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Newer Articles: After Feb. 12, 1999

Clinton Acquitted on Both Charges
Feb. 12, 1999 - Washington Post

Jury Nullification by the Senate
January 11, 1999 - by Ron Graff
Jury Nullification is the term used to describe the increasing phenomenon of jurors understanding that the defendant has broken the law, but voting for aquittal in spite of the facts. It is now all but certain that the Senate will allow President Clinton to escape the consequences of his actions, even though they most certainly understand that he broke the law.
When the chief enforcer of the law of the land is not held accountable for such serious infractions, and our highest lawmakers are unwilling to support their own laws, how far are we from the state of anarchy?
On the eve of the president's victory celebration there is strong talk by his supporters of revenge on those who tried to uphold the law. If Clinton and the blind lawmakers are not the bad guys, who is to blame for this horrible ordeal of "false impeachment"? Why, Ken Starr, of course, and the "intolerant" religious right.
According to many polls, the American public supports this action by the Senate. The polls say that a large majority of the people are convinced that the president broke the law, but do not want him removed.
The Bible says, "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter. Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes and clever in their own sight. Woe to those who are heroes at drinking wine and champions at mixing drinks, who acquit the guilty for a bribe, but deny justice to the innocent. "- Isaiah 5:20-23 (NIV)
We, the American people have a very important choice to make. Will we persecute those who stand for morality and law? Or will we recognize this dangerous trend and turn back to the Lord?
See also: Aides and Abettors By Michael Kelly - Washington Post, Feb.10; Page A23
Here is an excerpt from this excellent article.
... the president's lawyers were never aiming at convincing anyone. They, like their fellow dream teamers in the last great case of celebrity guilt excused, were aiming at a much easier target, jury nullification. They knew that they could count on the Senate Democrats to do the corrupt thing and the Senate Republicans to do the cowardly thing, and the establishment press to bless them both.
Which is exactly what has happened. The Senate will this week deliver up a verdict that is based not on believing in Clinton's innocence but on acquiescing in his lies. And this will be hailed as right and good. Washington insiders have come a long way in a year. They used to believe the president had an obligation to tell the truth; now they believe they have an obligation to help him get away with lies.
(Story no longer online)

House Managers Push For Witnesses
Jan 25, 1999 - The Senate impeachment hearings continue today, and senators must decide whether or not to continue the trial, and whether or not to call witnesses.
Many Democrats are saying there's no way that 67 votes can be found to oust Clinton. And Republicans are worrying about how much damage the increasingly unpopular trial is going to inflict on their party. Lead House manager Henry Hyde says this cause is worth suffering the damage.
"There are issues of transcendant importance that you have to be willing to lose your office over," said Hyde."Despite all the polls and all the hostile editorials, America is hungry for people who believe in something."
Source: CBN (Story no longer online)

Sunday is "Sanctity of Life" Day!
Jan. 24 will be celebrated in churches across the land as "Sanctity of Life" Sunday.
Abortion ruling anniversary noted
This CNN article shows the opposite poles of activism on this 26th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision to allow abortions in the United States.
Thousands of Pro-life demonstrators rallied in Washington D.C. to hear Norma McCorvey, the original "Jane Roe," who has become a Christian and changed her mind about abortion, even joining Operation Rescue.
Hillary Rodam Clinton announced a $4.5 million White House plan to counter violence against clinics where abortions are performed.

Religion, Ethics, and Crisis in the Clinton Presidency
This site is dedicated to discussion about the moral issues surrounding the impeachment. It is signed by at least 160 scholars from various colleges and seminaries. (Story no longer online)

Prosecutors lay out Clinton's 'Scheme'
Jan. 15, 1999 - The Washington Post reports:
House Managers Ask For Trial Witnesses As Arguments Begin
On the first day of the impeachment trial, Rep. F. James Sensenbrenner Jr. (R-Wis.) said, "We are here today because President William Jefferson Clinton decided to put himself above the law -- not once, not twice, but repeatedly,"
For two days various members of the Hours of Representatives team have presented a very long list of charges with supporting evidence. Witnesses may be needed to clear up some of the details.

