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War In Iraq
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The U.N. and Babylon

Jan. 2004 - Since the U.N. headquarters in New York is very crowded, and since the U.S. is not very happy with the organization, it is possible it could move to another location. According to this article, that location could conceivably be Babylon.
Triggered by the Iraq War, informed sources say that the international Quartet of world powers (the US, UN, European Union and Russia) has drafted a proposal to transfer the seat of the United Nations to Baghdad (ancient Babel or Babylon)!
Source:Israel Today (Story no longer online)

'Left Behind' Author Says Iraq Will Be Prominent In End-Times Events

Nov. 20, 2003 - Tim LaHaye, coauthor of the Left Behind series believes that Iraq will eventally emerge as a neutral world power that will figure prominently in last days prophecy. He points to Ezekiel 38 and 39, where Babylon is the one nation in the Arab world that is not mentioned among those who come against Israel at the time that God will destroy Russia and its allies.
Source:Agape Press

History Channel Records the Brutality of a Regime

July 7, 2003 - A trio of shocking documentaries about Saddam Hussein and his sons were shown yesterday on the History Channel. “The Horrors of Hussein,” “Saddam Hussein: The Butcher of Baghdad,” and “The Sons of Saddam,” showed in graphic detail that "Saddam Hussein’s worst weapon of mass destruction was himself."
Hussein's own mother tried to kill him in her womb, and would have nothing to do with him after his birth. A fan of Hitler and Stalin, Saddam Hussein became the most accomplished administrator of terror of his generation. There was apparently no limit to his inhuman methods, including...
... grisly anecdotes of torture to induce false confessions -- with husbands forced to watch the raping of their wives, parents the gouging out of their children’s eyes, or the horrific image of a baby flung into a wall to shatter its skull.
'Increasingly likely' Saddam is alive - The Scotsman

From March through June, 2003, see:
War In Iraq

Inspectors urged to leave Iraq
Mar. 17, 2003 - In a clear warning that war in Iraq is imminent, U.N. inspectors have been advised to leave the country immediately. President Bush has set today as the deadline for the UN Security Council to sanction the use of force to disarm Iraq.
President Bush declared Monday would see the "moment of truth for the world", as he issued the deadline at a summit with the UK and Spanish prime ministers.

Iraqi 'Secret Surrender' Efforts Under Way - CNN
Mar. 12, 2003 - Secret talks are going on with high Iraqi military to offer incentives for surrender during the coming conflict there.
At a news briefing on Tuesday, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld told reporters that there are private communications with the Iraqi army already under way about how to be spared during any war.
Source:Reuters (Story no longer online)

Blair: Veto will let Iraq off hook
Mar. 11, 2003 - France and Russia have said they would use their UN vetos to stop war against Iraq. British Prime Minister Tony Blair vows to work "night and day" to resolve the disagreement among U.N. Security Council members. He warns France and Russia that it is unwise to promise a veto at this stage of the process.
"My concern is that if countries talk about using a veto in all sets of circumstances, the message that sends to Saddam is 'you are off the hook' and I think that would be very unfortunate."

UN plan to give Saddam 72 hours to leave Baghdad
Mar. 10, 2003 - A secret plan to be proposed to the UN on Tuesday is sponsored by Saudi Arabia, the Vatican and moderate Arab states.
SADDAM Hussein and his family are to be given 72 hours on Tuesday to accept an offer of exile, while 50 of Iraq's top military brass will be offered an amnesty in return for full co-operation with the United Nations. (Story no longer online)
Failure by Saddam to agree to the plan would clear the way for war.
Source:Sunday Herald

Blix pressure on key Iraq questions
Mar. 7, 2003 - In his report on Iraq weapons inspections, Hans Blix said that Iraq's destruction of certain missiles constitutes "substantial disarmament," but lists many areas where Saddam's regeime has not been cooperative or forthcoming in their information. Some of the missing items are:
-- Up to 10,000 litres of anthrax
-- Scud missile warheads fitted with deadly biological and chemical agents
-- Pilot-less aircraft, or "drones", that intelligence reports say far exceed the 150 kilometre (93 mile) limit allowed by the UN

