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It's called Apophis. It's 390m wide. And it could hit Earth in 31 years time

Dec. 7, 2005 - Scientists have been monitoring a 390-meter wide asteroid for many months now, and have revised the the odds of it colliding with Earth from a 1 in 300 chance to a 1 in 37 chance.
Apophis asteroid was placed at four out of 10 on the Torino scale - a measure of the threat posed by an NEO where 10 is a certain collision which could cause a global catastrophe. This was the highest of any asteroid in recorded history.
They have named the asteroid Apophis, from the Egyptian mythological spirit of evil and destruction, a demon that was determined to plunge the world into eternal darkness. They are asking governments to make plans now to divert its orbit.
Source:Guardian - U.K.

As Another Hurricane Approaches, Many Ask, ‘Is God Mad at Us?'- Jerry Falwell - NewsMax

Oct. 22 - Christian leader, Rev. Jerry Falwell was asked by Wolf Blitzer, "Is God mad at us?" In this article he writes that these are undoubtedly the last days, but wise Christians never set dates or try to explain what is behind every act of God. Increased storm activity could very well be a "sign of the times," but this should be balanced with the Scriptural truth that "all things work together for good" for believers who are "the called according to His purpose." (Romans 8:28)

Hurricane Rita Hits Texas, Louisiana

September 24, 2005 - Hurricane Rita reached land at the Texas-Louisiana border at 3:30 a.m. It had weakened to a Category 3 storm and is now rated a Category 2 with top winds of 100 mph.

Rita's rain breaches New Orleans' levee

Sept. 23, 2005 - Early rains from Hurricane Rita have already caused a leak in the patched levee in New Orleans. A waterfall at least 30 feet wide is pouring water into the city.
Water was waist deep and rising fast on the street that runs next to the canal.
Source: MSNBC

Hurricane Rita spins toward Texas, Gulf Coast

Sept. 22, 2005 - The Gulf Coast faces another huge threat with the approach of Hurricane Rita, which has now grown in strength to a "monster" Category 5 rating with 170 mph sustained winds.

More than 1.3 million people are being evacuated ahead of the storms's expected landfall on Friday or Saturday.

Galveston, Corpus Christi and surrounding Nueces County, low-lying parts of Houston, and New Orleans were under mandatory evacuation orders as Category 5 Rita drew energy from balmy gulf waters.
Source: MSNBC
Hurricane Rita Tracker - CNN

Radio host: No doubt 'End Times' here

Sept. 3, 2005 - George Noory, host of the popular national radio program, "Coast to Coast AM," says he believes the severity of Hurricane Katrina is clear evidence that civilization is now in the "End Times" described in the Bible. He said current events are "the beginning of the end" described in the book of Revelation.
"And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring ... ." (Luke 21:25)
Billy Graham on disaster: Evil is mystery - 'Someday we will understand, but not now.'
Hurricane Katrina:A sign of the Last Days? - Greg Laurie
Accidents and Disasters: Does God Care? - Balanced theological article by Lambert Dolphin
Note: Bible Students should consider the possibility that natural disasters are judgments from God, especially when they come during or immediately after an event of prophetic importance, such as the evacuation of Gaza (or moral importance, such as legislation to allow homosexual marriages). However, it is unwise to be dogmatic about the exact meaning of disasters, since there are both natural and supernatural causes of such catastrophes. At the least, these tragedies should cause us to return to our once-strong Christian faith as a nation. And on a personal level, they should cause non-believers to consider giving their lives to Christ. See: Jesus is Coming Soon: Are You Ready?

The Wrath of Katrina

Sept. 1, 2005 - The unprecedented disaster in New Orleans, caused by Hurricane Katrina, has elicited sympathy from friends around the world, and taunts of divine judgment from Islamic extremists. For all practical purposes, the whole city is flooded, the death toll is climbing, and health conditions are worsening by the hour. Looting and lawlessness are out of control.
National Guard troops in armored vehicles poured into New Orleans on Thursday to curb the growing lawlessness that reportedly included shots fired at helicopters airlifting people out of the Superdome.
Source:MSNBC (Story no longer online)

Doomsday 2029?

