about reports that Russia is selling advanced surface-to-air missiles to Iran.
The U.S. insists such a move could threaten American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Source: MyWay

Russia: We'll sell Iran 'defensive arms'

Dec. 22, 2008 - According to Russia's official arms exporting agency, Russian weapons, including surface-to-air missiles, are being sent to Iran. They would not confirm that the shipments include sophisticated long-range S-300 missiles, but Iranian media and an unnamed Russian military official have said the S-300s will be part of the deal.
Israel and the United States fear that...[Iran] would use them to protect its first nuclear power plant now under construction at Bushehr by Russian contractors. That would make any potential military strike on the plant much more difficult.
Source: Jerusalem Post
Israel urges Russia not to deliver arms to Iran, especially S-300 missile systems - Kyiv Post

Obama's atomic umbrella: U.S. nuclear strike if Iran nukes Israel

Dec. 11, 2008 - An unnamed source says that U.S. President-elect Barack Obama's administration will offer Israel a "nuclear umbrella" against the threat of a nuclear attack by Iran.
The source, who is close to the new administration, said the U.S. will declare that an attack on Israel by Tehran would result in a devastating U.S. nuclear response against Iran.
During the presidental campaign, Secretary of state-designate Hillary Clinton had suggested the idea of a nuclear guarantee to Israel.
Source: Haaretz
Report: Obama to Offer Israel 'Nuclear Umbrella' Against Iran - Fox
Iranian VP calls for Israel's destruction - YNet

Iran deploys 60-ship armada for massive war readiness maneuver

Dec. 4, 2008 - The Iranian navy and air force are conducting military maneuvers covering 50,000 square miles of the Persian Gulf, the Sea of Oman and the Strait of Hormuz. They are testing new weapons and strategies, which they think can sink American aircraft carriers.
Iranian sources report that the exercise is part of Tehran's preparations for a US and/or Israeli attack on its nuclear installations and Revolutionary Guards bases.
Officials in Iran believe that Barak Obama will be a threat to their nuclear program because of his planned appointments, including keeping Robert Gates as Secretary of Defense, and naming Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State and Gen. James Jones as National Security Adviser.
Source: DEBKAfile

Report: Israel Preparing to Strike Iran Without U.S. Consent

Dec. 4, 2008 - According to the Jerusalem Post, Israeli Defense Ministry officials say they would still prefer to act in consultation with the U.S., but they are preparing optional plans that would allow them to attack Iran nuclear sites alone if necessary.
It would be difficult, but not impossible, to launch a strike against Iran without permission from the U.S., as the American Air Force controls the Iraqi airspace Israel's jets would have to enter on a bombing mission.
Israeli intellilgence reports that Iran already has enough nuclear material to make an atomic bomb, and that the window of opportunity to destroy their nuclear weapons capability will close soon.
Source: Fox
IDF preparing options for Iran strike - Jerusalem Post

'Iran already has enough nuclear material for one atomic weapon'

Nov. 20, 2008 - Nuclear experts say that Iran has now produced approximately enough low-enriched uranium to assemble one atomic weapon. The uranium would have to first undergo added purification.
Source: Jerusalem Post
Israeli Air Force chief: We are ready to deal with Iran - Jerusalem Post

Memo to Iran: Beware the Sufa

Nov. 20, 2008 - Israel may decide to strike Iran's nuclear facilities. If they do, they will use their Sufa ("Storm") aircraft.
It's an F16I - perhaps the most sophisticated fighter bomber in the world today and a key weapon in Israel's potential conflict with Iran.
The Sufa is specially equipped with aerodynamically designed external fuel tanks for added range.
Source: CBN

Gilad: We won't let Iran go nuclear

Nov. 14, 2008 - Amos Gilad, the head of Israel's Defense Ministry's Diplomatic-Security Bureau told the Jerusalem Post that Israel will not tolerate a nuclear Iran.
For now, Israel is backing diplomatic and economic efforts to thwart the Iranians, Gilad added, but it doubts these will work and it is keeping all options open.
Source: Jerusalem Post

'Israel war on Iran on the radar'

