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Shock, heartbreak for U.S. parents adopting Russian kids

Dec. 29, 2012 - Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law that bans Americans from adopting Russian children.
Putin has defended the Russian law by saying his country should care for its own children. But critics including child rights advocates say it is an unfair move that uses orphans as pawns in an unrelated dispute.
The law ignores the needs of thousands of orphaned children in Russia. The measure is actually retaliation for a U.S. human rights law that bars entry to Russians accused of involvement in the death of anti-corruption lawyer Sergei Magnitsky and other alleged rights abuses.
Source: Reuters

A new Cold War

Sept. 23,2012 - Lt. Gen Ion Mihai Pacepa is the highest-ranking Soviet bloc intelligence official ever to defect to the West. He explains that the anti-American fervor in the Islamic world was purposely stimulated by the old Soviet Union, and is now reaching its full divisive potential. He says,
"In 1972, I had a breakfast with then-KGB chairman Yury Andropov in Moscow. The Kremlin, he told me, had decided to transform Arab anti-Semitism into an anti-American doctrine for the whole Muslim world."
The Soviets produced literature that portrayed the United States as a war-mongering, Zionist country financed by Jewish money. Pacepa added that Andropov made the point that one billion adversaries could cause far greater damage than could a mere 150 million.
Source: -Ion Mihai Pacepa - WND

New Cold War emerging between U.S., Russia

Aug. 27, 2012 - The United States and Russia have opposite positions on Syria. The U.S. apparently wants Syrian President Bashar Assad to be deposed, but to the Russian and even Chinese governments, this is seen as an undesirable outcome. They say it will open the way for control in Syria by a more radical Sunni Salafist form of Islam and al-Qaida. Russia has a strategic naval base at the Syrian port of Tartous.

Russia also sees that Iran will be weakened if Syria's Bashar is deposed.

Because Moscow also supports Tehran, it may be on a collision course with Washington over geostrategic concerns that a weakened Iran would pose for it.

Source: F. Michael Maloof - WND

Putin harks back to Cold War 20 years on

Dec. 9, 2011 - Exactly 20 years after the fall of the USSR Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the U.S. is trying to disturb their election process.
In one of his most bitter tirades against Washington in years, Putin accused US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of providing the "signal" for the unusually large protests contesting the validity of Sunday's elections.
Recently relations between the two countries has also suffered by differences of opinion on the issue of missile defense.
Source:Asia One

FBI breaks up alleged Russian spy ring in deep cover

Jun. 29, 2010 - Ten people have been arrested on charges of spying or money laundering. The suspects are characterized as a "long term, deep cover" network of Russian agents. They spent years adopting American identities and gathering information about nuclear weapons, the gold market, and personnel changes at the CIA.

The FBI claims that the group was sent by the Russian intelligence service to live in the US under false names.

The FBI alleges that the accused spies were able to get close to a scientist working with "bunker-buster" nuclear bombs and a New York financier with powerful political ties. But the intercepts do not suggest they were successful at uncovering valuable information.
Source: The Guardian - UK
11th suspect arrested in alleged Russian spy ring - Xinhuane
Russia plays down US spy arrests - BBC
Arrests of alleged spies: 'Cold War never ended' - WTOP News Radio
The Dismantling of a Suspected Russian Intelligence Operation - Stratfor

Russian warships to dock in Havana

Dec. 16, 2008 - The Russian destroyer Admiral Chabanenko and two support ships docked in Cuba this week, following their visit to Venezuela.
It will be the first visit by Russian warships to the communist-led island since the 1991 Soviet collapse.
Source: Miami Herald

Russian leader visits Venezuela in show of defiance

Nov. 26, 2008 -Russian President Dmitry Medvedev visited Venezuela today. It was the first visit by a Russian head of state to the South American country. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez welcomed him, and together they signed a nuclear energy deal.
The nuclear deal coincides with joint Russian-Venezuelan naval exercises about to begin in the Caribbean, which Washington dismissed as insignificant.
Source: AFP

US and Russia scrap nuclear pact after Moscow agrees to send warships to Venezuela

Sept. 9, 2008 - The US responded quickly to a Russian announcement that they would send a nuclear cruiser and other warships and planes to the Caribbean for joint exercises with Venezuela. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice countered by announcing that the US will not go forward at this time with an exchange of nuclear technology with Russia.
"We make this decision with regret," Miss Rice said in a statement. "Unfortunately, given the current environment, the time is not right for this agreement."
Source:Telegraph - UK

Russian General Criticizes US Black Sea Presence

Aug. 26, 2008 - The U.S. Navy destroyer U.S.S. McFaul was the first of three U.S. ships to arrive at Georgia's Black Sea port of Batumi. The ship brought baby food and bottled water. Of equal importance, the ship's presence encourages Georgians in their struggle against Russia.
The deputy chief of Russia's general staff suggested the arrival of the McFaul and other U.S. and NATO ships would increase tensions.
Source: Chicago Sun-Times (Story no longer online)