Is The Prince Of Persia Nuclear?
Mar. 7, 2003 - Read this commentary that relates Biblical information about missing nuclear-bomb components in Iraq with Biblical teaching about the demonic forces behind ancient Babylon. Iraq was known to have three complete sets of bomb components, lacking only the fissile material to make them operational. None of this material has been revealed to inspectors.
Source:Raiders News Update (Story no longer online)

Sources: Iraq agrees to destroy missiles
Russia threatens U.N. veto
Feb. 28, 2003 - Iraq claims to be willing to destroy its illegal Al Samoud 2 missiles, possibly as soon as Saturday.
Iraq agreed to destroy the missiles in a letter sent to U.N. weapons inspectors Thursday but said it does not know how to destroy the weapons and wanted the U.N. technical mission to discuss the details.
In the meanwhile, Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov says that Moscow would veto power a new U.N. Security Council resolution on Iraq if it were necessary for "maintaining world stability.

Saddam Expects War Soon
Feb. 25, 2003 - In his only interview with a US newscaster in about a decade, Saddam Hussein met with Dan Rather, and declared that he would not destroy the Al Samoud 2 missiles in his country. He also challenged President Bush to a public debate about the upcoming war.
The White House clearly regards the debate offer as a ridiculous stalling attempt by Saddam. Spokesman Ari Fleischer told CBS News Correspondent Mark Knoller ... "This is about disarmament and complying with the world's instructions that Iraq disarm."

Saddam 'will hide once attack starts'
Feb. 21, 2002 - According to an Arabic newspaper, Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein has supposedly told leaders there that he will "disappear" once the war has begun. He told them to take orders from his son, Uday, who will be the only person who knows where he is.
Source:Times Online - UK (Story no longer online)

Three mystery ships are tracked over suspected 'weapons' cargo
Feb. 19, 2002 - Three giant cargo ships left port in Iraq a few days after weapons inspectors returned to the country. They are large enough to carry the country's supposed stash of chemical and biological weapons. U.S. and British intelligence have tracked the ships, but are reluctant to stop them for fear that their cargo would be dumped with catastrophic results for the environment.
The continued radio silence since they left port, in addition to the captains' failure to provide information on their cargoes or their destinations, is a clear breach of international maritime laws.
Source:Independent - UK

Hussein a 'Grave Danger,' Iraqi Scientist Says
Feb. 18, 2003 - Hussain Al-Shahristani, who was, at one time, the chief adviser to the Iraqi Atomic Energy Commission, believes Saddam Hussein has chemical and biological weapons, but has dismantled his nuclear program. He claims that Iraq does not have the technology to effectively use these weapons against other nations, but is a serious threat to his own people, whom he has massacred and tortured throughout his reign.
He added Iraqis had suffered human rights abuses for 30 years under Saddam, losing about one million people -- about half killed in the suppression of resistance and opposition and the other half in wars against Iran and Kuwait.
Al-Shahristani was jailed in 1979, when he refused to participate in the country's nuclear program. He was tortured and kept in solitary confinement until he escaped in 1991, during the Gulf War. He considers himself fortunate, since other prisoners had their eyes gouged out, were forced to watch their loved ones being raped in front of them, or were used as guinea-pigs in biological or chemical tests.

EU warns Iraq it faces ‘last chance’
Feb. 18, 2003 - A united statement from a the 15 leaders of a special E.U. meeting yesterday warned Iraq that this is their final opportunity to avoid war.
A joint statement issued after a four-hour emergency summit said: “War is not inevitable. Force should be used only as a last resort. It is for the Iraqi regime to end this crisis by complying with the demands of the Security Council.
The statement was also an encouragement to the United States that the rift with Europe over how to deal with Iraq could be mended.
Source:MSNBC (Story no longer online)

Arab leaders back Saddam
Feb. 18, 2003 - An emergency summit of Arab foreign ministers, meeting in Cairo yesterday, issued a resolution condemning a war against Iraq, and urging Arabs to abstain from supporting any such aggression. They also slammed Israel by calling for implementation of Article 14 of U.N. Resolution 687. That resolution aimed to make the Middle East safer by banning weapons of mass destruction. The Arab ministers claim that Israel "is the only one which owns all these types of destructive weapons."