April 17, 2005 - Hal Lindsey explains that an asteroid like 2004 MN4, which will have a close encounter with Earth in April of 2029, may fulfill the prophecy of Revelation 8:10-11.
Then the third angel sounded [his trumpet]: And a great star fell from heaven, burning like a torch, and it fell on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water. The name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters became wormwood, and many men died from the water, because it was made bitter.
Source:Hal Lindsey Oracle (Story no longer online)

Near-Earth Asteroid 2004 MN4 Reaches Highest Score To Date On Hazard Scale

Dec. 23, 2004 - NASA is tracking a 400-meter Near-Earth Asteroid (NEA)that is predicted to pass near the Earth on 13 April 2029. At present, the odds of an impact with Earth is only around 1 in 300. Astronomers will watch it closely.
In all likelihood, the possibility of impact will eventually be eliminated as the asteroid continues to be tracked by astronomers around the world.

'Deep Impact' Spacecraft to Travel to Comet

Nov. 26, 2004 - A spaceship actually named "Deep Impact" (like the movie title), will begin a six month journey on December 30 to Comet Temple 1, where it will colide and bury itself under the surface of the comet.
So much debris will be thrown into the atmosphere from this comet being smashed in space, scientists likely will be able to see it happen with the naked eye on Earth, 80 million miles away.

At Least 790,000 Without Power in Florida

Aug. 17, 2004 - The death toll for Hurricane Charley has reached 19. The amount of damage is great, and hundreds of thousands of people are affected by power outages, disruption of telephone service, lack of food, water, and gasoline; and displacement from their homes. Emergency agencies are hard at work, and requests for donations have gone out to help provide for those in need.
Nearly 4,400 National Guard troops have been activated and nearly 2,000 insurance adjusters were handling claims. The American Red Cross established eight mobile kitchens and five feeding centers capable of serving 9,000 meals a day.
American Red Cross
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Mennonite Disaster Service

Florida Begins Charley Cleanup Effort

Aug. 16, 2004 - Hurricane Charley the worst storm to hit Florida in a dozen years, is responsible for at least 16 deaths, more than $11 billion in damage, hundreds of people missing, and thousands without homes.
Federal Emergency Management Agency (search) director Michael Brown said it could take several weeks to find all the victims.
The retirement community of Punta Gorda was the hardest-hit area, but 25 counties of Florida were affected.

UFO blasts sky like 50,000 spotlights

Apr. 1, 2004 - An exceptionally bright fireball, presumably a meteor crashed to Earth yesterday, lighting up the Australian landscape "like 50,000 spotlights."

Asteroid Scare Prompts NASA to Formalize Response

Mar. 22, 2004 - An asteroid (2004 FH) passed Earth on March 18th "so close that it nearly entered an orbital halo where weather satellites roam." Two months earlier an even more alarming event occured.
An unprecedented asteroid scare in January had astronomers worried for a few hours over a rock that had a 1-in-4 chance of hitting Earth during the next few days.
NASA is now working on a formal process to notify top officials about future dangerous encounters.
Source:Yahoo (Story no longer online) (Story no longer on line)

Earth was minutes from asteroid alert

Feb. 25, 2004 - A false alarm was nearly sounded On Jan. 13 because some astronomers thought a 100-foot-wide asteroid had a 25% chance of hitting the earth within 36 hours. Such an asteroid could cause a greater death toll than the 9-11 attack. They were about to notify the President, but a picture from an amateur astronomer showed that the asteroid was not on a collision course.
The asteroid turned out to be even bigger than expected, about 1,600 feet wide, but it eventually passed the planet at a distance of about 7.5 million miles, about 32 times the distance from the Earth to the Moon, BBC News reported.