Tabloid Scandal Rules In The Capital
Jan. 12, 1999 - Briefs have been filed on both sides of the impeachment tiral of President Clinton which is scheduled to begin on Thursday. Larry Flynt has exposed scandalous material about another Republican who is part of the prosecution team, and a tabloid has admitted failure to prove new allegations that the president has an illegitimate son.
As for the House managers, they stated if this President is not impeached for these crimes, then no Congress will ever be able to successfully remove a President. Judiciary Chairman Henry Hyde says he'll keep pushing hard for witnesses, but not right now.
"When we reach the point of asking for witnesses, we think the senators will be in a more generous mood having heard our case," says Hyde.
Source:CBN. (Story no longer online)

President Clinton Impeached On Two Counts!
Dec. 19, 1998 - The House of Representatives has voted to approve two of the four articles of impeachment against the president. This is only the second time in U.S. history that such action has been taken., and the first time it has been approved for a president elected by the people (Andrew Johnson was not elected since he took over after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln). The house approved Article 1 - perjury under oath to a grand jury, and Article 3 - obstruction of justice. They did not approve article 2- perjury in deposition in the Paula Jones matter, and Article 4 - abuse of power. Source: MSNBC
This will require the Senate to take up the two articles in a trial in the near future. The president will only be removed from office if the senate finds him guilty of the charges.
Soure: MSNBC (Story no longer online)
See this later Wikipedia Article on Clinton Impeachment

Impeachment Stalled By Iraq Attack
Dec. 17, 1998 - The House of Representatives will spend today discussing support of the President's decision to bomb Iraq instead of starting impeachment hearings as scheduled. This leads many to complain about the timing of the attack.
Source: CBN & Washington Post (Story no longer online)

Is The Tide Turning Against President Clinton?
Dec. 15, 1998 - This CBN article is based on current reports that members of the House Of Representatives are leaning toward impeachment of the President, and a new poll showing that 58% of Americans think that, if the House does vote for impeachment, the President should resign rather than go through a Senate trial.
Source: CBN (Story no longer online)

Ecumenical unity shattering
Dec. 7, 1998 - Concern is raised in the World Council Of Churches about the possibility of a deeper split between its liberal protestant member churches and the Orthodox Christian groups which are still members. Two Orthodox branches have recently left the organization in protest to its ever more liberal policies. Disputed issues include rights of homosexuals, the role of women in the church, and the uniqueness of Christianity among the world's religions.
Konrad Raiser, chief executive of the World Council of Churches, told the group's 50th anniversary assembly in Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe. The WCC cannot "continue with ecumenical business as usual," he said. About 5,000 delegates, observers, advisers, and journalists from 100 countries are attending the assembly, held once every seven years. It is the most important ecumenical gathering of the last years of the century.
Source: Religion News Today (Story no longer online)

Pregnant Woman Denied Constitutional Rights
(News Release) Federal Lawsuit Filed To Protect Free Speech Rights Of Pregnant Woman Cited For Merely Holding Sign
TUPELO, MS.–On Monday, November 23, 1998, the American Family Association Law Center filed suit in federal district court in Denver on behalf on Wendy Faustin against the City and County of Denver, Colorado. Mrs. Faustin was cited for simply holding a sign that said "Abortion Kills Children." The lawsuit alleges past and ongoing violations of Mrs. Faustin's constitutional rights of free speech, assembly, and religion.

For the past year, Mrs. Faustin, a resident of Lakewood, Colorado, had made it a practice to protest abortion one hour per month at the Perry Street overpass. Her protest consisted of holding a sign stating "Abortion Kills Children." Beginning in December, 1997, Mrs. Faustin has been confronted by Denver police each time she displayed the sign while standing on the Perry Street overpass. On at least four separate occasions, police officers demanded that Mrs. Faustin leave the area. On each of these occasions, Denver police gave Mrs. Faustin a different reason for their demand that she leave the area. Finally, on August 7, 1998, Mrs. Faustin was confronted by five different police officers and given a citation for illegally posting a sign. Mrs. Faustin was six months pregnant with her seventh child at the time. The charges were quickly dismissed by the city prosecutor.

Source: American Family Association (Story no longer online)

Book: Disney Tie To Soft-Core Pornography
Oct. 19, 1998 - A new book called "Disney: The Mouse Betrayed," written by Peter and Rochelle Schweitzer, recently released by Regnery, explores Disney's involvement in Viewer's Choice, a pay-per-view television venture which originally ran action films and comedies, but began to show pornography because of its profit potential.
Source: Maranatha Christian Journal

Evangelical Christian Organizations Condemn Murder Of Collegian
October 12, 1998 - Key Christian leaders strongly denounce the hate crime which has shocked the nation. The Christian message to homosexuals is one of love and hope, not of hate and rejection.
Source: Maranatha Journal Online (Story no longer online)
Exodus International: In memory of Matthew Sheperd, who was crucified... (Tribute no nonger on line, but Exodus site still there.)

