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Obama’s Questionable Associates


Do not be misled: "Bad companycorrupts good character."

1 Corinthians 15:33 (from New International Version)


Frank Marshall Davis – Communist Party member, just called “Frank” inObama’s book Dreams From My Father -   Obamahad a close relationship with Davis,listening to his "poetry" and getting advice on his career path.

Saul Alinsky – Obama’s earlyidol/mentor – He was a Marxist whose Rules for Radicals is the guidefor community organizing groups like ACORN. ACORN supports Obama and is under investigation in numerous states forvoter fraud allegations.

JeremiahWright - Obama's pastor for 20 years.  Hecursed Americaand blamed it for the 9/11 attacks.  Hecame out of the Nation of Islam, and praised Louis Farrakhan, the Nation ofIslam's leader, as one of the "giants of the African American religiousexperience."

Louis Farrakhan –Leader of the Nation of Islam – Called Obama”theMessiah,” and "the hope of the entire world."

Carl Davidson – Obama associate and former Chicago New Partyactivist – Obama became a member of the New Party, a group with socialistgoals.  They boasted that Obama, a NewParty member had won the primary election for Illinois State Senator.  The paper quoted Obama saying "thesevictories prove that small 'd' democracy canwork."

WilliamAyers - Self-confessed WeatherUnderground terrorist who bombed the Pentagon and other government targets in the‘70’s - He was never convicted because of a legal technicality.  In 2001 he told the New York Times, “I don’tregret setting bombs.” In fact he added that he and the others “didn’t doenough.” Ayres' 1974 book called Prairie Fire: The Politics of Revolutionary Anti-Imperialism was dedicatedto "all political prisoners in the U.S.," including Sirhan Sirhan, who had assassinated Robert Kennedy! In the mid ‘90’s Obama workedwith Bill Ayers on the board of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.  Obama had his political coming out party atAyres home in 1995.  Recent analysis hasshown that Ayres shaped and revised Obama’s book “Dreams FromMy Father.”

Bernadine Dohrn - Weather Underground - US Terrorist – Bill Ayres’wife.

Rashid Khalidi - Obama’s "friend andfrequent dinner companion" - from 1976 to1982 was reportedly a director ofthe official Palestinian press agency, WAFA, which was operating in exile from Beirut with the PLO.  He denies this activity, but he was thecofounder of the Arab American Action Network. In 2002 Obama and Ayers voted todonate $75,000 of the money they controlled in the Community Action Group tothis organization.

Antoin"Tony" Rezko - Syrian immigrant and Chicago slumlord  - Obama'slong-time donor and ally.  He partneredfor nearly three decades with Jabir Herbert Muhammad, a son of Nation of Islamleader Elijah Muhammad, and says he gave Jabir and his family "millions ofdollars over the years."  Rezko wasa business partner of former Iraqi official Nadhmi Auchi, who smuggledweapons to Saddam Hussein’s regime. Auchi wired $3.5 million to Rezko just three weeks before Rezko helpedObama buy his mansion in Chicago.

Raila Odinga (Barak’s cousin) - RadicalIslamist in Kenya – Obamacampaigned in Kenyafor his presidential bid.  Odinga lost, sparking a deadly protest that killed morethan 1000 Kenyans, mostly Christians, and resulted in the appointment of Odinga as Prime Minister.

James Johnson  - FormerFannie Mae executive and a close adviser to the Obama campaign.  He even served on a three-person committee tohelp select Obama’s vice-presidential nominee.

Various sources, all listed below, have also questioned thewisdom of association with the following people:

Al Mansour - Muslim financier who aided Barack financiallywhile at Harvard /aka: Donald Warden

Father Michael Pfleger – Radical Catholic priest who agrees with Rev. Wright andsupports Obama

Muhammad Hasa Chandoo  - Barak’s college roommate#1 from Pakistan

Wahid Hamid - Barak’s college roommate #2 from Pakistan

Robert Malley - Former campaign staff w/ties to Hamas

Khalid al-MansourRaised  moneyfor" Obama's expenses at Harvard Law School.– He became adviser to Saudi prince Al-Walid bin Talal, CAIR's largest individualdonor.

Kenny Gamble (also known as LuqmanAbdul-Haqq) – Cut the ribbon to the Obama campaignheadquarters in South Philadelphia.  He large blocks of realestate in Philadelphiato create a Muslim-only residential area.  He calls himself the "amir"of the United Muslim Movement

Mazen Asbahi - The Obama campaign'sfirst Muslim outreach coordinator - Served on the board of a subsidiary of theSaudi-sponsored North American Islamic Trust.

Minha Husaini - Obama campaign'ssecond Muslim outreach coordinator - Served as an intern in the Muslim PublicService Network


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