Mission To Mars Discovers More Than Water

Jan. 28, 2004 - The failure of two Mars probes raises the question about intelligent life on Mars. For many years New Age theology has prepared people to believe in superior alien creatures and UFOs. What is really going on? Could this be a set-up to explain the missing people after the Rapture of the Church? Could UFOs be demonic?
Source:Raiders News Update (Story no longer on line)
Aliens? The Real Culprits - Chuck Colson (Story no longer on line)

East Coast Evacuations for Huricane Isabel

Sept. 17, 2003 - Evacuations have been authorized for low-lying costal areas of North Carolina and Virginia in the path of Huricane Isabel, which is expected to reach land later today.
The U.S. Census Bureau said nearly 50 million people could be affected by the large reach of Isabel as its hurricane-force winds extended up to 145 miles from its center.
Source:MSNBC (Story no longer on line) Hurricane Tracker

Outside Montreal, Raelians have their base: UFOland
Dec. 3, 2002 - The Raelian sect is associated with Clonaid, which claims responsibility for inspiring production of the first human clone.. The Raelian headquarters includes a campground and museum, and a sign in bold neon-green letters that says "UFOLand." It has tear-shaped buildings, designed to evoke the form of alien spacecraft, and a billboard stating, in French and English: ``The Messiah is Alive Amongst Us.''
Source:The Miami Herald (Story no longer on line)
Background: The Raelian Sect - Fox

India calls in X-Files agents to unmask face-scratching alien
Aug. 20, 2002 - Hysterical villagers claim that a flying sphere emitting red and blue light is attacking people in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Theories range from UFOs to an unknown breed of insect. It leaves its victims with burns or scratches on their faces and limbs.
The Times of India reported that the national intelligence bureau was sufficiently concerned to send its own agents, like Mulder and Scully from television’s X-Files, to investigate the “alien” invasion.
Source:Times UK (Story no longer on line)

F-16s Pursue Unknown Craft Over Region
July 27, 2002 - Renny Rogers, who lives near Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland thinks he saw a UFO being chased by F-16 military jets. He saw a light-blue object, traveling at a phenomenal rate of speed, followed by the fighters. Military officials confirmed that two F-16s were scrambled from Andrews, but didn't have any knowledge of the blue object.
At the same time, military officials say they do not know just what the jets were chasing, because whatever it was disappeared. "There are any number of scenarios, but we don't know what it was," said Maj. Barry Venable, another spokesman for NORAD.
Source:Washington Post (Story no longer on line)

Watch the skies for August asteroid
July 25, 2002 - In Mid-August, an asteroid will pass close enough to Earth to be visible through binoculars and small telescopes.
Source:MSNBC (Story no longer on line)

Space rock 'on collision course'
July 24, 2002 - Asteroid 2002 NT7, discovered just weeks ago, is the first object to be given a positive threat value(0.06) on so-called Palermo technical scale. This means that the asteroid could impact the Earth. The date of the encounter would be Feb. 1, 2019, but there are many uncertainties at this time.
From its brightness, astronomers estimate it is about two kilometres wide, large enough to cause continent-wide devastation on Earth.

<>Report: Giant hailstones kill 15 in central China
July 20, 2002 - A hailstorm, with winds of up to Force Eight, pummelled people with hailstones as large as eggs, killing 15 people and hospitalizing many others in Henan province, Central China.
Locals described it as the worst hailstorm in at least half a century.
Source:CNN (Story no longer online)

Earth has close call with an asteroid
June 21, 2002 - An asteroid about the size of a football field came very close to the earth on June 14th, passing just 75,000 miles away. This is one of the nearest misses ever recorded, and, the discovery was made three days after the close call! If it had colided with Earth, the asteroid could have leveled a city, but would not have been catastrophic for the whole planet.
For example, 2002 MN is roughly the size of the object that scientists think blew up over Siberia’s Tunguska forest in 1908, laying waste to hundreds of square miles. A similar-size asteroid, made of iron, blasted out the 4,000-foot-wide (1,200-meter-wide) Meteor Crater in Arizona 50,000 years ago.
Source:MSNBC (Story no longer on line)

