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Contrary to what is often taught, America was founded by strong believers in Jesus Christ. The evidence is convincing for those who will honestly consider it.

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What's Right About Patriotism

July 4, 2007 - David P. Gushee asks this question:
Is it theologically appropriate for Christians to be patriotic? Does it compromise our citizenship in Christ's kingdom to wave the banner of loyalty to an earthly kingdom?
While we owe our highest allegience to Christ's kingdom, philosopher Jeffrey Stout says that patriotism is a form of gratitude for the nation "in which we live and move and have our being, the geographic source and arena of our existence."
Source: Christianity Today

Supreme Court lies rerun by Internet watchdogs

Nov. 24, 2006 - California Pastor Todd DuBord is asking Internet watchdogs and to correct their information on the subject of the historical depiction of Moses and the Ten Commandments in our government art and architecture.
Source: WorldNetDaily

House Approves Act Protecting Religious Expression

Sept. 29, 2006 - The House of Representatives has passed a bill that will make it easier for defenders of public displays of religious history to go forward with their cases without fear of "crippling judgments" for attorney's fees.
The Public Expressions of Religion Act (PERA) (H.R. 2679) would deny the awarding of attorney's fees or monetary damages to a party that wins an Establishment Clause court case -- that is, one based on the so-called "separation of church and state."
Source: Crosswalk

The Emerging Global Community
By Thomas Ice

July 4, 2006 - President Bush has signed a trilateral agreement with Mexico and Canada that will have a profound effect on our future, leading to a North American Union. U.S. citizens will surrender many of our rights and freedoms to this regional government. The agreement, signed in Waco, Texas March 23, 2005 by President Bush, Mexican President Vicente Fox and then-Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin, is called Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SSP).

The European Union has already merged in this way, and many observers believe they intend to extend their control gradually over other regional unions, leading to a global government.

Source: Prophezine

Dobbs: Radical groups taking control of immigrant movement

May 2, 2006 - Lou Dobbs points out that demonstrations by approximately one million immigrants yesterday were portrayed by most news sources without reference to the "illegal" status of most of the demonstrators. What's worse, radical leftist groups are at the forefront of the movement, fomenting unrest and anti-American sentiment.
Just how significant is the impact of leftists within the illegal immigration movement? It is no accident that they chose May 1 as their day of demonstration and boycott. It is the worldwide day of commemorative demonstrations by various socialist, communist, and even anarchic organizations.
Source: CCN

'In God We Trust' to come off coins?

Nov. 14, 2005 - Michael Newdow plans to file a suit to try to remove "In God We Trust" from U.S. coins.
"The key principle is that we're supposed to treat everybody equally especially in terms of religious belief," Newdow told KWTV in Oklahoma City. "Clearly it's not treating atheists equal with people who believe in God when you say 'In God We Trust' or we are a 'nation under God.'"
Last year a California District Court agreed with Newdow that "Under God" should be removed from the Pledge of Allegience, but the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the decision. Their reason was not the actual question of whether or not the phrase is unconstitutional, but that Newdow did not have legal standing to represent his daughter, who is under sole custody of her mother. In September of this year Newdow and a group of parents filed a similar case and the Federal Judge agreed that "Under God" is unconstitutional.
Nov. 22, 2005 - Atheist Sues to Remove 'In God We Trust' From Currency - Crosswalk

Supreme Court spanked for confusion

June 28, 2005 - The Supreme Court handed down two decisions yesterday that appear to be contradictory to some analysts. In one decision two Kentucky courthouses were not allowed to have displays of the Ten Commandments, presumably because the motive behind placing them there was to promote religion. But in Texas, a display of the Ten Commandments was allowed because its purpose was to show a historical aspect of the nation's legal system.
Evangelical Christian activist D. James Kennedy -- noting the high court presides under a display of Moses and the Ten Commandments -- said the decisions are a "consequence of the court's abandonment of the plain text of the Constitution."
Commandments Rulings Clarify Little, Say Pro-Family Groups - Crosswalk
Weblog: Supreme Court Muddles Ten Commandments Debate - Christianity Today
"Living Document" Tortured -- To Death - Omega Letter

Appeals court rules ‘In God We Trust’ constitutional

May 17, 2005 - The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that it is legal to put the national motto, “In God We Trust,” on a new government building in Lexington, N.C. They said that it does not violate the First Amendment prohibition on government establishment of religion.
The Lemon test, which was outlined in the Supreme Court’s 1971 Lemon v. Kurtzman decision, says government does not establish religion if its action has a secular purpose, does not promote or inhibit religion and does not entangle government excessively with religion.
Source:BP News

Appeals Court Upholds Ten Commandments in Case Identical to Supreme Court Case

Mar. 30, 2005 - Last week th Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the display of the Ten Commandments in a government building in Elkhart, Indiana was legal.
The display inside the Elkhart County Administration Building is identical to the one pending in the U.S. Supreme Court ... nine historical documents and symbols, including the Ten Commandments, flanked by the U.S. flag and the Indiana flag.
In its ruling, the court said, "The Establishment Clause is not violated when government teaches about the historical role of religion."