European Union Faces Big Hurdle
Feb. 17, 2003 - During the week-end Nato leaders finally reached a consensus that allows for the defense of Turkey in case of war with Iraq. However, the latest report from weapons inspectors in Iraq was not conclusive enough for many European countries to side with the U.S. on plans to disarm the country. Massive anti-war protests in European countries during the past few days have also contributed to a state of disunity in the E.U. Leaders of member countries are meeting today to try to find a solution to the division among them.
Foreign ministers arriving to lay the groundwork for the leaders were united in their belief that Iraq must disarm. However, with Washington pushing for military action, differences remained over how much more time to give U.N. weapons inspectors.
Full Text of EU statement on Iraq crisis - WorldNetDaily

Iraq inspectors find banned missile system
Feb. 13, 2002 - The weapons report that is to be delivered to the U.N. tomorrow will cite their finding of al-Samoud 2 missiles in Iraq that have a range beyond the permitted 150km. Dr Hans Blix will declare the missiles to be a clear violation of UN resolution 1441.
Source:Times Online (UK) (Story no longer online)

Bin Laden, in Audiotape, Calls on Muslims to Support Iraq
Feb. 11, 2003 - A tape recording, presumably from Osama bin Laden, was aired on Al-Jazeera satellite TV. He urged Muslims throughout the world to unite behind Iraq, and to conduct suicide attacks against Americans.
"We stress the importance of suicide bombings against the enemy, these attacks that have scared Americans and Israelis like never before,"
Text of the tape
Powell: Tape Shows bin Laden 'in Partnership With Iraq'

Last Chance For Peace?
US and Britain give Saddam just 48 hours to leave Iraq
Feb. 9, 2002 - After the final report from weapons inspectors is delivered this week, a new U.N. resolution, being crafted by the U.S. and the U.K. would allow a very short time, possibly 48 hours, for Saddam Hussein to leave Iraq to avoid an attack on the country.
Foreign Office officials confirmed that Saudi Arabia has offered to take Saddam if he goes into exile. Last month Donald Rumsfeld, the US defence secretary, said he would be "delighted" if Saddam fled Iraq.
Source:Telegraph - UK (Story no longer online)

Pentagon prepares for Saddam's oil inferno
Jan. 30, 2003 - It is likely that Saddam Hussein will destroy his own country's oil wells at the end of the impending attack, like he did in Kuwait in 1991. Oil could flow into the Tigris and Euphrates river, ruining much of the precious water supplies of Middle East. Pollution from fires could cause world-wide environmental disaster.
Source:Telegraph - UK

U.S. to reveal evidence against Iraq
Jan. 28, 2003 - Saying that the U.S. has classified intelligence information about Iraq's prohibited weapons program, Colin Powell indicated that the President will soon reveal the facts.
President Bush and his national security advisers have decided to declassify some of the information and make it public, perhaps as early as next week, in an effort to garner more domestic and international support for confronting Iraqi President Saddam Hussein with military force, officials said.
Source:HoustonChronicle (Story no longer online)
Powell: Iraq Ties to al Qaida to be Revealed in Days
Threat of Iraq war grows

Attack on Iraq will put ancient sites at risk
Jan 27, 2003 - In a BBC film, architectural historian Dan Cruickshank claims that many historical sites in Iraq could be destroyed if there is another war there.
Remains from Babylon, the site associated with the Garden of Eden and the oldest Christian monastery would be in the firing line, Mr Cruickshank argues in a programme, which could be accused of being an Iraqi propaganda coup.
It is hoped that military strikes will avoid these sites, but Saddam Hussein has built air bases near some of them.
Source:Times UK (Story no longer online)

Rumsfeld: France, Germany are 'problems' in Iraqi conflict
Jan. 23, 2003 - France and Germany have both taken a stand against war with Iraq at this time. U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld says that their opposition is troubling, but he claims that most European countries stand with the United States in its campaign to force Iraq to disarm.
A report on the status of inspections will be delievered to the U.N. Security Council on Monday. Hans Blix, Chief U.N. weapons inspector, says that Iraq's cooperation with inspectors is "not sufficient" so far.

