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Live sessions from Prophecy Cafe are recorded and released as podcasts ("Godcasts") on the Internet. These programs may be downloaded to your computer and transfered to your MP3 player or iPod. You can even listen to them directly from your computer. You will need to "subscribe" to the Prophecy Central source (known as a RSS feed). This service is free, and you will not even need to give your name or any other information.

You will need a podcast "receiver." This is free software that can be downloaded from the Internet in order to capture Prophecy Cafe podcasts. Two popular choices are iTunes and Juice (iPodder). Click on the name of one of these services if you need to download their software.

Juice (iPodder)

Once you have installed your "receiver" software, launch the program, and subscribe to Prophecy Cafe by copying the following line and pasting it into the appropriate place in that program.


IN iTUNES: Click on "Podcasts" in the list on the left side of the welcome screen. Then you may either use the directory, or enter the information directly
DIRECTORY: Click on the "Podcast directory" button at the bottom of the screen. From the Podcast Directory screen, scroll down to the search box - middle of the page on the left. Enter "Prophecy Cafe" in the search box and press "enter." Click on the "Subscribe" button. iTunes will automatically download the most current episode for you.

ENTER INFORMATION DIRECTLY: Click on the "Advanced" menu at the top of the screen, then click on "Subscribe to podcast."

IN JUICE: Launch program, click on "Subscriptions" tab, click on the + button (add a new feed), type or paste this information into the URL box and click "Save." This will add Prophecy Cafe to your list of subscriptions. Click on the second button from the left on the toolbar ("catch up") and the latest episode will be downloaded.

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