Table of Contents




Table of Contents


Part I - Israel - God's Chosen People Still


Chapter 1 - What in the World Is Happening?

An Overview of Things to Come

The Wonder of Fulfilled Prophecy

Major Prophetic Events Yet To Be Fulfilled

     Restoration of Israel

     Emergence of a Final Evil World Empire

     Time of Jacob's Trouble/ Tribulation

     Coming of Messiah as King

Jesus' Own Outline of the Future - The Olivet Discourse

     Beginning of Birth Pains

     The Tribulation

     The Great Tribulation

Are We There Yet?

     Where is the Promise of His Coming?

     Jesus’ Guidelines

War and Peace in the Middle East

     Current Events

     Israel and Her Neighbors - Multiple Wars

     The Islamic Revolution - Iran 1979

     9/11 and Islamic Terrorism

     Afghanistan and Iraq

     Threat from Iran

     The Quest for Peace

     A Two-State Solution?

     What about Jerusalem and the Temple Mount?

     A Temporary Peace

     Before or After the Rapture?

Understanding the Times

Other Prophecies

     Astrology and Fortune-telling

     Nostradamus and Other Psychics

     Mayan Prophecies and the Year 2011

     Islamic Prophecies

About the Name “Antichrist”


Chapter 2 - The Chosen People

Chosen to share the Truth
The Covenants
The purpose of a "Chosen People": Blessing of All Nations
The Promised Land

Conditional Nature of the Promise for the Land
The Disobedience and Restoration of Israel
     Disobedience and Discipline
     Rebuilding - Ezra, Nehemiah
     Coming of the Messiah
     Fulfillment of Prophecy

     The Believing Minority: Apostles and Early Christians
Israel's Unbelief
     Rejection of Messiah
     Hardening and Blindness
     Modern Israel

War and Peace

Israel's Glorious Future



Part II - The Church: A Mystery Revealed


Chapter 3 - The Mystery of the Church

Announcement by Jesus
Beginnings at Pentecost
The Feasts and Fulfilled Prophecy
     The Passover Supper
     The Feast of Unleavened Bread
     The Feast of First Fruits

Warning About Date Setting
The Feasts and Possible Future Fulfillments
     Rosh Hashanah
     Yom Kippur
     The Feast of Tabernacles

Revelation of the Mystery of the Church through Paul
The Gospel to All Nations - "To the Jew First"
The Church: The Body and Bride of Christ
Grafted in Temporarily - in Israel's Place
Spiritual Heirs of the Covenants
Not to Replace Israel
One New Man
Not to Antagonize Israel


Chapter 4 - Church History

The Presence of Jesus Christ in This Age
Insight about the Church
Instruction to the Church
     To Ephesus
     To Smyrna
     To Pergamum
     To Thyatira
     To Sardis
     To Philadelphia
     To Laodicea



Chapter 5 - Satan's Final Empire: Global Governance and Religion

Rise of Satan's final Empire
     Nebuchadnezzar's Dream and Daniel's Visions

     Satanic Control of World Empires

     Revelation's Beasts

Rise of Satan's Final Religion
A New World Order
     Knights Templar
     The Illuminati
     The Scottish Rite of the Masonic Order
     The Palladian Rite

Recent Developments Toward a New World Order
     The Federal Reserve System

     The League of Nations
     The Council on Foreign Relations
     Pyramid on the One Dollar Bill
     The United Nations

     European Union
     The Bilderberg Group
     The World Constitution and Parliament Association

     New Age Spirituality
     The Club of Rome
     Environmental Issues
     The Trilateral Commission
     Dissolution of the USSR
     The Gulf War

     United Religions Initiative

     9/11 Attacks and the War on Terrorism

     The Great Recession


Chapter 6 - The Rapture of the Church

The Next Major Biblical Event in History
Meaning of "Rapture"
Three Events That Happen at the Rapture
Other Important Terms
Those who are "in Christ"
Why the Rapture Will Take Place Before the Tribulation
     Any-moment Expectation (Imminence)
     Deliverance of the Saints from Wrath
     The Lawless One  Not Revealed until Hindering Force Removed