Clinton urges crackdown on hate crimes
Oct. 12, 1998 - Following an attack on Matthew Sheperd, a 22 yr. old homosexual college student in Wyoming, the President issued a call for tougher federal anti-hate laws which would protect, among other things, one's sexual orientation.
Source: BBC

Judicial Watch
Information on Clinton issues

U.S. House Votes To Open Impeachment Inquiry
Oct. 8, 1998 - By a margin of 258-176 (including 31 Democrat votes), the House of Representatives agreed to send the issue of impeachment of the President to the Senate for trial. This is only the third time in U.S. History that impeachment proceedings have been begun.

Clinton Video Tapes Released Today
Sept. 21, 1998 - Video tapes of President Clinton's testimony before the Grand Jury are being released this morning. Internet users worldwide will try to download the massive digital files of the four-hour tape. This will put a huge strain on the Internet, possibly slowing it to a crawl, but once the data has been downloaded to network television control centers it will be broadcast in its entirity for the public to see.

Senate Fails To Override President's Veto Of Partial Birth Abortion
Sept. 18, 1998 - For the second time in two years, the Senate vote was three members short of the 2/3 majority needed to override the president's veto of a bill which would outlaw this abominable practice. (Source: Yahoo) (Story no longer online)

Southern Baptist President Calls For Clinton's Resignation
September 17, 1998 - SBC President Paige Patterson has called for President Clinton's resignation. This is very significant since the President is a member of a SBC church in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Meanwhile, the counterattack by Clinton supporters threatens what some are calling a "Sexual Armageddon" as they dredge up anything evil they can find in the closets of any other lawmakers. The latest attack is on Representative Henry Hyde, the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, which is considering whether or not to impeach the president. Salon, an Internet magazine, reported that that Hyde had an affair with a married woman from 1965 to 1969. Source: Maranatha Christian Journal (Story no longer online)

President Picks Clerics For Guidance
Sept. 15, 1998 - President Clinton has asked two clergymen to help him with guidance and accountability. They are Tony Campolo, a liberal Baptist and Gordon MacDonald. The Yahoo article says "Campolo is known for advocating Christian acceptance of homosexuality." MacDonald admitted to an extra-marital affair 12 years ago, left the ministry for two years, and then wrote a book about his experience, ``Rebuilding Your Broken World.''
Source: Yahoo (Story no longer online)

Moral Middle May Hold Clinton's Fate
Sept 14, 1998 - The following excerpt is from this interesting commentary by Religion News Today:
..."The religious right and the religious left already have made their judgments," Richard Cizik of the National Association of Evangelicals told Religion Today."Millions of others fall into neither category." ...The majority of religious Americans are not yet calling for "blanket forgiveness or immediate resignation," Cizik said. "When the bulk of the religious population comes to a conclusion, it may well determine what Congress does." Independent counsel Kenneth Starr has sent a 453-page report to Congress detailing 11 grounds for impeaching Clinton because of the alleged cover-up of his relationship with Monica Lewinsky. The House Judiciary Committee members have begun examining the 2,000 pages of evidence.
...Representatives of the National Association of Evangelicals declined an invitation to attend a Sept. 11 White House prayer breakfast. During the breakfast, Clinton gave a 12-minute speech saying that he had sinned and had asked God's forgiveness. No one from the NAE, which represents 49 denominations and 43,000 churches, attended the meeting because their presence "could easily be misconstrued" as taking sides with the president, the organization said.
Source: Religion News Today (Story no longer online)

A Red Letter Day In The History Of The Presidency
President Clinton Repents?
Sept. 11, 1998 - At the White House Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C. today, President Clinton said, "I have sinned," and assured the more than 100 religious leaders who were present that his Bible tells him he must repent and have a broken spirit. He says that he has repented and does have a broken spirit. Meanwhile he has asked his attorneys to wage a full fight against impeachment.
Source: MSNBC - (Story no longer online)

In our opinion, If the president is sincere, Christians will be forgiving, but in the light of the repeated demands by his close advisors and key Congressional allies to make such a statement, it is impossible to know whether or not he means it. Only time and future action will tell. He will need to earn our trust and respect again over a long period of time before we can know he has truly repented. Also, there is a difference between forgiveness and pardon. Many people are repentant when caught doing something wrong. If they confess their sin they can be forgiven, but they still have to suffer the consequences of their actions. Let's not let him "use" the Christian community like he has used all of his associates.

