Creation and The Genesis Flood

CREATION: According to Romans 1, denial of the evidence of Creation leads to depravity. Perhaps the new affirmations of Creation are a sign of Revival.

THE FLOOD: The Bible says the last days will be like it was in the days of Noah. Wouldn't it be wonderful of the Lord to give the last generation powerful reminders that the flood actually happened?

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Professor: Biblical Event Explains Weather As We Know It

Apr. 29, 2005 - DeYoung, a physics professor at Grace College in northern Indiana's Winona Lake, has written a book called "Weather and the Bible." He says that modern weather patterns are quite different from the once sub-tropical climate of the whole earth, and that the change was caused by the flood in Noah's days.
Source:The Indy Channel

Young Earth Creationist Has Bone to Pick With Evolutionists

April 8, 2005 - Ken Ham, president of Answers in Genesis, explains that the soft tissue found in a recently discovered dinosaur bone in Montana is strong evidence of a young earth because soft tissue would not have survived millions of years as the evolutionists claim.

Design For Living

Feb. 7, 2005 - In this New York Times Op-Ed piece, Michael J. Behe explains the theory of Intelligent Design. In the article, he quotes Bruce Alberts, president of the National Academy of Sciences, who said that the chemistry of life was "much more elaborate and sophisticated" than he, and other students in the 1960's could have considered.
In fact, Dr. Alberts remarked, the entire cell can be viewed as a factory with an elaborate network of interlocking assembly lines, each of which is composed of a set of large protein machines.
Michael J. Behe is a professor of biological sciences at Lehigh University and a senior fellow with the Discovery Institute's Center for Science and Culture. He is the author of "Darwin's Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution."
Intelligent Design - Dr. Albert's reply to the N.Y. Times

There is a God, leading atheist concludes

Dec. 9, 2004 - Antony Flew, a British philosophy professor, and famous athiest, now says that scientific evidence, especially the complexity of DNA, has convinced him to believe in God, though he does not yet embrace the Biblical concept of God. Flew, who is 81 is the son of a Methodist pastor. He became an athiest at age 15, and has been a leading voice for that philosophy over the years.
Flew said he was best labeled a deist, like Thomas Jefferson, whose God was not actively involved in people’s lives.
Craig Hazen, Director of the Apologetics Department at Biola University, has just announced that the January 2005 issue of their journal, Philosophia Christi will include an interview of Flew by Dr. Gary Habermas. The ex-athiest admits that he was influenced by the debates and discussions of Intelligent Design scientists and philosophers.

Poll: Creationism Trumps Evolution

Nov. 23, 2004 - According to a CBS public opinion poll, 55 percent of Americans believe God created man in his present form, and most of the rest believe God was involved in the process of evolution. Only 13 percent thought God was not involved at all. The majority (65 percent) thought that both creation and evolution ought to be taught as possibilities for human origins.
Was Darwin Wrong? - The November National Geographics asks the question on its cover, but doesn't present a balanced report on current research. - Christianity Today

Panicked Evolutionists: The Stephen Meyer Controversy

Sept. 15, 2004 - Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr., president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, says that evolutionists are showing panic because of a scientific article by Dr. Steven Meyer that was published in one of their own journals, Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington. Dr. Meyer's article, entitled "The Origin of Biological Information and the Higher Taxonomic Categories," demonstrated that the explosion of biological forms in the Cambrian period can not possibly be explained by the process of evolution.

Christian dinosaur hunters dig for signs of Biblical dragons

June 19, 2004 - Countless dinosaur bones lie buried in the rocks of South Dakota but the Christians excavating one remote cliff-face were digging not just for reptilian vertebrae but for the hand of God. With screwdrivers, hammers and shaving brushes for tools, the group was seeking and, as far as it was concerned, unearthed proof that the animals perished not millions of years ago but in Noah's Flood circa 2300 BC. To these believers in the Bible's literal truth, they are not dinosaurs but "missionary lizards", which are powerful weapons in the battle for young American hearts and minds.
Source:Telegraph UK