     The Death of the Believer: Time and Eternity
     Events between the Rapture and Christ's Return
     Our Return with Christ
     The Centrality of Israel and Jewish People during the Tribulation
     Population of the Millennium by Mortal Believers
     Differences between the Rapture and the Second Coming
     Absence of the Church
     The Church Is Missing from the Tribulation


Chapter 7 - Historical Developments:

Israel Scattered, the Church Age, and the Rise of Islam

The Rise of Islam


     The Spread of Islam

     The Dome of the Rock

     The Dome's Beauty

     A Denial of Christianity


Al-Aqsa Mosque

     Jewish Hopes under Islam

     The Crusaders Capture Jerusalem

     Jerusalem Lies Desolate

     Jerusalem under Turkish Rule

     Jews Hope for Return

     Non-Muslims Barred from the Temple Mount

     More Jewish Persecution

World Wars I and II

     End of Ottoman Empire

     The Balfour Agreement and the British Mandate

     The Holocaust

     End of the British Mandate

 Rebirth of the nation of Israel

     Independence - 1948

     The Suez Canal War of 1956

     The PLO - 1964

     The 6-Day War of 1967

     The Yom Kippur War of 1973

     The Islamic Revolution - Iran 1979

     War with Lebanon and Hezbollah - 1982 and 2006

     Hamas (Islamic Resistance Movement) - `987

     The Palestinian Authority - 1994

     Suicide Bombings Introduced - 1994

     Interference from Saddam Hussein’s Iraq - 2002

     Nuclear Iran - 2010

     Concern for Muslims


Part III - Tribulation Saints
The Destiny of Believers during the Coming Tribulation


Chapter 8 - Believers during the Tribulation

Saints and Martyrs of The Tribulation Period
Believers in Christ from All Nations
Sudden Belief of Many after the Rapture
Messianic (Jewish) Leadership
The Central Role of Israel
A Symbolic Overview of All of Israel's History



Chapter 9 - The First Half of the Tribulation

The First Four Seals
     The First Seal - The Beast Revealed
     The Second Seal - War

          - The Aggressors of the War of Gog and Magog

          - The Target: Israel

          - Russia’s Allies

          - The Outcome
     The Third Seal - Famine
     The Fourth Seal - Plagues and Death

A Seven Year Treaty with Israel
Trust in a Counterfeit Messiah
The 144,000 Called
Sealed - For What?


Chapter 10 - The Rebuilt Temple

Background: Jerusalem
The Tabernacle
     The Outer Court
     The Holy Place
     The Holy of Holies

Solomon's Temple
The Second Temple
     “Herod's Temple”

     Destruction of the Temple
The Temple Mount Today
     Two Muslim Holy Places
     - The Dome of The Rock

     - Al-Aqsa Mosque
     The Western Wall
     The Dome of the Tablets/ Dome of the Spirit

Necessity for A Temple
     Because of Israel's Desires
     Because of Bible Prophecy

A Third Temple during the Tribulation

     Location of the Future Temple
          - Where The Dome of the Rock stands
          - North of The Dome of the Rock
          - South of The Dome of the Rock
     The Ark of the Covenant

          - Under the Temple Mount

          -  In Ethiopia

          - On Mount Nebo

          - Other Possibilities
     Preparations for the Temple

          - Training

          - Materials

          - Ashes of a Red Heifer

          - Timing

A Fourth Temple during the Millennium


Chapter 11 - The Great Tribulation

The Abomination of Desolation in the Temple
The Mark of the Beast
Political Power
Religious Power
Technological Power
     The Personal Computer
     Artificial Intelligence
     Fiber Optics/ Quantum Computers
     Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Smart Cards

     The Internet/Grid

     “The Cloud” 

     Smart Phones/ GPS
     Implanted Transponders

The Beast’s Dictatorial Control

     Control of Commerce

     Control of Travel
     Control of the Media
     Programmable Tattoos

The Actual Mark

                      The Beast's name or number (666)

     Our number(s)

     The Number of the Beast

Receiving the Mark


Chapter 12 - Petra

The Flight of the Remnant from Jerusalem at Mid-Tribulation
Jerusalem Surrounded by Armies
Flight of Jews from Judea
Petra - The Prepared Place
     Historical Background of Petra
     Not to Be Conquered by the Beast
     A Hiding Place