Nasa aims to move Earth
June 10, 2001 - A group of NASA scientists and American astronomers have proposed a plan to nudge the earth into a different orbit when the current one becomes too warm for the planet. Their idea involves carefully directing a comet or asteroid so that it sweeps close past our planet and transfers some of its gravitational energy to Earth.
The plan has one or two worrying aspects, however. For a start, space engineers would have to be very careful about how they directed their asteroid or comet towards Earth. The slightest miscalculation in orbit could fire it straight at Earth - with devastating consequences.
It is a point acknowledged by the group. 'The collision of a 100-kilometre diameter object with the Earth at cosmic velocity would sterilise the biosphere most effectively, at least to the level of bacteria,' they state in a paper in Astrophysics and Space Science. 'The danger cannot be overemphasised.'
The scientists also admit that the Earth would probably lose its Moon in the process.
Fortunately, such a radical effort would not take place until the far-distant future.
Source:The Observer

UFO shuts down Russian airport: report
Jan. 30, 2001 - Interfax news agency reported that one plane refused to take off from a southern Siberian airport, and another refused to land there because they saw a luminiscent object hovering above the runway.
Source: Yahoo (Story no longer online)

Pentagon Pays To Keep The Sky From Falling
Dec. 12, 2000
The Pentagon is spending up to $72 million to keep the unprofitable Iridium satellite system in operation. Motorola had decided to let the 74 low-orbit satellites return to earth, but parts of the systems might not burn up, resulting in a 1 in 249 chance that someone on earth would be injured.
Source: Fox (Story no longer on line)

Giant wave could threaten US
Oct. 4, 2000 - According to Dr Simon Day, of the Benfield Greig Hazard Research Centre at University College London, one flank of the Cumbre Vieja volcano on the island of La Palma, in the Canaries archipelago, is unstable and could plunge into the ocean. If this should happen, half a trillion tons of rock would fall into the water, creating a wave 2,130 feet high. By the time it reached the Atlantic Coast of the US it would still be 130-160 feet high, and would create havoc as much as 12 miles inland.
Source: BBC

1M acres scorched in one day
Aug. 18, 2000 - Setting a new record for fire destruction, more than 1 million acres burned in 12 states Wednesday, as 86 wildfires continued to spread in Montana, Idaho, and Southwest states. "In Montana alone, 25 fires scorched more than 400,000 acres Wednesday."
Source: Weekend News Today - USA Today (Story no longer on line)

Water Riots Seen Spreading as World Wells Run Dry
August 16, 2000 - Global fresh water supplies are being used up so fast that almost half a billion people already depend on non-renewable sources, an international conference was told on Monday.
Water riots such as those in China's Shandong province last month will become more common as people struggle for control of dwindling supplies, said Lester Brown chairman of the U.S.-based Worldwatch Institute.
Source: Prophezine (Story no longer on line)

They're Back!
Apr. 8, 2000 - UFO's: Prelude To Invasion By New Age Deity?
Author Thomas Horn explores the possibility that the increased number of sightings and interest in UFO's supports New Age teaching about extra terrestrial life, and sets the stage for a false messiah.
Source: Worthy News

Leaky Sun threatens disruption
Feb. 24, 2000 - A "hole" in the Sun's Corona, allowing solar wind particles to escape at speeds up to 500 miles per second, could cause interruption of satellite transmission and power grid operation on earth through the end of February. A similar warning was issued recently but no problems were experienced from that event.
Source: BBC

Sicily's Mt. Etna Erupts
Feb. 13, 2000 - Spectacular pictures of the eruption...
Source: BBC
Mt. Etna Webcam
See our Volcanoes Page

Serbia announces legal action as cyanide pollution spreads
Feb. 13, 2000 - A major spill of poisonous cyanide from a Romanian gold mine has virtually killed life in the Tisza river, and has now reached the Danube. Concentration is not deadly now that the spill has reached the Danube, but this could be the biggest ecological disaster in Europe since the Chernobyl nuclear reactor catastrophe in 1986.
Source: CNN

No escaping asteroids
Jan 12, 2000 - The estimated number of Near Earth Orbiting (NEO) asteroids has been downgraded to about 700, but the threat they pose is just as great as previously thought.
Source: BBC