Saddam regime crumbling, says Blair
Jan. 21, 2003 - U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair said that the military build up in the Gulf is causing Saddam Hussein's forces to become unstable.
"They are rattled, they are weakening, we are getting a massive amount of intelligence... as to what is happening in Iraq."
France has threatened to veto military action against Iraq, but Blair said that even if a UN Security Council member vetoed the plans, the U.K. would reserve the right to join the conflict.

Inspectors Find Empty Chemical Warheads in Iraq
Jan 17, 2003 - Weapons inspectors found 11 empty chemical warheads that should have been included on Iraq's weapons report. White House spokesman Ari Fleischer said:
Any false statements or the failure to cooperate "shall constitute a material breach," which could be a trigger for war.

Saudi 'plan to topple Saddam'
Jan. 17, 2003 - According to Time magazine, Saudi Arabia and other Arab leaders are encouraging Iraqi generals to abandon Saddam Hussein to avoid a United States-led war with Iraq. Their plan would be to offer a U.N. amnesty to all but Hussein's top officials if they defect just before the outbreak of war.

Blix demands more Iraq co-operation
Jan. 16, 2003 - Hans Blix, the United Nations chief weapons inspector, says Iraq must do more to show that it has destroyed weapons of mass destruction, or they will face war. The Iraqis have not demonstrated that they have disposed of materials they were known to have, including:
Nearly four tons of VX nerve agents
Growth media for 20,000 litres of biological warfare agents
15,000 shells for use in biological warfare
6,000 chemical warfare bombs
Nuclear information

Iraq buys GPS scramblers from Russia
Jan. 10, 2003 - GPS scramblers are small electronic devices that could upset the ability of missiles and smart bombs to reach their targets. Iraq has purchased a number of these devices from Russia, and has positioned them strategically.
Pentagon sources reportedly told Fox News Channel they were concerned about the GPS scrambling devices obtained by Iraq and were studying their options.

Britain urges US to delay war until autumn
Jan. 9, 2001 - Prime Minister Tony Blair faces serious opposition from his countrymen if they pursue war with Iraq without U.N. Security Council approval. His office is urging President Bush to wait until later in the year to begin the effort. This would give inspectors more time to gather evidence, and possibly allow the U.N. to agree.

Arab states may ask Iraqi leader to stand down
Jan. 3, 2002 - Saudi Arabia is asking for the opportunity to try a last-ditch effort at diplomacy with Iraq if the January 27 report to the Security Council by UN inspectors is negative. They would presumably try to get Saddam Hussein to relinquish power and leave the country.
Also: Exit Saddam? - BBC
New Arab Street Voices: Saddam Should Go

U.S. expects Iraq to hit Israel hard
Dec. 30, 2002 - Intelligence sources indicate that it is possible that Iraq will respond to the initial air attack by the U.S. with deadly weapons of mass destruction, aimed at Israel. Biological and chemical warheads are undoubtedly available to them, and possibly some nuclear weapons.
"When he is certain his time has come," said one [U.S. military analyst], "he will launch his doomsday weapon. He wants to go down in history as the man who destroyed Israel."

US exerts more pressure on Iraq
Dec. 21, 2002 - U.S. officials have rejected Iraq's weapons report as incomplete and inaccurate, and have promised to share new intelligence about Iraq weapons with U.N. inspectors. President Bush has ordered another 50,000 troops to the gulf region. Now he has cancelled a January trip to Africa, presumably to be at home when war begins against Saddam Hussein's regime.

U.S. presses U.N. on Iraq ‘breach’
Dec. 20, 2002 - Yesterday Colin Powell criticized the Iraq weapons report was in “material breach” of U.N. resolutions. Today President Bush is expected to make similar charges, setting the stage for an invasion of the country. The U.S. has indicated that it will wait a little while while Iraq is asked to clarify its report.
If Iraq’s “deception” continues in the weeks ahead, Powell warned, “then we’re not going to find a peaceful solution to this problem.”
Also: Missing: four tons of nerve gas, 8.5 tons of anthrax, and assorted nuclear bomb parts -

Iraqi dossier 'full of holes'
Dec. 13, 2002 - A preliminary report from the U.S. to the U.N. says that the Iraqi document has little new information and has big gaps in key areas, such as accounting for missing chemical and biological weapons.
One unnamed US official told the New York Times the omissions in the dossier were "big enough to drive a tank through".