Rice Signs Missile Defense Deal With Poland

Aug. 20, 2008 - An agreement has been signed to place an American missile defense base in Poland.
The deal has sparked threats from Russia that Poland is making itself vulnerable to attack — even a nuclear one. Along with Russia's rhetoric, the agreement has further strained Moscow's ties with the West in the wake of its fighting with U.S. ally Georgia.
The deal was signed by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Polish Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski.
Source: Fox
Rice: Russia May Be Attempting to Rebuild Soviet Union - Israel National News
Fear of new Mid East 'Cold War' as Syria strengthens military alliance with Russia - TimesOnline - UK

Russia Invading Georgia Heralds Return of Cold War

Aug. 12, 2008 - According to Russian scholar Michael McFaul of Stanford University, the Russian invasion of Georgia is, “a signal to everyone that Russia is back — and Russia is going to try and dominate this region of the world.”
What seemed at first to be minor clashes in tiny, faraway places that most Americans never heard of now has think tanks buzzing, with scholars and pundits alike resurrecting such iconic terms as “Cold War” ...
Source: NewsMax

Russian bombers 'buzzed' US aircraft carrier

Feb. 12, 2008 - One Russian Tupolev 95 bomber buzzed the USS Nimitz twice on Saturday. It flew over the carrier at an altitude of just 600m. A second bomber circled nearby.
Four F/A-18 fighter planes were sent to intercept them when they breached an 800km perimeter. Two stayed with the Tupolev circling at altitude about 80km from the Nimitz while two followed the other bomber as it approached the carrier.
Source: Herald Sun - Australia

Moscow Telegraphs New Cold War

Mar. 10, 2006 - Last week General Vladimir Vasilenko, The head of the Russian Defense Ministry's Research Institute, shocked U.S. and European military experts by saying that Russia is considering scrapping the INF Treaty (negotiated between President Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev in 1987) and redeploying its SS-18 Satan missiles. These missiles were deployed in the 1970's and 1980's to target European cities with multiple nuclear warheads that can be independently targeted.
Ariel Cohen, senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation, a conservative Washington think tank, thinks one possible reason could be that Russia's leaders are contemplating taking a longer-term global position increasingly different from those of both the United States and the European Union.
Source: Jack Kinsella

Mystery over new Russian weapon

Mar. 31, 2004 - Russian sources endorse President Vladimir Putin's earlier claim that they have developed a "hypersonic flying vehicle" that was able to maneuver between space and the earth's atmosphere. This missile would be able to penetrate any missile defense system that the U.S. plans to build.
Source:CNN (Story no longer online)

Signs of strength in Russia's navy
June 15, 2001 - The introduction of two new nuclear submarines surprised Western intelligence, and signals the will of Russia's president, Vladimir Putin, to help Russia emerge once again as an important naval power.
In the wake of former FBI agent Robert Hanssen's arrest, the U.S. Navy is investigating whether Russian espionage efforts could have compromised U.S. submarine secrets. The Russian navy apparently has garnered significant technology that will enable it to make future submarines quieter and harder to detect. This technology probably has come from Russian espionage that has penetrated the U.S. submarine program, according to intelligence sources.
Source: WorldNetDaily - Stratfor Intelligence

Russia is not the enemy, the Cold War is over - Bush
June 14, 2001 - In his upcoming meeting with Russian President Putin, George W. Bush plans to stress that the Cold War is over.
"The mentality that gripped our two nations during the Cold War must end," Bush told a press conference after his first EU-US summit, the third day of a five-day five-nation European tour. "Russia ought not to fear Europe, but ought to welcome an expanded Europe beyond its borders," Bush said. "My vision of Europe is a large vision, of more countries, more free trade, and one which welcomes Russia and the Ukraine."
Source Weekend News Today - from AFP (Story no longer online)

Global space race heats up
May 23, 2001 - See the summary in our "Wars and Rumors of Wars" section.
An independent military space force is planned to begin June 1 in Russia to combine all Russian military space programs and commercial space ventures.
Source: WorldNetDaily- From Stratfor Global Intelligence Update

Back to Bad Old Days
Apr. 26, 2001 - By Konstantin Preobrazhensky
The writer, a retired KGB lieutenant colonel, laments the loss of the one television outlet in Russia that was not controlled by the state.
The death of NTV has transformed Russia into a qualitatively different state. The Western world simply cannot continue treating this new Russia as if it were the same country that it was just a few weeks ago. It only makes sense now to relate to Russia with the same suspicion and caution with which the West treated the Soviet Union.
He is also concerned that the average citizen does not dare to stand up against the situation. He concludes they say they don't have enough information to form an opinion, and at this rate, they never will.
Source: Russia Today - from The Moscow Times (Story no longer online)