Supreme Court to Hear Arguments in Ten Commandments Cases

Mar. 2, 2005 - The Supreme Court will hear arguments in two appeals, one from the state of Texas, and the other from Kentucky, with apparently contradictory opinions about whether or not it is acceptable for government buildings to post the Ten Commandments. They will issue a ruling in June.

Who in the world is George Washington?

Feb. 21, 2005 - James Rees, executive director of Mt. Vernon, George Washington's home, complains that students are being taught very little about American History, and may not even know who George Washington was. Some states have removed the requirement to include information about Washington from their standards.
Rees commented, “It's impossible to overstate how much George Washington's character and leadership formed this country and enabled it to stay the course, to become the great country we are today.”

Bush Takes Oath of Office

Jan. 21, 2005 - President George W. Bush began his second term with a gala Inauguration Ceremony in Washington D.C. The concepts of freedom and liberty dominated his speech.
"In a world moving toward liberty, we are determined to show the meaning and promise of liberty," he said. "No one is fit to be a master and no one deserves to be a slave."
Religious Gala Foretells Conservative Agenda - Fox
Transcript of President Bush's Inaugural speech - FreeRepublic
Bush Takes Part in National Prayer Service - Fox

Four More Years

Jan. 20, 2005 - Cal Thomas reminds us that President Bush calls upon God daily to help him. He then suggests we pray for the President
The least the rest of us can do is uphold him in prayer as often as we are reminded to do so.
Atheist Loses Bid to Ban Prayer at Inauguration - Crosswalk
Opportunity of a Generation - Christianity Today

Remembering September 11

Sept. 11, 2004 - Visit this collection of pictures, stories and documents, plus links to other websites. It is a collaboration by the Library of Congress, The American Red Cross and The Smithsonian Institution.
Source:The September 11 Digital Archive
Looking Back To September 11, 2001 - Fox
Moment of silence marks 9/11 anniversary - MSNBC

Washington, D.C.: Remembering our Christian Heritage

July 2, 2004 - Here are just a few of the numerous references to God and quotations from the Bible:
Rotunda of the U.S. Capitol - Four paintings: two prayer meetings, a Bible study and a baptism
References to God at the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the National Archives, Senate and House office buildings, the U.S. Supreme Court, the Jefferson Memorial, and the Library of Congress
Library of Congress - a bronze statue of Moses holding The Ten Commandments, plus other Biblical paintings and quotations, such as:"The heavens declare the glory of God."
The National Archives - Bronze medallion with The Ten Commandments on it
Senate and House office buildings - plaque that says "In God we trust"
U.S. Supreme Court - The Ten Commandments above the judge's courtroom bench

Court dismisses pledge suit

June 15, 2004 - The Supreme Court dismissed the challenge to the phrase "under God" in the Pledge of Allegience. They did not rule on the larger issue of whether or not the phrase is constitutional, but they said that atheist Michael Newdow could not bring the suit because he did not have sufficient custody to speak for his daughter.
A later challenge could still be brought about the constitutionality of the phrase, but several of the Supreme Court Justices are already on record that they believe the pledge is constitutional as it stands. Justice Antonin Scalia actually removed himself from participation in the case, because he had already indicated that he thinks the pledge is constitutional.
Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist agreed with the outcome of the case, but still wrote separately to say that the pledge as recited by schoolchildren does not violate the Constitution. Justices Sandra Day O’Connor and Clarence Thomas agreed with him.
Supreme Court Dismisses 'Under God' Pledge Suit - Crosswalk

'God's plan' guided Reagan's life

June 8, 2004 - Judge William P. Clark, a former Reagan national security adviser and close friend, said that the former president was "a man of prayer," and his favorite setting for speaking to God was the outdoors.
Paul Kengor, author of God and Ronald Reagan: A Spiritual Life, said Mr. Reagan's "Christian commitment" was the least-appreciated aspect about a man so many struggled to understand.
Source:Washington Times (Story no longer online)
Michael Reagan: Dad Is Home Now - NewsMax
CT Classic: President Reagan and the Bible - Christianity Today

Reagan's Faith Key to Legacy Say Authors

June 7, 2004 - Tributes abound for President Ronald Reagan, following his death on Saturday, June 5. He is remembered for many worthy reasons, and it should also be acknowledged that he had a strong faith in the Lord. A recent book focused on his Christian faith. Paul Kengor, in his 2004 book, God and Ronald Reagan: A Spiritual Life, described Reagan's early years, raised in the Disciples of Christ Church, and influenced by a godly mother, a Christian novel, and Christian leaders in the church. His faith had a great impact on his political life as well.
After reviewing Reagan's public and private statements and writings, and conducting extensive interviews with Reagan intimates ... Kengor concluded that the “guiding principle of this American hero's political philosophy was his quiet but rock-solid Christian faith.”
Nation to Begin Week of Mourning for Reagan - Fox

Supreme Court Hears Pledge Case Today
Will court purge ‘God’ in Pledge?

