Our Beliefs

We believe the Bible -- the whole Bible -- and nothing but the Bible. In other words, creeds are always limited, but every doctrine needs to originate with the Bible and be tested by it. For simplicity, Prophecy Central commends the Statement of Faith of Calvary Chapel, Chino Hills.

Our Mission Statement

We seek to glorify Jesus Christ by providing accurate and responsible information regarding Biblical Prophecy for the benefit of Bible teachers and students of prophecy.

We do this by:

Providing a central Internet site with helpful study topics on approximately 100 key areas of interest. These topics typically list relevant Scripture References, Current Events, Links, and an excerpt from The Prophecy Puzzle.

Scripture References are usually linked to one or more on-line Bible sources which provide various translations as well as original Hebrew and Greek text, commentaries, and other Bible study aids.

Current Events are summaries of important developments. They are documented, and, wherever possible, links to original on-line sources and documents are provided.

Providing free online study books and articles to provide basic knowledge of the subject of Biblical prophecy.

Providing links to a wide variety of Internet sites which supply news, notes, or commentary about Biblical prophecy.

Other Information
The content of the site is evangelical, and pre-tribulational. Occasional notes and links are given to sites which do not share these distinctives. We can not endorse the entire content of any source which is quoted or any site which is linked by Prophecy Central.

We do not include information about personal prophecy, or prophetic messages other than what is given in the Bible.

Cooperation, mutual respect and brotherly love among Bible prophecy ministries is encouraged

The publisher of Prophecy Central is Ron Graff. He is retired, after 50 years of service in the pastorate. He is now available to help others in the ministry. (See "Serving the Lord Together" ).

Ron is also co-author of several books, including "Connecting the Dots: A Handbook of Bible Prophecy.

To The Glory of God, Prophecy Central is listed first, or on the first page, on many major search engines.


Last updated: 9/24/14