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Newer Articles: Since Dec. 31, 2008

Natural disasters 'killed over 220,000' in 2008

Dec. 29, 2008 - Natural disasters killed over 220,000 people in 2008. The actual number of disasters was higher in 2007, but this year's catastrophes were worse in terms of the number of victims and the financial cost of the damage caused. Some of the events were:
Cyclone Nargis, which lashed Myanmar on May 2-3 to kill more than 135,000 people and leave more than one million homeless.
Ann earthquake in China's Sichuan province in May, leaving 70,000 dead, 18,000 missing and almost five million homeless.
Huricane Ike in Southern U.S., which, with insured losses of 10 billion dollars, was the industry's costliest catastrophe of the year.

Scientists seek ways to ward off killer asteroids

Dec. 19, 2008 - Top scientists from the National Academy of Sciences are trying to determine the best way to detect and ward off any wandering space asteroids that might be on a collision course with Earth.
Congress asked the academy to conduct the study after astronomers were unable to eliminate an extremely slight chance that an asteroid called Apophis will slam into Earth with devastating effect in 2036.
Source: Yahoo

Video captures massive meteor as it lights up sky in Canada

Nov. 24, 2008 - A police car camera caught a rare view of a meteorite descending in a ball of fire in Canada. Officials are eager to search for the landing spot.
Source: New York Daily News

Fear of black hole machine triggers threats to researchers

Sept. 9, 2008 - Some people fear that tomorrow's test of the Large Hadron Collider in Europe could cause destruction of the Earth.
Some scientists have expressed concern that the Collider's capability of slamming protons together at an unprecedented peak energy of 14 trillion electron volts could create black holes on earth or hypothetical super-atoms called strangelets...
The fear is that these collisions could cause massive uncontrolled chain reactions.
Source: WorldNetDaily
Fear Looms Over Scientist's Experiment to Uncover Secrets of 'Big Bang' - Fox
Why the fascination with the end of the world BBC - Prophecy Central "The End/ New Beginning" page

22,000 Reportedly Dead, 41,000 Missing After Catastrophic Myanmar Cyclone

May 6, 2008 - A massive cyclone that hit Myanmar (formerly Burma) last week-end has left over 22,000 people dead and more than 41,000 missing.
The U.N. World Food Program, which is preparing to fly in food supplies, offered a grim assessment of the destruction: up to a million people possibly homeless, some villages almost totally destroyed and vast rice-growing areas wiped out.
Source: Fox
UN officials: Myanmar cyclone a 'major, major disaster' - AP

'Death Star' Gamma-Ray Gun Pointed Straight at Earth

Mar. 6, 2008 - An unstable stellar system, WR104 , which is 8000 light years away is headed for a supernova explosion, and the Earth could be blasted by gamma rays that would damage our ozone layer.Sydney University astronomer Peter Tuthill discovered the system.
"We probably have hundreds of thousands of years before it blows, so we have plenty of time to come up with some answers," he said.
Source: Fox

Out of 600,000 bits of space debris, we're about to be hit by one the size of a bus

Jan. 28, 2008 - A 10-ton U.S. spy satellite is out of control and will crash to the ground at some unknown place in the next few weeks. Professor John Brown, Astronomer Royal for Scotland, says
"If it hit land it could be like a small plane crash, but nobody has ever been killed by a falling space object. Anything that's not designed for re-entry would probably break up. The more catastrophic thing would be an asteroid hitting the earth."
The odds of a human being hit by the satellite are least 20 billion to one.
Source: The Scotsman

More UFO Sightings Reported Over Texas

Jan. 23, 2008 - Multiple sighting of UFOs took place over Texas for three days, Jan. 8, 9 and 10. Viewers saw them over Stephenville, San Antonio, and Corpus Christi.
It appears that lights in the sky over Texas ran rampant for three nights in a row following the mass near-hysteria attention the Stephenville, TX UFO sightings.
UFO seekers flock to mystery lights in Texas - Telegraph - UK
Mutual UFO Network (MUFON)

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