Expedition Will Seek to Find Noah's Ark

April 27, 2004 - Daniel P. McGivern, president of Shamrock_The Trinity Corporation of Honolulu, Hawaii, says that a joint U.S.-Turkish team of 10 explorers hopes to get Turkish approval to climb Mt. Ararat in July.
The goal: to enter what they believe to be a mammoth structure some 45 feet high, 75 feet wide and up to 450 feet long that was exposed in part by last summer's heat wave in Europe.
The purpose of the expedition is not to do excavation, but to simply photograph the structure for all to see.
Source:Fox (Story no longer online)

Ohio Schools Adopt Curriculum Critically Challenging Evolution

Mar. 13, 2004 - Ohio has become the first state in America to revise its science curriculum by adopting an optional science lesson for schools called "Critical Analysis of Evolutionary Theory." The Ohio State Board of Education approved the unit that allows for the discussion of evidence supporting and opposing the theory of macroevolution, or common descent. It has no religious content, and is based strictly on scientific evidence
The "Critical Analysis of Evolutionary Theory" lesson plan contains exploration of five basic problem areas with the theory of evolution.
Source:Agape Press (Story no longer online)

Galaxy find stirs Big Bang debate

Jan. 9, 2004 - An Australian-led team of scientists has discovered a new string of galaxies in a remote part of the Universe that is too big to explain by current astronomy theories. Team leader Dr. Paul Francis said:
"The simulations tell us that you cannot take the matter in the early universe and line it up in strings this large. There simply hasn't been enough time since the Big Bang for it to form structures this colossal."

New particle is double trouble for physicists

Nov. 17, 2003 - Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have discovered mysterious sub-atomic particle that will cause physicists to re-think their theory of the masses of sub-atomic particles. A spokesman for the group said, "If the molecular interpretation is correct, then it would be one of the first compelling cases for a new type of matter - it opens up a whole new realm of study."
Source:New Scientist

'Humans could live for hundreds of years'

Oct. 24, 2003 - A team of researchers have reported, in the journal Science, that humans might live much longer if they received the same treatments that have been used to alter certain roundworms.
By carefully tweaking genes and hormones, scientists extended the lifespan of the tiny roundworm Caenorhabditis elegans six times. In human terms, the worms stayed healthy and active for 500 years.
Source:Ananova (Story no longer online)

Dark future for Universe

Aug. 16, 2003 - Astronomers are now saying that there are 10 times more stars in the visible Universe than all the grains of sand on every beach and desert in the world. But using new methods of measuring the light of whole galaxies, they also say that the stars are beginning to decline, and will one day, in the very distant future, cease to shine.

More stars 'than grains of sand'

July 23, 2003 - A mind boggling study from the Australian National University indicates that there are 10 times more stars in the night sky than grains of sand in the world's deserts and beaches. The number of stars visible from the Earth from telescopes is said to be 70 thousand million million million - or seven followed by 22 zeros.
Without a telescope it is only possible to see around 5,000 stars from the darkest places of the Earth, and just 100 in the middle of a large city.

Doonesbury Loves Evolution

April 21, 2003 - The creator of "Doonsbury" is apparently obsessed with the theory of evolution, to use Easter Sunday as a forum for bashing President Bush for doubting the theory.
Source:Crosswalk (Story no longer online)

Refuting Darwinism, point by point
Jan. 11, 2003- Veteran creation author, James Perloff has a new book, which is deliberately short, that shows the weaknesses of evolution. The book is called, "The Case Against Darwin." Perloff was an athiest himself, because of the teaching of evolution, and he is motivated by the fact that many other athiests have also had the negative influence of a evolutionary "science" that is wrong.

Georgia School District Votes to Allow Different Views Taught on Origin of Life
Sept. 27, 2002 - Georgia's second-largest school district has decided unanimously to allow teachers permission to introduce students to varying views about the origin of life, including creationism. They reason that, "Discussion of disputed views of academic subjects is a necessary element of providing a balanced education, including the study of the origin of species." Critics of the decision cite a 1987 Supreme Court ruling that creationism is a religious belief that could not be taught in public schools along with evolution.
Source:Fox (Story no longer online)