Starr Report On The Internet
Sept. 11, 1998 - The facts will undoubtedly be distasteful, but we assume that the report is written in a professional way which will be acceptable to mature Christian readers. When the report is posted it may be found at any of the following sites:
Thomas - U.S. Congress On The Internet
The U.S. House Of Representatives Independent Counsel's Report
United States Congress - Printing Office

Starr Report Goes To Congress With "Impeachable" Evidence
Sept. 10, 1998 - A Reuters story, Congress Has Starr Report, Clinton Has Problems, reports that Special Prosecutor Ken Starr has delivered a 445-page report to Congress, along with 36 boxes of evidence. The report is said to contain "substantial and credible" information of criminal actions by the president.
The report is under guard while the House of Representatives decides how to handle the information. It is possible that it will be made public by Friday of this week.
Source: Reuters (Story no longer online)

Church's lack of discipline enables Clinton's double life
Aug. 24, 1998 - Southern Baptist Theological Seminary president, R. Albert Mohler Jr. warns his denomination that the church needs to practice Biblical discipline, and that the lack of discipline from President Clinton's home church, Immanuel Baptist Church in Little Rock, has contributed to the presidential scandal.
To their credit, the Southern Baptists have taken very strong Biblical positions on a variety of moral issues this year, and it is a good sign that the call for the practice of church discipline comes from leaders of the denomination itself.
Source: Baptist Press (Story no longer online)

A Sorry Apology
August 18, 1998 - Last night President Clinton admitted wrongdoing in the Monica Lewinski affair, but said that he hadn't lied under oath. What did he mean when, under oath (in the Paula Jones case), he said he couldn't even remember being alone with Monica Lewinski? His admission was lacking in sincerity and repentance. He didn't say that he was "sorry," but that he regretted it. He didn't ask for forgiveness. He then attacked Ken Starr for conducting the investigation. In all, it was a pretty poor performance for such a good actor.
In CBN's article, "Apologize and Attack: A Look at Clinton's Address", information is given about the polls following his speech:
59 percent of those polled by CBS and The New York Times says they're satisfied with Clinton's comments. But a USA Today poll taken right after the speech showed Clinton's favorable rating plunging from 60 percent down a third to 40 percent. And a Zogby America poll shows more than half the people believe that Clinton has diminished the Presidency.
Source: CBN (Story no longer online)

146 Anglican Bishops Apologize To Homosexuals
Aug. 15, 1998 - Following the Lambeth Conference, at which Homosexuality was condemned as contrary to Biblical teaching, 146 Anglican bishops have issued a statement trying to soften the effect of the church action and to offer homosexual congregants their continued respect and support.
Source: Electronic Telegraph
Christian Resources About Homosexuality and AIDS

Christian Internet Site Is Blocked
Aug 7. 1998 - The Learning Company's CyberPatrol software blocks objectionable sites. It allows some homosexual sites (some of their decision makers are homosexual), but blocks The American Family Association because it consider the Christian site "intolerant."
Source: Religion News Today (Story no longer online)

Presidential Scandal Intensifies With Lewinski Testimony
June 28, 1998 - Monica Lewinski admits involvement with President Clinton in exchange for immunity. Her testimony apparently contradicts the President's earlier sworn statements.
Source: CBN (Story no longer online)

British Activists Want To Lower Homosexual Age Of Consent To 14
June 22, 1998 - As Great Britian prepares to lower the age of consent for Homosexual sex to 16, activists there are already pushing for a younger age yet. (Electronic Telegraph) (Story no longer online)

Library Allows Internet Pornography
June 19, 1998 - A library in Minneapolis has a policy of allowing unrestricted use of the Internet, even for children. Pornography filters are available, but the library policy will not use them because they might block some educational sites. A Lutheran pastor, Tom Brock, complained about the practice after noticing teenage girls giggling over hard-core pornography on library computer screen. The library board refused to change their policy, so Brock has taken the issue to the Hennepin County Board of Commissioners, who are considering a resolution to ask the library to make changes. (Source: Maranatha Christian Journal) (Story no longer online)

President's Spokesman Ridicules Senate Majority Leader's Morality
June 17, 1998 - Following remarks by Senate Majority Leader, Trent Lott, which compared homosexuality alcoholism and other addictive problems, President Clinton's spokesman Mike McCurry told reporters that Lott's statement showed how difficult it was to do business in Washington in a variety of areas, "when you're dealing with people who are so backward in their thinking."
Senator Lott's own spokeswoman, Susan Irby issued a counter statement that McCurry's experience "within this White House" did not qualify him to comment on right and wrong. "What he considers to be backward are the views and values of a great majority of Americans," she said.
Source: Yahoo - story no longer on line.

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