Moscow threatens 'a new Cold War'
Mar. 31, 2001 - The Voice of Russia World Service, the official broadcasting service of the Russian government, says that the Bush government is using a double standard-- striving to improve relations between the U.S. and Russia, while actually achieving a position of superiority.
"A double standard approach may lead Russian-U.S. relations to a deadlock from which there is only one way -- a new Cold War."
They complain about how serious we consider the Hanssen spy case, and the reception of a representative of Chechnya separatists by a high-ranking U.S. State Department official.
Source: WorldNetDaily

Analysis: Echoes of the Cold War
Mar. 22, 2001 - In the wake of the arrest of high level CIA agent Robert Philip Hanssen for selling vital secrets to Russia, the Bush administration has expelled 50 Russian diplomats who are suspected of being intelligence officers.
According to the New York Times, the FBI has become frustrated by the expansion of Russian intelligence activities. There was a decline after the collapse of the Soviet Union, but numbers are now believed to be back at near Cold War levels.
Source: BBC
See also:Russia hits back over 'spies' - BBC
and: While we were sleeping - Commentary by Hal Lindsey

Russia relying on arms-sales diplomacy
Mar. 8, 2001 - Jon Dougherty reports that Russian arms sales are being used to reinvigorate old Cold War alliances and make new friends
Worse, Moscow is increasingly willing to sell sophisticated weaponry to countries that have been historically opposed to the U.S. or could become peer competitors to Washington in the next decade.
These countries include China, India, Iran, Libya and North Vietnam
Source: WorldNetDaily

Why Is Russia Still Up To Its Cold War Tricks?
Feb. 21, 2001 - Hal Lindsey explains that Russia's new president apparently wants to return to the old cold war rhetoric and activities.
Vladimir Putin [is] very much a child of the Old School. Putin was himself a former KGB spy who went into mothballs with the rest of the Soviet espionage apparatus at the end of the Cold War.
In the light of the news that a high official in the FBI has been a spy for Russia for the past 15 years, tensions between the U.S. and Russia are very high.
Source: Hal Lindsey Oracle (Story no longer online)

Veteran FBI agent charged with espionage
Feb. 20, 2001 - Robert Philip Hanssen, a 27 year veteran of the FBI, with the highest security clearance, has been arrested for suspicion of spying for Russia for the past 15 years!
Source: CNN

More Opposition To Iraq Air Strikes...
Feb. 20, 2001
Duma to Urge Putin to Lift Iraq Sanctions - Russia Today (Story no longer online)

Is this how World War III begins?
Oct. 14, 2000 - The explosive situation in Israel and the rest of the Mid-east matches the scenarios of the prophets about Jerusalem and it's profound effect on the rest of the world.
Source:WorldNetDaily - Joseph Farah, Editor and CEO (Story no longer online)

Russian missile scandal prompts Hill 'outrage'
Aug. 22, 2000 - A congressional investigation has been requested regarding the failure of the Clinton administration to purchase Russian missiles when they were offered. The Navy has released documents showing that a 1995 offer from Russia to purchase their advanced SS-N-22 ("Sunburn") supersonic cruise missles was declined. This is the most effective anti-ship missile in the world, and one against which we have no effective defense.
"The Sunburn combines a Mach 2.5 speed with a very low-level flight pattern that uses violent end maneuvers to throw off defenses. After detecting the Sunburn, the U.S. Navy Phalanx point defense system may have only 2.5 seconds to calculate a fire solution -- not enough time before the devastating impact of a 750-lb. warhead."
Sunburn missiles are also employed by the Chinese on their new Sovremenny-class destroyer is equipped with eight of the nuclear-tipped Russian anti-ship missiles. The missile can have a nuclear warhead equal to over 200,000 tons of TNT.
Source: WorldNetDaily (Story no longer online)

Missile defense test fails
July 8, 2000 - In a disappointing third attempt, a new missile defense test failed to intercept its target.
Today's test was counted on to determine whether President Clinton proceeds with a plan to begin development of a $60 billion national missile defense that administration officials contend is crucial to defend against missile attacks from countries like North Korea, Iran and Iraq.
Source: Capital Hill Blue (Story no longer online)

Putin seen deploying nuke sub to counter U.S. in Gulf
April 27, 2000 - The Russian Military Press agency said that President Vladimir Putin is considering deploying a nuclear-powered submarine and a reconnaissance vessel in the Gulf. The purpose of the action would be to stop the U.S. from seizing Russian tankers suspected of smuggling Iraqi oil in violation of United Nations sanctions.
Source: World Tribune (Story no longer online)

Russia toughens nuclear stance
Apr. 21, 2000 - Russia's security council has adopted a tough policy on the use of nuclear first strike options.
According to the Kremlin, the document states that "the Russian federation envisages the possibility of using all forces and means at its disposal, including nuclear weapons, where all other means to settle the crisis have been exhausted or have proven ineffective".
Source: BBC

Russia ratifies Start II
Apr. 14, 2000 - The Russian Parliament voted overwhelmingly to ratify the Start II Treaty which would cut the number of nuclear weapons in half by 2007. However, they warned that if the U.S. continues to develop a defense system the treaty could be nullified.