The War Between Evolution and God’s Intelligent Design
Sept. 3, 2002 - Professor Jed Macosko,a microbiologist teaches biology, including intelligent design, at La Sierra University in California. He says the molecules of living things form elaborate machines that are no more accidents than intelligently designed flying machines
"Intelligent design provides a great way to introduce students to the controversies around evolution and to provide a way of thinking through things," Macosko said.
He also said that if religious claims should be kept out of the classroom, Darwinism should also be considered unacceptable.
It's saying there was no purpose, there was no intelligence behind this and that's a very religious statement.
Source:CBN (Story no longer online)

'Astonishing' skull unearthed in Africa
July 11, 2002 - An amazing find of a very old, but modern scull has thrown the whole evolutionary idea of a "missing link" into further doubt.
Henry Gee, senior editor at the scientific journal Nature, said that the fossil made it clear how messy the process of evolution had been. ..."It shows us there wasn't a nice steady progression from ancient hominids to what we are today."
Updates - Watch the spin on this by evolutionists during the next few months:
Skull find sparks controversy - BBC July 12
Seven million-year-old skull 'just a female gorilla' -

The long quest for Noah's Ark
July 8, 2002 - Edward Crawford, an archaeological field technician from Washington State thinks he knows where Noah's Ark is on Turkey's Mount Ararat. He has visited Mt. Ararat several times, and is waiting now for the Turkish government to grant permits for a new expedition. He wants to return to a rectangular depression he discovered earlier, which, he says matches a satellite slide showed one exposed end of the ark during a period of extreme melt in 1973.
Source:News Tribune - Tacoma (Story no longer online)

Deny, deny, deny
Jan. 5, 2002 - In December, Congress adopoted a statement calling for students to be exposed to a diversity of views when topics "such as biological evolution" are taught. It is clearly an endorsement of the right of teachers to present both sides of the scientific controversy over evolution. However, evolutionists are trying to represent the statement to mean that Congress wants to discourage the teaching of intelligent design and other alternatives to Darwinism .
Source:John West - WorldNetDaily

Satellites Search for Ancient Artifact
Aug. 24, 2001 - Quick-bird 2, a military and private satellite, will be launched soon, and will use powerful cameras to take snapshots of Mount Ararat in eastern Turkey. The area is closed to explorers because of war in the region, but earlier pictures reveal an anomaly that researchers say might be the remains of Noah's Ark.

Time magazine's new ape-man
July 24, 2001 - James Perloff, author of Tornado In A Junkyard, shows that Time Magazine's newest cover article about evolution is dishonest. It introduces Ardipithecus ramidus kadabba with the headline, "How Apes Became Human." This is an ape that supposedly walked upright, based on the type of toes it had. Hidden at the back of the article is a brief mention that the toes were found ten miles from the rest of the skeleton, with no real scientific evidence that they belong to the ape. This specimen is destined to join the long list of other hoaxes that have been forced on the public by evolutionists.
Source: WorldNetDaily

Survival of the Fittest?
July 7, 2001 - Author Alan Keyes shows that the theory of evolution is contrary to one of our most cherished beliefs as Americans: that all men are created equal.
Source: WorldNetDaily

Evolution Outdated
July 7, 2001 - Biologist Dr. Jonathan Wells, who holds doctorates from both Yale and the University of California, recently wrote "Icons of Evolution: Science or Myth?"
Wells evaluated ten major textbooks on seven examples of evolution. Out of the seventy total grades, the books earned 25 Ds, but mostly Fs — 40 of them to be exact. In other words, all the books flunked the truth test.
Source: CBN

Enlisting Science to Find the Fingerprints of a Creator
Mar. 25, 2001 - Roger DeHart, a Washington state high school biology teacher, has been including discussion of "Intelligent Design" in his classes. Without mentioning God or the Bible, he has used scientific evidence to show that life is designed by an intellilgent force.
Over nine years, DeHart would introduce ideas about this theory of "intelligent design." Then a student protested that DeHart was pushing religion. Then the ACLU filed a complaint. In 1999, school authorities ordered DeHart to drop references to design and stick to the textbook.
The censure has made DeHart a "martyr" among the growing community of intellectuals who agree with him.
One 1999 national survey by Scientific American magazine showed that fewer than 10% of National Academy of Sciences members believe in God. By contrast, 90% of Americans not only believe in God but say God played at least some role in creation, according to the Gallup Organization.
Source: L.A. Times (Story no longer online)