Nov. 8, 2008 - According to a senior European Union diplomat, the perfect time for Israel to strike Iranian nuclear installations 'is between now and January 20'. Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak believes that Iran is building a nuclear weapon.
"We don't rule out any option. We recommend others don't rule out any option either," added Barak, in regards to Obama's plans for Iran.
Source: Press TV
Iran says test-fired new missile - YNet News

Experts Say Next US President Must Deal With Tehran's Nuclear Program

Oct. 31, 2008 - The Voice of America reports that experts agree that U.N. sanctions have not and will not deter Iran in its effort to build nuclear weapons. Russia will not help because they have built the Iranian nuclear plant and will provide the fuel. China will not help because they need Iran's oil. The next U.S. President will have to do something about this problem. Former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, says that if Israel decides to attack Iran's nuclear facilities, the U.S. will need to help them by providing military equipment.
"However deeply unattractive the use of military force is, it is far more unattractive to contemplate an Iran with deliverable nuclear weapons."
Source: Voice of America
Iran threatens US with suicide bombers - Jerusalem Post
Iran, UAE Sign Agreement to Set up Joint Committee - FARS News Agency

Countdown: Israel Faces Historic Decision

Oct. 30, 2008 - An Iranian official has recommended that Iran launch a preemptive strike against Israel. Middle East analyst Caroline Glick, author of the book Shackled Warrior: Israel and the Global Jihad warns:
"You've heard of a one-horse town. This is a one-bomb country. The density of the population on the coastal plain is so high that one bomb could really decimate the country."
And the timetable for the delivery and installation of nuclear fuel by Russia into Iran's Bushehr reactor is a critical issue. Once the fuel is "hot" it would be disasterous to bomb their reactor. That means Israel has only a short time to decide whether or not to do a preemptic strike like they did with Iraq decades ago and Syria recently. Many analysts think that the strike might come between the U.S. elections on November 4 and the inauguration of the next U.S. President on January 20.

Report: Hijacked Iranian Ship Contained 'Dirty Bomb' for Israel

Oct. 23, 2008 - On Aug. 22 an Iranian vessel was hijacked by pirates in the Gulf of Aden near Somalia. The MV Iran Devant had departed Nanjing, China on July 28 and was supposedly delivering iron ore and "industrial products" to an unidentified "German client." Pirates had difficulty opening the cargo hold. When they finally were able to open it they found packets of "a powdery fine sandy soil."
The pirates who had any exposure to the powder were reportedly struck down by illness and within days began to exhibit strange symptoms, including skin burns and hair loss. Sixteen of them died.
The pirates released the ship, and it is not clear where it is now. But Russian intelligence sources reportedly said the ship was "an enormous floating dirty bomb" that would be blown off near the coast of Israel, filling the air with deadly radioactive materials that would be carried by the wind into Israel!

Experts are trying to determine whether or not this story is believable.

Source: Israel National News
Nov.17, 2008 -Was deadly Iranian ship bound for Israel? - According to this Hal Lindsey story, the ship has returned to Iran.

US intelligence: Iran will be able to build first nuclear bomb by February

Oct. 21, 2008 - Intelligence sources estimate that Iran will be ready to build its first atomic bomb by February of next year, just one month after the new US president takes office.
By late January, 2009, Iran will have accumulated enough low-grade enriched uranium (up to 5%) for its “break-out” to weapons grade (90%) material within a short time. ... In February, they can move on to start building their first nuclear bomb.
The economic crisis and this threat from Iran will force the new president to be ready to make urgent decisions on day one of his administration.
Source: DEBKAfile

Iran's Ahmadinejad Addresses United Nations, Declares 'American Empire' Reaching 'End of Road'

Sept. 23, 2008 - Abusing his speaking privilege in the United Nations, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said, "The Zionist regime [Israel] is on a definite slope to collapse, and there is no way for it to get out of the cesspool created by itself and its supporters."

He also attacked the U.S., saying, the

"American empire in the world is reaching the end of its road," and urged the next presidential administration to "limit their interference to their own borders."
Source: Fox

Thousands attend NYC anti-Iran rally

Sept. 23, 2008 - A rally organized by a coalition of Jewish support groups in New York has drawn thousands of people with Israeli flags and placards calling for Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to "take your hate back to hell." Ahmadinejad will address the United Nations today.