Report: Al-Qaida affiliate got nerve agent in Iraq
Dec. 12, 2002 - A supposedly credible source claims that a courier smuggled the nerve agent VX from Iraq, through Turkey, to Islamic extremists affiliated with Al-Qaida. This transaction took place last month, or late in October.
If the report is true ...It also would be the most concrete evidence to support the charge, made for months by President Bush, and his advisers, that Al-Qaida terrorists receive material assistance in Iraq.
The White House could use this report to discredit Iraq's claims that they had destroyed all of their chemical weapons.
Source:Star Tribune (Story no longer online)

New evidence links Saddam, bin Laden
Dec. 9, 2002 - Before Sept. 11, 2001, a group of al-Qaida terrorists moved from Afghanistan to Iraq. This group has been attacking Kurdish forces, Saddam Hussein's enemies in Iraq. They have made alliances with other terrorist organizations as well.
Yossef Bodansky, author of "The High Cost of Peace," says joint preparations by Hussein, Yasser Arafat and al-Qaida for a new wave of anti-U.S. terror began last spring. The model for the terrorism campaign is Arafat's Black September Organization of the 1970s.

Iraq unveils weapons declaration
Dec. 7, 2002 - Selected journalists were allowed to see the report on Iraq's weapons program that will be delivered to the UN by courier on Sunday.
An announcement near the round table where the documents were placed said the dossier is made up of 11,807 pages as well as CD-Roms with total 529 megabytes of data.
Meanwhile, weapons inspectors are still doing their job, and President Bush says that if the report denies that they have weapons of mass destruction, the U.S. has solid evidence to the contrary.

Russian plan to topple Saddam Hussein to prevent US occupation of Iraq
Dec. 5, 2002 - The al-Watan al-Arabi magazine,claims that high level Russian military and intelligence sources have plans of their own for the removal of Saddam Hussein. Russia does not want it's interests in Iraq upset by a U.S. invasion of Iraq, so they reportedly plan to use their close connections with Iraq to bring about either a military coupe or an assassination of Saddam.
Source:Arabic News

UN inspectors arrive in Iraq
Nov. 25, 2002 - U.N. weapons inspectors have returned to Iraq to continue the search for banned weapons, which was interrupted in 1998.
The UN resolution empowers the inspectors to carry out more rigorous searches for suspect material than ever before. Areas such as mosques, which Baghdad declared off limits to weapons inspectors in the past, could now be searched.

Saddam Pounces On Son's Newspaper
Nov. 20, 2002 - Saddam Hussein has suspended his son's newspaper, Babel, for one month, apparently because of content that would anger other Arab nations. The newspaper is run by his older son, Uday, who has a reputation for controversial beliefs and actions.
Source: BBC

Saddam pays Gaddafi $3 billion to give his family safe haven in Libya
Nov. 16, 2002 - Facing the reality that his government may be toppled by a US and British attack, Saddam Hussein has prepared for the escape of his family and top government officials to Lybia. He and his son Uday would not plan to leave the country.
Source:Times Online (UK) (Story no longer online)

Iraq Weighs UN Resolution
Nov. 9, 2002 - Iraq has 15 days to comply with the new UN resolution for disarmament. Government leaders there say the resolution is unjust, but it may be in their best interests to comply.
Source:CNN (Story no longer online)

U.N. approves new Iraq resolution
Nov. 8, 2002 - By a unanimous vote, the U.N. Security Council has passed a new resolution, calling for Iraq to disarm or face possible military action. The vote is a diplomatic triumph for the United States.
Text of Resolution
President Bush's Remarks

U.S. soldiers train for battle in streets of Iraq
Oct. 30, 2002 - See the summary in our U.S. War section.

Russia to start coup in Iraq?
Oct. 23, 2002 - Russia reportedly fears that a US invasion of Iraq will upset Russian oil interests. This raises the possibility that Russia will beat the US to the task of unseating Saddam Hussein.