Cops Claim Close Encounter With UFO
Jan. 12, 2000 - Officer Craig Stevens from Milstadt, Illinois, and police from three other police departments, saw what they considered to be a UFO one week ago.
He snapped a Polaroid photo of the triangular object, said to resemble a two- to three-story house with a glowing red interior, as it slowly soared 500 to 1,000 feet over Millstadt.
Source: APB. (Story no longer on line)

Venezuela disaster 'worst this century'
Dec. 29, 1999 - The death toll for Venezuela's flood has been set at 30,000, but as many as 50,000 might have died. The exact number will never be known.
Source: BBC

30,000 feared dead in floods
Dec. 21,1999 - The actual number of dead in Venezuela's weather catastrophe will never be known since thousands are buried deep in the mud. The nation has sent out an urgent call for help.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Dec. 17, 1999 - An interesting and informative series from BBC's award winning world affairs editor, John Simpson, on threats to the Earth's well-being. NOTE: The author's description of some of these "horsemen" is different from our interpretation of the first four seals of Revelation 6.
First Horseman - Environmental Disaster
Second Horseman - War
Third Horseman - Organized Crime
Forth Horesman - Disease

Nuclear reaction brought under control at Japanese uranium plant
Oct. 1, 1999 - Japan's worst nuclear accident, an uncontrolled chain reaction at a uranium plant, has left two people critically injured, and 39 others exposed to high doses of radiation. The situation is now under control, and 300,000 people who had been ordered to stay indoors for two days are now free to go about their business. The plant is located in in Tokaimura, about 120 kilometers (70 miles) northeast of Tokyo. Source: CNN (Story no longer on line)

Small but deadly comets identified
Sept. 16, 1999 - Dr. Matt Genge, a scientist from London's Natural History Museum warns that a small but deadly comet or meteor could crash into the Earth at any time, killing millions of people.
He identifies comets between just 50 to 100 metres wide as the most terrifyingly destructive, with massive heat and shock waves burning people and crushing buildings. Dr Genge explains that whilst meteors bigger than two kilometres could wipe out humanity, these hits are expected only once every million years or so.
Source: BBC News

'Very, very dangerous' Floyd heads toward Florida
Sept. 14, 1999 - Hurricane Floyd brings potentially "catastrophic" winds to Florida and its neighbors today. Sustained winds of 155 mph are just below the 156 mph threshold of a Category 5 (the highest) hurricane.
When Hurricane Andrew struck southern Miami-Dade County in 1992, the Category 4 storm brought 150-mph (240-km/h) winds and 200-mph (320-km/h) gusts. Dozens of deaths were blamed on Andrew, which made 160,000 people homeless and caused estimated local damage of $25 billion.
"Andrew was almost the same intensity as this storm, but Andrew was small," said Jarrell of the National Hurricane Center. "This is a huge storm so ... (Floyd) is much more dangerous than Andrew."
Source: CNN (Story no longer on line)

The threat of bio-terror in the U.S.
Aug. 30, 1999 - According to the August 1999 issue of Annals of Emergency Medicine,"Strike Teams" in 120 major American cities are in training for a possible major biological terrorist event. Perpretrators of a biological attack could be responsible for thousands of deaths within days of spraying lethal agents into the air or on food. By the time the illness is analyzed, several days later, the terrorists would have time to disappear, and infected people would travel all over the country spreading the disease.
Source: WorldNetDaily (Story no longer on line)

Emerging Water Shortages Threaten Food Supplies, Regional Peace
July 17, 1999 - A new book from the Worldwatch Institute shows that spreading water shortages threaten to reduce the global food supply by more than 10 percent. Left unaddressed, these shortages could lead to hunger, civil unrest, and even wars over water.
Today, irrigation problems are widespread in the grain-growing regions of central and northern China, northwest and southern India, parts of Pakistan, much of the western United States, North Africa, the Middle East, and the Arabian Peninsula.
Water tables are dropping steadily in several major food-producing regions as groundwater is pumped faster than nature replenishes it. The world's farmers are racking up an annual water deficit of some 160 billion cubic meters-the amount used to produce nearly 10 percent of the world's grain. The overpumping of groundwater cannot continue indefinitely.
From Sandra Postel's, Pillar of Sand: Can the Irrigation Miracle Last?