Knesset Speaker Dalia Itzik said:

"The free world must not allow the threat of destruction like this without taking proper action to stop him. We have to stop him, to stop him, to stop him!"
Itzik said Ahmadinejad's rhetoric brings up images of the nightmare of gas chambers. She urged people not to just write him off as a madman. That is what people did with Hitler.
Source: Jerusalem Post
Ex-IDF chief: Israel can't avoid a military confrontation with Iran - Fox
Bipartisan report: U.S. Iran strike feasible - World Tribune

Ahmadinejad, religious leaders to meet in NY

Sept. 19, 2008 - The World Council of Churches, Mennonite Central Committee, and Quaker United Nations Office will sponsor an"Iftar" -- a dinner to break the Ramadan fast -- for Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad next Thursday in New York. Sponsors say the meal will allow them to...
..."explore faith perspectives for dealing with global issues such as poverty, war, and prejudice while deepening mutual understanding."
Pacifist churches under fire for Ahmadinejad dinner - Religion News Stories
Pacifist churches under fire for Ahmadinejad dinner - Christian News Wire
Update: Stop Ahmadinejad Rally - Sept. 25 -

Israel slated to buy US smart bombs

Sept. 15, 2008 - Israel's request to purchase 1,000 smart bombs capable of penetrating underground bunkers has been approved by the US Department of Defense. Congress has been notified of the proposed sale and has 30 days to object to the deal. The bombs would probably be used if Israel conducts a strike on Iran's nuclear facilities.
Tests conducted in the US have proven that the bomb is capable of penetrating at least 90 cm. of steel-reinforced concrete. The GBU-39 can be used in adverse weather conditions
Source: Jerusalem Post

Russia delays Iran reactor yet again, until Bush leaves office

Sept. 13, 2008 - Russian experts had planned to start the operation of Iran's new nuclear plant at Bushehr in November, but now cites technical problems as the reason to wait until the second quarter of 2009.
Western intelligence sources said Russia was expected to delay the opening of Bushehr until at least the departure of U.S. President George Bush from office.
It is believed that Moscow is waiting for Iran to agree to a Western proposal to halt uranium enrichment
Source: World Tribune
Russia: Iran reactor irreversible by Feb. - Press TV

Israeli minister hints: Israel may kidnap Ahmadinejad

Sept. 8, 2008 - Rafi Eitan, Israeli Minister of Pensioner Affairs, told German weekly Der Spiegel that it is possible that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad could be abducted by Mossad operatives and find himself before the International Criminal Court in The Hague for trying to eradicate Israelis. Eitan was a Mossad opperative himself in 1960, and was involved in the capture of Holocaust architect Adolf Eichmann in Buenos Aires.
Source: YNet News

Iran to hold anti-aircraft war games

Sept. 7, 2008 - Iran will conduct a three-day anti-aircraft exercise, starting this Monday. They will be testing new weapons and tactics.
The exercise was described in the U.S. press as a possible rehearsal for a strike on Iran's nuclear facilities.
Source: International Herald Tribune

Dutch intel: US to strike Iran in coming weeks

Sept. 1, 2008 - The Dutch intelligence service, the AIVD, has infiltrated Iran's weapons industry. But according to the country's De Telegraaf newspaper they have withdrawn their operatives because of information that the U.S. will impose an air-strike on Iran was to be carried out by unmanned aircraft "within weeks." Authority for the article is "well placed" sources, but the Jerusalem Post could not confirm the report.
On Friday, Ma'ariv reported that Israel had made a strategic decision to deny Iran military nuclear capability and would not hesitate "to take whatever means necessary" to prevent Teheran from achieving its nuclear goals.
Source: Jerusalem Post
Top Iranian general: Any attack against us will lead to world war - YNet News
Report: US about to strike Iran; Tehran warns of World War III - Israel Today
Report: Israel won't allow a nuclear Iran - Jerusalem Post
French President Sarkozy: 'Attack on Iran could be catastrophic' - Jerusalem Post - Sept. 4, 2008
Iran to Sarkozy: Our nukes don't pose threat to region, world - Ha'Aretz - Sept. 5, 2008