U.S. softens stance on Iraq at U.N.
Oct. 18, 2002 - Chinese, Russian and French members of the U.N. Security Council may be won over to the American and British request for a new U.N. resolution about weapons inspections in Iraq. The resolution would not mention military action explicitly.
Under the proposal, the resolution would preserve the authority President Bush has demanded to act against Baghdad without waiting for the United Nations to formally pass a second resolution if U.N. inspectors discovered that Iraq had failed to reveal and destroy all of its weapons of mass destruction.
Source:MSNBC (Story no longer online)

Religion is Saddam's newest weapon
Oct. 15, 2002 - Saddam Hussein is trying to bring about unity between the majority Shiite Muslims of Iraq and the Sunni Muslims of his own Baath party.
Source:The Star

Congress Approves Iraq Resolution
Oct. 11, 2002 - See the article in our America At War section.

President Bush’s Speech
Oct. 7, 2002 - Text aof the president's speech, giving details of the threat posed by Saddam Hussein's actions and war preparations.
Source: BZFNetwork (Story no longer online)

Iraq gave $15 million to Palestinian victims of intifada
Oct. 9, 2002 - Rakad Salim, the Secretary-General of the pro-Iraqi "Arab Liberation Front," was arrested by Israel last week. According to him, Saddam Hussein ordered payments to Palestinian martyrs.
Salim said that the families of Palestinians killed over the past two years were given some $10,000 by Iraq, while Palestinians who were seriously wounded in clashes with IDF troops received $1,000 and those who were lightly wounded were given $500.
Some $15 million has been transferred to Palestinian accounts for this purpose during the past two years.
Source:Ha'Aretz (Story no longer online)

US issues warning on weapons talks
Oct. 1, 2002 - Secretary of State, Colin Powell, said on television that the UN weapons inspectors might have to wait for Security Council guidance before they can complete their plans for resuming inspections in Iraq.
However, Hans Blix, the head of UN weapons inspectors, made it clear that he answered to the Security Council - not to the US.

Iraq Rejects U.N. Draft Resolution
Sept. 29, 2002 - The U.S. has proposed a U.N. resolution that would give 30 days for Saddam Hussein to allow weapons inspectors unrestricted access. Saddam would be required to quickly present the Security Council with a list of banned materials in Iraq's possession. "All necessary means" would be used against him if he fails to comply. Iraqi Vice President Taha Yassin Ramadan has already rejected the draft.
Source:FOX (Story no longer online)

US to attack Iraq by Dec. 4, says specialist
Sept. 29, 2002 -
Gerard Chaliand, a respected specialist on strategy and a consultant to the French government, says he’s convinced that the United States has taken the decision to attack Iraq.
He believes that military activity could begin right after Dec. 4th, the end of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.
Source:ArabNews (Story no longer online)

U.S., U.K. Propose Iraq Deadline
Sept. 28, 2002 - President Bush is garnering support from the U.N. Security Council by proposing a resolution that would give Saddam Hussein a seven-day period to agree to disarmament, followed by quick disclosure of existing weapons and openness to inspections. The president said, "I'm willing to give peace a chance to work. I want the United Nations to work."
Source:Yahoo (Story no longer online)

Uniting Jordan, Iraq post-war goal?
Sept. 2, 2002 - What will Iraq be like after a war to remove Saddam Hussein? Among the various concepts being considered, one plan would unite Jordan with the Sunni portions of Iraq to form a large Hashemite Kingdom.
This could be done if Iraqi Sunni leaders appeal to King Abdullah with such a request, which has a weak but still legally valid justification, as Abdullah is the second cousin of the last Iraqi king, Faisal II, who was overthrown in 1958.
Source:WorldNetDaily/Stratfor Global Intelligence

German TV Network Says Saddam Has Three Doubles
Sept. 27, 2002 - Germany's ZDF public television network says that it has used facial recognition technology on 450 photographs of Saddam Hussein, and has concluded Saddam has at least three lookalikes who pose as him. They also quoted a former Iraqi intelliagence officer who claimed that he had recruited doubles for Saddam for security purposes. The study claims that since 1998, only the doubles appear in public photos. However, they say that the real Saddam re-appeared on Iraq television last Saturday.
Source:Reuters (Story no longer online)

US says Iraq 'trained' al-Qaeda
Sept. 26, 2002 - In a Television interview, National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice accused Iraq of having long-standing links with the al-Qaeda network. She said that the U.S. also has evidence that Baghdad has been training al-Qaeda operatives on the development of chemical weapons.