Close shave with asteroid
June 16, 1999 - A newly-discovered asteroid, 1999 AN10, could miss the Earth by only 1/10th of the distance between the Earth and the Moon in the year 2027, and the gravitational pull of the Earth could change its path enough that it would colide with us on its return in 2039.
Astronomers stress that a collision is only one of a range of possibilities for this kilometre-wide chunk of rock. If it did strike, it would cause continent-wide devastation and alter the Earth's climate.
Source: BBC News

700 Missing in Pakistani Cyclone
May 21, 1999 - 170 mph winds caused tidal waves which submerged hundreds of small fishing villages about 40 miles east of Pakistans's port city of Karachi.
Source: Yahoo (Story no longer on line)

US tornado breaks records
May 13, 1999 - Wind speeds for the recent tornado in Oklahoma City were measured at 318 mph (509km/h). Such wind speeds were previously thought to be impossible.
If the speed had been just 1 mph higher, this would have been the first storm ever to have been classified as an F-6 tornado. Source: BBC News

Twisters slam Oklahoma, Kansas; at least 41 dead
May 4, 1999 - Tornadoes may have destroyed 2000 homes in Oklahoma and Kansas. 36 people are known dead in Oklahoma and 5 in Kansas in the aftermath of an "unprecedented" series of twisters. Hundreds were injured. One of the tornadoes is thought to have been a mile wide. Source: CNN (Story no longer on line)

A mile-wide asteroid could collide with earth in 40 years
Wed Apr 14 , 1999 -- A mile-wide asteroid (called 1999 AN10) that could collide with the Earth in the year 2039
. If it did, the devastation would be continent-wide, with massive global effects for decades. Hundreds of millions of people would die and many animal species would be wiped out.
Source:Weekend News Today (Story no longer on line)

Hail shatters Sydney
April 14, 1999 - A freak hailstorm pounded Australia's capital city with some hailstones larger than golf balls, breaking building and car windows, and causing hundreds of millions of dollars worth of damage! Dozens of people were injured as well.
Source: (Story no longer on line)

Invest To Avert Armageddon
Mar. 3, 1999 - In the UK, Lembit Opik is earning for himself the title "Nostradamus of Parliament" by urging the government to invest a billion Pounds per year in research to find and try to divert asteroids which may threaten the earth. He calls it a "very serious threat." Source: BBC News

Europe's Biggest Smash Hit
Feb. 15, 1999 - New discovery of an ancient catastrophic meteor impact in the Bering Sea. Source: BBC

Record Year For Weather Related Disasters
Nov. 27, 1998 - With one month to go, this Worldwatch Institute article declares 1998 the worst year on record for bad weather. Economic costs have totaled $89 billion, and,
The direct human impact of this year's weather-related disasters has also been staggering. An estimated 32,000 people have been killed, and another 300 million-more than the population of the United States-have been displaced from their homes or forced to resettle because of extreme weather events in 1998.

Shortage of Fresh Water Predicted
Aug. 27, 1998 - In an AP article by Donna Abu-Nasr, the next generation will bring severe shortages of good water to as much as 1/3 of the world's population, and will probably lead to wars for water rights.
To reduce demand for drinking water in the future, the report from The Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health recommended that countries conserve water, pollute less, manage supply and demand of water better and slow population growth.
Now, nearly half a billion people don't have enough drinking water. That number is expected to increase to 2.8 billion people by 2025 - or 35 percent of the world's projected 8 billion people, the report said.
Today, 31 countries, mostly in Africa and the Near East, are facing water stress or water scarcity. By 2025, population pressure will push another 17 countries, including India, onto the list. China, with a projected 2025 population of 1.5 billion, will not be far behind, said the report.
Source: Yahoo (Story no longer on line)

