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Contrary to what is often taught, America was founded by strong believers in Jesus Christ. The evidence is convincing for those who will honestly consider it.

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Report: Bush Spent Hundreds of Hours Comforting Families of Fallen Soldiers

Dec. 24, 2008 - The Washington Times reported that President Bush met with wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center before observing the Christmas holiday. During his presidency, the self-described "comforter in chief" met with more than 500 families of troops killed in action and with more than 950 wounded veterans.
The Times notes that people familiar with Bush's routine say he has written letters personally to every one of the families of the more than 4,000 troops who have died in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Source: Fox

'God' Hard to Find in New Capitol Center

Dec. 3, 2008 - After eight of construction The $621 million Capitol Visitor Center is now open.
House minority leader John Boehner thanked a group of religious believers in Congress for fighting politically-correct omissions that threatened to run God and the nation's religious heritage out of the new center.
The Architect of the center originally replaced the official U.S. motto, "In God We Trust," with "E Pluribus Unum." Thanks to the efforts of the Congressional Prayer Caucus this error was corrected, but they complain that recognition of our Christian heritage has been methodically stripped away. They note that the table President Lincoln used to hold his Bible during his second inauguration is displayed, but without the Bible. Also, the Pledge of Allegiance is not displayed prominently. The good news is that Congress has directed the Capitol architect to create a permanent display inside the center on the history of faith's role in America.
Source: CBN

Wow! It's still OK to pray in Jesus' name

Oct. 30, 2008 -
The judges on the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals have used a case from Cobb County, Ga., to proclaim that praying "in Jesus' name" is acceptable at county board meetings when other constitutional provisions are followed.
Source: WorldNetDaily

'God' gets boot again in Washington, D.C.

Oct. 13, 2008 - Chuck Norris complains that another revision of America's religious history has been underway. The new Capitol Visitor Center is scheduled to open in a couple of months, and its designers were planning ignore all the rich Christian history in American history.
That is why Rep. Randy Forbes, R-Va., and the 108 congressional members of the Congressional Prayer Caucus recently petitioned the Architect of the Capitol by letter, which details and documents the incomplete and inaccurate religious content in the Capitol Visitor Center.
Because of this, authorities agreed to correct the omission of historical religious content in the Capitol Visitor Center. Norris suggests that people call the Architect of the Capitol communications officer (202-228-1793 or, and their congressional representatives to thank them for correcting the problem, and let them know, "If it isn't worthy of our Capitol and country's Christian heritage, we'll be back to protest until you get it right!"
Source: WorldNetDaily
The Capitol Visitor Center
Christian heritage a no-show in new $600M visitors center - Bob Unruh - WorldNetDaily
YouTube: War on God - Senator Jim DeMint
Uncovering Christian Revisionism In America

September 11 Digital Archive

Sept. 11, 2008 - Visit this outstanding memorial site to reflect on this difficult day in American history.
The Archive contains more than 150,000 digital items, a tally that includes more than 40,000 emails and other electronic communications, more than 40,000 first-hand stories, and more than 15,000 digital images. In September 2003, the Library of Congress accepted the Archive into its collections, an event that both ensured the Archive's long-term preservation and marked the library's first major digital acquisition.

Also see the extensive information saved by the Library of Congress, including many Prophecy Central pages from Oct. to Dec. of 2001.
Library of Congress September 11, 2001, Web Archive
Prophecy Central Pages in Library of Congress September 11 Web Archive
US marks seventh 9/11 anniversary - BBC

S.C. enacts religious-themed laws

June 13, 2008 - During the closing days of South Carolina's state legislative session, several religious-themed laws were passed, including the issuance of "I Believe" license plates with the image of a cross and a stained glass window. Other rulings allow the Ten Commandments and the Lord's Prayer to be posted on walls, and public prayers to be offered without fear of being sued.
Source: Washington Times

Court challenged to allow Christians right to pray, too

Mar. 12, 2008 - When Rev. Hashmel Turner, a member of the city council in Fredericksburg, Virginia, was asked to pray for the council, he was censured for praying "in Jesus' name." Constitutional experts at The Rutherford Institute are fighting to regain the same right for Christians that is allowed to followers of other religions.
A court hearing is coming in which the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals will be asked to restore to Christians the rights that political correctness in the United States today grants other religions, including the right to pray to their God.
Source: WorldNetDaily

Atheists Assail Bill Recognizing America's Religious History

Feb. 1, 2008 - House Resolution 888 acknowledges "rich spiritual and religious history."
It calls religious principles and foundations "critical underpinnings" of America's institutions, condemns attempts to remove religion from U.S. history, and designates the first week in May as "American Religious History Week."
Prominent American athiests are opposed to the bill because they say there are 25 million Americans who do not believe in the Christian faith.
Text of HR 888 - A five-page document filled with historical facts and quotations about America's Christian heritage!
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