Blair outlines Iraq evidence
Sept. 24, 2002 - Great Britain's Prime Minister, Tony Blair, has released a 50-page report, based on intelligence and United Nations inspectors' reports, showing that Saddam's program of developing weapons of mass destruction is "active, detailed and growing." In addition to the well-known information about the chemical and biological threat Iraq poses, Blair also indicated that they have tried to acquire material and technology for the production of nuclear weapons.

Why Iraq? Why now?
Sept. 23, 2002 - Joseph Farah reminds us that above all the other reasons the U.S. might have for grievance with Iraq, there is ample evidence that they harbor al-Qaida terrorists, and that is the only reason we attacked Afghanistan.

Iraq concession scatters coalition
Sept. 18, 2002 - According to Stratfor Global Intelligence, Baghdad's announcement yesterday that it would submit to unconditional U.N. inspections gives many countries a reason to back down from their committment to stand with the U.S. against Saddam Hussein. See the article in our section on War in America.

Iraq agrees to weapons inspections
Sept. 17, 2002 - A letter from Iraqi Foreign Minister Naji Sabri was delivered to the U.N. stating that Iraq was ready to discuss the immediate resumption of inspections "without conditions." According to the Iraqis, this would "remove any doubts Iraq still possesses weapons of mass destruction."
The White House was dismissive of Iraq's pledge: "We do not take what Saddam says at face value," said a Bush administration official, referring to Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

Iraq 'will have nuclear bomb in months'
Sept. 16, 2002 - Dissident Iraqi nuclear scientist, Dr. Khidir Hamza, says that Iraq could have three nuclear bombs in a matter of months, using pirated German equipment and uranium smuggled from Brazil.
Source:TimesOnline (Story no longer online)

Bush Outlines Iraqi U.N. Violations
Sept. 12, 2002 - This morning President Bush challenged the United Nations to take action against the rebellious nation of Iraq, which has ignored numerious UN requirements, including weapons inspections.
"Saddam Hussein's regime is a grave and gathering danger. To suggest otherwise is to hope against the evidence," Bush told the U.N. General Assembly. "Saddam Hussein has made the case against himself."
The president said the US wanted to support the UN in saving its own reputation, but would proceed with enforcement of existing sanctions if the UN does not take action. He said,
We will work with the U.N. Security Council for the necessary resolutions, but the purposes of the United States should not be doubted. The Security Council resoultions will be enforced.
Also:Bush to Saddam: Comply or face reprisal - CNN
Text of the President's remarks _ Fox
Text of Kofi Annan's speech just before the President's - News Max

Iraq strike 'would open hell's gates'
Sept. 5, 2002 - Amr Moussa, Secretary-General of the Arab League, which which represents 22 nations, claims that no Arab states would join a US-led attack on Iraq. He also said that this war would cause major instability in the region. Russia, China, and most European nations are also opposed to a preemptive strike by the U.S.
Bush administration officials said on Wednesday that Mr Bush was considering a UN Security Council resolution that would set a deadline for weapons inspections to resume.
This kind of resolution could imply military action if Saddam Hussein failed to comply.

Lawsuit: Iraq Knew of 9/11 Attacks
Sept. 5, 2002 - A lawsuit has been filed against behalf of 1,400 victims of the Sept. 11 attacks and their families. It claims more than $1 trillion in damages.
The suit claims Iraq knew Osama bin Laden was targeting the Pentagon and New York City prior to Sept. 11 and that it sponsored terrorists for a decade to avenge its defeat in the Gulf War.
Source:Washington Post (Story no longer online)

Experts: Iraq has tons of chemical weapons
Sept. 3, 2002 - According to U.N. weapons experts, Iraq may have more than 600 metric tons of chemical agents, including mustard gas, VX and sarin. Sen. Joseph Biden,chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, said, "If we wait for the danger to become clear, it could be too late."
Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has also warned that Iraq has mobile biological weapons laboratories, capable of producing tons of anthrax. Just a few grams of anthrax caused havoc in the U.S.after the Sept. 11 attack.
Older Articles: Before Sept. 1, 2002

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