NASA: Asteroid to miss Earth by a wide margin
Mar 12, 1998 - NASA has pulled out some 9 year old pictures showing the position of the asteroid (reported yesterday) when it was first visible, and has recalculated it's course to show that it will miss the Earth by 600,000 miles. (Source: CNN Interactive)

Two coming Hollywood productions about asteroids:
Deep Impact - Dreamworks SKG - Paramount
Armageddon - Touchstone (Story no longer on line)

Mile-wide asteroid on course for near-miss with Earth
Mar. 11, 1998 - Astronomers are calling this asteroid "the most dangerous one we've found so far." It is due to come close to Earth in 2028, missing us by only 30,000 miles. There is a wide margin of error in their calculations (180,000 miles) so, even though there is only a small chance of a collision, there is real concern about the possibility. If this asteroid should hit the Earth it would have the force of 2 million atomic bombs! (Source: CNN Interactive) Note: later reports indicate it will miss Earth by 600,000 miles.

The Tunguska Event
Visit this Russian site about the 1908 collision.

A Near miss in 1989!
In Russel Chandler's book, Doomsday, he reported that "On March 23, 1989, a half-mile-wide asteroid flew through Earth's path at forty-six thousand miles an hour. Nobody saw it coming. A scientific team convened by Congress a year later noted that 'the Earth had been at that point only six hours earlier.'" (Russell Chandler, Doomsday: The End of the World --A View through Time, Copyright 1993: Ann Arbor, Michigan: Servant Publications, p. 130)

Who Believes In Global Warming?
Dec. 4, 1997 - While the world debates the "problem" of global warming in Kyoto, conservatives are calling for a "Strike For Liberty" to oppose the President's position in this controversial issue.
Study the matter and decide for yourself.
Pro-treaty information
Anti-treaty information
Global Warming Information Site

Air Force Report Denies UFO's at Roswell
June 24, 1997 - "The Roswell Report: Case Closed" states that the recovered parts were from a test balloon, and the "aliens" were anthropomorphic test dummies.
June 24, 1997 - In an Associated Press article by Robert Burns, posted on AOL news, Deon Crosby, director of The International UFO Museum and Research Center, Roswell claims that the report "raised more questions than it answered."
Source: Air Force (Story no longer on line)
Gallup Poll indicates strong belief in UFOs
In September 1996 approximately 50% of the people polled stated that they believed in the reality of UFOs. (Story no longer on line)
UFOs and Aliens: A Christian Perspective
Chuck Missler has devoted a section of his award-winning Koinonia House site to this topic.
See notes below for more on the possibility that UFO sightings are demonic deceptions.

Weird Weather
April 25, 1997 - The disasterous flooding in Grand Forks, North Dakota is just the latest in a long series of radical weather changes in recent years. In Luke 21:11, Jesus spoke of great signs from heaven in the Last Days. In verse 25 He added, "There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea."

"Weather Modification" by Steven Wright is taken from his book, Weather Modification & UFO's. He shows that every year, since 1988, not only in America, but worldwide, we have broken all-time records of natural disasters. He says, "World record weather patterns changed so much in 1988 that Time magazine's cover story the week of January 2, 1989 read, 'EARTH: Planet of the Year.'" He goes on to show that that 11 out of the 12 worst natural disasters in America have happened since 1989.

What is the liklihood that these changes are just a natural cycle? He shows that they are more likely supernatural, or possibly even caused by human experimentation!
Source: Prophezine (Story no longer on line)

Worst Mass Suicide in US History Tied To Hale-Bopp Comet and UFO Belief
March 27, 1997 - The nation was shocked this morning by the news that 39 people, mostly young computer professionals of the "Higher Source" website development group, had apparently committed suicide in Rancho Santa Fe, California. Early reports claim that their motivation was a desire to join a UFO travelling with Comet Hale-Bopp.
If bright young people can be so deceived, imagine what lies Antichrist can get people to believe after the Rapture!
Hale-Bopp - The Brightest Comet of Our Century
Heaven's Gate
Visit the websites of these talented programers.
See information about "Do" (Marshall Applewhite) in our False Christ's section.
Related information:
The Heaven's Gate Cult
The Registration
Our fictional account of future events. See how UFOs might be used to explain "The Disappearance" of Christians at the Rapture.