Mar. 24, 2004 - Today the U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral argument about the words “under God” in the Pledge of Allegience. The key questions are:
- Whether the phrase "under God" in the Pledge amounts to a government endorsement of religion.
- Whether requiring teachers to lead the Pledge coerces students into professing a religious belief, even when students are given the option to remain silent.

Supreme Court Takes on Pledge of Allegiance in Schools

Oct. 15, 2003 - The Supreme Court has decided to hear the appeal of the case brought by a California atheist who didn't want his nine-year-old daughter to hear the Pledge of Allegiance recited in her school classrom
The case sets up an emotional showdown over God in the public schools and in public life. It will settle whether the phrase "one nation under God" will remain a part of the patriotic oath as it is recited in most classrooms.
A federal appeals court has ruled that the reference to God makes the pledge unconstitutional in public schools.
Supreme Court to decide Pledge case - WorldNetDaily
Scalia's Recusal in Pledge Case Concerns Christian Attorneys - Crosswalk
God's approval ratings skyrocket - Hal Lindsey/ WorldWatchDaily

Persecution of Christians in America

Oct. 2003 - Read these summaries of David Limbaugh's book, Persecution – How Liberals Are Waging War Against Christianity
Limbaugh Shows How Intolerant 'Liberals' Wage War on Christianity
Limbaugh: Leftists Treat Christianity as 'Cancer'
The Media and Hollywood War Against Christianity
Source:News Max

Conservatives more proud of America than liberals?

July 4, 2003 - A new Gallup Poll indicates that the more conservative an American is, the more he tends to be proud of his country.
Eighty percent of conservatives said they are extremely proud of the country, while only 56 percent of liberals responded that way. Some 68 percent of moderates said they were extremely proud of America.

Our dying values

July 4, 2003 - Jerry Falwell comments on trends and court decisions that have "wounded our once diligently protected religious freedoms."

Passing the Torch of Our American History

July 3, 2003 - Lynne Cheney, our Vice President's wife, laments the fact that American children are woefully ignorant of American history.
This week the takes up the crusade to promote literacy and love of history as part of the President's "We the People" initiative.
Source:CBN (Story no longer online)

Appeals Court Stays Enforcement of Its Pledge Ruling
Mar. 5, 2003 - The Federal Appeals Court in San Francisco has put a hold on the order that would stop schools from reciting the pledge of allegience.
The stay gives the school district 90 days to ask the Supreme Court to review the appeals court's ruling. Elk Grove Superintendent Dave Gordon said the district will ask the court to hear the case by the end of April.
School District to Appeal Calif. Pledge Ruling to Supreme Court - Fox

Pledging Allegiance to the US Flag to be illegal next week
Mar. 1, 2003 - The 9th Circuit Court has decided not to reconsider its decision that the words "under God" in the pledge of allegience are unconstitutional. Inless the apellate court or the U.S. Supreme Court issue a stay of this decision, it will become illegal in nine states to say the pledge in public schools in just a few days. Some 9.6 million students will be affected.
Source:Yahoo- Reuters (Story no longer online)

Bush and God
March 10 Issue - Newsweek Cover Story - Read about the President's inspiring devotion to God.
Source: MSNBC (Story no longer online)

Read George Washington’s First Inaugural Address – Many references to God

America: Repent or Perish!
Feb. 13, 2003 - Commentary by Hal Lindsey, showing the Christian roots of the nation, and a call to repentance for losing our way.
Source:Hal Lindsey Oracle (Story no longer online)

Scalia Discusses Church-State Separation
Jan. 12, 2003 - According to Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, the courts are going too far. He criticized the California decision that bars students from saying the Pledge of Allegiance with the phrase "one nation under God," and says the constitutional wall between church and state has been misinterpreted both by the Supreme Court and lower courts. (Story no longer online)

Pledge case to be reheard
July 9, 2002 - Athiest Michael Newdow claimed that he did not want his 8-year-old daughter to have to say the words "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance, but the daughter does believe in God. Pastor Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, Calif. contends Newdow's argument is fraudulent.
According to Smith, the second-grader and her mother, Sandra Banning, not only attend Calvary Chapel at Laguna Creek in their home town of Elk Grove, Calif., but Banning teaches Sunday School there.
Another pastor, Wiley Drake of First Southern Baptist Church of Buena Park, is leading protests in front of the homes of the two judges who said the phrase "under God" is unconstitutional. One of the judges, Stephen Reinhardt, is married to the president of the ACLU in Southern Calif.
The decision is on hold, pending a review by the entire 9th Circuit Court, and is expected to be overturned.