Flat-faced man is puzzle
Mar. 21, 2001 - The latest discovery of a different kind of hominid is the "flat-faced" man of Kenya (Kenyanthropus platyops). It poses a serious problem to evolution because it supposedly adds another entirely new branch on the family tree. What evolutionists have been looking for are links between species instead of more species.
Source: BBC

Biochemist-theologian unites Darwin and divinity
Mar. 9, 2001 - This year's Templeton Prize For Progress In Religion has gone to Rev. Arthur Peacocke, an ordained Anglican, who is also a biochemist. In fact, he holds doctorates in both science and divinity. He believes that God uses evolution -- "God makes things to make themselves."
Source: Christian Science Monitor (Story no longer online)
Note:This theory is known as "Theistic Evolution." Many well-meaning people accept this view, including liberal theologians, but it is not compatible with literal interpretation of the Bible.

State School Boards Grapple With Evolution Theory
Feb. 22, 2001 - In 1999 The Kansas state school board shocked the nation by deciding to to de-emphasize evolutionary theory in its science standards. They have recently elected new state school board members who have reversed that decision. However, the battle is continuing in other states.
Other state school boards are challenging evolution's preeminence in public schools, including Alabama, Arizona, Idaho, Kentucky, Michigan, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.
Serious consideration is being given by these state boards to creationism. This is due to the small but growing movement among scientists and philosophers called intelligent design.
Promoters of intelligent design, such as Lehigh University biochemist Michael Behe and University of San Francisco cell biologist Paul Chien, critique Darwinism on scientific and philosophic grounds without reference to any religious text. They believe that their empirical research indicates the presence of design in the natural world — not "apparent design" as Darwin asserted — and that the best explanation for the cause is an intelligent designer.
Source: Maranatha Christian Journal (Story no longer online)

Nasa team finds 'origin of life'
Jan. 30, 2001 - While trying to simulate ultra-cold conditions in a vacuum, NASA scientists accidentally produced some molecules that they say resemble the kind in the lining of a living cell. Their findings are reported in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
Source: The Times (UK) (Story no longer online)
Ed. note: Don't get excited yet! Because of the incredible complexity of a living cell, there is a great gulf between what they have done and anything that could be considered life. Whatever happened to the warm, ingredient-rich primeval soup of the ancient seas that was supposed to have brought forth life? This is the opposite - a super-cold vacuum. We laud scientific experimentation, but deplore the way some people publicize unwarranted conclusions.

Garden of Eden in Turkey, says Bible scholar
Jan. 16, 2001 - According to Michael Sanders, director of expeditions for the Mysteries of the Bible Research Foundation in Irvine, Calif., believes that satellite photographs taken by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration shows the origin of the four rivers mentioned in the Bible. According to this theory, a literal Garden of Eden would have been in what is Turkey today.
Source: National Post

Ancient reptile walked on two legs
Nov. 7, 2000 - A new fossil find indicates that the oldest known member of the Parareptilia, a major group of primitive reptiles walked upright.
While we don't accept the evolutionary assumptions of the article it is very interesting, in the light of the story of the Fall in Genesis 3, and the curse on the serpent, that such primitive reptiles had legs.

Sailing Noah's Ark into the present
Nov. 3, 2000 - Journalist Anthony LoBaido recently climbed Mt. Ararat in search of Noah's Ark, and compares the evil of Noah's world with our own. The article is a virtual catalog of the apostate behavior our generation accepts as normal.
Source: WorldNetDaily (Story no longer online)

'Home of Noah' is found 300 ft below Black Sea
Sept.14, 2000 - Dr Robert Ballard, the man who found the wreck of the Titanic in 1985, has found remains of buildings under 311 ft. of water in the Black Sea. The discovery is being heralded as a momentous find, like that of Pompey, and it proves that there was a great sudden flood at the approxomate time of Noah.
Dr Fredrik Hiebert, chief archaeologist for the project from the University of Pennsylvania, said: "This find represents the first concrete evidence for the occupation of the Black Sea coast prior to its flooding. "This is a major discovery that will begin to rewrite the history of cultures in this key area between Europe, Asia and the ancient Middle East."
Source: Electronic Telegraph (Story no longer online)