China threatens to nuke America
Mar. 4, 2000 - A recently declassified doucment from China indicates that they expect war with the U.S., and plan to wear us down with a Viet Nam type war until anti-war forces in the U.S. will force us to give up. Nuclear strikes might be used to procuce the high number of casualties which would be required to accomplish this goal.
Source: WorldNetDaily -Charles Smith (Story no longer online)

China threatens U.S. with nuclear war
Feb. 29, 2000 - In the article, Beijing warns US of Taiwan war threat, reporter David Rennie writes:
A war over Taiwan could be another Vietnam, said a Chinese military strategist, but with the added risk of "extreme long-range" strikes - a threat presumably intended to include the cities of the western US, which are within range of China's nuclear missiles.
Source:Electronic Telegraph (Story no longer online)

Clinton Fund-raiser Responsible For Selling China Biological Weapons Equipment
Feb. 25, 2000 - An Insight Magaine article details the story that Clinton friend and fund-raiser Charles Trie has admitted to the FBI that he conducted a business deal that gave Red China equipment capable of producing deadly biological weapons.

US China tension mounts
Feb. 24, 2000 - Yesterday Senate leaders warned that China's threats against Taiwan may halt the process toward permanent Normal Trade Relations (NTR) between the US and China.
Foreign Ministry Spokesman Zhu Bangzao said China strongly opposed such comments, saying Taiwan was purely an internal matter for the Beijing government.
China has been trying for 14 years to gain entrance to the World Trade Organization (WTO), but must first establish normal trade relations with all member countries. Difficulties have also been encountered in talks between China and the EU.
Source: BBC

Beijing document reveals plans for war over Taiwan
Feb. 20, 2000 - Der Spiegel magazine claims that China is ready to engage in war and even nuclear conflict with the US should fighting break out over Taiwan.
Source: The Age (Story no longer online)

China, Russia team up on deadly new missile
Jan. 7, 1999 - China continues its military buildup by purchasing a variety of ships and weapons from Russia. Now they plan to enter a joint venture to co-produce a deadly new supersonic cruise missile, the Zvezda Kh-31P mod-2, designed specifically to attack U.S. Navy Aegis warships and U.S. Army Patriot radar batteries.
Source:WorldNetDaily (Story no longer online)

China's newest secret weapon
Nov. 30, 1999 - By Charles Smith
Stealth missile could nuke U.S. cities without warning, says defense expert
The Chinese already have, or are very likely to aquire the Russian "Yahont" missile " according to Richard D. Fisher, a defense analyst working for Rep. Chris Cox, R-Calif. These missiles could be launched from submarines, and could deliver nuclear strikes to U.S. cities before being detected by radar.
Source: WorldNetDaily (Story no longer online)

U.S. eyes China first-strike threat
Nov. 10, 1999 - By Charles Smith
In a new book, "Red Dragon Rising," co-author, William Triplett, says China will deploy nuclear-tipped missiles on two Russian-built Sovremenny-class destroyers, which are warships "designed to start a nuclear war." Each ship has eight nuclear-tipped, Russian-made Moskit anti-ship missiles which are armed with nuclear warheads equal to over 120,000 tons of TNT -- six times more powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima at the end of World War II. The ship has no ability to hide. It would only be useful as a first-strike vehicle which would launch it's deadly cargo and then die.
Source:WorldNetDaily (Story no longer online)

Russia issues missile warning to U.S.
Oct. 26, 1999 - Russian military leaders try to discourage U.S. development of an anti-ballistic missile system by saying that if we proceed, they will build enough missiles to overpower our defenses. Source: Virtual News / UPI

US tests new missile killer
Oct. 3, 1999 - In a successful test over the Pacific Ocean, an orbiting "star wars" type anti-missile device destroyed an unarmed Minuteman missile in a brilliant flash of light. The Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle, developed by the Raytheon Corp, could be operational by 2005. Source: BBC News

U.S. intelligence report outlines missile threat
Sept. 9, 1999 - According to a report from the CIA and other governmental agencies, Russia still poses the greatest nuclear threat to the U.S. with North Korea and China rising as potential dangers as well. Within 15 years both Iran and Iraq will probably also be capable of striking the United States.
Source: Excite News (Story no longer on line.)

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