Iran-Israel arms race heats up, both boost naval capabilities

Aug. 28, 2008 - Iran is now producing submarines, presumably to protect the oil pipelines in the Strait of Hormuz.
But of particular interest to Israel is the fact that the submarines will have the capability to launch what the Iranian state media called "various kinds of missiles." No further details were provided.
After Hezbollah almost sank one of Israel's top warships in the Second Lebanon War, Israel has also placed a higher priority on maintaining naval supremacy in the region.
Source: Ha'Aretz

Chill falls on Israeli-Russian relations

Aug. 22, 2008 - In the wake of Russia's invasion of Georgia, Russia may be increasing its support of Syria.
Israel, which maintains friendly ties with Georgia and has sold weapons to the Eurasian country -- as have several western nations -- fears Moscow will exact a price for this support by boosting its ties with Syria.
This week Russia promised to supply new arms to Syria. Israel suspects this could include anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles. If these end up in the hands of Lebanon's Syrian-backed Hezbollah, Israel will be in greater danger. Hezbollah advocates the destruction of the Jewish state
RonGraff.jpg - 6668 Bytes
Ron Graff
Is the Russian Invasion of Georgia an End-times Development?
After the dissolution of the old Soviet Union, Russia pretended to be a model citizen of the world. But little by little, Russia has become less friendly and more threatening to her neighbors. ... Now Russia has shown its true attitude toward Georgia, a former member of the Soviet Union by attacking them over the issue of control of the break-away regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

So, what does this mean in terms of Bible prophecy? Read full article

Hal Lindsey on Gog

Aug. 22, 2008 - Commentary by Hal Lindsey showing that the Russian invasion of Georgia could lead to the re-formation of soviet era alliances in preparation for the war of Ezekiel 38 and 39.
Source: WorldNetDaily

'Russia may arm Baltic fleet with nukes'

Aug 8, 2008 - Russia is furious about the new agreement between Poland and the United States allowing a battery of American missiles inside Poland. Military sources say that Russia is now considering arming its Baltic fleet with nuclear warheads for the first time since the cold war.
According to the British newspaper [The Times], the nuclear warheads could be supplied to submarines, cruisers and fighter bombers of the Baltic fleet based in Kaliningrad, a Russian enclave between Poland and Lithuania.
Source: Jerusalem Post

Iran says it put first dummy satellite in orbit

August 18, 2008 - Iran has announced success in placing a dummy satellite into orbit on home-grown rocket for first time. Weapons can be launched from satellites, but Israeli experts say; 'Iran far from launching military satellite with real capabilities.'
Source: YNet News

Russia Signs Truce But Troops Remain Deep Inside Georgia

Aug. 16, 2008 -
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has signed a ceasefire agreement with Georgia after receiving it in Moscow.
The agreement calls for troop removal, back to the pre-attack positions. However Russian troops have actually penetrated deeper into Georgia, not only controlling Gori, but in positions near Kaspi, the Georgian capital, Tbilisi, and other locations.
Source: BBC
Georgia, Israel, and the nature of man - Caroline B. Glick - Jewish World Review
See more about this conflict in our Russia Section.

Rice: US won't tell Israel yes or no

Aug. 8, 2008 - Still hoping for a diplomatic solution, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Thursday that the US would not "say yes or no" to an Israeli military strike on Iran. She also said Iran's response to current diplomacy is not going well, and new economic sanctions are likely to be imposed on Iran.
“Iran has a way out if they ever wish, but we will seriously pursue sanctions if they don’t,” she said. “You have to hope that there are reasonable people in Iran who see this as not the way to run a country.”
Source: Ynet

'2 US aircraft carriers headed for Gulf'

Aug. 7, 2008 - Kuwait is preparing for an "emergency war plan" after being told that two additional United States aircraft carriers are headed for the area.
The US Navy would neither confirm nor deny that carriers were en route. US Fifth Fleet Combined Maritime Command located in Bahrain said it could not comment due to what a spokesman termed "force-protection policy."
Source: Jerusalem Post

AP: Israel Building Up for Iran Strikes

Aug. 7, 2008 - Israel has purchased 90 F-16I fighter planes, capable of reaching Iran, and two more Dolphin submarines from Germany able to fire nuclear-armed warheads. They already had three such submarines.
Source: NewsMax
Israel Considering Military Strike on Iranian Nuclear Sites - Fox

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