Kansans Eject Anti-Evolution School Board Leaders
Aug. 2, 2000 - Two of the three pro-Creation Kansas School Board Members who were up for re-election were replaced by pro-evolution members in the state election. This will mean that the recent controversial board decisions about evolution are sure to be revisited.
Source: Yahoo (Story no longer online)

Buried City Shakes Up Archeological Thinking
May 23, 2000 - Archaeologists have discovered the ruins of what may be the city ever discovered. It is Tel Hamoukar in Syria, and is believed to be about 6000 years old.
Source: Chicago Tribune (Story no longer online)
Also: Mayor's mummy found - from 7th Century B.C. - BBC

Universe proven flat
April 28, 2000 - New experiments confirm the theory that the universe is flat instead of curved as Einstein suggested.
"It's a tremendously exciting result - and one that will mean rewriting the text books on the history of the Universe," said one of the research team, Professor Peter Ade at Queen Mary College, University of London.
The new evidence fits a "big bang" theory of beginnings, but does not support the idea that the universe would collapse, starting over again.
Source: BBC

National Geographic retracts boast of dinosaur-to-bird 'missing link'
Apr. 13, 2000 - A dinosaur fossil from China which supposedly had feathers has been shown to be a composite of at least two different animals.
In a six-page color spread, complete with artist's drawings, photographs and diagrams, National Geographic's November 1999 issue reported that the "Archaeoraptor," supposedly a 120-million-year-old bird-like creature with the tail of a meat-eating dinosaur, had been discovered in a fossil unearthed in the remote Liaoning Province of China.
The article also mentions other big mistakes and hoaxes in the supposed proof of evolution. These include "Nebraska Man," "Piltdown Man," "Haeckel's Embryos," and the "Peppered Moth."
Source: Worthy News

Creation-Evolution Fuss Won't Go Away
Apr. 7, 2000 - Oklahoma's House of Representatives unanimously passed a textbook bill with an ammendment which states that science textbooks must have an "acknowledgment that human life was created by one God of the universe." The bill will still have to be passed by the state Senate before it can become law.
Source: Tulsa World (Story no longer online)

Tornado In A Junkyard
Mar. 29, 2000 - Preview of Sunday's feature interview with James Perloff who shows in his book, "Tornado in a Junkyard," that no solid evidence exists for macroevolution -- the conversion of one animal type into another.

The Hunt for Noah's Ark
Feb. 15, 2000 - About Robert Ballard's search for Noah's Ark:
He's found the Lusitania and the Bismarck, brought us the first views of the Titanic since she sank to the ocean floor in 1912 and discovered Ancient Roman and Phoenician vessels. Now Robert Ballard is going after the biggest one of all - trawling the Black Sea for 7,500-year-old remnants of Noah's Ark.
Source: The Times (UK)

Explorer who found Titanic says Black Sea formed by ancient flood
Nov. 19, 1999 - Explorer Robert Ballard has discovered strong evidence under the Black Sea that a flood like that of Noah's days changed the Black Sea from a fresh water lake to a salt water sea. Mollusks found on the ancient coastline, now under water have been dated by radiocarbon testing. The tests show that the change from fresh to sea water took place during the proper time frame for the Genesis Flood!
Source:CNN (Story no longer on line.)

Evolution Discussion Moves Into Presidential Politics
Sept 2, 1999 - Evolution versus Creation has now entered the national debate, with presidential front-runners expressing favorable views of Creation.
Gallup polls show that about 44 percent of Americans believe in a strict biblical creation view, according to The Washington Post. About 40 percent believe in "theistic evolution," the concept that God guided millions of years of evolution that culminated with humans, The Post reported, while only 10 percent of those surveyed expressed a strict, secular evolutionist view.
Source: Maranatha Christian Journal (Story no longer on line.)

Kansas Eliminates Evolution From Public School Curricula
Aug. 11, 1999 - The Kansas Board of Education has adopted new guidelines which eliminate the teaching of evolution as the basis for biology and other sciences.
Teaching evolution misleads students, said Tom Willis, director of the Creation Science Association for Mid-America, which helped write Kansas's curriculum proposal.
"It's deception," Willis said prior to the vote. "You can't go into the laboratory or the field and make the first fish. When you tell students that science has determined [evolution to be true], you're deceiving them."
Source:Washington Post (Story no longer online)

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