America's history deficit
July 6, 2002 - Lynne Cheney, wife of Vice President Dick Cheney, headed the National Endowment for the Humanities for seven years, has a Ph.D., and has recently written America: A Patriotic Primer for children. In an interview, she commented on the fact that the "G" page was about God. Our founding fathers were against the establishment of a government-sponsored religion, but they were not trying to eliminate public belief and statements about God.
... they of course talked about our God-given rights, and they talked about how they saw themselves as protected by Providence as they took the uncertain journey toward independence.

White House urges 'joyous' but vigilant Fourth
July 4, 2002 - Security will be high over key U.S. cities and large gatherings of people, but the nation will celebrate its freedom as usual, or even with greater gusto on this first 4th of July since the 9-11 attack. President Bush said,
"People should be joyous in their celebration and celebrate the fact that we are fortunate enough to be Americans."
The President himself will help lead a parade in West Virginia and then return to the White House to watch the capital's traditional fireworks display.

Should Christians be Patriotic?
July 4, 2002 - "Patriotism" comes from the same root word as 'pater,' which means father. Since our founding fathers had high, Biblical ideals, it is good to remember our roots and the faith of our predecessors.
Source:Religion News (Story no longer online)

Anti-Pledge Judge Blocks His Own Ruling
June 28, 2002 - Circuit Judge Alfred T. Goodwin put his own ruling about the Pledge of Allegiance on hold. The reason was not given. Meanwhile, Attorney General John Ashcroft said that the Justice Department will request a full hearing by the 9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals about the matter.
"The Justice Department will defend the ability of our nation's children to pledge allegiance to the American flag, by requesting a hearing en banc by the full 9th Circuit."

Pledge of Allegiance Ruled Unconstitutional
June 26, 2002 - The nation is stunned by a 2-1 decision by 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, overturning the 1954 act of Congress that inserted the phrase "under God" after the phrase "one nation" in the Pledge of Allegiance. President Bush called the ruling "ridiculous." Early results from a Fox online poll show that 89% of respondents think it was a bad decision.
The ruling will not take effect for several months, to allow further appeals. The government can ask the court to reconsider its ruling, or it can ask the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn it.
The official ruling - PDF file
Note: This action shows a woeful ignorance of the true spirit and intent of our founding fathers, and of numerous court rulings through the years affirming our Christian heritage.
Senate Condemns Ruling - A swift 99-0 vote by the U.S. Senate condemned the court's decision, while about 100 members of the House of Representatives went outside to publically pledge their allegience "under God." They then broke into a chorus of Irving Berlin's "God Bless America."
The Pledge Ruling - Joseph Farah - It's time for parents to take charge of their childrens' education
Bush: I Want Judges Who Know Our Rights Come From God

Thomas Jefferson: Deist or Christian?
June 19, 2002 - Dr. D. James Kennedy explodes the myth that Thomas Jefferson, our third president, was a Deist instead of a Christian. While it is true that he may not have been a genuine Christian, since he evidently did not believe in the Deity of Christ, he was an active church member and supporter (Anglican Church), and did many things favorable to Christianity in government, which, if done today, would make him "the ACLU's greatest nightmare."

Lincoln's Spiritual Legacy
Feb. 12, 2002 - Chuck Colson explains that Abraham Lincoln, who was converted while in office, was a praying man.
But there's one place in Washington where we can see a moving display of genuine presidential piety: the National Cathedral. If you visit the cathedral you will find a statue of Abraham Lincoln poised on his knees.
(Story no longer on line.)
Was Abraham Lincoln A Christian? - D. James Kennedy - John Mark Ministries

In pictures: US celebrates independence
July 5, 2001 - Pictures of some of the events on our 225th Anniversary.
Source: BBC

Should Christians be Patriotic?
July 4, 2001 - Crosswalk's Religion Today interviewed Frank Wright, director of the Center for Christian Statesmanship. They asked him to share his thoughts on patriotism.
"Should Christians be patriotic? That's an interesting question," Wright responded. "Well, patriotism comes from the same root word as 'pater,' which means father. Patriotism has to do with remembering the things of our fathers."
The answer unfolds as we talk. "And the Old Testament contains numerous references to 'resting with the fathers,' particularly in the Book of Kings.
"There's that association of those that have gone before us, the sacrifices they have made," Wright continues. "So, yes, I think Christians should be patriotic. And secondarily, God has a great deal
to say about nations. The Bible says God sets up kings, and brings them down, and it says God has a great deal to do with the life of a nation."
Source: Religion Today (Story no longer on line)

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