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Connecting the Dots
A Handbook of Bible Prophecy

Here are some of the comments people have made about the book:

"I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the book!"

"As a youth pastor it has been extremely useful when students ask complex questions regarding biblical prophecy and the end times!"

"The book answered all my questions."

"...a self-help course for those who would like to understand the big picture of prophecy, especially as it deals with Israel, the church, and the coming events of the end times. It is a guide for proper understanding and interpretation of prophecy that will enable the reader to understand what exactly is happening in this world today."

"Connecting the Dots meets and exceeds the title's expectations as a Handbook of Bible Prophecy. Whether you are a long time Bible prophecy scholar or a beginner like me, you will find the information contained in the book to be thorough, clearly presented, easy to use and reference and chock full of Biblical references."

"I'm now ordering several more copies as gifts for people I know will profit from your studious, yet simple & reasoned approach to such complex material. What a timely treasure to help us 'look up' and to 'be alert'".

"I'm almost through, but want to start again from the beginning. [It] outlines and covers things so clearly, as well as including subjects often lacking in such a book."

Thank you so much! Love your work. I'm reading through your prophecy book now and enjoying it immensely."

"At least two people have said it is the perfect book for thoughtful intellectual friends and relatives."

"This book is amazing, If you want to have any idea about what's going on in this crazy world, get it!!"

"I just started Connecting the Dots and it has been great! It breaks down each topic well and explains everything very thoroughly. I love it!"

Quotations taken from Reviews and Testimonials.

Connecting the Dots is 340 pages of helpful information about the great subject of Bible prophecy. It is offered by Prophecy Central, the Internet's trusted "World of Information about Bible Prophecy." The site has been the standard of biblical encouragement and relevant news since 1996.

"Connecting the Dots" simplifies the subject and shows how current events relate to Bible predictions. It reveals the "big picture" of prophecy: an overview of this vast aspect of God's Word. It begins by showing how fulfilled prophecy is the most convincing proof that the Bible really is inspired by God. and it traces the broad outline of things to come so that you will understand how various predictions fit together.

The first chapter lists the major prophetic events that are yet to be fulfilled. It then gives a revealing look at the tumultuous state of the world. You will see that many of the major current events show that we are actually living in the end times.

It explains the amazing changes that have taken place in our world since the rebirth of Israel, and the resurgence of Islamic terrorism. You will understand why wars, economic problems and other pressures are pushing us toward the acceptance of global governance and a one-world religion.

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