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Theories About Antichrist

Important Notice: We do not believe Antichrist can be identified until the Church has been taken away and the Tribulation has begun. See 2 Thessalonians 2:3-12 and Warnings and Cautions. The following information is to show the many wrong identifications that have been made in the past and a few current possibilities. We do not agree with any of those who think Antichrist can be positively identified at this time. We do think Antichrist may already be alive, and could be well known, but he will not be revealed as the evil one before the Rapture.

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Theories About Antichrist
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Mark of The Beast
False Christs

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Theories About Antichrist

Mistaken Historical Identifications
(As types of evil leaders they might qualify for John's description:
"Many antichrists" - 1 John 2:18)
(Most of these are from a list in William M. Alnor's book Soothsayers of the Second Advent
Adolph Hitler
Benito Mussolini
Kurt Waldheim
Willy Brandt
Pope Paul VI
Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands
Saddam Hussein

Various Theories about Antichrist

Theory: The coming Islamic Messiah is the Antichrist

In his book, "The Islamic Antichrist: The Shocking Truth About The Real Nature of The Beast, "Joel Richardson proposes the theory that the last evil world empire will be Islamic and Antichrist will be their long-awated "Twelfth Imam." This theory capitalizes on the growth of Islam and the unrest in the Middle East, but it is not well received by conventional prophecy scholars because it ignores the historical role of the Roman Empire and limits the apocalyptic End Times strife to the Middle East.
The End Times Empire. Rome, Or Islam, Or …? - Jack Kelly - GraceThruFaith
2012: The Syrian Antichrist - WND Richardson also released his book, “Mideast Beast: The Scriptural Case for an Islamic Antichrist”
2011: Antichrist will be Islamic, author claims - WorldNetDaily
2009: Will Muslim messiah mark the end of the age? - WorldNetDaily
2014: Did The US Build The Antichrist’s HQ? – New Babylon? - Prophezine

Theory: Silvio Berlusconi is a candidate

For a while people were asking if Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi could be the one. He is no longer in office, and most of the posts that raised that question have disappeared from the Internet.
Michael G. Mickey points out that Berlusconi has likened himself to Jesus, Winston Churchill, Julius Caesar, and Napoleon. - [-Story no longer online]
Cardinal's 'Antichrist' warnings raise eyebrows - Times Online - [-Story no longer online]

Theory: Barack Obama could become Antichrist
Could Barack Obama be Antichrist? - Prophecy Central - Obama Watch
Newsweek asks, "Is Obama a (or the) Messiah?" during the 2008 presidential campaign.
Is Barak Obama the Messiah? - Blogspot
Hal Lindsey wrote about How Obama prepped world for the Antichrist - He says Obama isn't Antichrist, but he has given a foretaste of how Antichrist will be received.
An Antichrist Obama in McCain Ad? - TIME
Did Jesus actually reveal name of the 'antichrist'? - You Tube video
Obama Is Not the Anti-Christ - John Mark Reynolds

Theory: French president Nicolas Sarkozy has caught the attention of some prophecy teachers. [-Story no longer online]

Theory: Javier Solana - Some people have been wondering if the European Union's foreign policy chief, Doctor Javier Solana could be the one. [-Story no longer online]

Theory:What if Tony Blair is Antichrist?
Pastor Malone of Calvary Prophecy Page gives his reasons to be suspicious of Mr. Blair.

Theory: President Clinton could be Antichrist
From the December 1996 issue of Prophecy In The News magazine: "Clinton Wins Second Term."
This article shows President Clinton's ancestry, on his mother's side, can be traced back to King Henry III of England, Presidents William Henry Harrison and Benjamin Harrison, King Robert I of France, and other royal ancestors. This information was sealed from view until recently. J.R. Church wonders whether Clinton might be a candidate for the role of future world leader. The article includes many other thought provoking facts along these lines.
Same information from Yahoo Groups - 3/22/06:Presidential hopefuls share blueblood lines-/A>

Theory: King Juan Carlos of Spain could be Antichrist
Charles Taylor proposed this possibility in his book "The Antichrist King."

Theory: Antichrist will come from Lebanon
Author Frank L. Caw's book and web site The Ultimate Deception treat this possibility.

Theory: Prince Charles may be Antichrist.
Great Joy In Great Tribulation espouses this theory. They suggest that we are already in the Tribulation.
Story no longer online.
Some teachers have shown that "Prince Charles of Wales" adds up to 666.

Part of the book The Antichrist and A Cup of Tea is online. This book presents the possibility that Prince Charles is the one.
See the article: Charles should have interfaith coronation, ex-archbishop insists

Theory: Maitreya is the long-awaited Messiah.
Websites for Maitreya
Share International - Who is Maitreya?
Welcome to the Mission Of Maitreya
Our own page to track his progress

Theory: The Pope or the Roman Catholic Church is the Antichrist System
A common view from reformers with amillennial theology

Theory: Mikhail Gorbachev fulfilled the prophecy of the coming Prince
Charlie Allen's website called "Prophecy, Eschatology, and Discoveries" proposes that Gorbachev's 1985 unilateral commitment to end deployment of medium-range nuclear missiles in Europe was the fulfillment of the prophecy of the "prince" who would come "after 69 weeks" and make a "strong and firm covenant with the many for a 7." (Daniel 9) (Story no longer online)

Theory: Henry Kissinger's could be Antichrist. His name adds up to 666.
This is an older theory now, but there is still interest in this possibility.
How "Kissinger" adds up to 666 [Note: Many other names do also.]
Kissinger Up to His Old Tricks – Promoting a New World Order -Antichrist Theories

Theory: Could Bill Gates be the one?
Tongue-in-cheek calculations. His name totals 666 using ASCII numbers

Theory: It's Barney!
Maybe you could use a laugh about now. Here's a thought from "brucehowes" via IDEA-CENTRAL:

Note to all prophecy buffs, the revelation of the TRUE anti-christ is now exposed. It is Barney. here's proof:

1. Start with the given:
2. Change all U's to V's (which is proper Latin anyway)
3. Extract all Roman Numerals:
C- V -- V- L -- D - I -V
4. Convert these into Arabic values:
100- 5 - 5 -50 - 500 - 1 - 5
5. Add these numbers:
There you have it, proof that Barney is the Antichrist! Please pass this truth on to every prophecy student you know. It is imperative that we get the word out before it's too late!

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Notice: Ads are not necessarily endorsed by Prophecy Central.

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