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Red Skies:
Bible Prophecy and World Events

This book will help you make sense of our world in turmoil!

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Red Skies: Bible Prophecy and World Events


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Hard-hitting New Book Compares World Conditions to Biblical Prophecy

The latest book from Prophecy Central explains how biblical predictions can help us make sense of the current overwhelming problems that threaten world health, peace, and prosperity.

Jesus noticed that the religious leaders of His day could forecast the weather when they saw red skies, but they were not aware of the major prophecies that were being fulfilled by His life and ministry. He also taught His disciples what will happen on earth just before He comes again.

The book gives a chronological list of things to come--based on Jesus' own four-part outline of the future. It includes major developments of our own time, giving insight to such issues as the growing struggle between Islam and the Western world, animosity toward Israel, and the persecution of Christians. Each aspect is illustrated by summaries of recent world events.

The book also gives time-honored commentary about End Times predictions: the Rapture, or catching-up of the Church; the Tribulation, with the rise of a final evil world empire, a one-world religion, and the "mark of the beast;" and Christ's return to earth as King of Kings to usher in a glorious future.


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Ron Graff
Meet the Author:

Ron Graff is semi-retired after 50 years as a pastor. He has been an avid student and teacher of Bible prophecy, and is the founder and publisher of the "Prophecy Central" website, which is usually listed on the first page of Google searches for "Bible prophecy." He is the author, with Lambert Dolphin, of Connecting the Dots: A Handbook of bible Prophecy, and The Church in Prophecy and History: Revelation Commentary - Chapters 1-3.

Ron is a graduate of Biola University and Talbot School of Theology. He lives in Southern California with his wife Barbara. They have been married for 54 years. He is a conference speaker, and has led numerous tours to Israel.

Ron was a pioneer in the personal computer revolution, developing the first commercially available educational programs for microcomputers, including Apple Computer's three educational disks, and The Discovery Encyclopedia.

Reviews and Testimonials for Red Skies

April 4, 2015 - Facebook:

So many Christians have shied away from and even been intimidated by the study of prophecy. Red Skies is a very well written and researched book that makes it easy to wrap your arms around the subject. We are living in days where we see the storm clouds gathering and often wonder what in the world is going on? Ron's new book is a must read for both the curious and the skeptical alike, but is also a great encouragement for the believer.

This is must read for those wondering about the Biblical view of end times. If you are questioning the changes in our world and the future I so encourage you to purchase and read this book. I sooooooo enjoyed the book and look forward to sharing it with many. -- Bill Vogel

After speaking at the Village Church, Laguna Woods, a man who bought two copies said:

"I'm amazed at how current the information is!"

I explained to him that the book was the outgrowth of our annual end-of-year review "the Year in Prophecy." It was so much material this year that we decided to develop an outline of major events to come according to Jesus' own teaching, the Book of Revelation, and other prophecies in the Old and New Testament, and then illustrate each point with summaries of current events from our Prophecy Central website.

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