     Believers' Underground
The Fifth Seal - Martyrdom
The Concept of the Remnant
Christ's Presence


Chapter 13 - The Plot Thickens

Not All the Jews Flee to Edom
Two Fearless Witnesses on the Temple Mount
Disasters of the Great Tribulation
     Meteors and Meteorites

     Coronal Mass Eruptions / Solar Storms
     Ecological Issues

The Seven Trumpets
     The First Trumpet - Scorching of the Earth
     The Second Trumpet - Slaughter in the Sea
     The Third Trumpet - Souring of the Water
     The Fourth Trumpet - Smiting of the Planets

     The Fifth Trumpet - Striking by Locusts
The Diabolical Pit
          - The Demonic Plague
          - The Destructive Potentate
     The Sixth Trumpet - Slaying of one-third of the Population
     The Seventh Trumpet - Sovereignty of God


Chapter 14 - Armageddon

Old Testament Previews of The Battle of Armageddon

The Seven Vials of God's Wrath
     The First Vial - Damaging Sores
     The Second Vial - Deadly Seas
     The Third Vial - Deplorable Springs
     The Fourth Vial - Dangerous Sunlight
     The Fifth Vial - Dark Seizure
     The Sixth Vial - Drying of the Strait
     The Seventh Vial - Destructive Scourge

The "Campaign" of Armageddon
Harmony of Passages in Revelation about Armageddon
     1- The Sixth Seal - Revelation 6:12-17
     2- The Sixth Trumpet - Revelation 9:13-21; 11:13
     3- The Winepress of God's Wrath - Revelation 14:14-20
     4- Sixth and Seventh Vials of God's Wrath - Revelation 16:12-21
     5- War against the Lamb - Revelation 17:14
     6- The Coming of Christ as King of Kings - Revelation 19:11-21

Signs in the Sun, Moon and Stars
The Great Earthquake


Chapter 15 - Coming of the King of Kings

The Glorious Return of Christ
The Church Returns with Christ
The Objects of His Wrath
Harvest of Wheat
     Destruction of Gentile Unbelievers
Harvest of Grapes
     Destruction of Jewish Unbelievers
     Two Thirds and One Third of All Israel

The Return of the Remnant from Edom
God's Dialogs with the Messiah
The Final Conversion of Israel
Israel's National Mourning for Yeshua
The Final Outcome of Christ's Glorious Return
     His Authority to Reign
     The Death of His Enemies
     The Fate of the Unholy Trinity



Part IV - After the Tribulation


Chapter 16 - The Millennium and Beyond

Overview of the Millennium
     The Kingdom was PROMISED to the patriarchs
     The Kingdom was ESTABLISHED by Jesus
     The Kingdom will be DEMONSTRATED during the Millennium
     The Kingdom will be fully DEVELOPED in the New Heaven and New


Previews of the Millennium from the Old Testament
     Messiah will Reign from Jerusalem

     National Repentance

     Restoration and Prosperity

John’s Brief Description of the Millennium

     Preparation for the Period

     Progress during the Period

          -The First Resurrection: Raised to Eternal Life

          -Judgment of Believers

     Postscript to the Period

Aspects of the Millennium
     Worship and Belief

After the Millennium
     The Last War
     The Other Resurrection
     Judgment of Non-believers - The Great White Throne
     A New Heaven and Earth
     The Heavenly Jerusalem




A - Chart of the End of the Age
B - Definition of common terms found in Eschatology
C - Harmony of Prophecy Chart
D - Warnings and Cautions
E - Notes on The Covenants in the Bible
F - The Complexities of Time
G - The Day of The Lord
H - The History of Edom
I - Jesus, The Kinsman Redeemer, Jesus The Avenger of Blood

     --And the Cities of Refuge
J - Earthquakes, Signs and Wonders
K - Pretribulation or Prewrath?
L - The Return of Jesus Christ In Power Glory and Splendor
M - The Marriage Supper of the Lamb
N - The Judgment Seat of Christ
O - The Great White Throne Judgment
P - Outline of The Olivet Discourse
Q - Outline of the Book of Revelation
R - Notes on Daniel 11 and 12 (Stedman)
S - Ancient Prophecies and Ancient Prayers For the End of the Age
T - Do You Know Christ Personally?

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