Near Miss by a Meteor and Solar Eclipse in 1999
Van Impe's Intelligence Briefing of Aug. 1996 gives information on a huge meteor that came very close to Earth in May, 1996 with only 5 days warning. There is also news of a total Solar eclipse which will be seen in parts of Europe on Aug. 11, 1999. (Story no longer online)
The Watcher: UFOs Antichrist And Antichrist
The Angelic Conspiracy & End Times Deception

Fascinating!. . . Biblical! . . . Trustworthy

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Terrors in the Heavens

A great amount of attention is focused on the skies in our times. There are several reasons for this. Scientific advances in observation technologies have allowed us to learn much more about our space neighbors. We now know much more about the existence and orbits of small objects which could come near, or even strike the Earth.

Our own ventures into space are a second major reason for this interest. In our generation we have placed so many objects into orbit above us that it is almost impossible to track all of the functioning and non-functioning satellites.


About 5,000 asteroids are known to exist, and it is believed that there are as many as 30,000 of them in our Solar System. 1600 of these are watched carefully. Most of them are controlled by Jupiter. About 40 of them are known to intersect the Earth's orbit ("Asteroid", New Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia)

The Asteroid belt, where most of them are found is between Mars and Jupiter.

In 1937 the asteroid Hermes came very close to earth. It passed within 500,000 miles, only twice the distance between the Earth the Moon. This is a "near miss." Our gravitational pull can affect something coming this close.

In 1989 an asteroid that was 5 miles in diameter came dangerously close. It will pass again some time after the turn of the century. (Educational News TV., Aug. '89)

Some asteroids we know about are:

In the Book of Revelation one often reads about a "falling star." The Greek word for star is aster. ( Like "Esther" and "asteroid.")

Scientists have often suggested that an earlier collision with an asteroid may have caused mass extinctions and the onset of an ice age. However, a literal interpretation of the Book of Genesis would suggest these events were caused by the great flood of Noah's days.

Meteors and Meteorites

These are "Boulder-sized" asteroids. The largest one discovered was about 70 tons. They are often called "shooting stars," since they leave bright streaks in the atmosphere as they burn up. Those that do not completely burn up before hitting the earth are called meteorites.

One hit Arizona in prehistoric times causing a crater 4100 feet across & 600 feet deep! About 500 of them strike the earth each year. About 120 impact sites are known. ("Meteor and Meteorite", New Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia)


We hear of comets occasionally, such as Halley's Comet and the Swift Tuttle Comet.

In 1994, Shoemaker-Levey 9, a comet with 21 fragments collided with Jupiter from July 16 through 22. The speed of this "comet train" was 37 miles per second (133,200 mph). This is 60 times speed of a bullet! At this speed, one could go from New York. to Los Angeles. in 1 minute and 22 seconds. The first chunk of this comet hit Jupiter with a force of perhaps a million hydrogen bombs. It was photographed by powerful telescopes on earth which showed that it caused a mushroom cloud of gas nearly 1000 miles into space, and left a dark splotch, half the size of Earth. ( Time Magazine, 7/25/94 - p. 57)

The combined size of the 21 pieces was between 1/2 mi. and 2 1/2 mi. in diameter. The combined energy could be 20 million megatons (compare the largest bomb ever made: Soviet's 58 megaton)! This total impact is (greater than the combined force of all nuclear devices ever made.

One writer said that such a comet train hitting the Earth could incinerate whole countries and produce a dust cloud that would bring on nuclear winter. It would kill millions, or perhaps billions, of people. (Time Magazine, 5/23/94 - p. 61)

In 1908 a comet in Siberia flattened the surrounding forests for 40 miles, and could be felt more than 100 miles away. Pressure waves from this event were recorded in London.

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